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“Our Lord has given me today a singular grace. He has inspired me to dedicate myself in an especial manner to Saint Joseph as to my father, leader and protector….He will be the spiritual director of my interior life, in order that I may lead that same life with him, hidden with Jesus and Mary and with his own self. I will imitate him especially in his silence regarding himself….   Saint Pierre Julien Eymard


St. Joseph Prudent Servant


Saint Joseph was so reserved and careful in his speech, that not one word ever issued from his mouth that was not good and holy, nor did he ever indulge in unnecessary or less charitable conversation. He was most patient and diligent in bearing fatigue; he practiced extreme poverty; he was most meek in bearing injuries; he was strong and constant against my enemies; he was the faithful witness of the wonders of Heaven, being dead to the flesh and the world, living only for God and for heavenly goods, which were the only things he desired.

Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden

Obedient to Saint Joseph


“The two greatest personages who ever lived on this earth subjected themselves to Saint Joseph. Jesus wished to become indebted to Saint Joseph for the necessities of life, and of this holy Patriarch alone it may be said that he saved the life of his Savior.  Let us love Jesus above all; let us love Mary as our Mother; but, then, how could we keep from loving Joseph, who was so intimately united to both Jesus and Mary? And how can we honor him better than by imitating his virtues? Now, what else did he do in all his life but contemplate, study and adore Jesus, even in the midst of his daily labors? Behold, therefore, our model.”

Saint Madaleine Sophie Barat

Homage to Saint Joseph

Let St. Joseph Help You (1)

“If you compare Saint Joseph to the whole Church is he not the special and chosen being of whom and under whom the Lord was introduced into the world with becoming dignity? If all the faithful are debtors to the Virgin Mother for being made worthy through her to receive the Redeemer, there can be no doubt that next to the Mother of God we owe to Saint Joseph our special homage and veneration.”

Saint Bernardine of Siena

Saint Joseph Great Saint

Joseph 6


“Oh, what a great saint is the glorious Saint Joseph! He is not only a Patriarch, but the chief and leader of the Patriarchs; he is not simply a Confessor, but more than a Confessor, for in him are enshrined the worth of Bishops, the generosity of Martyrs, and of all the other saints. It is, therefore, with reason that he is compared to the palm tree, which is the king of trees, and which has the properties of virginity, humility, courage and constancy, in all which virtues the glorious Saint Joseph excelled so greatly. If we may venture to make comparisons, many would maintain that he surpasses all the other saints in these three virtues.”

Saint Francis de Sales

Litany of St. Joseph

When we are worried about our families, concerned about financial hardships and unsure about what the future holds, here is a prayer that one can say to St. Joseph, asking for his intercession:

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of heaven, have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
St. Joseph,        ”
Renowned offspring of David,    pray for us
Light of Patriarchs, Spouse of the Mother of God,  pray for us
Diligent protector of Christ,        pray for us
Head of the Holy Family,                   ”
Joseph, most just,                             ”
Joseph, most chaste,
Joseph, most prudent,
Joseph, most strong,
Joseph, most obedient,
Joseph, most faithful,
Mirror of patience,
Lover of poverty,
Model of artisans,
Glory of home life,
Guardian of virgins,
Pillar of families,
Solace of the wretched,
Hope of the sick,
Patron of the dying,
Terror of demons,
Protector of Holy Church,

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
He make him the lord of His household.
And prince over all His possessions.
Let us pray:
O God, Who in your great providence did choose Blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Your most Holy Mother; grant, we beseech you, that we may have him for our intercessor in Heaven, whom we venerate as our protector on earth: You who live and reign world without end. Amen.

Five Secrets of Life Saint Joseph Taught Me



We will soon celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph, foster-father of Jesus, spouse of the Virgin Mary, and Protector of the Universal Church. There is so little said about him in the Scriptures, yet if we look closely at the events that led up to his quiet life in Nazareth, we can see how this strong protector of the Holy Family is so dearly beloved by so many.

Even though Saint Joseph is one of the main characters of the readings at Christmastide, there are many virtues of this great saint that we might not notice. I’ll share with you some of the hidden virtues of this saint that have impressed me, and perhaps you have other examples of Saint Joseph’s virtue to add to the list. The virtues of Saint Joseph are very obvious by his actions more than by his words.

Saint Joseph was attentive. He listened to the message the angel spoke to him in a dream regarding Mary to whom he was betrothed. “The child to be born was conceived by the Holy Spirit.”

And what is so impressive is that Joseph believed. No human proof, no one to share the message with, no guarantee about the future. He simply believed.

Saint Joseph trusted. Did he not have to rise immediately at night and take the child and his mother and leave for Egypt…again at the message of an angel? Saint Joseph did not waver or question. He trusted though he had no human reassurance that everything was going to be all right.

Saint Joseph was silent, but his faith spoke volumes. Not a word was recorded. Yet have we not all heard the saying that actions speak louder than words? The virtues of Saint Joseph are very obvious by his actions more than by his words. And this is what leads up to the next virtue….

Saint Joseph was obedient. Saint Joseph was a faithful Israelite and obeyed religious and civil authorities. It wasn’t easy to travel to Bethlehem at the time of the census, but Joseph brought Mary and it was there that Jesus was born. He brought Jesus to the temple for the Jewish religious observances. He was a model as a father and virtuous head of his household.

Further on in the Gospels we read a reference to Joseph in the words of the people themselves. For when the people were listening to Jesus’ preaching, they said in amazement, “is this not the carpenter’s son?”

Pope Paul VI thought of Saint Joseph when reflecting on the following words in the Gospel of Matthew: “I give you praise, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things [the things of God] from the wise and learned, but you have revealed them to little ones.”

The ‘little ones’ are those who are humble in the face of grandeur where one could say, ‘Look how I have been chosen.’ Joseph, instead, was quiet, unassuming, obedient, full of faith, and attentive to the voice of God.

The following passage from the Old Testament was originally written in regards to the holy patriarch Joseph, but has also been applied to Saint Joseph, “Behold the faithful and prudent servant whom the Lord God has set over his household.”

In our day and age Saint Joseph is known by the titles Guardian of the Holy Family and Patron of the Universal Church.

Here are five secrets of life I learned from Saint Joseph:

It is important to listen. Saint Joseph listened; his heart full of the love of God was attuned to the voice of God in his life. He heard the voice of the angel tell him to take Mary into his home and also to rise and take Mary and the Child Jesus and to flee into Egypt. He was attentive.

Belief comes from the heart. Saint Joseph believed. Being familiar with God’s ways and with the patriarchs and prophets of old, Saint Joseph like Abraham believed God’s guidance in his life.

When I love God I trust him.  Saint Joseph trusted. There were no tangible proofs that what was said to him by an angel in a dream was going to work out. But he trusted that God was in charge and that was enough for him.

Silence helps me to listen.  Saint Joseph was silent. Like Abraham, Saint Joseph trusted, believed and was obedient to what was asked of him. No questions asked.

May I always say, “Your will be done, O Lord.” Saint Joseph was obedient to the will of God. He immediately put into action the plan of God, believing that God is God and that his own judgments were to be subject to his God.

Let us celebrate this feast in a special way by thinking on these things.

God bless you all.
Sr. Barbara Gerace, Daughters of St. Paul

Share below the lessons you have learned from Saint Joseph.

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