St. Joseph’s Story


Joseph, husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus

So, who is Joseph?

The Bible tells us that Joseph was a “just man” (see Matthew 1:19). Several legends state that Joseph was selected to be Mary’s husband after his staff “blossomed”—a sign from God that he had chosen the young man for this responsibility. (This is why many statues of St. Joseph depict him carrying a staff topped with lilies or other flowers in bloom.) In any case, the Scriptures only tell us that Mary was engaged to Joseph, and that it was in the months before the wedding was solemnized and they lived together that Mary was visited by an angel. “Do not be afraid,” the angel Gabriel said. “You are loved by God, and you will be the mother of God’s Son” (cf. Lk 1:28-38).

Mary went off to visit her cousin Elizabeth. After she returned Joseph (and her parents I am sure) noticed that she was with child. This was a difficult time for Joseph because he knew it was not his child. The Israelite law said that such women were to be stoned.  But he still loved her. In the end it was another angel that put an end to his wrestling with the situation.  The angel told him that the child was the Son of the God and that when he was born he should give him the name Jesus.

So this was the exciting beginning to Joseph’s life as it appears in the Scriptures. He appears a few more times. He is there when Jesus is born, finding only a stable in the overcrowded city of Bethlehem for Mary the night Jesus was born. He is the strong figure who escapes with Mary and Jesus when the Roman King Herod is trying to kill Jesus. And he appears one more time, twelve years later, when Jesus remains behind in Jerusalem when his parents leave to return home after the Passover Celebration.

Though Joseph shows up in the Scripture, he never says a word. He is the strong silent husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus who even today cares for those who turn to him for help in any of their own life’s emergencies.


18 thoughts on “St. Joseph’s Story

  1. Howdy, Sister! I stumbled ‘pon your blog and wanted to say hello and thanks for putting it together. 🙂

    I’ve always been fond of Joseph (you can see all my Joseph-related blog posts here), and blame Our Blessed Mother for my devotion to him. 😉 Even though Scripture doesn’t say much on this Glorious Patriarch, there is still much we can learn from it about him. And then there’s the tons of wonderful books, article, and sermons available! Anyone who claims there “isn’t much written” about Joseph has simply not bothered to look!

    I highly recommend Joseph the Silent by Michel Gasnier, OP for starters — highly readable and relatively short. Then there’s Joseph: The Man Closest to Jesus: The Complete Life, Theology and Devotional History of St. Joseph by Fr. Francis L. Filas, SJ, considered to be the definitive Josephological book.

    Other splendid books — and these are just a few! — include:

    Saint Joseph: Shadow of the Father by Fr. Andrew Doze
    The Life and Glories of St. Joseph Edward Healy Thompson, MA
    Saint Joseph by Boniface Llamera, OP
    Joseph in the New Testament by Fr. Larry Toschi, OSJ
    Just Man, Husband of Mary, Guardian of Christ: An Anthology of Readings from Jeronimo Gracian’s Summary of the Excellencies of St. Joseph (1597) by Joseph F. Chorpenning, OSFS
    True Devotion to St. Joseph and the Church by Dominic De Domenico, OP;

    And then there’s THE be-all, end-all Josephological resource out there, weighing in at 1365 pages, with 19,725 entries: Bibliographie sur saint Joseph et la sainte Famille by Roland Gauthier, CSC.

    You can find many of these books and much more in the Oblates of St. Joseph’s a href=””>Guardian of the Redeemer Bookstore. 🙂

  2. Hello Sister… I stumbled upon your blog though facebook. May God and Saint Joseph bless you and your work of love! No words can define or express true divine inspiration and I’m certainly not going to try!
    Thank you for being a channel and keep up the Good Work!


  3. My Grandmother was devoted to St. Joseph and always had Joseph Feast in her home, she was a Godly woman had great knowledge on how to bend broken bones, make ointments to help people and the Italian community highly respected her. She was visited by an angel who told her not to fear that she was going to die and go to heaven, and she did a few days later at the age of 63. Today her home is still in our family and 4 generations has lived there and is now a successful Catholic store and Bridal Shop. We have a generational blessing because of her faith, love of mass and devotion to St. Joseph. Mary A


  5. I would like to thank St Joseph for interceding for my son during his time of unemployment. He has now got a job albeit temporary but please continue to pray for him at this time. He has become a much better person because of this, but I would hope it would not happen again for such a great length of time.

  6. Dear St Joseph,
    Please also pray for me that I will be able to build or buy my first home for my wife and kids, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  8. Dear sweet Saint Joseph please help sell our house. Lift the vail that is keeping others out. Bring us a truthful, honest, quick profia le for both parties sale to our dear house. Help the buyer to take this house and keep it as the great house it is. In gods name amen

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