Prayers For Special Needs

Joseph 7

Prayer of Trust

Dear St. Joseph, I turn to you to ask your intercession in my special need.  Keep me from all negativity, panic and distraction. Help me to live as closely as you did to the two holiest persons, Jesus and Mary with whom you lived.  Jesus and Mary trusted, relied on and loved you on earth, and will grant me in my need whatever I ask for through you.

St. Joseph, you who were chosen for the life of intimacy in this Holy Family, intercede for me. Amen

Prayer to St. Joseph for Safe Passage    

St Joseph, you were told by an angel in a dream to flee into Egypt to save the lives of Jesus and Mary. Obtain for us the strength to seek a new way of life, one that is united to God in the decisions we are about to make. Pray for us that we may be safe and that God will provide for us. We ask your intercession for us to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen


19 thoughts on “Prayers For Special Needs

  1. St Joseph please help us to sell this house by June or we will loose the other house that we are building and it will be ready by the middle of June. If you can intercede for us that the sale of our house will be done by June or early . Thank you for hearing my plea.

  2. Jobless, Need prayer for the interview on 16 June 2015

    Request Prayers for the interview on 16th June 2015. I am without job since 4 years. Kindly pray for me to perform nicely during Interview and get selected for the job.

    Suraj Abraham

  3. St Joseph please bless me with profitable customers and also my business to grow so as to pay off all my debts IN Jesus name amen

  4. Thank you st Joseph for protecting me, please continue to help me with my intention I feel so close to you since I started praying to you amen

  5. Thankyou for helping me find the love of my life, St Joseph. I’m 46 years old and have been praying to meet my future husband for so long.Please bless our relationship and lead us to marriage.

  6. Dear saint Joseph please help my dear husband jean Joseph Leo bernard . Keep him safe from sickness and free him from his namonia . I send all my love to him his lungs and his hurt spirit he is such a special dear man. Who is like a son or a young brother yet he is 60 amen

  7. Saint Joseph, please intercede for me and my husband , I’m asking for our marriage and love be restored in Jesus name and His conversion.

    • Hello Nelly,

      St. Joseph and Mary had to struggle at the beginning of their marriage after the Annunciation brought unexpected realities into their future. He knows how frightening this can be, and he can teach you the courage you need to love and the courage you need to begin again, in whatever way God shows you. I will pray for you to him also. Sr. Kathryn

  8. Dear St Joseph I ask you to help me in my home and at work. I surrender all to you ….I feel so exhausted and I need your strength

  9. Dear St Joseph I ask you to please help us sell our house it’s been up for sale for 8 years now. It would be great if we could sell it at a reasonable price so we can buy a smaller house. And if you could help us make the right decision on buying the next one.


  10. My father (Mr. Jose V. Antony) is suffering from brain tumour and admitted in hospital.
    Please pray for his speed recovery.
    All glory to God.

  11. Please St. Joseph help me to overcome my financial distress and bless my son to find passion and dignity in his new job. Thank you, Dear St. Joseph.

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