St. Joseph and the Child Jesus

I hope you take a minute
to read about St. Joseph
and his powerful intercession
and to share your own stories.

St. Joseph’s story is in the Bible.

He cared for Jesus and Mary, his Mother,
protecting them from danger,
caring for them in exile,
supporting them with his labor.
He taught Jesus how to work,
he took care of Mary

And finally, he died in their arms.

This site is for anyone who is looking for comfort and hope–whether they are selling a home, looking for work, trying to protect themselves or others from something or someone that might hurt them, or preparing for death.

We invite you to tell your stories and leave your prayer intentions. I will personally take your intentions with me to prayer each day.

Sr. Kathryn


51 thoughts on “Welcome

    • i always pray to heavenly Father, Jesus and Mother Mary. But never thought talking to St. Joseph. please put my petition to st. Joseph that flat will be sold and my dreams will come true

      • i always pray to Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. But never thought of talking to St. Joseph. please put my petition to st. Joseph that my flat will be sold and my dreams will come true…

    • I wish to Thank God and St. Joseph for favour received fir my family. Thank you the tears of happiness are for blessed St.Joseph. Thank you xxx

  1. My son Daniel, is suffering from mental health issues. St. Joseph, please guide him, and us his parents, and help us to find the right doctors who can help him.

    • Dear Carole,

      Each day say a small prayer to St. Joseph, thanking him for his care for Jesus, his son whom he raised knowing the Father in heaven had a mission for him. He will help you discover in time the plan the Father in heaven has for your son Daniel. I will remember you both in my daily novena to this good father-saint.

      • Hi friend. I just found this web page and I do have a prayer request. My neice wants to sell her house and she has not been able to yet I will indeed pray to St Joseph, for this specile grace. She has 2 children.Thank you for having this great web page. Sister Mary Rita.

      • Dear Sr. Rita,

        You are so kind to reach out in prayer for your sister who is trying to sell her house. St. Joseph also was such a person of generosity in caring for others. Let us together entrust to Joseph your intentions.

        Sr. Kathryn

  2. My most devoted saint is ST Joseph. I love him so very much. I have prayed to him to remove all evil from my home and he did. I prayed to give me signs that he is with me and he did. I prayed that the man I feel in love with would ask my hand in marriage and he did. I asked for a job and he did. I asked him to intercede for my children and protect them and he did. I asked him for my daughters conversation and he did. I asked him to love me and he does.

    Thank you ST Joseph I love you!


  3. Dear Sister

    I am so glad that I came across your website.
    Me and my family are going through trying times.I am sure St. Joseph will intercede for us.

    Thank you sister.

    God Bless

  4. Please Pray for me I am trying to sell my home and I am also trying to get a better job.I also ask you to Pray that the man I have been with for almost 30 yrs will marry me soon,hopefully this yr. Thank you

    • Peace.

      I am in chapel, and the wedding feast of Cana comes to mind. Mary’s words would be echoed by Joseph … Do whatever Jesus tells you. If you do this, all else will be given you besides.

      Sr. Kathryn

  5. Dear sister, i lost my job 5 years ago and i am trying so hard to get a job in Pauline bookstore in Lisbon. Please pray for me so it can come true, with the help of St Joseph. Please, also pray for my family. Thank you so much.

    • Paula,

      I will certainly pray that your desired job comes true for you. Most especially that you will be affirmed in the larger mission God has given you and which is even now unfolding in your life.

      May God bless you,
      Sr. Kathryn

  6. Thank you for your kind words Sister Kathryn. I really want a job in Pauline bookstore in Lisbon. I feel that it’s where i’m supposed to be working… I know it’s not easy. Can you give me some help ? Do you know any of the sisters here in Lisbon? I pray every day so i can get a job there. I also sent by email my curriculum vitae. Thank you again.

  7. Dear Sr. Kathryn,
    I’m so very grateful for your website on St. Joseph! The Holy Spirit led me here this morning after I prayed to Christ last night about God the Father and St. Joseph. When I opened my email from “Planet Catholic” this morning, I saw a link entitled “St. Joseph’s Concern For Us”. I was giddy with joy when I opened the link and saw your website. God bless you!
    I want to adopt St. Joseph as my earthly father so he can teach me how to love, understand, and contemplate God the Father through his eyes and heart. I’ve also asked Christ to teach me how to love God the Father through His sacred heart. When I prayed, Christ instantly healed me of so many, many years of painful memories and experiences. It makes my heart so glad when I think that I will have both Christ and St. Joseph to teach me how to contemplate God the Father. Thank you again!


    • Tanya,

      It is good to have you here and I am deeply moved by your prayer to St. Joseph and to the Father. God is at work within you bringing you closer to this great saint and to himself. Follow as he draws you with great joy!

      Sr. Kathryn

    • Peace.

      With God’s grace we can keep this tribute to St. Joseph. One day when I meet him it will be so wonderful…. I feel like I’m getting to know him more each day.

      Sr. Kathryn

  8. Dear Sister
    I came across this website when I was looking for a thanksgiving prayer to St Joseph. I have been praying to him to intercede for employment for my son and this morning he rang to tell me he had a job interview! I am now praying that he will get this job or another. Thank you so much for this website. It has given me much encouragement and I have sent this link to my all my children and siblings. Please keep up this good work

    • Dear St Joseph
      I continue to pray for employment for my son. I know you are praying with me because he has had several interviews but no job offers. Please pray that either he will get a job soon in his chosen area of work or that the Holy Spirit will guide him if he needs to change direction. Many times in your life you had to listen and to wait on Gods word when the way forward wasn’t clear. Please pray also for me that In spite of the circumstances I may never lose my faith in the Our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

  9. Hi,
    We have fallen in love with a house 8 minutes further than our current house and put an offer in immediately and it was accepted based on the sale of our house. We have had our house listed for almost 90 days (in Canada) where it seems we have had numerous visits since (15 today) and no offers or any interest. All showings have indicated the house is beautiful but most common is that they have children and they are looking for something closer in the City. We really want this new house to go through so that we can offer our beautiful house to a family who can enjoy it’s size and all the work we have put into it.

    Last week we heard of St. Joseph and his powers and a kit that could be purchased. We immediately went to buy this kit (last Friday) and burried him that same night as indicated (beside for sale sign, facing house) and to proceed with a prayer. We immedately have our 15th showing the very next day and the gentleman once again indicated that he wanted something closer to the City (even though we are 6 minutes from the main city). We got another call last night that we have a showing booked for tonight. I will start to do the 9 day Novena and would like any prayers that our house sells immediately so that we can move into our new house by September. Our offer on our new house expires August 4th so any prayers would be very appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for our request.
    TL in Canada

  10. Dear St. Joseph, please in my heart of hearts hear my plea for your help, our company is owed money and it is being held up pretty much for no reason .. please present this to God it is urgent my husband hasnt taken a payck in 5 weeks please hear our prayers. Thank You

  11. Financially we’re in a tight spot. I pray to St. Joseph daily, but I’m afraid to have my family pray to him for these needs because if things d5on’t turn around, I don’t want them to somehow blame St. Joseph. I also struggle as the head of our household that the ultimate humiliation will be to tell my children that I lost our home, our car etc.. I’ll pray for his guidance. Only in the past few years have I learned of St. Joseph’s intercessory power. I imagine I have to let go and let St. Joe!

    David (Spouse and father of 5).

    • David,

      You have quite a responsibility as a father of five. Your prayers, our prayers, to St. Joseph can’t somehow superstitiously fix everything. They teach us how to live like St. Joseph even in the things we can’t fix. St. Joseph lost his house and his work…he took off to Egypt with nothing in the middle of the night. He also discovered the providence of God even at this moment of his life. That is St. Joseph’s message to you. God has a plan he is working out in your life, despite the difficulties of the situation you can’t control. May Joe’s wisdom become your guiding light.

      Sr. Kathryn

  12. Thank you, Sister Kathryn, What you have said is helpful. This may seem on the edge of crazy, but well before I read your response here, I had the thought that St. Joseph had to endure “bankruptcy” after a fashion because of Herod’s spiritual bankruptcy. My wife and I are seeking marriage in the Church, so establishing our spiritual home is far more important that exactly where we make our physical home. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, and I will draw inspiration from St. Joseph’s wisdom. I will make St. Joseph’s joy and faith one of the gifts I give members of my family this Christmas.

  13. I earnestly pray for St. Joseph to guide my husband to become a good husband and a good father. That he will provide the needs of the family and takes care of the family safety and welfare. I also pray that we will soon be able to purchase our own house. Pray with us Holy Family-St.Joseph, Mama Mary and with your beloved son Jesus. Amen

  14. Please pray for me, I have been trying to buy a house for a year. I finally have one in contract; however I paid off some debts and that lowered my credit score and I have taken steps to raise it quickly again, but I am worried it won;t happen in time because the lender says she may have to ask for an extension from the seller. I live in a place that is very bad for my health. I am of poor health anyway, and the new house is in a very quiet spot which will help me with blood pressure. Also the area is not safe where I live. I really need and want this house and have worked so hard, I pray that it will all come together for me quickly. Amen.

  15. Dear St. Joseph on this night celebrating a feast in your name I humbly pray for your assistance in bringing my soulmate or husband into my life. It has been a very large struggle finding him for a few years now. I pray all the time… I might need extra help here.
    Kindest regards

  16. Thank you Sr
    Kathryin .Saint Joseph help me before sell my home , the Holy family bless you and all…I though We will move to the mainland…btu that door was close…I want to get close to my family….will be awesome is another grater job open door appear for my dearly spouse…. We are renitng …and we are in nened o f a place to move ….I did palce some petition here… a ltile while ago…I keep beliving fro that answer and as you say..hear… at the welcome also asking his protection for my people from those invisible and visible taht try to harm mine…We want to thank yopu much……I put a offer in Str Joseph feast for a place,,WE are in back up for one that we fall in love with it but understand the lord will…We are expecting to hear good news becasue ..we have to be escrow before the end of this mopnth…we will liket to get out…st Jospeh help us..no want to sign agaiin for another ..period here…We thantk sthe lord for all…but wishing to get a place to the mall of perla…… a aweosme school… aget my job too…..restore us restore me in all…mind….soul spirit…hair..nerv..sytisenm..all…allellluya…rejuvatance…what the de..meann fro ev..the lord turn…for g…the lord is lord no one else… Thank you much..a bunchs…expecting..s.igns..wonder miracles..healing..deliverance..all…goodo…will folooow us…allellluya…vcarries of god glory and his power….we bless ya in the holy trinity…who bles himself in the name tof the lord …he bless himself in the lord of true……forgive for my spelling… help miss lau…help realtor ja…….favor with god a=nd man..belslsl myd er sposue alllellua my son my mom all my people…… god bless usa and bless p……..

  17. I hope you take a minute
    to read about St. Joseph
    and his powerful intercession
    and to share your own stories.

    St. Joseph’s story is in the Bible.

    He cared for Jesus and Mary, his Mother,
    protecting them from danger,
    caring for them in exile,
    supporting them with his labor.
    He taught Jesus how to work,
    he took care of Mary

    And finally, he died in their arms.

    This site is for anyone who is looking for comfort and hope–whether they are selling a home, looking for work, trying to protect themselves or others from something or someone that might hurt them, or preparing for death.

    We invite you to tell your stories and leave your prayer intentions. I will personally take your intentions with me to prayer each day.

    Sr. Kathryn

    St. Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong,
    so prompt before the Throne of God,
    I place in you all my interests and desires.
    O St. Joseph do assist me by your powerful intercession
    and obtain for me for d for j and for all my people…..from your Divine Son
    all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord;
    so that having engaged here below your Heavenly power
    I may offer my Thanksgiving and Homage
    to the most Loving of Fathers.
    O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you
    and Jesus asleep in your arms.
    I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart.
    Press him in my name and kiss His fine Head for me,
    and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath.
    St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls,
    pray for us.
    thank you Miss Sr Kathryn,

    Jesus Mary and joseph make our families our homes as teh one in nazaret…..protect my family my people from all danger..visible and invsiible…from all o f them….let them not see us..not hear us..no feel us..not follow us..nothing……….thank you again…. presistence….perseverence……to obtain the crown..to no quit…never..to lvoe and be faighfdull to god…
    favor with misss Apr…with all of them…with the seller..allelluya….glory to god..all things a re possilb to theose who believe in you..without you nothing is posible…no but with you…yyoua re in cahrge of all…..

  18. To all of you, my prayers. I have been thinking lately how St. Joseph learned how to meet every day situations by asking God how he willed him to proceed. Resist them, yield to them, escape them, challenge them prophetically, stand up and grow in some way by engaging in the situation. Each situation calls for a different response and God our Father guides us how to do respond that his kindgom will come.

  19. please pray for me to get a very good job in Kuwait with a good package please let the person who conducts the interview should hav mercy upon me. pray I should enjoy good health. please reply.

  20. Please pray for my daughter.
    In her buying a home,good health, an opening for a lawyer job and finding a godly husband and godly friends. God Bless.
    Thank you kindly for your prayers.

    Dear God,
    It appears to be a good time for my daughter to buy property. Before we engage in the buying process, I call upon You to guide my daughter and I very thought, decision and action step. Please give us a signal to ensure this is the proper time for us to move forward. We will know we are listening to Your guidance when we feel peaceful and compelled to take action. We’d like to make a reservation for peace. Thank You for an easy, smooth, timely, affordable and joyful purchasing experience in all respects. Thank You for coordinating all of the details of the transaction and gathering the appropriate people and resources to ensure the highest and most happy outcome for everyone involved. With Your perfect guidance, everything is already aligned, taken care of and being shown to my daughter now. We walk in the confidence and certainty of Your love, light and grace. Thy will be done. Amen

      • Please say a prayer for my husband and I to sell this house …we need to sell I am having some difficulties living there I have so much fear living there there are some bad things that happened in that house and I just need to go to live in a different area and house I have been staying with my parents because I can not stay in that house .so please pray that we sell this house so I can move forward with my life and better my health. I bought a St Joseph home selling kit and I say my prayers day and night that this house sells I believe he will help us I have so much respect and love for st Joseph

  21. I thank St Joseph for prayers answered, for good health, for his prayers and intercession. Thank you.
    St Joseph patron Saint of my family, help us, pray for us, intercede to Gid for us.

    • St. Joseph himself had a very stressful life….as we can see from the early years of Jesus’ life. He learned that ultimately God shows us that everything is in his hands and even as we struggle, God is providing. God is always providing. Sr. Kathryn

  22. Sister, please pray for me. I need to find a new job which allows me the time to be a good father and husband as well as provide for my family, and the stress of my current job is unbearable. Annonymous.

  23. Please pray for my sister&her husband to be granted the home they really want on Tuesday if its gods will,so they can have a proper home for their unborn baby I pray with all my heart that nothing will get in their way and they be granted this home I pray for gods Protection for them from evil,curses,bad wishes& that god will pure blessings upon them ..Also please pray for my brother&his wife are going through a tough time &are homeless they have unhappy marriage please jesus I ask for conversion of both these couples &I pray for gods Protection for them from evil,curses,bad wishes& that god will pure blessings upon them pray for Peace between us always in Jesus Name amen

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