Selling Houses

IMG_1603Many people today know about St. Joseph as a “real estate agent”—plant a statue in the front yard of a house you are trying to sell and you’ll get results fast. Or so the stories go.

In fact, amazingly, people do sell their houses when they bury St. Joseph’s statues in their front yard. In fact, just yesterday I heard a friend who unburied St. Joseph from their front yard when they found him there by accident in their relatively new home!

A few months ago a woman came up to me in the airport. She and her young husband had only 30 days to sell their house or they would lose the new house they had just built in order to raise a family. My heart went out to them. I urged them to pray to St. Joseph.

In these days when houses and jobs are being lost, people are looking for work, I encourage people to pray to St. Joseph, but I remind them that St. Joseph wants more than to sell your house. He really wants to take care of you so that you will be part of his family. So that he will be able to teach you how to pray, to trust, to love as he did. There was no other human closer to Jesus and Mary than Joseph.

Prayer to St. Joseph to Sell a House

Dear and beloved St. Joseph, who trusted in the providence of God when you were called to be the foster father of Jesus and spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, obtain for us the grace to have complete trust in God.  In this hour we entrust to you the intentions that we have of selling our house and finding another location where we may be able to live. We beseech you to help us in our decisions and in our trust in the grace of God to see his plan for us in everything that happens and to believe that what God wills is for our greater good.

Therefore, through the intercession of St. Joseph and through the example he gave in trusting in you, heavenly Father, may we have our prayer answered  if it be your holy will. Amen.

Prayer for Those Moving to a New Home

St Joseph, you who provided for the Holy Family a place to dwell through the blessings of God the Father, I ask you to obtain for my family a place to dwell and to relocate if it be God’s holy will.

Intercede for us on our behalf, you who were so faithful to God.  

Help us, O God, our Father, to make wise choices that will lead us to fulfill our obligations to you and to one another as a family.  We trust that with faith “we can do all things in you, O God, who will give us the strength.”  We promise Heavenly Father, that with the help of your grace to strive to lead a more virtuous life and to be united in our efforts to grow in our love for Jesus, your Divine Son. 

We offer this prayer through the intercession of Mary and Joseph and trust in your everlasting mercy and goodness through your Son, Jesus, Our Lord.  Amen



201 thoughts on “Selling Houses

  1. St. Joseph, you are indeed a friend in need.

    Thank you for answering so many prayers. May you be venerated in many families to make them close to your foster son Jesus and your wife Mama Mary.

    • St. Joseph please sell our home. My husband might lose his job. We ask in Jesus’s name and pray that you help us through this tough time and sell our home. God bless.

    • When we are going the landlady was going to sell her condo unit , so we were looking for one but to do this we need to sell our land and on my birthday on December the landlady’s son said you can stay in this place for the rest of your life and the next year September we sold our land, Father Joseph (as my father would call him) really a true friend indeed and will always be there for you his whisper to Our Lord Jesus is always be heard , have faith

    • St. Joseph please help me sell my home as soon as possible and let me find the right new home to move in. I really need you intercession right now. I believe in you St Joseph, my house has been on the market for awhile now, but I am in need of selling it right away. Please answer my prayer St Joseph.

      • St.Joseph,I need to sell my home . Please send someone to me this week. With great credit and ready to buy. I am saying my prayers everyday . Please I need your help.

      • Saint Joseph I need to sell my home. Please bring me a buyer this week. I say my prayers every day . Please please help me.

    • St. Joseph at 2:30 this afternoon we will own 2 houses. We ask in your holy name that a buyer soon arrives at our home who will continue to fill our home with love. We walk in faith trusting God’s timing.

  2. St. Joseph I come to you thru Jesus our Lord God and Savior for our financial need. pLease with God\s mercy and love help us sell our home for $520,000.00/ my husband and I both lost our jobs and owe many debts. by selling this home we would be debt free and be more free to do God’s holy will without worry. We put this in your hands st. joseph and pray that you bring it up to Jesus for us. we lov eyou so much.

    • Peace.
      St. Joseph knows that all the twists and turns of life ultimately teach us that God is reliable as we find ourselves taken care of in the midst of our problems. May he guide you through these times and free you to love others in new ways.
      Sr. Kathryn

      • I need help trying to sell my home. 17 months on market. St joseph is buried. Praying always. Waiting for an offer this evening or by morning. Dear st. Joseph I pray to you for this sale to go through with what we r asking. It’s a beautiful colonial home fully remodeled. Refurbished. I pray to you from my heart and soul…

      • I have had my house on the market for eight months, then I took it off for the winter. I am putting it back on the market and I really need to sell my home because I am struggling financially. Please St. Joseph answer my prayer and sell my home right away. I am keeping the FAITH!

  3. St. Joseph, I ask for your assistance in selling my house. Please help bring a good offer and buyer that will make it their happy new home. Thank you for all the blessings you give to those who ask for your help.

  4. Please St. Joseph, help bring in a loving family to our home and an offer we need in order to move. Times have been tough with our father in the hospital for a month and we desperately need to move. We have burried a statue and continue to pray the novena. Please awknowledge our faith in you and Jesus.

  5. Dear St. Joseph, thank you so very much for assisting us with selling our house! Not only did you help us find a buyer, but you found a truly lovely family to live in our home who will lovingly care for it and enjoy it, as we had. We pray for this family, that their lives will be blessed as they enjoy their new home, as we pray for God’s blessing for our family in our new home as well. We are so thankful!

    • Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spiri! and dear St. Joseph!. May God answer your prayers of gratitude and supplication you offer God in your thanksgiving. Blessings.
      Sr. Kathyrn

  6. St. Joseph: Thank you for interceding for us in the sale of our
    modular home. This will allow us to get our bills paid especially
    our utilities which are growing higher and higher.

    Thank you for good health and take care of our grandson who
    needs help in finding a place to live. Thank you for finding a job
    for two grandsons.

    • Dear Marilyn, Such gratitude shown for gifts received delights God and he can not help himself, but to give even more blessings in return. You honored God when you placed your trust in your prayers to St. Joseph. May St. Joseph continue to intercede for you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  7. St. Joseph, I pray for your blessing and interceding in selling our home. We have had to move nearly 1800 miles for work and are living in a camper until our home sells. We are becoming quite desperate. We will not be able to locate a new home until our house sells.

    Thank you for our family, our jobs, our health, and our camper. Thank you for watching over us during our journey.

    • Dear Tammy, St. Joseph’s powerful intercession and prayers has never known to go unanswered for those who have placed their trust and confidence in his prayers. He knew first hand the pain and frustration in his difficulty in providing a home and shelter for the Son of God and his spouse the Blessed Mother. Honor St. Joseph by obtaining a small statue of St. Joseph and a prayer to him to sell your house. If you have a picture of your house you may want to place it near the image of St. Joseph and pray as a family to this great Saint. I will pray the novena to St. Joseph for your intentions.
      Sr. Kathryn

  8. Sr. Kathryn…. please help me in praying to St. Joseph to intercede to find a buyer for my house quickly. We want to move closer to school (for my son) and work (for me). I spend over $500 a month in gas and after close to eight years, it is getting too hard financially. My wish is to sell my house and move about 30 miles closer to work/school. We have burried a statue in our yard and pray the novena. May St. Joseph hear my prayers and help !

  9. Please St. Joseph help my family sell our house with Godly blessings, speed, and safety. Thank you for already answering 1/2 of our prayer by providing a quick and blessed home purchase! Thank you for my families blessed health and for Godly employment, blessed protection, family togetherness and mutual respect and peace among my family members! Amen +

    • Peace.

      I will remember you tonight in my prayers to St. Joseph. Your grateful heart is so like his! I’m sure he will guide you through the rest of your process in selling your house.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Dear St. Joseph,
        Please help me sell my house. My husband drives an hr each way to work and works a 10 hr day.
        The area is not safe for my son. We had an offer and it fell through.
        I am desperate to sell. Please help. You are my only hope.

  10. Thank you St. Joseph for helping us sell our house. It was sold within two weeks of the offering and at a price far exceeding our expectations. Praise God and good St. joseph for his intercession. p. mccarthy

  11. Thank You AGAIN Jesus, Mary and Joseph most kind! Please bless and help my family here and now and also my family of origin. Please heal old wounds and hurts and help our hearts to heal. Amen + Thank you Sister Kathryn for your love and prayers!

    • Blessings,

      Prayers that begin with thanksgiving are the most precious to God…. It is true that the Holy Family is most kind to us and we can become a member of the Holy Family. They can become your new family. You can picture what Mary and Joseph might do to help you feel welcome, safe, and loved, and in this way they can help to heal you of your old wounds and hurts. I will pray to dear Joseph for you!

      Sr. Kathryn

  12. Dear St, Joseph, I belive in you and your power to intercede. My husband’s recent diagnosis of cancer has put us in a position that we need to sell this house. Help us please with a swift sale to strengthen his faith and please help to restore his health. Amen. Patricia

    • Peace.

      St. Joseph knew what it was to care for a family in the midst of unexpected turns of events. I often think of how he died somewhere in Jesus teenage or early adult years. What sorrow to leave Mary behind. What anxiety about their future. What peace, even if he felt he had not finished his work. Meditate on the serenity of Joseph and he will bring you great peace. I will join you in prayer.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Me too! Sr. Kathryn I need my S Joseph help before /christ Jesus for my child protection to stop them taht are sending this to us… lord Jesus help us protect my sposue and all..I need to sell this unit in peace should be sold you knpw my needs and croqui here please help me I need to sell my unit number 4/// in this area in this corner in A.please you know is a center … great location and please protect those who will be stayng here…..please Destroy all evil in my heart mind soul spiriit help me to protect my family,,,,,,,and all,,,,let me no be d…by thiis …??/ holy is the lord holy is his name no wepaon shall….. none no nooooooo….. you raise s lazarusa llelluya…..i need my family well no let him win none no ne no ne….

  13. Please Saint Joseph please help us sell our home my husband is living in another state 3 hrs by plane .We need our family together! We only get to see my husband every month and it is getting very hard ! we have been trying to sell our house for nearly a year I have buried 3 statues in my yard I also light a candle everyday and pray to him ! What else can I do?

  14. Manon le 18 mai 2012 a 12:54

    Merci a St-Joseph de bien vouloir m’aider a vendre ma maison… afin que je puisse passer a une autre étape de ma vie…

  15. St. Joseph, you understand the needs of a family. You remember what it meant to have your own family together in your own home….FINALLY after having been off in Egypt maybe seven years. In your kindness, intercede for these people who trust in you for their family’s needs and their homes.
    Sr. Kathryn

  16. St Joseph please let the time be now that I sell my home. It has been 5 years of praying to you and believing in you. I know there is lessons that I had to learn before you granted me this request. I want to be near my children and grandchildren and this home is too far away so I need to sell. Please bring us a good buyer and let us be able to afford a new home and guide us to do the right thing. Please hear my prayers. I am trying to keep the faith!

  17. St. Joseph.
    Please help Nick and I get 730 Hart Dr. Please let this house work out for us as buyers, please and help us to build a happy life there with marriage, true love from each of us and commitment. Please St. Joseph, please help this house to work out for us and soon. We only have a couple more weeks. Please help us so that this is the one.
    In Jesus’ name I pray.
    Love Reyna

  18. St. Joseph.
    Forgive me for not thanking GOD first and foremost. I know that as much as I see the negative, that I am very blessed. I truly am to have Nick in my life and to have a job and my health. Thank you GOD for all of your blessings.
    Love, Reyna

    • These prayers of thanksgiving are dear to God’s heart. God understands how scared and relieved we can feel, so he loves us when we remember to include him in our joy!

  19. I think that burying St. Joseph is not necessary, as you long as you pray with faith, maybe putting his statue in the front yard as an intercessor would be fine, why to bury him?

  20. I did bury him only to have my Dog dig him up. Like you I choose not to bury the new one and I keep him under my Bonsai Tree in my kitchen in my bay window I figure he likes it better there and I can see him and pray to him everyday. Yes it is about the faith not where you bury him but that you believe!

  21. Dearest St. Joseph ,
    I release by faith my prayer request to you today and expect you to divinely intervene in my life ! I know if I believe in you and trust you as God entrusted Jesus and Mary to you that you will help me to sell my home in NJ.!! I am excited for your miraculous movement in my life ! Thank you from my husband and me!!! We need a better location for my family in PA!! Thank you !

  22. Today is the the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it! Today is the day I find out if our deal goes though with the house. I pray to you St Joseph please help us push this though. Please hear my prayers. I trust in you. I believe in you. I need a miracle! God be with me.

  23. Dear St. Joseph please help my family and I to sell our house to a wonderful new family that will enjoy it just as much as we have. Please help us to have a fast and non-difficult sale so that we can pay off debt and start a new beginning. Please bring us a respectable offer that we can agree on. I thank you for the jobs that my husband and I have, times just seem to be getting a little bit harder with everything going up in price and pay getting taken away. I thank you for the health of my family. The lord has truly blessed us and I know will continue to bless us as well as your blessings.

  24. I pray to you St. Joseph, that you send us buyers for our home that is for sale. I pray that a loving family who will love oir home as much as we have is sent our way very soon.

  25. Dear St.Joseph, I humbly ask for your guidance and assistance in choosing the best place to build a home for my growing family. I need a place that is safe and flood free. I need place big enough to accommodate my parents in the future when they get old. I need a place close to work. But most importantly, i need to afford it and not be very burdened on the payment. I fully trust in you.
    Sr. Kathryn, please help me pray. I need the place very soon but I want it with Gods blessing. Thanks

  26. We pray to you Saint Joseph that we can grow as close to you in your heart as your son Jesus is in our hearts. I lost my job 3 and one half years ago; my husband just lost his job a month ago. We are selling our home so that we can move forward in our live’s service to God’s needs.
    Please, Saint Joseph, bring a family to our little home who will love it as much as we have.
    Please, Saint Joseph, show us the work that God needs us to do. I worked in development for a mental health non-profit and my husband worked for Saint Alphonsus Ligouri and Our Mother of Perpetual Help through the priests and brothers of the Redemptorist order in Denver, Colorado. We want to move to a place that is very spiritually powerful in our souls to continue to do God’s work ~ God knows where this place is.
    Thank you Saint Joseph for your loving help. You are the patron saint of my husband. Both of us have much more to give in our lives of service. Thank you for Saint Joseph for lighting the way.

  27. Thank you Saint Joseph for helping us sell our house for a just price at the right time. Thank you for keeping us safe during this time. Protect us and guide us in our new life. Give us hope and patience.

  28. Dearest St. Joesph I have been praying to you for a very long time. I am hanging by a thread on the sale of my home. Please let this happen and please guide us to make the right choices. I am trying to keep the faith please help me in my time of need. Believe!

  29. Dear St.Joseph, please help me to sell my house or get it rented out.
    As I’m not there in New Zealand at the present time I’m relying on agents to help me.
    most respectfully , Daniel mckeown.

  30. St Joseph .. Please help me with the closing date on my mother inlaws house the banks are just to slow and things are just crazy .. Please help we really need this prayer to help and to calm everyone down
    Thank you and god bless you

  31. Dear St Joseph I have another chance with selling my home. 4 Deals have fallen though (it has been crazy and I know things happen for a reason) and now the last deal the same people are trying to work with us. We have not given up hope. Please guide the banks to approve their mortgage and let us find comps so the bank approves the appraisal and let the inspection go well. Please let us close on this house in Lucky January 2013. I am trying to keep the faith and I will never give up. I beleive in the Magic of Christmas! Please hear my parayers!

  32. St. Joseph,
    Please help us discern whether we should sell our house on a big lot, or go into a partnership with a company willing to develop the land. Being seniors ready for retirement, we are being urged by our children to join them in the foreign country where they live. Please guide us in making the choice, and help us through the process, whatever it may be. We also need your help in having the land inherited by my husband transferred to his name. Thank you, St.Jo, you have always been helpful.

  33. St Joseph, please I pray our home in Ladysmith KZN will get a buyer so our finances will improve. There is such a heavy load to carry, my husband and I argue constantly because things are so difficult. My family is my world, let things come right so we can be happy again.

    • I know that I need to be patient and god has a time, it is just tough, my hubby is away most of the time becuase of work, I pray we could both get better jobs and be together as a family. The house has had not even potential buyers and has been on the maket for five months now. My kids school fees are in arrears, we even received an ugly message from the school. We borrow money to make ends meet. When will it get better. I am almost out of faith, i try to hold my head up, but dont know how much longer I can be brave.

  34. we went to Medjugorje in October and came home with a book written by Sister Emmanuel. A few of the stories focused on St. Joseph. Well, at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. we decided to sell our home and find one closer to our parish. We went to Easter’s Catholic bookstore and found a beautiful statue of St. Joseph and a novena booklet. We came home and started praying that night. We trusted that St. Joseph would help us find a home for us that was within 5 miles of church. Our realtors said that we would probably sell our home before we could buy another. (no worries for us as we prayed and trusted that God’s will be done) We ended up selling our home and almost a week later we put an offer on our “new”home. (when we were looking, I put a St. Joseph medal in the yard) well, we found out that our offer was accepted on our new home on the Solemnity of St Joseph!! We feel so blessed, loved and taken care of.

  35. St.Joseph, please pray for my family. Our financial struggles are hard right now and our income is lower. Please pray for our rental home to sell, in order to pay off our bills and live comfortably with less financial stress. Pray for peace and love in our family home and for my Father to open his heart to our family. This burden is very stressful and affecting my Mother’s health also.

  36. On the day of auction there were supposed to be two bidders but one did not turn up.
    A lady who had seen the advertisement the day before came to the open home just before the auction and ended up being the highest bidder (not to mention without her husband’s knowledge)! I had been praying constantly to St. Joseph and had buried his statue in the garden the day before. There was torrential rain that morning and I prayed to St. Joseph that the rain would stop a half hour before the open home and at least one hour after the auction and it did!!
    I thank St. Joseph with all my heart for answering my prayers. I pray
    to him every day for help in my life and he is so good to me.

  37. St. Joseph, through a very tough ordeal, I have found my faith again yet in a different way. I trust that you will help us sell our home for close to the asking price in order for my daughters and I to move on. My hope is that whoever buys the home will have many good years here as we did, and that the recent bad memories will disappear. Help us to make a fresh start very quickly. May we sell our home very soon so we may move into the much smaller, more manageable and affordable place we have settled on. We need peace in our lives and selling our current place would be a wonderful start. I am having my daughters and I pray every day to you for your help. Thank you.

  38. Thank you St. Joseph for helping us sell our home. We placed you in the front yard as Devote Catholics one week ago today and now we have a contract on our home. We will take you and venerate you at our new home once we move in June. Thank you St. Joseph for the assistance in our time of need. Jesus, Mary I Love You Save Souls.

  39. St. Joseph, I ask for your assistance in selling my parents home. We need to settle the family estate. we have been trying to sell the home for over 2 years. Please help bring a good offer and buyer that will make it their happy new home. Thank you for all the blessings you give to those who ask for your help.


    • Connie,

      St. Joseph has let you wait, and perhaps you will still have to wait with this issue unsettled. I find it very difficult to wait in this type of situation. Let us ask St. Joseph together to show us what it is that God is offering you in this time of waiting and patience. Let us turn to him again with trust as to a father who will care for us as he knows how.

      Sr. Kathryn

  40. Dear St. Joseph, I did not know that praying to you may help in so many ways in my life. i am struggling with so much on my plate that I am lost along the way. I am putting all my faith in you to give me strength to wait out the sale of the home I had bought for my granddaughter and maybe deep down inside I don’t really want to sell it I don’t know. It would really take a lot of financial burden off of my husband and I and I also have a little cabin I am trying to sell at the same time. It is too far away and yet I struggle with whether or not I really want to sell it either. Very mixed up for sure. I also need help with selling my mom’s cottage to settle her estate once and for all. And yet I don’t want to really see that go either. wow. It seems to me I am the problem here. Maybe you could see your way to guide me through all this mess so I can see clearly. I also have and apartment to rent and maybe my own house as well I am considering selling. To add even more problems, I have a family property that needs settling also. All this I hope will come soon enough and I pray to you to help my situation to get clearer and good luck with selling all my property. I feel as if I am drowning, so please help me rise above all this that brings me down and help me start my life stress free. Thank you for listening to me and maybe we can answer my prayers together. Please help me.. Actually now that I read this who wouldn’t feel a heavy burden with all this going on in their life. I will take things one day at a time and bury St. Joseph’s statues where I can. Thanks for listening..

    • P.s. I was also born in St. Joseph’s hospital, so I hope that this qualifies me to send my previous prayer as I am not Catholic. I feel blessed to have been born in your hospital and never realized until now the connection we have since my birth. I am so glad we are reconnecting after all this time.

  41. St. Joseph, thank you for guiding Jesus Christ in his youth and I pray that an offer of $250,000 is made by a family who finds our home to be their home so we can move to be near our son and his wife and son. Thank you St. Joseph ..

  42. St. Joseph, Please assist us in selling our home. My husband has been working across the country for 4 years and it is time for our family to be together again. We need to sell our Oregon home for $540,000 as as soon as possible so my autistic daughter and I can join him in Texas before school starts so she can be settled.
    I’ve been praying daily and have placed a statue in the yard. Please help.
    Thank you.

  43. St. Joseph please help my family sell our home. We are ready to start a new life.
    By selling our home, this would greatly improve the quality of our lives. A safe area for my son
    to grow up in and closer to home so that my husband can spend more time with our family.

  44. St. Joseph, my son and his wife are in the process of getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I pray that you will help them by blessing them with a buyer for their home so that they may move onto the rest of their lives. They have an older home and could use your assistance in getting it sold. Thank you from my heart.

  45. Sr. Katherine,

    My husband and I are not Catholic, but we are Christians who accept the work that Jesus accomplished for us through His death and resurrection. We have been trying to sell our house for three months so that we may move back to our home area and be near our family. We are expecting our first child to arrive in February. Please ask St. Joseph to pray that our house sells speedily. Blessings and thanks!

  46. Dear St. Joseph. My husband and I bought a lot to build a home on, but now we are not able to proceed with building our dream home. We have it on the market to sell, but no one showed serious interest so far. We really need to sell it in order to free up our funds to purchase in a location closer to my mother’s house. I pray to you to help us sell our lot, and bring us a serious buyer. I am catholic and I am also a real estate agent. I have called on you in the past so many times to help my clients to sell their homes and now I am calling on you to help me sell out lot. With all my heart I pray to you and ask for your assistance, please hear my prayers.

  47. Saint Joseph, I have such a grateful heart for the reminder of your sweet struggle to find a home for Jesus and your devoted love to His Mother, Mary. How true your story rings in my ears! How blessed am I to be reminded to remain steadfast in my love and devotion to my Holy Matrimony, grateful for Spiritual sight and faith. Saint Joseph, I have a tough situation. I inherited my mother’s home after her passing. I truly believe my father (who lived an agnostic faith for 55 years before coming the Lord Jesus and accepting Him 2 years before his passing) came to retrieve my mother after his passing only 18 months earlier, due to her desire to leave this world and her devoted love to him, even decades after their divorce; proven by her steadfast presence at his deathbed- not his current wife of 16 years. I have the devil plaguing me about her passing, tormenting me with questions of if my brother held part in her body failing. Saint Joseph, my brother has long battled his demons and drug addiction. My mother was trying to stop her enabling. My brother had lived with her for 2 months before she passed, only weeks after she declared to no longer financially support him. Saint Joseph, the events that took place after her passing has long destroyed the relationship between my brother and me. I love him, I forgive him but I can no longer be involved in the toxicity that is so contagious in his presence. Saint Joseph, I won’t go into further detail, but all of this has broken my heart. After many years of fighting and struggling to get my brother out of the home and to get the home up for sale he finally agreed. Six months the home has been listed and there are ever increasing problems in the neighborhood bringing down the market and increasing the competition. I know in my heart that at the right time, according to God’s plan, a family that needed this home would find us. I always liked that God would bring the right family. The urgent needs to sell this home are pressing for me as well as for my brother. Sometimes, I think my mother fought to not let the home sell because she knew my brother and his addiction would cause him to blow through his half of the money. In that regard, I’m glad the home has not sold- it is true his inheritance that was liquidated and available as cash is all but gone now. Jesus led me to a wonderful new life in Central America, where I have my husband and a new family that loves me as their own. Saint Joseph, my husband and I are dreaming of building on the land that he worked tirelessly to pay off. I struggle with this, the balance between want and gratitude for what is. In no way are we not provided for. We wish to be closer to his family, paying on a place of our own built just the way we love. We both knew we would love to stay here in this “third world country” and be poor than chase the American dream. I’m looking into becoming and English teacher and he’s progressing with his job in the Tourism industry. We try to stay humble as most people in this country struggle with much less than we have and are happy, giving, kind people. We know we are so blessed, but we ask for you to help sell my mother’s home to be disconnected from the toxicity that resides between the memories and current situation with my brother. We ask that you bring the right family that can live out their dreams there, as my mother had wished to do with us. We ask that you please help us to wisely use the sale of the home to build our home here that will withstand for many generations in our family and for our pets. We ask that you will bless this change in our life to allow us to bless others. I pray that the new home we are dreaming of building will be a sanctuary not only to me and my family, but to teach the children, and to gather together in Jesus’ name, and to feed the hungry and motivate many to become healthy, and to study the Holy Word of God. Saint Joseph, I ask that you can help me with this sale not only for me but also for my brother. I pray that this next step will supplement him only to live a better Christian life and not fuel his wicked desires. Saint Joseph, finally, I humbly ask you into my current home to guide me in my marriage. I ask that your devotion to Mary after her pregnancy with Jesus will pour down onto me that I may remain so strongly united to my husband in times of great uncertainty or troubled moments. With great faith and thanksgiving for You, Mary and Jesus I pray AMEN

  48. Dear St. Joseph,

    I ask you to help me with the sale or peaceful resolution of my home. I once shared this home with a former partner who had multiple strokes and debilitating health problems. Unfortunately, our relationship ended leaving me with the burden of the house. While the house was a good idea at the time, I am now struggling with this situation and my finances. I am in great despair and grieving practically every day of my life, and I am trying to move on from the situation.

    I have had my house on the market for over five months. I bought the St. Joseph statue, buried it, and have prayed every day. I even got a smaller statute of you and placed it in my window sill. I am praying to both you and St. Jude to help me during this time. I don’t know how to get out of this housing situation as it is overwhelming and it left me with a lot to do. Please help me with the successful release of this home. I pray a good buyer will come and buy the home and be happy. Or there is a good, workable solution that will ease my mind from all the worry and strain. I am ready to move on with my life. I need to get the house resolved as soon as possible. I simply don’t know what to do, St. Joseph, as the housing situation has overwhelmed my life. I ask for your kind intercession and intervention in this matter.

    Thank you, dear St. Joseph.

    • I would like to report that two buyers have given an offer on the house two days ago. I want to acknowledge St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Anthony, and St. Expedite for their help in this matter. I also thank Mother Mary, Jesus, and other heavenly hosts for their assistance. It looks like the house will be resolved. I have prayed every day and with as much devotion as possible. I thank to you for creating this website to publish our prayers and testimonials. God bless.

  49. St Joseph
    Please help me sell my house I have two children and owe to much in bills and loans to live and support my two children . I want to buy my mums but only have three weeks to do so . I need a buyer within the next three weeks . I need to buy her home to keep the family home for me and my brothers and our children so none of us are ever homeless . And I need to be with my mum as she only has a few months left as she has terminal cancer and u want to be there every day to spend every precious moment with her and the capital I have from my house will help some of her dreams come true . So I pray to you please help me and my family .

  50. St. Joseph, I pray to you today to please help my parents sell their house with a closing date of December 16, 2013. If they don’t sell, then they cannot pay for the new house recently purchased and they will get sued. St. Joseph, I know the perfect family is out there. And they will find a perfect home in our house. Please bring the right family to our home, so that they may find it perfect and fall in love with it. May they be in the position for an early closing. Thank you St. Joseph for hearing my prayer. And please help my family in our time of dire, desperate need. I have faith. I leave it with you. Amen

  51. Dear St. Joseph,

    Caretaker of the Holy Family and Guardian of your little home in Nazareth, I appeal to you in your role as custodian of Homes and Families. Please join us in our prayers and give us your assistance in this time of need and relocation.

    We ask you to send us the new family for our present home, one that you will have picked, one that will know peace and joy all the days they live in this humble home.

    We also pray that your blessing will go with us to our new home, where you will always have a place of honor and respect. Let us never forget to come to you with our gratitude and thanksgiving, and always seek your counsel. Amen.

    Please help us to sell our home very soon. We are running out of time, Dear St. Joseph, and pray to you that you will be able to find a family for our house in Tennessee very soon! Thank you so much in advance. Amen!

  52. Please St. Joseph help us to sell our house before summer. We are in desperate need of selling soon because of medical bills and debt. Please help us to sell it. We will be ever so grateful and always remember you in our family prayers of praise and thanksgiving.

  53. St. Joseph we ask for your guidance in selling our home. We are being transferred and have a short time in getting our house sold. We have 5 internationally adopted children that we are trying to raise in the teachings of Jesus. We ask for a quick sale to our home so that we can get our children settled in a new community and continue the Lord’s work as a family. We ask these things in the name of Jesus.

  54. I pray St. Joseph and our Lord Jesus Christ that we will be able to sell our house and that someone will be interested to make an offer on our house. We have had several people look at our house but those who looked had made no offer or showed no interest. My husband has been transferred to Rochester Mn for a job that is better pay and more of a challenge for him . We have been apart for over a month and our house has been for sale over a month since February 27. We have a open house this Sunday and I pray that a family will love the house and make an offer . My husband and I have been praying the St Joseph novena and the 9th day will be this Saturday April 5 and the open house will be Sunday. I pray St Joseph that our house will sell and that a family will make an offer so that our family can be together again at a new house, a new city and a new beginning . Thank you St. Joseph and Lord Jesus for each and every day . The jobs my husband and I have, food on our table, good health and each other. Please hear my prayers for I am trusting you with all my heart! Amen

  55. We had our open house on Sunday And only one person showed up to the open house. There has been no offers yet! My husband and I will keep praying to St. Joseph and our Lord Jesus Christ! I will not give up believing St Joseph and Jesus! I will trust them and keep believing that our prayers will be answered. Amen

  56. Thank you St Joseph for again helping us to sell our house quickly. We are very grateful , this works so please everybody pray and believe!

  57. We are in the process of buying a new house to start our family in.. the appraisal came back 20K under what our agreed upon amount is. Prayers please that the sellers come down to the appraised value so we can have our dream home and start our family together.

  58. St Joseph please pray for the sale of our home. We have already purchased and moved to another home and are facing double expenses and worries. Dear St. Joseph please pray that a new family will purchase our old home and make beautiful memories there. We would also appreciate your prayers that our new home will be filled with happiness and love. Thank you.

  59. St. Joseph
    I am beginning to lose faith in selling our house . I have prayed and prayed but nothing happens . I have stopped praying the novena. But I do say a little prayer to God and ask for help in the selling of our house. Our house has been put on the market in February and there has been no interest . We even put a statue of St. Joseph near the For Sale sign so I am beginning to think that was a hoax. I pray that whatever God’s will that He will give my family a sign that moving to Rochester Mn to be with my husband is for the good will of our family. Please help us !!

  60. dear St Joseph you answered our prayer by finding a lovely couple to buy my mom’s house of 29 yrs. It was undoubtedly a blessing to their family especially since she had to reduce the price $17,500. She has since found a foreclosure in the perfect neighborhood. We submitted an offer but considering the loss she took with her sale her budget is limited so we submitted an offer for same $17,500 reduction in hopes that the Lord will see fit to redeem her of the loss. Now we have been advised that there are multiple offers so today we have to respond of whether we are still interested. My mom can’t afford anything more than she offered so we are acting on faith that our offer will be accepted at the original offer and that no one has offered more. We are seeking your guidance St Joseph as we recognize your favor as it relates to home sales. We thank you in advance. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

  61. I want to thank you St. Joseph and Lord Jesus for the sell of our house. Forgive me for giving up. I believe in St Joseph. We put out house for sale on February 27. We buried St Joseph on March 28 and a young couple put a bid on the house on May 20th. I believe the sell of our house is a true miracle and I thank God and St Joseph for answering our prayers. The area we live in is very difficult to selling houses and a young couple found the house right for them just like my husband and I thought when we saw the house almost 15 years ago. I am so very thankful. Thank you St Joseph and Lord Jesus.

  62. Dearest St Joseph please sell my mothers house he passed away suddenly…St Joseph you know how terrible this story is & we pray to sell the house to take care of our disabled brother who is destitute whose. Her daughter daughter and son in law stole her money and her peace. Please it sell so we don’t have to give it back to the bank. This St Joseph is too big a cross for us to bear.May we please sell it with ease. & have money to take care of our brother & repay the financial burdens we have taken on die to our sisters sins against our beloved mother and may she and our dad be with you in heaven.

  63. St. Joseph
    Please give your divine intervention and help me ask God the father in heaven, your foster son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that they may send over the buyer of our current house whose going to love our house and buy it at a price that will help us in our financial situation and will help us to finally move to our new home. Our home has been on the market for almost 4 months now. I beg you, please if at all possible, if you can help me pray that the buyer will come as soon as possible. Thank you St. Joseph in advance.

  64. Please don’t give up. St Joseph is listening to your prayers. Just believe and place all your trust in our Lord Jesus and St Joseph! Miracles do happen. Our prayers were answered because my husband never gave up and I placed my trust in the Lord.

  65. St. Joeseph please help us sell our house, help family find this wonderful house that we’d had and make it their new wonderful home. Bless them with happiness in it as we’ve had it enjoying it.

  66. Dear St. Joseph, Please speak to the Lord and help us sell this house. We’ve worked hard to keep this home a happy peaceful place we have many memories here that we cherish and will bring with us, but it is time to move forward. We need to take care of ourselves and we would love you to bring us a good family, a good buyer to purchase and cherish this home we love. We are ready and willing to move forward and we need a quick resolution to the sale of this home. We trust that you will bring us a good buyer that is honest and true and will purchase the house close to our asking price. We need to move quickly because we do not want to hold up the owners of our new home we are purchasing. We know this is the right thing to do and we are putting this in your hands. Please help us sell this house quickly and move into our new home. Please bless this house and our new house with love and happiness. Thank you. Amen

  67. I thank God for being so kind to me since my husband’s passing this past January. I also thank Him for helping me get a new place in another city at an amazing price. St. Joseph, you have been my friend for a long time. You have helped me get through some very difficult times and I am so grateful to you. I need your help once again. Please ask your Son, Jesus, to help me sell my present residence as it will be difficult for me to pay expenses for two homes at the same time. I would really appreciate if you would help me get the price I need to pay for my new place. Thank you, St. Joseph. I am confident you will hear my prayers as you have in the past. Amen.

    • Saint Joseph, please accept my prayer for Yvette. She needs your help now. In her time of need she is reaching out to others and offering help. Please intercede on her behalf and find a buyer for her home. Jesus said that if two of you on earth agree about anything in prayer it will be done for them. I am seconding Yvette’s request for her to sell her house and pray it will be done.

      • Thank you, Vincent. I am joining hands with you for both of us. I have faith he will grant us this favor with the help of his Son. Amen.

      • Yvette
        Please let me know when your house sells. I am sure it will be soon!
        Thank you again!!

  68. Saint Joseph
    I am so weak and I do not know how much longer I can hold on. This house is such a burden on me and I am in such debt. I want to be a lender and not a borrower and have cut down all my expenses and want to live a simple life free of debt. As a father I know you will understand when I look at my two boys and feel such pain that I cannot provide for them the way I should. This house is crushing me and I need to sell it as fast as possible. I cannot borrow any more money and have given all that I have. Please bring an offer soon and let this beautiful house be a blessing to a wonderful family. With every ounce of my heart I pray for your intercession soon! Thank you for hearing my prayer,

  69. Thank you, Yvette. Just knowing someone else out there prayed for me meant a lot and gave me a moment of peace. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Little things like that mean so much and I am sure you have no idea how much you have blessed people with little notes like that, but once you get to Heaven you will see and be amazed how many people you have helped and touched. God Bless you!

    • I haven’t forgotten about you, Vincent. I keep you in my prayers all day long. Just to remind you to keep the faith… Everything will work out in its own time. That’s how it works. The best of luck! PS: Yes, I will let you know when my home sells. Would you interested about yours as well. St. Joseph is still looking after us.

  70. Thanks Yvette
    I am thinking of you too and have been checking on here daily, looking for your post thanking St. Joseph for the sale of your home! I know I will see you post it soon. Thanks for thinking of me too. I am saying a Novena to St. Joseph too and although this is extremely stressful, I do believe he will bring a buyer. I cannot wait to post my sale on here so everyone else will see a success story and be strengthened.

    • Yvette
      I hope you are well and have a buyer for your home. St. Joseph has come through for me and brought a buyer! I am set to close on October 21. I would have posted sooner but I am still in shock and still amazed that this looks like it will actually close. This is definitely the work of St. Joseph. There are a lot if other houses for sale in my neighborhood and many are nicer and cheaper. My taxes are about twice the others as well. I am amazed that ours is under contract and the others are not!
      For everyone else asking St. Joseph for help, keep praying and believing! You have to believe he is working in the background and lining up a buyer. I had a few others express interest only to back out and it got me so frustrated. I had to fight so hard to continue to believe and remain calm. I am still trying so hard to remain calm and not worry like crazy that something will derail the closing. I have to continue to believe! Right after the closing I am going to run to the house and dig up St. Joseph and put him on the mantle at my new house!
      I pray to St. Joseph to help everyone else on this blog and give them the strength to believe and hang on, especially Yvette and also including me. Thank you so much!

      • I wrote a post below but should have responded here. This is wonderful, Vince. Don’t worry, St. Joseph will not back out on you. The closing date of October 21st will happen for you and your family. You wrote at a time where I needed to hear someone was praying for me to sell my place. Thank you! Sometimes it is difficult to believe that it will happen for me but knowing that it did for you gives me hope. Thanks again for your post. I am so happy for you and your family.

      • Yvette
        My house did close today and it is sold!! St. Joseph came through! I dug up his statue on Sunday and it is sitting on my mantle in my new house. There is no doubt this was the work of St. Joseph. There are so many reasons why this house should not have sold, I am still amazed it did! It took about 4 months but I knew the day I started asking St. Joseph for help, he started lining up a buyer….it just took a few months to have everything fall in place.
        For you and everyone else on here, please don’t loose faith. He is working behind the scenes and it just takes time to pull everything together. Remember there is someone on the other side who needs a home and is praying to find the right one…so there are two lives that need to be meshed together to complete this sale and it just takes time.
        It was so hard to wait and I almost lost faith a million times. I searched through all these posts looking for other people who were helped and did get their house sold and those successful posts kept me going I could not wait to able to post this so everyone else could have hope. He will come through – don’t loose faith!

        God Bless and I will keep praying for you and all the others on here.

      • Peace.
        That is a great place to put St. Joseph after receiving a grace…somewhere where you can see him and talk to him daily, entrusting all your needs to his guidance.
        Sr. Kathryn

      • Hi Vince, I am so happy to hear that the closing of the sale of your house has happened and that St. Joseph has come through for you and your family. Nothing has happened for me yet. I am still waiting… I haven’t lost faith yet but I would so much like that St. Joseph and the Universe listen to my prayers before the winter comes. Since my last post, I had a car accident and my car is totalled. I am trying to find a decent car until my place sells. It may not be as nice as the one I had but if it can bring me from Point A to Point B, that’s all I am asking for. I am just grateful I was not hurt neither was the other party. Sometimes I cannot help but think I am being tested in my faith (just like Job had been) but I keep contact with my angels on a regular basis so I don’t feel I am totally alone. Thank you for praying for me and the others who are still waiting to sell their home. God bless you.

    • Vince, this is just to let you know that I got an offer on my place and accepted it. My mom, my sister and I had just started the novena to Saint Joseph four days ago! I am so thankful to God, Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and her Son Jesus Christ for granting me this favor. Hope everything is going well for you and your family. God bless you.

  71. St. Joseph I am asking for your intercession in selling our home so we can find a home closer to my husband’s employment. The commute has been very difficult for him and he is always tired with no time to enjoy the many blessings we have been given. While it is very difficult for me to move away not just from this home but the area we live in because I will miss being so close to our children and grandchildren, our church family I am finally ready to move for my husband. Our Father has blessed us in this home for so many reasons but seeing His beauty in nature and the wildlife on a daily basis has been an incredible experience for me. I ask that Our Father extend our blessing to a buyer(s) who will grow in their faith as I have. We also ask for your intercession in finding a home in the area closer to my husband’s employment. We have had a hard time looking for a home because we compare every home we see to this one; not just because it’s a beautiful home but also because of the view we have. We ask for Our Father’s guidance and blessing in our search. May He help us to know like we did when we found this house. Thank you St. Joseph for interceding on our behalf. Amen

  72. St Joseph I love you you truly are a wonder worker I ask you to go to our mother mary and Jesus and ask them to go before God to ask him to send a buyer for my home and for tem to make a reasonable offer and we will take we really red to get something more suitable for our growing family in Jesus I trust and to you at Joseph I ask pray for me your faithful friend

  73. St Joseph, please help me in achieving the sale of my home. It has been on the market since June with no offers. I have placed your statue in my yard, and pray to you daily. My children have grown up in this home and we have loved its comfort and convenience to our daily activities but it is time to move on. We cannot afford it, and really need that buyer to appear that will love our house and want it to be their home. May they have the means to achieve a quick close and the vision to see its beauty and potential, and want to make it their own. May the new owner grow and prosper under its roof, and may we find a new home that suits our needs where we can have a fresh start. Please bless my animals as well, they are not here with us now as the house is on the market, please send our buyer so that we can once again be reunited as a family. As you wonderfully housed your family, please help us with our housing needs, I humbly beseech you, St Joseph. Blessings to all who read my post.

  74. Please bless Mary and Catherine and Anonymous and bring them all a buyer with a fair price!
    I am praying for all of you and know St. Joseph is working on this as I am sure he sees the faith you have when you took the tine to post here. God bless you all!

    • Vince, I am so happy that St. Joseph has come through for you and your family. I had faith that he would and kept praying for you. I am still waiting for my place to sell and, unfortunately, could no longer wait and had to move. It is still listed with a real estate agent and I keep praying St. Joseph and God to grant me the favor of bringing the right people to my previous home as it is getting very difficult for me to have the financial responsibility of two places all by myself – especially with the cold weather coming. I am holding on to my faith, though, and keep reminding myself of God’s people in the Bible who also had a difficult time before their prayers were “heard”. I pray for all the people who posted on this site and are also waiting for St. Joseph to help them sell their home. May God bless you by sending interested parties to buy your home.

      • Thank you Yvette
        I just said a prayer for you! There are still some things that need to get taken care of before my closing and I am trying very hard to get them done and not loose faith that if will close, but it does look good.
        I know your faith will be rewarded! I will check back soon, and especially once I actually do close and it’s sold for sure. God Bless you!

      • Dear St. Joseph, you have helped a lot of people with selling their home. I buried a statue like people have, prayed the novena, and recited many prayers. I finally could not wait any longer and moved in a city closer to my family as the snow shoveling was too difficult for me last winter while my husband was dying in the hospital. I am grateful for my new home and for having been able to pay all my expenses so far. Being retired, however, makes it worrisome for me financially to maintain two houses this winter. I understand there must be a reason why my beautiful home has not sold yet but I am asking you again, dear St. Joseph, if you would please guide a person or couple who would make a reasonable offer to buy my place and then be happy living in it – if this is God’s will, of course. Thank you, Saint Joseph.

  75. Thanks so much Vince! I wish you, Yvette, and everyone else that has posted here all the best. My house still hasn’t sold but it’s getting a lot of showings, and I know St Joseph is working hard on my behalf. Blessings to all!!!

  76. Please St. joseph my step father passed and left us the responsibiity of his house and we have no money to pay the bills . we have two small children and are strugging we feel such a heavy burden. please help us.


  77. Dear st joseph,thank you for blessing our family. Our new home is under construction n will b ready in 2-3 years time. The apt were overpriced n we h paid a deposit. Meanwhile the price of our current apt seem to be plunging everyday. I wor
    ry the proceed of the current home may not b enough to cover my new home when its ready n i will need to take up a huge mortgage. I would b older then. Please pray for increase in value of my homeso i can pay up the entire mortage without having to take a loan. Pray for us st joseph!

  78. Blessed St. Joseph, please assist to sell my house quickly with a favorable offer. I ask most humbly, and with a heart full of respect, love and gratitude. I need to make this happen fast. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Sue

  79. Please pray that my husband and I sell our house we need to sell and move to a different location I too buried a St Joseph and I pray everyday and I believe he will send a good buyer soon

  80. This is a my again ….Please say a prayer for my husband and I too sell our house quickly I have had some bad things happen in that house I keep haven flashbacks and I can not live there I have fears in that house it’s a nice house but like I said I have flashbacks of things and I just can not live there It’s ruining my health because of my fear I have been staying with my parents but I want this house to sell so I can go do a different home in a different location so everyone please pray for our house to sell quickly I buried a St Joseph to help me and I pray day and night for him to help us…and sell this house quickly

  81. St Joseph i need your help as a single parent im not coping and i need to sell my flat urgentry as i am not coping as well as my sister as her is in the process of being repossesed. Thank you St Joseph.

  82. Dear Saint Joseph, here I am again. We are now in March and my place has not yet sold. It has been 10 months since I put it on the market. I know the Lord doesn’t send us more that we can handle but it’s getting really tough these days (lots of crying). Property taxes are here – for both places – and bills are piling up. I know God understands my predicaments as he has suffered a lot more than I have. There must be more lessons to be learn for me but I have faith that, eventually, he will hear my prayers along with Yours, the Virgin Mary, and his Son that are being sent on my behalf. Praise to you, dear God, in advance for sending a good couple to buy my mini-home. Thank you!

  83. My mom, my sister and I started the novena four days ago. THANK YOU, SAINT JOSEPH for hearing our prayers, along with the Virgin Mary and your Son Jesus Christ. I got an offer yesterday afternoon and after a few counteroffers accepted their final offer this morning. I am SO grateful that Saint Joseph for granting me this favor. We just have to be patient and keep the faith until it happens. I am now praying for all those who are still waiting for their house to be sold. May Saint Joseph hear your prayers soon. God bless you all. Thank you again, Saint Joseph!

  84. Thank you St. Joseph, thank you Dear God , thank you Jesus, for sending buyers for ms. Jerrie. It is truly a blessing for both buyers and seller. It was a prayer answered for both parties. Please I pray that the appraiser lets the home and land appraise and that the contract goes through. It is agreed upon and both parties ate happy and we pray that the appraisal supports the contract so both parties can be happy in their homes. Please I pray for help that the home and land appraise, please intercede and help it appraise. Help guide me to help everyone. Thank you. Amen.

  85. Dear st.Joseph,
    Please sell my house quickly. My husband has been working in another city for 2 yrs. We don’t see him but for once a month and his children and I miss him dearly. We are looking forward to moving to be together again but cannot move until this house is sold. I pray to you for special care in selling our house quickly and guiding us in also finding a house in this new unfamiliar city we go to. Tomorrow is your feast day and will praise and celebrate you, as you deserve to be celebrated. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

  86. St. Joseph, today, on your feast day, I come to you, the earthly father of our Savior. As such, you have adopted all of us as your children. I come to you in faith that you will intercede for me as my family has been trying to sell our house for 8 months now. God has provided well for us, finding my husband a wonderful job in another state. Thank You, Lord. But, now we have 2 homes, which we cannot afford. Double mortgage payments, double taxes, vacancy homeowner’s insurance. It’s all very scary. But, I know God has the perfect family picked out to buy our home. I ask you, St. Joseph, to watch over that family, bless them, and bring them before God’s loving grace and mercy. Whoever that family is, I pray you stir in their hearts a desire to find our home today, give us a fair offer, and buy the home so that they may begin many blessed days there. I ask you to pray for the house we are selling, that it be a place of peace for the family that will buy it. I ask you to to pray over this entire circumstance, interceding for us to the Father, that the home we live in now and the one we are selling will be a peaceful haven for us and whomever buys our house, to give God and Christ glory. I ask these things through you, St. Joseph, through and with the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

    • What a beautiful prayer to Saint Joseph, Susan. I said it with you on both our behalf. I also have double payments to make after having my other place for sale for the last 10 months. My 91-year-old mother, my sister and I started the novena to Saint Joseph on March 10th and, on the third day, I got an offer. We are still praying and being hopeful the prospective buyers will agree to go through with the proceedings on March 25th. Saint Joseph, our beloved Virgin Mary and their Son Jesus Christ will not let us down. We just have to keep the faith and things will happen in its own time. Best of luck, Susan. May God bless you and your family.

  87. Please pray that I can sell my property in Laguna Beach. Please help me St Joseph find a buyer.Also, please keep me cancer free and my family healthy.

  88. Dear St. Joseph,
    Today I pray that you help us sell our home. While it’s a lovely home and we’re thankful to have it, we would like to sell it as soon as possible so that we can move forward with our lives. Please bring a family or couple who will care for our home as we have cared for it and will enjoy their time here. Please guide them here and guide us as we pray for them to find us. Please have our buyer offer a fair price. Please guide and pray us as we begin moving towards our new home. Thank you for your help and prayers. Amen.

  89. St Joseph,
    I pray to you please have my house sell, it’s been almost a year now. I want my son to have a better life. I pray to you St. Joseph.

  90. May Saint Joseph and Mary with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit hear your prayer, Karen. My house has just sold after almost a year myself when I started praying all of Them. May They hear your prayer and grant your request. Prayers do work. We have to believe it will happen. I just said a prayer on your behalf. Good luck.

  91. Dear st.Joseph, thank you for answering my prayers. My house is sold and our family will be reunited once again. Thank you.

  92. Dear St. Joseph, please sell our log home so my husband and I along with our son can move to a smaller home. We can not retire until we sell our home because it still has a large mortgage. For the last 8 years we have tried selling it and only have had 2 house showings. We know that it will take a very special person(s) to buy our home as it is large and not on the lake where homes like ours sell better. So we are relying heavily on your intersession to bring that special buyer to buy our home. Thank you St. Joseph. We love you very much.

  93. Dear St Joseph,
    I am inspired by the faith seen here in this blog! I have just listed our home for sale and pray for a quick and profitable sale so we can move into a place more suited to us!
    We started a novena to you, St Joseph, yesterday, on your great Feast Day! I am a fellow carpenter and have a great devotion to your intersession and assistance in my family’s needs! On top of all this, I was born in St Joseph Hospital and know that that was just the beginning of our wonderful friendship!
    Thank you St Joseph for your help! JMJ

  94. Dear St. Joseph,

    Please help me to sell my home. My husband has taken a job in North Carolina and we (the kids and I) desperately need to see our home so we can join him. Please send to us a buyer that is willing to make an offer that will allow us to move quickly. Our home is not in an ideal location and have had trouble selling it before. Please intercede on our behalf to show another family what a great house it is despite the location. When we made the decision for my husband to take the job I handed it over to God. I humbly pray that you will help get us a quick and profitable sale so my family can be reunited.

  95. please saint joseph please help my father and uncle sell their property which is overseas.stop them from quarralling,help them all to love each other ,help get us out of debt and obtain for us all the sacramental life.

  96. Dear St Joseph, It has been 10 years since we’ve started praying for you to help us sell our house in San Juan. THe good Lord might have a different plan for the house. But if you kindly intercede for us to sell the house and help us to pay off the loan of our new place. Thank you!

  97. Sister, this is an absolutely beautiful blog. Thank you for creating it. I was looking for the right saint to intercede for me and my husband. My husband is an architect with his own business ( a protestant who is supportive of me being Catholic), the business isn’t going great and husband is battling depression, and we have our own house issue ( been stuck in a house for about 15 years that has been a thorn in our side and we would love to move but never have the money for it). I believe that St. Joseph is the perfect saint to whom I should entrust all of these issue. If you had not created this blog, I would have never figured this out. Thank you and God Bless you!!

  98. My life is filled to overflowing with blessings and exciting transitions and for this and my life I praise you God Almighty. And for St Joseph who loved Jesus as a true loving father loves his precious son. I pray that our beautiful home might sell quickly to a family that will give it new love and life. intercede on my behalf holy father.

  99. St. Joseph,

    I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & pray that the appraisal we are having on our home this afternoon comes in at the highest amount possible to allow us to sell our home at full asking price. I know that the comps in our neighborhood are not strong and makes it difficult for our home to appraise well. Please allow the appraiser to see the value in our home and bless us with a smooth process & make the full $275,000 possible. From closing on our current residence and blessing a new family with a beautiful place to call home, all of the way through closing on our new home in November.

    In Jesus name I ask this of you St. Joseph. Amen

  100. Dear blessed St Joseph,
    I have buried you upside down in my front yard.
    I beg you to help me sell my condo for$365 so I will have enough money to move and not have to worry about a mortgage.
    I need to move near my mom, who needs my help.
    I beg you though the intercession of your foster son and wife .

  101. St. Joseph,
    Please help us sell our house quickly for a good price. We have already purchased our new home and cannot bear the total debt on two properties for much longer. We need your help in finding the right family see the value and beauty this house has to offer. We pray for your assistance to obtain a decent offer and sale as soon as possible.
    Bless you!

    • Hello,

      Just want everyone to know that we are reading your prayer intentions and remembering you in prayer. I know how important your house or selling your house is to you, but even more important I know that St. Joseph understands your concerns and your need. You can trust him. I will remember you in my nightly prayer to St. Joseph and know that Sr. Sharon prays daily to him for all your needs.

      Sr. Kathryn James, fsp

  102. St. Joseph, please help us sell our former home. we purchased a new home and love it. we were renting our our former home and our renters have moved on. we would like to sell it now, so we could be free to enjoy our new home without the worry of tenents and debt.

  103. Dear Prayer Warriors, We need to sell a unit we have only we still wont have enough money to build unless we sell it for big dollars, What does St Joseph think about that.Can you help St Joseph ? Please ! help us to agree me and husband and to buy or build a house for the children in a Holy area too would be good in the right place in Jesus Christ name with the Blessed Virgins Mary help. Pray for my husbands uncle who died today and for the tender feelings now of my husband.Keep him safe and strong through this.its a sad time.St Joseph I consecrate my children to you once and for All. and my husband too ad me too. Praying for peace for my husband and my brothers too there seems to be some spiritual warfare going on there.and i need prayers to help deliver the stubborness in the family. please.I pray for my husbands conversion too. Praying for our financial situation to improve too. and for the childrens education to be also taken care of sweet st joseph. Love Adriana

  104. Dear St. Joseph,

    Please intercede for us in the sale of our modular home. We have lived happily in it for over 12 years, but with the unpredictable weather in this area we are hoping to move to a home that will help us feel safer. God has blessed us with four beautiful children and they need a little more space than what we currently have. I thank the Lord for my wonderful husband and family and ask that he hear our prayers for a home buyer and a new affordable home for us. Thank you Saint Joseph and Our Lady of Guadalupe for your intercessions.

  105. St.Joseph,
    Husband of Mary and beloved father of Jesus, please help us in selling our home. We bought a new home which we love so much and we will be moving in June, but we need to sell our present house or the financial side of things will be difficult to bare. Please intercede in bringing us quickly the right buyers that will be happy living in this home and so that we can move on to our next life chapter in our new home. I have been praying to you for a while, I believe in you, I know you hear our prayers, I know you will guide us through it all for a positive outcome. Amen

  106. Dearest St, Joseph thank you very much for bring me a buyer. please assist us with a smooth transaction and completion of the sale. And please lead me to an appropriate expression of my deep gratitude for your strong and continuing assistance and support in all areas of life. thank you

  107. I am very much a believer in all things God, Our Father Almighty, but I need to get this off my chest….I buried a statue of St. Joseph to help aid in selling my house. A few days later I awoke to a dirt covered statue of St. Joseph (the one I buried) on my deck rail. NO ONE KNEW I BURIED THE STATUE, NEVER MIND WHERE! Is this a bad sign or a good sign? It really freaked me out. He was also facing toward me. I keep trying to think of it as divine in some way, but it still scares me. Any answers from anyone would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  108. Dear St. Joseph please let our appraisal go through with out any trouble for I have faith in you. And also please help lead us to a new home where we may have a healthy and happy life as a family. In your will Amen.

  109. Dear St. Joseph –

    I am not Catholic and probably not a very good Christian, but I believe deeply in God and am so grateful for His loving presence in my life. Thank you for the beautiful home my husband and I have shared these past 15 years, where we gave raised our family and known many friends. It is time for us to leave it now, close this chapter of our lives and be in a different place.

    St. Joseph, there is such desperation in these prayers to you. I ask you to relieve the suffering of these many people who are reaching out to you to give them peace. A house should be a refuge, not a burden, but they are so hard to sell. We feel desperation too. When we bought this home, we made a very good living and it was a joy to be here. Times have been hard for us the past few years and this is no longer a place we can afford. We have tried many times to sell unsuccessfully and have used much of our savings to make this home desirable to a new family. I humbly ask for your intercession for us and for all the others in much worse circumstances to please bring buyers and release us all from the burdens of a home that is no longer meant for us.

    In celebration of you and with gratitude to God,


  110. st joseph, please help my sister christina to sell off her house in short period….i believe in you r father of jesus…my sister divorcee need survive only by selling the the name of jesus

  111. Dear Saint Joseph please let this home finally be sold. We need the other buyers to sell their home so we can be free to move on to my husbands new job.

  112. Sr. Kathryn James, Sr. Sharon and Sr. Elizabeth. thank you for hearing these various prayers from so many individuals. We too are selling our home and I ask for your prayers to help us find a buyer. I pray the Lord blesses the three of you and always watches over you. Thank You again for your prayers.

  113. St. Joseph
    I ask that you help me find buyers for the wonderful home of my friends. They have had a tragic terminal illness befall one of them and need to reduce their expenses and mortgage during this difficult time. Please assist me to find buyers and have a smooth sale so my dear friends can move into a less expensive home where they can focus on the battle for his health and enjoy their time together without the burden of finance worries.
    Thank you!

  114. Father Joseph , my mom is already 84 going to 85 and there’s this inheritance but the check was written to my grandmother , she passed away since 1987so we asked the hospital they said the record is gone for its nearly 30 years we could cash the cheque, The cheque is with my uncle who is a lawyer , he would not give it to us unless we show him the death certificate of my grandmother please help my uncle to remit the money to my mother for this money will finance a new home for our home right now taxi wont take us( taxi rather take tourist not the locals or going to the hospital) or the ambulance would take 3 to 4 hours to be in our place, I am dyslexia cannot drive, Please Father Joseph its only my mother and I that taking care of each other and mother is hard to walk ,,,,,,,,,,,,now my left foot is in pain but I need to walk for my mom , get her medicine and food , please help care for my mom , Amen

  115. Dear St. Joseph. I make you my agent today as to find the right buyer for my home in Pretoria, South Africa.The current tenant does not pay rent or their municipality bills and I am losing money that could have been used for a good cause. I pray unto you to help and assist to bring a buyer before the end of this month knowing that my time is not your time, it is just a humble request. Since 2014 I struggle to find a perfect buyer for a perfect home. My wife is so stressed and this whole situation is making me sick, so grant me your blessing on this home. In Jesus name. Amen

  116. Dear St Joseph, I share a driveway/easement with some fairly new neighbors, they sued me over some rocks and stakes that we placed to line the driveway to protect our property, The judge ordered the stakes and rocks removed and we have removed them per his order apparently they were within the original 2 owners of the property agreed easement of 30 ft. Now they are suing me for lawyers fees of $4,360.00 ! I have to go back to court in November please let the judge rule in my favor and dismiss the fees and costs, it has been going on since May and I cannot tolerate it much longer, although I know your beloved son Jesus never sends us more than we can handle. I cannot pay this fee I am on SSI and cannot afford a lawyer. Thank you for my health and all the blessings you have bestowed on us !

  117. Dear St Joseph
    I ask for your assistance to help me sell the home of a beautiful young family who have to sell their home before the new year due to financial constraints. They have 3 beautiful daughters to take care of and are trying their best to sell their lovely home that is priced very well. Please bring a new family that will enjoy this home as much as this young family does. Thank you for your blessings and all your help!

  118. I am grateful for everything good in my life. Please intervene and help us to sell this cooperative apartment which is a true burden. We ask for a quick, easy sale. Thank you

  119. St Joseph. I pray to you in help finding a family to buy my home.
    I have lost my way. I’m hoping that my prayers will be answered for my struggles as well as selling my home.
    My husband passed 3 months ago. I am renting a home with my four pets. I am in a new town alone. I need to sell the home so I can move back to Phoenix. My friends I consider family are my only support system as I have no family helping me through this rough time. I also suffer from chronic illness , fibromyalgia and cfs.
    Selling this home will allow me to move and start a new chapter.
    I’m praying for someone to be as happy in the home Thai was once happy in.
    For a my asking price as I am pricing to sell.
    Thank you St Joseph. I will pray the novena and bury your statue this week.

  120. St. Joseph,
    I humbly ask for your intercession in helping with the sale of my home for my upcoming move. I will be relocating to a new work post where I can continue being a public servant of over 11 years serving and protecting our citizens from those that wish to do us harm. I place all my faith in you and pray every day that you will bring a deserving buyer with a fair offer which will enable me to continue the work I was made for in a new place with new beginnings. I am grateful for my health, the health of my family, my career, and all the other blessings of which I have been afforded. Amen!

  121. St. Joseph pray that we find a place to live before the closing on our house. We are down sizing but finding a place is proving to be more difficult than we thought. Pray for the guidance that I will know where to look. My husband & I are older & this isn’t as easy to do as when we were much younger & had energy & good knees! Please pray for me to see Gods will.

  122. Dear St Joseph, I humbly pray for your intercession in the selling of my home. Time is of importance, for the reasons I am sure you have heard me pray. It is time for my life to take a turn for the positive and peaceful. I place my faith in you and will say a prayer each day for guidance for the best buyer possible so that they may be able to enjoy my home for many years to come. And in turn allow me to be a participant of change and joy in my life, in a home in which you will have a place of honor.

  123. St Joseph please sell the house in Westport and give comfort and peace to the family selling it. Quickly guide the correct people towards this home and guide their decision making and financing so all will go quickly and smoothly in selling this home for William & Co. In Jesus Christ name we pray. Amen

  124. St.Joseph I am praying to you to please sale our house for us. Please St.Joseph find that right person to buy our house. Please let someone one buy it soon.

  125. In the spirit of St Joseph, who is known to aid in the buying and selling of homes, I affirm that where faith and belief exist, the energy of the Divine Spirit is active. I have been patient in waiting for the buyer for my parents’ beautiful home to find it. My sisters and I need to let this last remnant of our parents’ earthly life go, so that a new owner may enjoy this house as we all truly have. I know the range of offers I would be willing to accept. I am ready for the new owner to find us and to complete my work as the executor of their estate. Blessed Be. It is so. Amen.

  126. Dear St. Joseph,
    Thank you for all your guidance to us as always….We are still waiting for the right buyer to come for our home… We are keeping our faith and our thoughts positive that a miracle will happen soon… We are closing on our new house on August 15 and everything is dependent upon on selling our home now… We firmly believe that you have been with us throughout this process.. We are trying to be strong and positive.. Please help us with your intercession St. Joseph… Thank you

    • My family just received a miracle yesterday! We only have 5 days before closing the new house we bought (August 15) and our current house is still not sold… So we needed money to complete the down payment and we have no other sources cause the down payment would have been from the proceeds of the sale…. But God send us the right person who lent us the money – no questions asked and no interest! Wow! God is indeed good all the time! We are very happy that almost everything are in place so we can close our new home on August 15. 🙂 We still have to sell our current house but we are keeping our faith and our thoughts positive that another miracle will happen and the right buyer will come very soon… 🙂

      So I want to tell everyone out there who are in need – keep your faith – God is with us all the time 🙂 “Put everything in God’s hands and you will see God’s hands in everything “

      • Wow, congratulations, what a story. I am trying to sell my home and I am in desperate need of selling it right right away. I’m hoping that GOD will answer my prayer, and I am keeping the FAITH! I know that at GOD’s timing my house will sell. Wishing you lots of luck in your new home! GOD is good.

      • Brigida, believe! God does work in answering our prayers, and so does St-Joseph, ask him and have faith in him in finding the right buyer, he will direct the right family in need of your home, towards you!

      • I’ve been praying so much, that my prayers are on overload. I am hoping that my sells asap because I am in desperate need of selling it. Thank you for such kind words. Good luck on your new home! How exciting……

      • Thank you Lord,
        Finally we have closed our new home yesterday. Our current home is still for sale but we were able to complete our downpayment through the good hearts of the people surrounding us. We know you have been answering our prayers by sending these people. We did our best and YOU certainly did the rest! 🙂

        Thank you so much again.. Now we will focus again in selling our current townhome. But just like what we have been doing – we are keeping our faith and our thoughts positive that the right buyer will come very soon. 🙂

      • Yet another miracle happened – our townhome is now SOLD! Thank you Lord, thank you St. Joseph and thanks everyone for all your prayers! We were ready to pull out our house in the market last week and wait for a month before listing it again. But before our agent was able to prepare the termination documents, an offer came through! We accepted it conditionally until the sellers are able to get their mortgage pre approval. And today, they provided us their mortgage pre approval!

        We did our best and God did the rest! Everyone, keep the faith and all your thoughts positive! God is listening to all our prayers and responds to us in HIS own time and way! To God be the glory! 🙂

  127. Thanks Brigida… God is listening to all our prayers and He knows what is best for us. We were so desperate too and we had so many questions unanswered… But then, we realized – we don’t have to ask questions – all we need to do is to ask for guidance in everything we do and He will never fail us 🙂 Good luck to you too in selling your house. 🙂 Everything will turn out just fine. 🙂

  128. Saint Joseph, I am so anxious and worried about selling our home. I pray your novena and I beg your intercession with the Most Holy. Please let our home sell before the end of September, when we close on our new home. Please send us the right family, who will love our home as we did and please let the sale go smoothly. Please let there be no problems with the financing for our new home. I promise to honor you with a special place in our new home and to spread the news of your help. Amen.

  129. thanks to St Joseph for making a rapid sale of my house after it was on the market for over 3 months, and then I burried a statue of St Joseph and I had a buyer within 4 days! I am most grateful and offer my thanks and wishes for all those in similar situations to have their prayers answered.

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