Prayer Requests

josephcatIf you are in need of any assistance in your life,
if you need a strong and firm hand to guide you in your affairs,
if you seek the wisdom of a holy man in the midst of sins and mistakes,
if you are selling or buying a house,
if you have a loved one approaching death or are terminally ill yourself,

turn to St. Joseph with trust!

I will entrust to him your needs in my daily prayer…

Sr. Kathryn


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  1. We are trying to sell a house in Michigan (state motto: “Last one out, please turn off the lights) as well as an RV-trailer that can be used as a house (and was). My husband also needs a job. We have been praying to St. Joseph, but perhaps not as consistently as we should.

    • Please help me convert to faith, to do a good confession and treat me from ill. Give faith, health to all my familly.

      • Thu 7 March 2013

        private & confidentiial

        Please can somebody kindly furnish Sr Kathryn’s E Mail Id.I would like to contact her urgently regarding a prayer request.
        Thanks God Bless

        Ms. M.Fatima

    • I feel your pain and I would like to lend my thoughts into it. Have fate! Sit in a corner of your home and concentrate in the middle of your forehead with all the desires you need to accomplished. Ask and it shall be given unto you ….. Remember you limitation goes as far as you wants it to go….

      • Please pray for me that I may get a husband who is so lovable, faithful and gentle our dear soon as possible…Please pray that I may have a blessed married life..

      • I’m jessica by name,Am from the United State of America am here to testify in the good name of this great man called Dr Adams for the great thing and happiness he brought back to my life after my lover left me for 2years..steve never loved me all he wanted from me was just sex and nothing more,He was just taking advantage of me and when he got tired of me he broke up with me i really loved steve more than my self because at first he made me feel love and how important i was in his life not knowing all he just wanted from me was just sex,When steve broke up with me i was just in a deep pain i cried for months and got tired of this life But i got encourage from friends and giving me hope that everything would be okay i stopped going to work just wanted to be alone i cried out my life but nothing happened,i tried all my possible best to get back steve but it never worked out fine,Then after then i just decided to go visit a friend at her place I met my friend listen to the radio because she was also having similar problem with me then i asked her why is she so focused on the radio she said she is waiting for a program called (How i got my ex back)Then i told her to tell me more about the program which she did and i also had interest in the program shortly as we were discussing the program came up,Then jeniffer and i focused on the program There was 3 ladies who they said they should give testimonies on how they got back there lover the first lady said she got her lover through the help of this great man call Dr Adams,When we had that name we where so happy and the other 2 ladies said same thing it was so interesting instantly before the program came to an end i and jennifer contacted Dr Adams and shared our problem with him he just told us that we need to be calm that it’s one after the other that one lady just contacted him for help that he has to finish with the lady first before he attends to me because it was me jennifer that called him first So Dr Adams told me not to worry that he assures me that my lover would be back to my arms within 24hours,I was so happy to hear that really my lover steve came back to my arms and showed me love and made me had access to everything he owns in this life am so grateful and same with jennifer she is back with her lover with the help of Dr Adams,Please Dr Adams is a man to trust and believe on you can contact him on dradamsjohnsoncentre12@gmail .com or cell number +2348176363653

    • On the feast of St. Joseph please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to find the house that is right for us. We so want to leave our difficult apartment living situation and buy our own home before our daughter turns one in June! Please also pray for healing and strengthening in our marriage…that both my husband and I can become the best spouse for each other and live out our vocation with kindness and patience and Christian love at all times.

      • God guide .,,, you all…
        Dear Saint Joseph thank you in jesus name and holy family..please help us with the healing of y.s. r. and h.h and his whole family..please help us to guide our child..may J.. be obedience… adn have good apetite.. and destroy any evil influences physical and spiriitual…please help to be sronght and do no allow evil in our lives please st joseph help us sell the unit there in..that place to get out from there wtih a awwesome job for dear sposue and the home ..and all this for the goood peace of the family..please not allow us to serve no other believe and their atmosphere no no no let us be in htat circle of evil..please help us..i beg you..thnak you..miracles are possible with jesus help us dear joseph…….and keep all the families from the evil one…….please send me a message thi …before the trip i beg you……..

      • St JosePh, I come to you for a blessing. For. A BIG. Money. Blessing. To buy. People. And family’s. And Loved. Ones. A houses. So I can pay cash. For them and have money. Left. Over need it now . Thank. You for your. Prayer. And thank you by:Roberta

    • Please pray for a miracle for the restoration of my marriage, the cancellation of the pending divorce decree. I also request you to pray for the conversion of my husband Marc-Andre and the repentance of the adulterous woman, Renee, who stole my husband away from me. Also for my in-laws who are pushing this divorce.

      Thank you for your prayers, God bless you

    • E.
      We ttooo saiant Joseph helpus to sell our unit you know the situation..please help my spouse M… find a job in the maniland…with a goood people and good weatehr….school ect…please st Jseph llok at my son please keep him stronght…obedience….please protect my family from this stuff soemone have thorung chemical… substances..powder..gaes..god know what is that but make people sick…. is like suddenly fluu…sneeses… please st joseph you know where is this coming who is it…the name… pleae show to… who is behind…conection ecct…please you can be our cia….fbi… our ncis,,,, pleae you are the best detective…. father friend after the hly triity…pleae st joseph help us… mother mary… angels siants ogf god…
      please ope that door to mvoe out soon…together… please eveyone say is not possible…but all thongs are posible for god..pleae st joseph remove this garbage from my people purifies keep our atmosphere clean… they are not god…pleae stop them…do no allow them to harm my way…. put this to flee..let them no coem here eihter hear or listen see us no … no enter here… no day no night…pleae st joseph…. pleae help us…
      give a answr in d…. pleae i be g you…..
      E…from …usa….. i

      • st joseph protect m. my spouse and my child j…please keep them from this chemical evil subsatance…please rstore them totallly…let j…get his normal wright shine….keep him from evil eye…from this peopel that are behing this…to reveal this in peacea dnend this…st joseph to sell our unit to go together in peaca from here…. this is getting make senses… tehir intetnitons actions…we do not know this peoplle…. we do not know them…pleae help us..please help my sposue pleae let him not get sick dominate b y this owmand family not dominate by this man… let them no have no power oer my family…pleae end this…pleae lord detroy theri arms and weapons let no tehri tongue fulllfilll what they pray agsint us no no no……. help me siant o to go…with my son and sposue help us…….. let no us not get sick…i this is temrite …silecnea dn hiden….lord help us……..

      • gabriela be heal no more diabetis aor evil… be blesss and your family…….the lord restore you…make jesu smile to you and your family….st jospeht intercede for you and oyur family….. help e… sell their unit to move out to the mainland…
        st jospeh be a detective to.d.m….. soo bring him and to fatehr l.s. teh prooof of what is going on whos is atacl king his family in ejsus name st jospeh terror of demons help us…….

      • for my child protection nad famiy all… for my pouse will strenght pleae keep us fromt hsi people,,,,,and their pracitce..please st jospeh protect my spouse from thier evil plans…thaey waaaaant you to make wrong so they can be rightmmmpleae keep stronght and ask saitn joseph to prottect you in ejsus name… he always help us..please keep our child and our marriage and family pure…. protect frm all evil….miralces to go together……..

      • please st joseph bless my son meeting in school with his teacehr..and this othr student let him be stronght and have a good comunication wisdom in his tongue no fear to no one..respect all but fear no one…pleae t joseph help him and all..pleae st john bosco hel p my son nad my people…
        pleae help us to sell this unti…ine jsus name…help us to fidn a pace state to go in pacea alllellluya the batle and all is your lod….lord jesus thank you…
        bl pleae celean my face…. e heal my hair let no poition ….no evil send to harm damget our family….our health our life no no no no…
        pleae bless all my people in p…in us an d all……

    • blessing joseph..please interce for u sall…bless our children..our families ..conection ect… please keep matrimonies pure and holy wisdom and joy for children…. …saiant joseh help us to sell our unit… please open dooor so we can go together…. pleae ned thsi puzzle end here… please do not let no one har no way… remove this woman and this other ones and htis man and the other one from difetnetn race that have been ….please i be you portect my family…. rstore us…thank you…..

      • for gabriela neeed… lord in jesus name help her and family saitn joseph bring financial help plese open door for her…please cancel all ruins matter agasitn them…jesus pleae bless ehr and family all…
        plese open dooro for a job for m. in mainland soon to be able to sell the unit in h……. please st joseph i beg your intercetion for her and for all family need please bless j..mouth tongue..pleae…organization order for the unit……
        october rosary month ….. please st joseph for my child peace… please keep my matrimony from impuriity and evil……..

      • lord jessu in you r name…. please heal rpotect..keep my child from evil forces… noe vil eyes…keep him in your joy dear jesu saint joseph a thank you in jesus name… help me please to protect my son and my sposue … do not let this ???? agenda to harm mine npo way…..lord jesus help R to fidn the best apartemtn for her son…. help my family to slell this unit..and to mvoe on…. and all needs meeet…our economy fiancess…alllellluya please if our enemies have eyes no see us no more… ear no hear us no more… mouth no talk to us no more…feet not follow us no mre none none…… jessu remember my people in there….. thank you miss Kathy…. the lord keep you ………


      • Will Pray for you that you do not seek or want vengeance or revenge on your enemies, and will pray for peace for you for the Glory of God. Joanne

    • My husband is recovering from the first part of surgery following a stroke, and our landlady wants us to either buy the flat we live in, which is in much need of repair, or move out. I don’t know what to do for the best for everyone. Please pray that we do God’s will, the best for all concerned, that I find the courage to keep walking in trust and love, and stop blaming others for this situation. Your will, Lord, not mine, be done. Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner. amen.

  2. You are in my prayers. I often tell Joseph, “You know what it is like to provide for a family, so please, help me now, because I need to make a living also!” If in the end you can’t find a priest around you to speak with I could connect you possibly with a priest to speak with by phone to get you started. Let me know. Blessings, Sr. Kathryn

    • Thank you please Sr Kathryn. erase my email from the page..thank youl..
      Sr Kathryn than you a lot a bunchs to pray with us..please take care and let us be strongh..may the lord continue to bless our ways…..pick the right day to move…bless the mover company…pleae bless the palce we are going…pleaae peace and respect…
      bless my son st joseph..bless my spouse st joseph… thank you,,, blels the realtor..the speopel involvd..all…
      bless our nation and our land… bless p and bless Usa…land air sea,,

      st joseph terror of demons.. terrmo all evil in me…i am sinner in..actions words and toughts…heart all… i am not worthys o f ehjesus love but heis blood availlable for all….
      dear st joseph tell jesus to totally ….set my people and me and b. and siters brothers all free…whole sound.. happy … bless usa… unite in the nations…please …pleae pleae… pleae st joseph be aexorcsit here….

    • dear sister we are facing lots of problems financially. my husband is unable to get orders in his job and so there is no money for anything. kindly pray for our familys financial situation.also for my husbands improvement in work. we need gods blessing to fullfill our childrens whisduring christmas. kindly pray for this situation . from christopher,rosemary,jerrythomas and jessy tresa

  3. Please pray for my mother. She is being treated for metastasized brain cancer. This is her 6th bout with some form of cancer since 1987. Mom is also trying to be brave for me because i am falling apart after losing my job. I am so depressed and fear that at my age no one will ever hire me and that my prior work experience will not be relevant. Although married, I have been the primary financial providor. I apologize to our Lord for not being thankful for the things I do have and for want the Lord to resond now. I’ve said numerous novenas and have stopped praying as I have not felt any relief or hope. Please pray for me.

    • Dear Kathy,

      Tonight when I pray night prayer before retiring I will remember your mother and pray for peace for her and for you. It is so hard to watch other’s suffer. Tell Joseph what it is like for you and tell him that he must help you both with strength, courage, and comfort.

    • Hello Kathy, did how are circumstances now, since you posted this request a year and a half ago?
      I am a Knight of Columbus, and would gladly help you with framinf an application for new work, if you are still looking.
      My e-mail address is
      A Catholic needs to act on behalf of a brother or sister when he sees their need, and whatever I might do, I would gladly help with.

    • Your mom will be ok. Just beleive. Our greatest test in life is when we are tested wiht out love ones. You have to be strong and place your fate….remember it is alway….. his will not mine

  4. I pray that St. Joseph will get me a new car or a newer model. My 2003 has had it with repairs becoming more numerous and expensive. I have been offered an older car with less mileage but that is not enough since I need to keep this one for years to come.



    • I guess St. Joseph probably would have appreciated a car when he was fleeing Herod! This afternoon when I pray before Jesus in the Eucharist I will say a special powerful novena prayer for your intention, PJ. I’ll pray also that he gives you calm, hope, and courage.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Hello Sr. Kathryn
        I am a young women living in Canada trying to build my life and I am at the moment living with Sisters. I am in the process of looking for a rent apartment in the area where I live and it is not easy to find. I just got a job after looking for 10 months and now I am in the process in looking for an apartment. I like to ask you for your prayers and the intercession of St. Joseph. I need a home for myself as I have never had my own space before and I am so ready. I was a Sister for 6 years, I left as the community was not a happy one and now I am on my own. So I like to ask you for your prayers where the Good Lord wants me to live and according to my budget. thank you for your time and God bless you! 🙂 Ludmilla,RECE

  5. Father, my partner will obey Your command. Please stop his bad intentions and hatred towards me and our children. Make him realize and repent for his wrongdoings and pains he had caused us. Lord, place a hedge of torns around him so that people with bad intentions and influence to destroy our family will leave him. Lord, place us in his heart and mind. Please show him his way home to us and make him a good father and husband. Please stop him from transferring our properties to other people.

    Lord , heal my diabetic and my amputated toe. Make Niccolo walk again. Lord, You only say the word and we shall be healed.

    Lord, I ask for Your mercy to dismissed the case filed against Mickey. Lord, I pray for those who filed this case to withdraw it. Lord, guide him and take him away from evil people with bad intentions and influences. Lord, remove his bad temper and make him a loving boy.
    Lord, I pray for Patrick to concentrate in his studies and help him pass his exams at UST. Make him a good person.

    Lord, I pray for Paola that she would love more her family.

    Lord, I beg of You to remove all the temper in us that have been blocking the love we had sometimes.I pray for peace and love in our family.
    Lord, I pray for guidance, may my children finish their studies and be successful to become Your children.

    Lord, help my brothers and sisters and guide them to a better life.

    Turn our pains, fears and anger into praise of your goodness.

    Lord, give me a peace of mind, understanding patience and happiness in my life.
    Grant this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Lord, forgive our sins and thank You for all the blessings You showered us. Amen

    • Dear Joy,

      I pray that St. Joseph will provide the fatherly presence both you and your children seem to need and bring conversion for your partner. I encourage you to pray the prayer presented on this website. And today, I am at a retreat house, I will pray it particularly for you and your intentions. God has blessed you with faith and a strong spirit. Bless you,

      Sr. Kathryn

  6. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please bless my brother Tuyen Do so that he can breath normally without the breathing machine. No infections, no fevers inside his body. Please bless doctors and nursed who take care of my brother so that they will successfully treat him well.

    I ask these in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    • Peace.

      I will join my prayers to yours to good St. Joseph for your brother that in all things you may find peace and be assured of the presence of God in this situation. I often wonder what St. Joseph would have done at the foot of the cross. He had died before Jesus’ public life. It would have been difficult for a father in that place, as it was painful for Mary. Tell St. Joseph that you are standing at the foot of your brother’s cross and need his help. I will pray with you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  7. Dear St. Joseph, please help me! Heal my body, my soul, my relationships. Please wrap me in your arms close to Baby Jesus and take care of me too. Please, dear St. Joseph, pray extensively for me and give me signs of your help. I am lost. Please grant me the way; do not delay. Thank you

    • Dear Giulia,

      I can hear the plea for the presence of St. Joseph in your prayer request, he would offer you compassion and kindness in all your needs. I will pray for you tonight in my hour of adoration.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • to sr kathryn I need you help with prayers.
        please ask god to bless my life thank you.
        Ilove you. sr kathryn
        from marcos diakanga Innocent

      • hi sister kateryn,
        Please pray to st joseph for me to find employment either a few short term higher up positions as there is a job i would love to get but i would need up to date references and be employed to get it. or for a number of up to date references or a full and part time min wage job to live.either way the will of God soon Praise God
        Please reply to me email so i know that someone is praying for me to get a job soon.

  8. Dear St. Joseph,

    Please pray for my family and my marriage to be healed. Pray for all outside influences on our lives to be banished. I pray that my husband has an awakening and realizes that he is hurting God and his family with his actions. Please pray for him to return to the head of our family and my husband by my side. Amen

    • Ann,

      May Joseph be the man of your family who brings about peace. He was such a sensitive man. Go to him with everything and he will understand and care for you. I will pray to him for you today.

      Sr. Kathryn

  9. PLease pray for me Cherubina, nassau county, Ny that Anthony pezzino New Jersey calls me at home or email to come back to me and marry me soon. PLease pray for me much. Thank you

    • Dear Cherubina,

      I pray with you that St. Joseph guide you in your relationships and protect you always in all you love. May he who loved Mary so much show his fatherly love also to you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  10. Please pray for a job for me. I got Saint Joseph for a patron saint this year (during a New Year’s retreat), and interestingly enough, it’s the first year since I was in High School that I haven’t had a job (my contract on my last job ended just before the Christmas break 2008). I’ve found some clarity in other things, but now things are getting pretty tight with money and I’m starting to worry. I came upon this site looking for miracle stories about St. Joseph and found this prayer blog. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    Palmdale, CA

    • Dear Roy,

      For sure Joseph will take you under his care. But I feel that you might want to think about how God redirected Joseph’s life. He probably thought he needed to put Mary aside quietly for his own benefit and for hers after he found out she was with child. God directed his life in a whole other direction. And look where he is now. Without this new direction to Joseph’s life, Jesus wouldn’t have had a foster-father and we would never have known Joseph. I pray that Joseph help you discover God’s will for you in this. Is it a setback or is it a crossroads. He will lead you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  11. My daughter was let go from her job because she was having problems with depression. She hasn’t had any luck finding a new one. Please pray for her that someone will give her another chance. It is really difficult since we are paying her bills.

    • Dear Mary,

      I will be praying for your daughter. I myself had a stroke when I was 21 and suffered severe mood swings and depression for 18 years after that before being correctly diagnosed. It must be difficult for her and difficult for you. Today I will turn to Joseph and ask for comfort and light about how best to help your daughter in this struggle. He struggled with his own sadness and depression when he was aware that Mary was going to have a baby. It probably seemed as if his whole world was coming apart. He understands. Let us pray for truly the best answer for her health, wholeness, and holiness.
      Sr. Kathryn

  12. I pray for my and my grandson that no one will hurt them and they will stay together as father and son. I pray that FRO will erase arrears based on a young man not knowing his rights. I pray for a peaceful settlement between him and his x partner.
    I pray for good heatlh and financial help. I pray for my close friend in Guelph that she iwll sell her home fast.
    I believe in St. Joseph and all the saints.

  13. Dear Maria,

    St. Joseph lived in many dire situations in his life. He knew the desperate feeling of love for his family in uncontrollable situations. So I believe St. Joseph perfectly understands your prayer and will pray with you to him, such a good father for us all.
    Sr. Kathryn

  14. Can you, please, fervently pray
    That Nebojsa DOES NOT GET INVOLVED INTO ANY NEW RELATIONSHIP, but THAT WE START AGAIN, continue OUR WAY TOGETHER and officially get married!
    God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL!
    I am sure when your prayers join mine will surely receive a miracle. I am praying with Faith and please help me in this.
    Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.

  15. Dear Sister,
    Please, please pray for us. I am scared. We need to find a buyer for our home very, very quickly. If we do not sell it soon, we will be foreclosed on. I do not know what we are going to do or where we are going to go. We desperately need a financial blessing. Thank you for praying for us.

    • Dear Donna,

      St. Joseph will find you a home. He had to leave his own home and flee o Egypt, but he nevertheless provided for Jesus and Mary. He will do he same for you. Tonight I will pray the novena for you. When you are afraid, ask God to send you an angel to comfort you and lead you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  16. We need to sell our home fast.. It has been on the market for over 6 months and I lost my job a few months ago. We are having a hard time paying our bills with only my husband working. We have asked St. Joseph to assist us on a prior sale of our home and he came through! I am asking for prayer that our home will sell soon and that I find suitable employment. I believe St. Joseph will intercede and send us the perfect buyer and that we will find the perfect place to live thereafter!
    Thank you and God bless

  17. Please pray for us. Due to loss of income we can not pay all of our debts and pay for groceries every month. We are so scared that we will lose our house. I can’t take the scareness and fear i live with every day. Thank you, Laura

    • Dear Laura,
      I am praying for you. Tell St. Joseph that you trust that in whatever happens he will protect and guide you into safety. I am sorry for not writing earlier. I fell and broke my arm which has slowed me down. I will pray the novena for you today.

      Sr. Kathryn

  18. Dear Sister,
    Please pray for us. My husband and I are trying desperately to start our family. We just found out last week that my left fallopian tube is now blocked, even though it was normal one year ago. We’re seeking to start our family in whatever way God wills it, but I’m struggling to accept that we may never have biological children. Please pray for peace and acceptance. Thank you!

  19. Dear Shelby,

    I can sense your strong disappointment. Joseph was a foster-father of Jesus. He also must understand your sorrow since he often must have looked at Jesus knowing that this child was not his “biological son.” Our hearts and our entire being cry out to give life. I will pray to Joseph this afternoon for you. May he guide you into the marvelous plans God has for you to participate in the mystery of the world’s salvation! And in those plans you will find peace.

    Sr. Kathryn

  20. Please pray for the health and well being and happiness of my family.

    Please pray that our business always stays busy with work.

    Please pray that my daughter Angelica is accepted to all of the colleges she applies to and makes the right choice for her on where to go.

  21. Please pray for my family. My parents are 90 and father was just placed in an Altzheimer’s Unit. My mother is beside herself. They have been married nearly 70 years and apart very few time. Please pray for them both.

    • Dear Bette,

      I think St. Joseph must have been worried too when he was ready to leave this earth and knew he was leaving Mary behind. For sure he must understand your Mother’s feelings as well as your Father’s. I will pray for both of them to St. Joseph and I know he will be present with his calm and trust in God’s care for us all.

      Sr. Kathryn

  22. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    I believe I have been doubly blessed in this moment. Firstly, I have been praying for many months to find someone holier than I to pray for me. I can’t believe the tremendous generosity of your offer to pray for complete strangers! The second and related blessing is that in just the last few days, I have been lead to pray to St. Joseph for my special intention. I think he has guided me to you for this very special prayer.
    I am looking to meet my husband soon. I am 30 years old and each holiday and season that passes without this person in my life feels like time lost. For almost eight years (since my last serious boyfriend) I have prayed constantly for this intention. I have prayed to many saints and recently prayed a 54 day Rosary Novena. I have received great comfort from these prayers, but still time passes and nothing seems to happen. St. Joseph was the man God trusted to be the spouse of Mary. Do you think he would understand my desire to begin my life with this man soon? If so, would you mind praying to him for me? I appreciate your prayers and St. Joseph’s consideration, knowing that my problems are not as serious as those of many he hears from.

    Humbly and gratefully yours,

    • Dear S,

      I’ve read your note and the deepest desire of your heart to find a husband. I will definitely pray for you. I think today of Mary who lost her son on Calvary and who had to go home for the first time completely alone, with no other member of her family on this earth. Mary will understand your desire and she will get together with Joseph to help you.

      I will start a novena for you tonight.

      Sr. Kathryn

  23. I don’t know what to do in my life.I really don’t know.I feel stuck and scared.I am really scared in my life.My heart is fluctuating.My whole body is shaking with fear.My Parents want me to get remarried.I don’t know what to do.I am scared about it.I feel lonely .I don’t want to hurt my parents because they have already heard enough because of me.Please do take care of the flat .Parents are worried because its work is not yet started.

    • Peace.

      Tonight during the Way of the Cross I will pray that Jesus who also was afraid will hold you in your shaking anxiety. Marriage is a very important commitment, on so many levels, as you show that you know. I realize that your situation must be complex. But I pray that St. Joseph will help you think clearly and be careful before entering into such a profoundly intimate and trusting relationship that has lifelong consequences. He also realized the seriousness of this commitment to Mary. Let us trust him.

      Sr. Kathryn


  24. Dear sister

    Please pray to st Joseph for a job, the project in which I am working is coming to an end and is likely to get an extension, but I have applied to world vision India for a job, please pray to our dear st Joseph for an opening in the world vison, It will help me to take care of my wife who is sick with diabetics, I have to take care of my children , their needs, health and educational, please pray for an opening, I am badly in need of job,please pray


    • James,

      Yes, my prayers are promised for your situation. You must share the anxiety that Joseph had in caring for Jesus. You must have a good heart. Trust Joseph’s providence and care. Look for tiny miracles in the way Joseph transforms your perspective and provides opportunities.

      Sr. Kathryn

    • Tonight I will begin a novena to Joseph for your intentions and the intentions of everyone who has left them on this blog.

      Tell him he must help you. Sometimes you need to be direct with him. Tell him he is your only hope and that you trust him just as Jesus did as a child. Then really do!

      Sr. Kathryn

  25. Hello Sister, please pray, as I am, to St. Joseph to intercede for our family. I need employment to take care of my child.

    Thank you and God bless.

  26. Please pray that my relationship with all my children grows better and deeper; but especially with my last daughter. Please pray that she would not give in to the negative influence of her friends.

    Please pray that my house renovations be completed well, and that I can pay for it. The roof, ceiling, master bedroom and bath, kitchen cupboards, linen closets, bedroom closets, all need to be re-done. And there are bats in the ceiling. And the rubble drains need to be cleared, so that the water seepage will stop. It’s been about 5 years and 2 contractors now – one contractor cheeated me – and it is not finished, and I’m uncomfortable.

    Please pray for the success of my immigration plans; and that I would have enough money to do it comfortably without undue stress on my family.

    • Dear Veronica,

      May St. Joseph the Carpenter of Nazareth give you wisdom in your projects for your house and may the Foster Father of Jesus give you wisdom in your parenting. I will begin a novena for you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  27. Pray with me that St. Joseph will help my daughter and son-in-law find employment. My daughter completed her teaching credential program last May and will earn her Masters in Education next month but has yet to find the full time teaching position she needs to make her credential permanent. My son-in-law has been struggling since his family-own business failed.

    • Peace.

      I will be praying in my daily novena to St. Joseph for your daughter and son-in-law. There is an audiovisual reflection on a miraculous prayer to St. Joseph on youtube if you would like to join me in prayer:

      Trust in him, because he never fails to obtain what we need. He too is a father.

      Sr. Kathryn

  28. My niece’s marriage is in quite a mess due to her husband. Only a miracle can heal that marriage and let the grace and abundance flow through it again. The husband needs to change.


    • I will recommend him to St. Joseph as a mentor and guide…. He could inject the selfless love upon which a marriage can flourish and thrive.
      Sr. Kathryn

  29. I currently have my home on the market and would like to sell it by Friday, Apri 30, 2010 in order to get a $6500 tax break, which would be of much needed help to me. The house is in good shape with nice landscaping, but I can’t seem to find the right buyer. I would like to move closer to my family and friends and have a home in mind that I believe I would be very happy in. Please pray that I find this special buyer, who will also find happiness in my current house, and will make an offer and sign a contract with me by this Friday, April 30th, 2010. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    • Dear Joanne,

      I hope that you have experienced Joseph’s care for you, either in the selling of the house or in some unexpected discovery of God’s providence. I will be praying for you.
      Sr. Kathryn

    • With immense pleasure will I pray for the Franco family and entrust them to the firm yet gentle hands of Joseph, the head of the Holy Family.

      Sr. Kathryn

  30. Sister, please pray for my entire family. For my children Jacqueline and Robert who are just beginning college. For Jacqueline as a young mother. For her live in relationship with one of her two children’s father to grow and for them to marry. For my son Robert who was molested when he was a young teen by a male neighbor, and who not only had no real father influence in his life, but whose father was a horrible influence and now my son believes he is homosexual.
    For me to achieve a sense of discipline and balance in my life. For me to grow in faith and trust and for my soul to be healed. Thank you Sister.

    • Dear Marie Bernadette,

      How a mother’s heart must suffer! I think it is a mother’s heart that most teaches us of God’s own heart! I will certainly remember your family in my prayers, praying that St. Joseph will become the true father of your family bringing healing and good sense to all.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Sr. Kathryn, I just wrote a note about how St. Joseph filled my coffers 🙂 after sending it off I came to this page. I had completely forgotten that I had made this prayer request in May. Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep us in them. Last time I mentioned my children were just beginning college. They are doing really well so far. Jackie comes over and I have enjoyed having them study together around my table so much that I enrolled in college too. Not bad for someone who is turning 62 in a few weeks. 🙂
        Thank you dear Sister for being there for us. Keep those prayers coming please and I will do the same for you.
        dani MarieBernadette

      • Dear Marie Bernadette,

        I so appreciate your promise of prayers! And I am so happy to hear about how things are going. Let’s pray for each other to dear St. Joseph.

        Sr. Kathryn

  31. Please pray for me that I will soon be able to get into my profession. I am an IT professional with years of experience, descent education, and strong work ethics, yet so far I am still looking for the right job, beyond my current survival job. Pray that I can overcome my despair, pain, and loneliness. Pray that I can be well accepted by people around me.
    I have been praying for years, but so far I am still waiting for a breakthrough. Pray that I can soon get the descent career of my dream, and also win the special person’s heart.


  32. please pray for a financial blessing for my family so we can pay our debts, and that our house be finished soon, and we could buy a new van. And most please please pray for my seminarian son who is in regency for a year and will decide to go back to the seminary and pursue his vocation, and also for my eldest to find a good job soon.St Joseph please hear our prayer for i know you are so close to Jesus our Lord. Thank you


  33. Thanks Jesus you didn’t forget my need,You opened my eyes and ears.amen.You satisfied me and Filled me with gladness.Thanks Jesus.Thy will is done in my life.amen.

  34. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    I need your help to find a good wife. Many years ago when I was in high school, I had a girl friend which I went out for three years. My cousin was very jealous of me having someone and she had no one at that time. As time went on we broke up. I went to post secondary school thinking I will find a new girl friend, but it never happened, until this very day I have been single, this is twenty one years later. My cousin, who is now married with three kids must have cursed me, never to find another girl friend. It is a very lonely life. My friends and family can’t figure out why I don’t have someone. I go different places and do different things but it seems there is no one out there, I am not fussy and I am not looking for a model. I prayed many years to different Patron Saints, even to St. Joseph with no luck. I feel I am either praying incorrectly or the curse my cousin must have placed on me can not be stopped. Could you please help me solve this problem, if it could even be solved.


    • Sheldon,
      I am led to ask you to pray to St. Joseph to show you the direction God has in mind for your life. Maybe that is a strange prayer, but there may perhaps be something you’re missing in your search for a wife. St. Joseph discovered that after you lay your plans, God has something in mind that is better. He just might have something special to show you.
      Sr. Kathryn

    • Good advice also, you may join in your church single group. Try to . be busy like attending a gym club. Good luck

  35. pls help me in praying for the restoration of our marriage arnel and rhodora. jesus, turn my husbands hearts unto you and rekindle our love and forgiveness tgo each other, sent him back home and cover us w/ your miraculous blood, amen

  36. Sr. Kathryn,

    Kindly assist me in praying to St. Joseph for being successful in taking the licensure exams for Civil Engineers. Please help me pray to ask for God’s gift of a good memory and focus in preparing for such exams . . . I tried for a couple of times but I failed and had a hard time now to motivate myself in having a review. Thank you and God bless!

  37. Please help me pray to Saint Joseph for my beloved brother Joseph Hung who is a cocaine addict. He has been in drug rehab many times already but he still cannot get out of this drug addiction. Because of his drug addiction, he has committed so many crimes and has been in and out of jail for so many times that I cannot remember all. He has been living a very miserable life. Please pray for him and that I may see him again. Thank you and God Bless!


  38. Please help me pray to St. Joseph that our home gets rented soon. Our tenant broke her lease and I am pregnant and we had to leave that home for my husband’s job and we can’t sell it. We are so scared to lose our good credit if we can’t afford to pay the mortgage on it without a rental income. Please help us St. Joseph. it is such a stressful time.

    • Peace.
      I will remember your needs in my prayers to St. Joseph. Trust that if not a flower in the field or a bird in the sky is too small for your Father to take a personal interest in, neither are you. Joseph teaches us this.
      Sr. Kathryn

  39. Dear God, I pray for my beloved brother Joseph Hung who is a cocaine addict. Please GOD, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, please heal my beloved brother physically, mentally, spiritually and grant him grace and strength to overcome his addictions. Please forgive his sins and heal his soul too. Thank you GOD.

    • Cecilia,
      St. Joseph holds your brother’s hand and will care for him until he arrives before the throne of God. Keep telling St. Joseph that you need his help. He will not disappoint you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  40. Saint Joseph,
    Please hear the prayers of Sr. Kathryn, and all the people who have requested prayer on her website, and bring us all closer to Jesus and Mary..
    Ask Jesus to send her lots of hugs, kisses and wonderful surprises this week.
    Thank you for everything Saint Joseph…

  41. Every night and day, I always ask for good health, happiness, stress-free, debt- free, achieve our goals, and a bright future to my parents, siblings, friends, & myself in my prayers.
    At this moment, I am desperately in need of help on a failed business that I just recently took over. I need to become a successful business owner & tell everyone that i can do it with God help & never fail on everything I ask for. Let me be free from all the huge debts, monthly lease is around $3,500 and it goes up every 3% each year, that is not include any of the expenses, such as water bills, electricity, phone bills, and many product items that need to be order every time when in need. (Sighs) I promised that I will pay back to my dearest parents, siblings, and friends who helped me on this business once it is successful. I am looking forward move on freely with my next goal & achieve it. Please, pray for me. I will be waiting for your answer. Thank You for everything.

    • St. Joseph, hear our prayer. Help us hear God’s guidance in the plans we make. We trust you to help us find true sanctity and the grace to live in peace. Help us when we are desperate, in our every need take care of us. Amen.

  42. Please pray that I will be healed physically, mentally & spiritually. Please also include my family & friends in your prayers— that God will give them good health, blessings, guidance, peace & reconciliation.

  43. Please pray that God would provide me with a well-paying job with a reputable firm or organization in a peaceful, respectful and cooperative atmosphere. Please also pray that I will find a safe, comfortable, peaceful and affordable place to live by the end of September, 2010. Please pray that God would release me of all anxieties concerning these urgent
    matters. These I ask in the loving name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  44. Please pray for Joseph that God would bless all his projects and place genuine, helpful persons around him. Please also pray that God would daily provide all of Joseph’s needs and guide and protect him from all forms of evil. Please also pray that God would bless every area of Joseph’s live. These I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  45. Please pray To my wonderful ST.Joseph that me and junior get threw this difficult time and that our love will grow and that we will have a future together.I will love you and pray to you my dear St. Joseph everyday for the rest of my days. Amen.

    • St. Joseph can teach you so many things, but most especially how to love and how to follow the plan God has dreamed for your life. Trust him.

  46. Dear St Joesph please help us through the hardest time, our family has gone through. please help sell this house and guide us to a home and a job and help us through this time of despair.
    Please help us tomo=morrow especiallly sunday 10/10/10 at 2pm with the interest buyer.
    thankyou st joesph

    • Blessings,
      My heart goes out to you in this time of difficulty. I will tell Joseph often that he must take care of you and your family. May a buyer come soon. St. Joseph, you would never have wanted Jesus and Mary to be without a home, please take care of Anthony and Sonya. Amen.

  47. Dear Sr Kathryn, we got our family in a situation with out a home we turned to st joesph and prayer. We prayed,beg and cried for help. Iam feeling very despondent and hopeless.. My mum is telling us to go, its been over two months in her home. and how im no good etc. Iam really hurt. THis is the most stressful time in our life, when will st joesph answer our prayer?
    My mother goes to church everyday, helps the church several times a week and more. does this mean she is good and that her prayers are heard and answered, and not mine.
    We rushed and bought a very run down house that we can not live in because my mother said she wouldnt have us over her house.
    We are so unhappy with the place. we have a opportunity to apply for a loan but we need to sell this house and have my mothers patience.
    I offer to help my mother with spring clean( clean ceilings etc ) but she says no.
    Where did our relationship go?

    • This seems to be a very complicated situation. Sometimes we get ourselves into situations that are very painful and seem to have no way out. I am wondering if St. Joseph might be giving you cues on directions to take that would be constructive. I will pray that you will hear them and find new directions in your life.

      • How do we hear St Joesph or God? How will I know? or am I not hearing or accepting? If i accept a way bu what if t I can not see the hope? I have two beautiful boys that are very attached and when we are stressed it becomes very hard. Iam really appreciate your correspondence. It really means a lot durning this time. I see now that my faith was not as strong as i thought. that slowly over the years, i had neglected it.

      • Hi. I can share with you a bit of my experience. I have learned to give myself over totally to God’s loving designs for my life, to embrace whatever that mission may be. If I do this day after day, what the author of Abandonment to Divine Providence promised is really true, God takes one’s life over and directs it. I do not “hear” him, I know he is in charge, much like a magnet, and good things happen. This doesn’t mean everything goes right. I fail, I fall and break my arm, I had a stroke at 21, I have TLE, I have made mistakes and been misunderstood, but I have a profoundly peaceful realization that I am loved and held and that my life has meaning.

        I hope this helps.
        Sr. Kathryn

      • I go to the adoration which i find peaceful but the memories are painful. we are abandoning ourselves to the divine will. but it is still painful. deeply wounded by family at a time we really needed help. the home did not sell, so thats where God wants us to be. The memories of this time are still painful, feeling abandoned, that maybe God forgotten or abandon us or doesnt want the best for us. Thats the hardest bit.

      • Peace.

        I hear your sorrow and the pain you are feeling in between the lines of your note. Let us pray together that St. Joseph adopts your family as his own…you will be like members of the Holy Family. He is caring for you in the midst of all this, though it may be hard to see, difficult to open yourself up to what he might be offering you as solace in a painful situation. He is there. Tell him you need a father’s care, security, and guidance and he will give it to you. Jesus felt abandoned on the cross, how much St. Joseph would have wanted to take that feeling away from his Son. St. Joseph now can help you open yourself to the horizons of God’s vision for your life and help you find the care God is showing you even now.

        Sr. Kathryn

    • Hello Sr Kathryn,
      Im finding prayer hard at the moment.

      My hope is Depending on God completely to change our jobless/home/marriage circumstances.

      My faith has become much fullfilled in the last year, than it has in over
      a decade. I confess, recieve holy communion and go to church and when i can to adoration.

      But lately im empty, ive got nothing.
      Why did things go so wrong in the last year? if for our sake , then
      i needed the future to be better. My hopes were so high and i believed
      Jesus would help us.

      Still committed just im empty and its just a awful feeling.

      God Bless

      • Dear Friend and child of God,
        I will pray to St. Joseph for you in your trial. The Gospel reveals to us that St. Joseph was a just man which meant he was totally faithful. Yet, he too, suffered darkness and anguish in mind and soul and in the upheaval of losing his job, failure to find a suitable shelter for Mary and Jesus in Bethlehem, and suffering the trials of being a refugee and traveling back to Nazareth. Our life here as seen in the life and examples of the Holy Family is mixed with sufferings and joy. Pray to St. Joseph, to strengthen you and sustain you in your darkness of feeling empty in prayer. The saints frequently encouraged their loved ones to persevere in their usual practices especially in times of desolation. St. Joseph is a friend and a father. And Jesus is always with you and taking care of you even when he seems to be far from you. Pope John Paul II said in his encyclical on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering” that in Jesus Christ’s suffering we were redeemed and that the mystery of human suffering, if borne for the love of God, is redemptive in and through Christ. You are being sustained by his grace. May you experience comfort in knowing you are embraced by Jesus and our Father in heaven. We here at this site pray for one another and we will remember you in our on-going novena to St. Joseph. God Bless!

        Sr. Kathryn

        Find hope at

      • hello sr kathryn,
        i hope im not annoying you, by writting in all the time. if iam. please let me know. i had a lump in my breast last september which went away. however just before christmas last year it came back. im going for a mammogram and maybe a biopsy. and im really scared. will you pray for me.
        thankyou and God bless

      • Dear Sonya,

        You must feel very afraid. I am glad that Dani answered you while I was away. Please know that I will be remembering your needs in my novena to St. Joseph, that he will take care of your every need as you begin your testing. Please keep me posted.

        Sr. Kathryn

  48. Sr. Kathryn, I am so thankful that you are going to pray to St. Joseph for me. I have great faith in St. Joseph and I do honor him in my home.
    We are going through some very serious financial problems and there seems to be NO way out of the rut we are in. Everything seems to be closing in on us and so much so when I sit to pray I can not focus on anything I am praying for as my mind goes all over the map and I am worried. I can not understand why I am being so misplaced in my mind but I am just so wanting to get out of debt and to get back on our feet so I/we can continue to go out and do good for others like we have been doing.
    Our cup is so empty that it is next to impossible to fill anyone else cup and that is so sad for me.
    I have a dream to open a tea shop and serve people with love, but right now if only we can pay our mortgage and bills it would be a miracle.
    Thank you for being so kind to me and my family.
    God bless you.

    • Peace.
      I will pray that you find a way out of your problems. St. Joseph must have experience the worry you speak about when he discovered Mary was with child. God sent an angel to reassure him. Ask St. Joseph for such an angel for you: to calm you and reassure you. Tell Joseph that you are totally dependent on his loving care.

  49. Dear Sr Kathryn,
    My relationships have never worked out for me.I have never been married but I pray I will find a good wife that I can grow old with me. I pray to St Joseph all the time but he seems to be very busy! Please pray for me at this time.

    • Yes, I will pray for you. St. Joseph understands your desire for love. I’m sure he also desired love as strongly as you. He found such solace in his love for Jesus and Mary who was at his side in raising the Son of God. Ask Joseph to help you love Mary and to learn from them both how to grow in authentic relationships of giving and self-forgetfulness.

  50. Please pray for me. I am going through lot of tensions in my personal & professional life. There is lot of politics & bitchiness in my office. Please pray that my professional problems be solved. Please let the management realise the politics being played by the Principal & Education Counsellor against me. Please pray that my good reputation & image may be restored which has been tarnished partly because of my stupid immediate reactions & partly because of dirty politics of the my Principal & Education Counsellor. Pls bless the people who are trying to usurp me. Please protect me from the mean. please help me in my difficult situation. please let me make good impression upon all people I meet and talk to especially my seniors and my colleagues. Please help me in my current financial situation. Please relieve me of my worries and remove all obstacles in my professional and personal life.

    Please save my job. Please intercede to Your son Our Lord Jesus that I may get a good job with a good salary. I need a good job desperately. Please save my job. Please let me get a good job with good salary in my daughter’s school. Please take care of my personal, professional & financial tensions.

    • St. Joseph understands what it is to learn throughout life. He learned at the best of schools: Jesus and Mary were his teachers and guides. He encourages you to let Jesus and Mary guide you each day of your life. I will remember you in prayer.

  51. Hello my precious friend in Saint Joseph,
    Saint Leo University made my son stop his schooling (after a term and a half) to suddenly get his ACT test. He is not the most motivated student so please pray that he will study hard for the test and pass it and then can resume his studies at the University. He has been out of school now for a few months and cannot take the test until mid December. Ask Saint Joseph to be with him in his studies and testing so he can get back to school. He actually misses it. 🙂 I have just finished my term with B’s, as did my daughter Jackie. I have no immune system due to two rounds of chemo two years ago and three rounds of pneumonia a year ago and I was sick for three weeks in October. I am thankful that I did not have to go in the hospital. Well I will go now but not before asking Saint Joseph to bless you abundantly.
    Dani MarieBernadette
    Please keep me in your prayers

    • Peace.
      St. Joseph understood how important his preparation had been as a youth, when he entered into the mission God had prepared for him. God has a mission for your son also. We entrust to Joseph your son’s life and ask this great saint to steer him in the direction that will best prepare him to carry out his place in the Father’s plan of salvation. May he also care for your health. How he must have been concerned about Mary. Ask him for that same concern with Mary’s same trust in his gentle presence.

  52. Dear St Joseph,
    Please help me. Please take care of my personal & professional worries. I am going through lot of insecurity. Please save my job and my marriage. Please take care of my family.Please help me in my current financial situation. Please relieve me of my worries and remove all obstacles in my professional and personal life. Please save my job and my position. Please let me get a good job with good salary in my daughter’s school. Please give long, happy & healthy life to Mr.P.J.Joseph, Valsamma, joji,rhea. Please save my marriage. Please make ajit love, care, trust, understand, support me, be sensitive to my feelings & helps me financially. Please let there be no separation and divorce of Ajit and me. Ajit & I have long happy married life. Please let me have a strong healthy second baby. Please take care of my family. Please help in my intentions placed before Thee. Please intercede to Jesus for me.

    • I join you in prayer in my novena to this great saint today. Joseph teaches us that often God takes our lives in unexpected directions, but God is always beside us where we are, as a loving and dear Father. Entrust your needs to him and then ask him to guide you every step of the way.

  53. My eight month old grandson Gabriel somehow scratched the cornea of his eye and he cannot see out of it. Please pray for healing for him. My brakes went out and need to be replaced or repaired. I also need new tires as mine are bald. I do not have the money for my regular bills let alone this. Help me Saint Joseph.
    Thank you for every blessing that you have already seen to for me qand my family. I love you.

    • Dear MarieBernadette,
      St. Joseph loves to hear a “thank you” and to those who have the sensitivity to see his gifts of love in their lives he will continue his care. I will remember you in my daily novena to St. Joseph.

      Sr. Kathryn

  54. Hi, would you please really pray for me,

    I don’t know what kind of prayer I should do to really get help in my life. For my professional and personal needs.

    I have been trying to get a descent career in IT
    profession, in which I was trained and have years of experience and have a lot of passion. Yet, so far, for 2 years, I am still looking, and no offer comes to me. I am now working as a labor just to keep surviving this life. I prayed everyday, no favorable answer so far.

    I am also over 40, still single, and still looking. A year ago, someone nice started opening my heart by being so kind and friendly to me. I was so happy to find someone so kind and nice to me, and start falling in love, although I am still afraid to tell her openly. But, suddenly she started avoiding me, avoid talking to me, avoiding eyes contact with me, even we are working in the same environment. I am devastated, for losing a friend, and losing a hope for winning the heart of someone special .

    I don’t know what kind of evil I am that make me deserve such a painful life. I know that I am not a saint, but, I don’t know if I am such a bad person to deserve this kind of pain.

    Could anyone help me find a way so I can get a descent career in my profession and also win the heart of someone special to me? I am so tired with my life, it’s so painful.

    Would anyone care to pray for me? Anyone that might be able to knock the heaven’s door so our Lord will be willing to really help me?


    • SSL,

      My heart goes out to you. You may not have found the answer to the prayers you have said for the direction you want to take for your life. St. Joseph also had his life plans completely changed. His secret is that he was listening for God to show him a new way. When the angel appeared in a dream and told him to take Mary, a pregnant virgin, as his wife and he would raise God’s son, he did as he was told. God is speaking to you. God is pointing out to you a way for your life. He is revealing to you the mystery of the mission for which you were born. I will pray that St. Joseph will help you hear your dear Father’s voice. I will remember you in my daily novena.

      • Sr. Kathryn, thank you for praying for me.

        Let’s see where our Father will guide me to. I am convinced that leading, inspiring, and guiding the other is my main mission in this life, and my education, skills in relation to my profession are set for that mission, as He already helped me prepared in all my life. But, I still need more guidance, help, and the right chance, at the right time & place, that has not come so far. Besides, isn’t He who said that ‘Ask, and you shall receive’. So, I am asking again, and again, for a decent life, career, and someone.


  55. Sr Kathryn

    my house is being forclosed on in a week. Please pray that I can get the funds to get it back. I have a grown son who is mentally ill pleaes pray for him also

    • Peace.

      What a great anxiety you must be suffering. I will pray the novena to St. Joseph tonight for you. And for the peace of your son. I suffer with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and have a great compassion for those who suffer with mental or emotional illnesses as well as their families. Let us pray together that St. Joseph will find for you the best way to care for your son. A mother’s love reveals the heart of God to us all!

      Sr. Kathryn

  56. i need prayers to save my marriage. My husband and son say they are moving out in a couple of weeks. My son has been very difficult to deal with at home for the past two years. My husband does not help to discipline him when he has been abusive with me. My husband is also saying we have to sell the house. We have an 18 year old daughter with a disability, also. She does not want this to happen either. When I was angry I told my husband to leave. This was because of our son’s behavior and my husband’s lack of disciplining him. I have asked him to forgive me for saying this and try to work things out together. He is not doing this. I pray that God will soften his heart very soon and he will understand what a mistake he is making. We have been married for over 37 years. PLEASE PRAY FOR US AND OUR FAMILY. THANK-YOU!

    • Dear Joyce,

      My heart goes out to you at this most frightening and difficult time. I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling…anguish, fear, sorrow, sadness, remorse. To pray trustingly and to think clearly are what you need the most, but they are the most difficult things to do under these circumstances. St. Joseph experienced anguishing situations, but learned in their midst that he was cared for by the Father in heaven. Often he had to learn that God would care for him in ways that were unexpected. God is at work in this messy situation. God promises to be with you in the midst of every pain. I have learned first hand that this is true. I will pray to St. Joseph with you that in some miraculous way your marriage will be saved and hope will somehow emerge from what seems a frightening desert. Sr. Kathryn

  57. Please pray for the restoration of my teaching job. Please pray for all involved to be filled with the Holy Spirit and compassion for my plight. I was called to be a teacher by God. Please pray that I can return to my job/vocation. I offer up all of my recent sufferings for the special intentions in my heart and for the Holy Souls. I also thank God for all the blessings in my life. I ask all of this through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and through the intercession of his Immaculate Mother.

    I am a wife and mother, teacher. Due to a series of unfortunate events I have had to make this prayerful plea. I love teaching and believe I was called from a young age to be a teacher. I have tried to be the light and love of Christ to the teenagers I taught for many years. Please please pray for me to get through this dark time.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    • Dear Lauren,
      As I pray this Octave of Christmas before the manger for the intentions of all who have shared them with me, I will remember you. Three persons discovered their vocation on Christmas: Joseph became a father (foster-father with the duties of father), Mary became a mother, Jesus because one of us. Pray to them that they will help you be able to live your vocation. And if there are some changes in the dream of God for you (as there were for Mary and Joseph) ask St. Joseph to help you understand these and embrace the new direction of your life with great love. I shall pray for you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  58. Please pray for my brother-in-law Tim Miller who has a terminal illness. He is such a great person and loving husband, father, and grandfather. He has Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4 and has already had surgery. With chemo and radiation and all the meds he takes, his taste buds have been altered so very much. He is on Caring Bridge at TimJMiller. Thank you for all your support.

    • Dear Bryce,
      I can hear the concern and love you have for your brother-in-law. Suffering is a mystery, particularly when it strikes unexpectedly and it affects other people so intimately. Joseph understood that as he travelled with Mary to Bethlehem, Mary understood that as she stood beneath the cross. They BOTH understand you now. Release your worries, tears, even your anger into their hands. Expect miracles from them…miracles of hope, of mercy, of understanding, the little signs of light and hope in the midst of something that may not be able to be changed, miracles of reconciliation, of laughter here and there to lighten the load, unexpected gifts of love, the gift of tears. I shall pray this Octave of Christmas for you and Tim. Sr. Kathryn

  59. I am need of prayer. I need to pass my Real Estate Exam. Please pray that i pass the exam the first time.
    I go this Thursday to take the exam.

    • Dear Tonya,
      I am sorry I just noticed your prayer intention. I will hold you in my prayers to St. Joseph this week. A Blessed Christmas! Sr. Kathryn

      • Sr. Kathryn,
        I was just going back over the list and offering prayers when I came to this post.and I just had to smile.
        Isn’t it wonderful that God is not restricted by time or space, and he knew you would eventually see this request, pour your heart out in prayer, and he took that into consideration. 🙂 I love the graciousness of God.
        Have a wonderful weekend.
        Dani MarieBernadette

  60. My boyfriend, Chris, and I are facing some difficulties in our relationship. Please pray that God guides us through and that we become a stronger couple. Please pray that our relationship is made official and that all our family and friends and colleagues are happy for us and supportive of our relationship. That the love that Chris and I have for each other grow stronger and deeper every day. Please pray that God draws us into marriage and that my marriage to Chris is filled with lots of love and peace and joy and that God guides and blesses us in our married life together. thank you!

    • Stefanie,

      Mary once prayed this same prayer, when she knew that Joseph knew that she was with child. There certainly was some difficulties in that relationship! Or so it seemed…. Turn to Mary and ask her to help you mature even more in holiness and openness to God’s sweet guidance. I will pray for you. Sr. Kathryn

  61. My sister in law is hospitalized. She is having tumor on her spinal cord which is very close to brain. As per the medical statement this position of the tumor is high risky .
    She is having a surgery on Friday 14th Jan 2011.

    Please pray for her to have a successfull surgery and a good health after that.


      • Sr. Kathryn, thanks for yours prayers. my sister in law’s surgery went well.

        According to doctors, the surgery is “almost success” . only 60% of the tumor removed. rest is in complicated places. can’t remove that. the removed parts, they will send to biopsy and the result will come only on this thursday. (20th of jan).

        Please do prayers to get a negative result.

        once again thanks to you bringing us close to St Joseph.

      • I will be praying for a negative result, and if there is a positive result I pray that St. Joseph will wrap both of you in his mantle and take you under his guidance. He has many things to give you and teach you.
        Sr. Kathryn

  62. Please pray for the school board at my school to grant me a sabbatical. Through the intercession of St. Joseph please let them rescind my resignation and grant me this sabbatical. Please Dear St. Joseph through your prayers and in the name of your most precious Son..please let this come to fruition. The school board will be voting on this soon. Thank you. Amen

    • Dear Lauren,

      St. Joseph was in some tight spots in his life so I’m sure he understands. I will be praying for this grace for you. In the meantime you might want to ask him to guide you into something unexpected…. It was the unexpected in his life that became his greatest glory!

      Sr. Kathryn

      Sr. Kathryn

      • The school board refused our request to rescind my resig. and grant me a sabbatical–they were under the advice of the solicitor…we were told by a source the board would have granted me the request. We are being encouraged to continue our fight. Please pray for this. I don’t know what to do and it has been a very trying and complicated time… I never in my life would have dreamed that this would happen to me. I am at a loss. My faith is truly being tested. I have prayed endlessly and sent out 100s of prayer requests..I know God is giving me strength..but if I was called to be a teacher…why has it been taken away from me?? Please pray that some sort of solution comes to fruition because I am end the end of my rope.

  63. For Captain Honors, Admiral Rice, Admiral Spicer and Admiral Horton and their standing in the Navy after each has given over 26 years of service to our country. Please Saint Joseph. God knows they are all good men intercede for them.

    • St. Joseph, guide each of us at every moment in our life. Give us the grace to blend wisdom with compassion and integrity. I will be praying through St. Joseph’s intercession that this difficult moment becomes a space where grace takes hold in each of their lives. Sr. Kathryn

      • Hi Sister Kathryn, How are you doing? you are such a blessing to all of us. Thank you for all you do for us. There is a movie coming out on Feb. 25th called “The Grace Card’ and if there is any way for you to get it you might really enjoy it. It is supposed to be an uplifting movie about faith and the gift of grace. How is your health doing? I am praying for you.
        Love, Dani MarieBernadette

      • Dear Dani,
        I am fine. Lately have had alot of new challenges in ministry which have taken alot of time to pray and learn my way through. So I’ve been more quite than usual. If I see the Grace Card around I’ll try to see it. Today I spent the day in chapel, soaking in the silent, brilliant light of the Risen Lord’s majesty. I will pray for all tonight in my novena to St. Joseph, Sr. Kathryn

  64. This request is for my sister. She is really short tempered. Even though justice is with her, she will argue badly with only close relatives like mom n dad and brothers and sister.

    i think she needs more attention. aged parents hurt by her words. they will be in tears….

    so she asked to pray for her to get rid of this attitude n behaviour. please pray St joseph to give patience and good behaviour.

    • Dear Suma,

      St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor, and he was also a very gentle person. Let us pray together for your sisters. Sr. Ann and Sr. Kathryn

  65. Dear god, in the name of jesus,pls pls show my husand vinod some way out of the financial problems he is facing.pls pour out on him financial blessings and less him with plenty of usiness work, new projects and travel related work, so that he is busy and comes out of his depression.thankyou.praise the lord.

    • Dear Sony,
      I can hear the sorrow and worry in your heart for you husband. Mary I’m sure understand, because she herself must have worried when St. Joseph was struggling to provide for their family when they fled to Egypt. We will be praying to St. Joseph in our daily novena for your intercession. Sr. Ann

  66. Blessed mary and all holy angels and saints intercede for Lloyd who is in search of a job in sodexco,please transform the hearts of the HR team to increase his salary and give him a best location where-in he can be comfortable and adjust quickly to the site.grant Lloyd favour in the eyes of the senior managers and team and also the people whom he shall cater to,so that they could be always happy and satisfied with the service and grant him increment after increment and increase in salary and him to adjust with all people and become close friends with all colleagues and sodexco team…lloyd also has a request for the holy grace to remain pure and chaste and humble as the holy angels in heaven for ever,pray for these every day,in Jesus mighty name we pray.amen and amen

    • Dear Lloyd,

      I shall be praying for these graces for your husband, but most especially that he finds his true identity and God-given vocation in life. The world needs more and more individuals who are truly the hands and feet of Christ. I pray that both you and your husband shall be so.

      Sr. Kathryn

  67. I come in the name of Jesus asking for intersession for my son Matthew who is so stressed out from college ready to graduate in may. Matthew is preparing himself for the series 7 exam while going to school full time and working. He needs are prayers to get through Please pray that he passes the series 7 exam I beg thee in all power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I speak into manifestation that matthew passed the series 7 exam. Please pray with this mothers pray.

    • Ann Marie, I too am in college and I just wanted to say that I am praying for Matthew to do well on his exam.
      In His Name and Her Love combined with the love of St.Joseph.

      • Thank you may God cover you with his most powerful blood and put his hand of blessings on your forehead to ease the burden of college. God said pray ye one for another and I ask God to give you your hearts desires in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and where two or more touch and agree in Jesus Name it shall be.

        Thank you Lord for such praying people and for an opportunity to touch and agree that matthew passes the series 7 exam but that Dani will also do well in college in Jesus Name Amen

      • Thank you God and Jesus, Mary and Joseph,St Theresa, St Jude,St Joseph of Cupportino, Queen of the Holy Rosary, 14 Holy Helpers
        Thank you for all of your prays

    • Dear AnnMarie,

      I do understand such stress from my own life experience. While St. Joseph certainly didn’t have the same stress, it certainly must have been stressful to find out you’d be the father of the Son of God, whether or not there was a test!

      May St. Joseph bring all the angels of heaven to the side of Matthew in these days!

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Thank you Sr.,

        The service that you give through Jesus Christ has brought to me comfort and will bring matthew his hearts desires as well through Jesus Christ as the comforter in the Holy Spirit. Oh my God of Israel I pray for Sister through you to give life to desperate situation and hope when there is none left to bring convictions and the blessed Mother Mary love to all that need her and all that ask for JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH in Jesus name Amen God keep you in your going out and you coming in.

        Love Annmarie and thank you all for your prayers because Matt does need them Amen

      • Thank you Sister for your support in prays, I fasted by missing a meal everyday for 2 months and promised God I would fast with bread and water for the rest of my life on every friday please I asked God to make hast to help matthew I also made a novena out of psalm 86 for matthew and yes MATTHEW PASSED THE SERIES 7 EXAM! I stood in tears and gave thanks to God. Through many of novena’s as well thank you may God bless you always with health and peace and the desires of your heart.


      • Ann Marie! I can touch your jubilation over the internet! How you must love Matthew and how grateful you both must be!
        Let us pray in gratitude to St. Joseph and ask him for any words of advice for our life.
        May God be praised!

        In Christ,
        Sr. Kathryn

  68. I am in desperate need of St. Joseph’s help. Please pray that I may make good decisions regarding my mother’s return home with good care; please pray that a property situation may resolve successfully and soon – it has been ongoing for over a year and it involves the transfer/division of property owned by my mother; please pray that there will be no conflict with sibling/spouse over this property situation; please pray that there will be peace within me and peace within my family. Thank you.

    • Dear Jim,

      Yes, I will pray. These can be sticky situations and much hurt can come from them. In tonight’s novena to St. Joseph I will recommend you to him in a special way. I will remind him that as he would have wanted someone to care for Mary (when he could not since he had died first), he must understand your own care for your mother. Peace.
      Sr. Kathryn

  69. Please Sr. Kathryn help my son Jason. He is sitting on $70,000 in school debt and is still in school. He has a video game addiction and I fear he is more involved in that then in school. His girlfriend has almost as much debt. They are both good kids, no drinking or drugs. They just don’t know how to manage money. I have enabled Jason for years by sending him money, but I have stopped. I feel horrible and guilty for not helping anymore, but I am wanting to retire in 10-15 years and need to be able to support myself when that day comes. Please pray to St. Joseph for me that something will happen so my son can finish school get a job and not have to pay off such an enormous debt. I’m sorry, this seems selfish and I feel selfish for asking for an intervention.
    I also wanted to thank you Sr. Kathryn for praying for my brother-in-law who has terminal brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme. He seems to be more himself these days. the chemo is tough on him and my sister because of the nausea. He likes milk shakes, but it is tough to find anything else he likes. they have stopped the steroids which were making him aggressive and he has never been aggressive. Thank you again, and God bless you.

    • Bryce,
      I am grateful for the news about your brother-in-law. Praise God! I will pray for your son. It’s hard to give tough love to others. In the end we can’t live another’s life for them. Send St. Joseph and your guardian angel to watch over him in school. Let us pray.

    • Dear Jeannie,

      Today on St. Joseph’s feast day I will be praying especially for you and for all who are asking St. Joseph to help them. Tell him that he knows what you need. He often doesn’t answer the prayers in the way we expect. But he will provide for you in the way God knows will be the best for you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  70. Please pray for me as I look for work and succeed in my recovery from alcohol adn Saint Joseph’s help in restarting my life.

    • Joe,

      St. Joseph must have felt that his life was messed up several times: when Mary showed up in Nazareth obviously with child, when he lost Jesus in Jerusalem and he and Mary couldn’t find him for three days, when he died early and had to leave Jesus and Mary to fend for themselves….. I think he discovered that in all of the messes of life God provides because God is always looking for ways to help us discover how much we are loved by him. I know that if you ask Joseph for the grace to be faithful to all God desires of you and for you, he will provide for you.
      Sr. Kathryn

    • Joe, If there is a Celebrate Recovery group through your church or in your community you might want to check them out. It is a God centered group and I know it has helped many people.
      God Bless you in this struggle, my friend.
      Dani MarieBernadette

  71. please pray for my son to find work. he is unemployed and without medical insurance. please please o blessed st joseph help our family also for my daughter that needs a home for her and her daughter also pray that we might see our grandchildren

    • Art,

      I hear the worry in your words and in your heart for your family. I will be praying to St. Joseph with you with great faith that he will provide for your family.
      Sr. Kathryn

  72. Please pray for the recovery and healing of Vilma, a 37 year old mother with 2 sons, 8 and 2 years old, respectively. Vilma is suffering from thyroid cancer which is now in stage 3 going to stage 4. Both of her thyroid glands were removed in February 2010 and she is undergoing radiation therapy. Her physical source of life basically depends on medicines. Yet we truly know that her life extension is from God who in His infinite mercy grants her a little more time to live and to repent and prepare for the next life. She has been given 5 more years to live and 1 year has already passed, which means she still has 4 more years here on earth. As of now Vilma also continues to live through prayers, masses, and charity. May God grant her recovery and healing if it be for the good her soul and for the greater glory of God. Please pray also for the eternal repose of the soul of Erlinda who was Vilma’s sister who died in a vehicular accident on May 2000. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Claire,
      I promise my prayers and ask you to pray for me also, that in the years left of our lives we may grow closer to God.
      In Christ,
      Sr. Kathryn

  73. St. Joseph, please I am pleading you to please help me, I am a single mother and I am working abroad to support my kids’ needs. I am in deep debts as of the moment I don’t know what to do, I know that my mother can’t take care of them much longer. You are the protector of the Holy family, please send me back home to my kids and may I find another source of income that will make me stay with them. I can’t leave this country unless I can pay-off all my debts, please help me, I am so depressed and lonely that I contemplate of ending my life, but I am still hanging on for the sake of my kids. In the commemoration of your feast day, I am humbly asking you for this grace.

    Kindly help a friend also, Russell Lilley that he can sell his house ASAP so that he can move to the Gold Coast to start a new life.

    Please take care of my family who are far away from me, make a way for me to come home and to see my kids grow up. Have mercy on me, my dear St. Joseph. Amen.

    • Johanna,
      My heart goes out to you. Joseph would understand not being able to see one’s children grow up, because he was called home sometime before Jesus began his public life. St. Joseph, reach out to Johanna and help her find the way God has marked out for her and to follow that path with faith and hope. Help her to find peace. Reunite her with her children. Draw her close to God’s heart.
      Sr. Kathryn

  74. Please St. Joseph I urgently ask for prayers that my mother will have improved health; that I can resume caring for her in her own home with good caregivers to assist me; that financial stressors may subside; that an ongoing property issue may resolve without conflict from sibling now or in the future. Please I am so despairing. Thank you.

    • Jim,
      In all of this God is calling you to greater faith in his willingness to walk with you through your life, to direct you and love you. This is what St. Joseph learned as God directed him through angels and dreams through very difficult circumstances. I pray that St. Joseph will send such an angel into your life to direct you in all things.
      Sr. Kathryn

  75. Please pray for my parents. They are elderly and and have exhausted their retirement funds due to both serious medical problems and one of my brothers, Anthony, who has a past drug/alcohol problem. My husband and I have been providing my parents with an additional $400 a month to cover the increasing doctor visits, medications and food but even that is not enough. Occasionally, they ask my other two brothers for help as well. My nephews and niece are even buying groceries and household items for them. They still have a mortgage on their home which will not be paid off for another 7yrs and the house is in need of serious repair. At 81 and 78, they should be enjoying the remaining years of their lives but they can’t because of their situation. My brother Anthony is 53yrs old and receives social security because of a back injury but my mother has always taken care of him, so much so, that she keeps his medication and money for him. He is capable of managing his own money and medications but he just lets her as if he’s a child. His social security check covers his truck payment which is $600, insurance and his medications-he has very little left at the end of the month. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful husband of 20yrs who loves my parents as much as I do. This evening he asked them to move in with us but my Mother said no because Anthony would have no where to live. He could actually live with his son but he doesn’t want to. In the meantime, my parents are suffering. I’m the youngest in the family at 42 but willing to take on this great responsibility if they will only let me help them. Please pray my parents will see there is a way out of this burden by moving in with us. I am increasingly concerned over the stress this is causing them and my husband and I.

  76. Dear Sr. Kathryn, please remember me and my family in your prayers in this special day. I’m a 27 years old girl and since I lost my mother 8 years ago, my life has been hard and ruined with depression. I have no friends and I feel often very lonely and sad. My biggest dream is to find a loving husband to start a new family, but I’m a very shy person and I can’t do that on my own. I put my faith in Saint Joseph.
    Saint Joseph bless us all.

    • Maura,

      I wonder if St. Joseph was a shy person. After all, we never hear a word from him in the Scriptures. Perhaps he was the silent type of person that nevertheless is able to be the firm pillar upon whom others can rely. You express that your life has been “ruined.” That is a very strong word, and it makes me worry very much for you. I will pray that St. Joseph will help you find a renewal in your life and a way out of darkness and depression so that you can discover the beauty of your life as it is now. There is beauty in it now, even in the sorrow. You have gifts now, even in your sorrow. I think of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton who lost her husband to tuberculosis, became Catholic and then lost all her friends. She had to raise her family on her own and eventually after many years began a religious community of teach sisters. God has a dream for you also. I will pray that St. Joseph will help you discover this dream. Let us pray together.
      Sr. Kathryn

  77. Precious Saint Joseph,
    Happy Feast Day. I just wanted to say thank you for all the prayers you offer up for me, for taking care of my family and to let you know I love you. I apologize for those times when I become distant or don’t listen. I can only imagine the celebration that is going on in Heaven today… enjoy your day.

  78. I finished my novena to St. Joseph today, and I ask for your prayers for the healing of my husband who has a malignant brain tumor. He is such a good, kind, good Catholic man – he needs a miracle. WE do!
    PLEASE keep Fred in your prayers!

    • Liz,

      You and Fred are definitely in my prayers to St. Joseph that he will bring peace and the miracle you so need.

      Sr. Kathryn

  79. Sr. Kathryn,

    Please pray to St. Joseph for me. I have struggled most of my life with anxiety and depression. It seems to be worsening the last few months. My life has been ruled by it and I have trouble accepting me and my problems. Docs and meds help some. I was given so much by my parents that I feel terrible guilt that that I have not done more in my life. It is hard to explain but I have isolated myself so much that it is now coming home to roost in loneliness and despair. Thank you for your help!

    • Paul,
      You have the beginnings of transformation….a certain awareness of what the problem has been. Anxiety and Depression are very difficult crosses so please treat yourself with respect and patience. There are also steps you can take beyond doctors and medications, listening to music, some healing modalities that can reduce anxiety or lift moods–ranging from exercise, light therapy, healing touch or acupuncture, etc. If you haven’t read Surviving Depression, A Catholic Approach, you may find it helpful.

      You are in my prayers,
      Sr. Kathryn

      • Sr Kathryn,

        Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Since I posted my prayer request I have started back with a therapist. I also went to Confession today for the first time in years. The priest was amazing and helped a lot! I need to “take it easy on myself” , “love myself and my neighbor”, and begin to work on rebuilding my relationship with God through my crosses. They are indeed difficult crosses but I know others have just as difficult of ones. Thanks for the book suggestion. Please continue to pray for me. Thanks!

  80. i pray for a lifetime partner. somebody who will love, understand, accept me for who i am and who is of the same faith. i pray that i will see doc joseph tomorrow. please help me in praying for financial assistance to settle my present obligations. i pray for good health for me and my family. thank you very much.

    • Ayena,
      All of these intentions would have been prayers that St. Joseph would have probably prayed for himself in his life. I am sure he can understand your heart as you pray. I will pray with you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  81. Here are a few requests for prayer. Can you pray over them and send them around to all of your prayer partners.

    1) For Bruce who has severe osteoarthritis. For his wife, Margie, who has bone cancer (started out as breast cancer) and it has metastasized to her brain.

    2) for Mark the maintenance man who,at forty five, has gone back to school after joyfully taking care of his elderly father for the last twenty years, prior to dads dying (and is still caregiver for his mom who is 89)

    3) for Siena House, the homeless shelter for families, women and children, where I work.
    They are planning on closing the doors on May 1st due to a lack of funding. We need a major miracle of $90,000 to stay open. Pray both for the people we help and the employees to find alternate jobs, if we close down, in this poor economy.

    4) For me to gain an understanding of this Math course I am taking and be able to pass it with flying colors. I am not doing well in this class at the moment.

    5.) Prayers of thanksgiving for all the wonderful things God has done and is doing in my life, my children’s and grandchildren’s life.

    Thank you dear friend, for always being there to shine the Light of God in every direction. Love you much,
    Dani MarieBernadette

  82. I am scared and in need of prayers: for a successful weekend home visit for my mother with prospective caregivers without sibling conflict; that I will be guided to make a well informed thoughtful decision with my mother regarding her permanent return home – I don’t know what to advise her; for financial constraints to resolve; for property problems to be resolved without conflict; for peace; for guidance in decisions. Thank you.

    • Jim,

      I will be praying for you on my retreat this week-end, asking St. Joseph to truly make your family a Holy Family, a space where God’s peace can be experienced.

      Sr. Kathryn

  83. Traditionally people entrust to St. Joseph’s human housing needs. After several long months and a number of failed leads, I am still trying to find a permanent home for a very lovely dog. This morning I received an email reply from a priest friennd of mine that offers some hope in this pursuit. The resolution, however, is dependent on a decision by a group of women living in community. Inspired by these stories posted here and others I have heard, I would like to entrust the home need of “Nancy” to St. Joseph’s intercession. Animal creatures at Bethlehem were friend to the Holy Family on that cold winter night. I believe that St. Joseph together with St. Francis will intercede in this need.

    • I’m sure they will, Lisa.

      Your trust and confidence will certainly be rewarded as only God knows how.

      United in prayer,
      Sr. Kathryn

  84. Please pray for my son-in-law to give up smoking and drinking and it is getting worse and causing a lot of problem in the family
    I am praying to St Joseph everyday and I hope he will come to this family and help them with their problems I know that St Joseph will intercede soon as I am frighten because they have a child 1 year and he is afraid when the parents argue Please pray that St Joseph will help soon.

    • Dear Maisie,

      I can just imagine how frightened you must be for your daughter and grandchild. We can both tell St. Joseph to remember how he cared for Jesus as a child. May he look after your grandson with the same attention and protection.

      Let us pray together.

      Sr. Kathryn

  85. The sale of our home. Foreclosures are all over our neighborhood and I am concerned it has brought our value down. St. Joseph please ask Jesus to guide an old friend who told me he was seeking to become a Franciscan but doors were closing in his face because of his age. He is a widow and has raised his children and would like to go back to where he left off before he married.

    • Tina,

      May St. Joseph take care of you and your family, especially in the same of your home. I will pray also for your friend’s vocation.

      Sr. Kathryn

  86. Sr. Kathryn,

    My name is Amy and I just finished my 2nd interview for a position I really need and want. Out of 100+ people It is down to 2. My Husband has been out of work for a year and I was a stay at home Mom. We have a 5 year old son and are losing our house. I really need and want this job. could you please help me with my prayers to Saint Joseph. I will find out this Wednesday if I get the job or not.

    • Dear Amy,

      I will ask St. Joseph in a special way to take care of you and your family. Just as he worked miracles in keeping his own family safe, may he do the same for you. Tell him that he MUST help you. That’s all there is to it.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Sr. Kathryn,

        I did not get the job, but I feel there is another road for me to take and St. Joseph will help guide me. Please keep praying for me and my family so that I can provide for my son and get us out of this place we are in.

      • Amy,

        I will continue praying. I’m sure Joseph wanted to go to Nazareth after Bethlehem. Instead he was sent off to Egypt. God has a mission for you and your family. St. Joseph understands that and can lead you in that way.

        Sr. Kathryn

  87. Please join with me in a prayer to my fiance so that, God can break all the curses he is carrying because of sin life he is living, he is taking alcohol and having adultery relationship. Please pray for him so that he can be saved and turn to Jesus. May Holy Spirit talk to him and change his mind by showing him true love and divine love i have for him and rescue him from the bondage which hold him in that relationship which is out of God will. May spirit of anger,adultery,drunkerdness and hatreth towards me destroyed by God.May God rescue him and allow us to get married soon, I love him so much.when Hanna was praying for a child,she promised God that she will give the child to God,i promise to God that the family which he will give me with Sad–k, we will serve God with love and commitment.May that woman holding him in the adultry relationship,leave him. May Holy Spirit talk to her and let her set him free.let that woman quit without pain in her heart,i dont want her to feel pain.On Friday that woman called me and told me if me and my fiance will get back together she will kill us.Please pray for me so that God can fight me.the name of the woman holding him is Rhoda.

    • Dear Mon,
      I have prayed over this and feel I must respond to your prayer request. I pray Sr. Margaret forgives me. Continue to pray for this man, but at the same time also pray for enlightenment for yourself. Ask Saint Joseph to make sure that you are doing what God wants for your life. Those of us who believe in miracles, sometimes misunderstand exactly where our role ends and God’s begins. It is not always true that the man we fall in love with is from God, or is meant for us. It tells us exactly what love is in 1 Corinthians Ch 13:
      “Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury,
      it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.”
      Mon, I understand you believe you have this kind of love for your fiancee but God wants you to find a man who has these feelings for you as well. If this was the love God created for you it would not include adultery and there would be no place for his hatred of you.
      If you were my sister, I would tell you to continue to pray for this man to come to really know God, but I would also tell you that perhaps God wants you to let him go… so you can find the man God created for you. By your prayers, you can be sure that God will do everything He can to bring this man to him, but in the end, it will still depend on this man and his free will.
      Mon, please be careful. I am praying for you and this man.
      In the Love of Jesus, the Heart of Mary and the Protection and strength of Saint Joseph I leave you.
      Dani MarieBernadette

  88. Please pray to Saint Joseph for my friend Gloria and her husband Linus to know what to do regarding their home. If they are to sell it please lead them to the right place to live. Remind him that Gloria has been a loving and loyal daughter to him 🙂
    Thank you

  89. Dear St Joseph, please help Graeme and me to get back on our feet. We have no home and only a broken car after the earthquake in Christchurch and its so sad to see the Cathedral so damaged, please help all of us who turn to you during this tragic time.

    • Marion,

      My heart goes out to you. I will remember you in a special way in my novenas to St. Joseph. He must help you. Trust greatly in him.

      Sr. Kathryn

  90. Sr. Margaret,
    Thank you for your prayers and this website where we many can offer prayers for teach other in our need. I have miraculous news to report. We have been given an $82,000 check and will not have to close the doors of the homeless shelter. Not only does Saint Joseph help us find a home & sell a home but he also helps us keep a home 🙂 God is so awesome and Saint Joseph always has our back with his own prayers for us. I am so grateful !!! Thank you everyone who prayed for us, thank you Saint Joseph and Thank you Jesus!!!

  91. My mother’s physician has approved her discharge home conditionally, but now I am filled with anxiety and worry that it is the right decision and that it will be successful. I am so worried that it may not work. Please pray that my anxieties and worries are unfounded and that it will be in my mother’s best interest. Thank you.

    • Jim,

      We all can only make decisions as best we can with the information we have at the time. Joseph must have worried about this too. Should I take Mary with me to Bethlehem or not? What will happen if the baby is born on the way? What if there is a problem? Is this the best decision?

      Ask Joseph to help you be in peace. To take it a step at a time, alert for any new information that would cause you to modify your decision. Your anxiety shows your love and sense of responsibility for your mother. Concentrate on loving her and providing for her. And allow God to work. He will.

      Sr. Kathryn

  92. Sr Kathryn,
    Kindly include me in your prayers, I am in a very difficult situation, I cannot make ends meet, I am working abroad and I haven’t paid the rent in the flat in which I am staying for more than 4 months now, I dont know where in God’s hand will I get money to pay for my due bills for this month. I have been living like this for almost six months now. It is really taking a toll out of me, I can’t eat or sleep and I am losing weight very fast. Please pray for me to God and St Joseph to give me another chance to tidy up my life. I have two small kids who need me and I am solely supporting them, I am trying to be strong for them and to always think that all things will work out for me but I don’t know how I could do this. I am losing hope and I am afraid that my faith is faltering. I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want to think of ending my life because I am the only one my kids have. Please pray for me in this very difficult situation, may feel the Lord and St. Joseph’s loving embrace. Thank you very much.

    • Johanna,

      My heart goes out to you. To think of ending your life shows how desperate you must feel your situation to be. Ending your life, however, as you say, will not really be in anyone’s best interest or really help the situation. I will join in prayer to St. Joseph and your guardian angel that someone will reach out to you with help or guidance or wisdom. I will send my own guardian angel to be with you and to help keep you calm and trusting.

      Sr. Kathryn

  93. Please pray for our school board to rescind my resignation and grant me a year of medical leave. I reacted very severely to medication I had been given by my Dr. and I was medically unsound when I made the decision. I did not know I was bad off until I became unable to function. It’s most likely that I have a liver issue where I cannot breakdown certain meds. and so they pool into levels toxic in my brain and central nervous system. I was called by G-d to be a teacher. I love it as much as I love being a wife and mother. I pray that the board and admin. will understand my plight and grant me this request. In the name of Jesus I pray.

    • Lauren,

      Your situation is very difficult. I pray St. Joseph help you in every way that you need comfort, guidance, strength and hope.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Thank you for your prayers. I should know in the next week or so what my job fate will be. This has been so very hard on me and my husband. Without our faith, we would not have been able to be as strong as we have been. Please pray for all of those who are helping us. Please also pray for 3 people I know who have leukemia. They are relatively young. The one’s husband will be losing his job at the end of the month and she is still out on medical leave. Please pray for them especially, they have young children as well.

  94. Please pray for me that Saint Joseph will open up a job, new place to live and other miracles to restart my life, such as a new wife

    • May st Joseph give you the stability of his strength and desire to do God’s will and the freshness of resurrection.
      Sr. Kathryn

  95. My mother has returned home conditionally from nursing home – please pray that it will be a successful and permanent transition. Also, I am encountering serious financial struggles in regard to financing caregivers, operating expenses – please pray that I can find the financial resources/good decision making skills; also, please pray for peace within family. Thank you.

  96. My mother is very ill right now and suffering from lung cancer, brain & bone metastasis. please help us pray that my mother will be healed and return to her normal health and focus her life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Peace.

      It is so hard to see our loved one’s suffer. Mary must understand you, as she watched St. Joseph suffer. I will entrust you to Mary and Joseph.

      Sr. Kathryn

  97. My mother has returned home, we have relinquished the NH bed, caregivers in place. Now we have a situation where one caregiver has not worked out and the other caregiver may not be able to provide services solely and with minimal help from a third care provider. Please pray that this situation works out well and that my mother will not need to return to NH. Thank you.

    • It’s hard to wait for things to work out, no?

      I’ll pray that in time God shows you his glory and goodness.

      Sr. Kathryn

  98. I need saint joseph’s help in completely surrendering
    my life, will, mind and evrything back to God. This includes everythingn in my future. I keep trying on my own.


    • Joe,

      Surrender is hard. Joseph discovered that he had to give all over to God, because what was being asked of him was far beyond anything he could imagine or figure out. But surrender brings complete press. Want what God wants. Even if you feel angry, frustrated or fearful, these are feelings. If the will is pointed in the direction of God’s desires, you are surrendering.

      Sr. Kathryn

  99. Dear Sister thank you for the fine work that you do You are such a blessing in this world Keep up the wonderful prayers When I was younger a stranger gave me a St Joseph’s medal and told me St Joseph would lead me to my true home. Eventually he did but not to a house but to a place of employment I worked for a long time at this place, a hospital called Sacred Heart I was a very dedicated worker and loved my job My coworkers were family I loved them dearly especially one in particular But because of a misunderstanding and lack of communication between people I lost my job and my Heart I miss it so much I have been trying to go back to the place I love so much I hope and pray that Saint Joseph and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    can help me to regain my true home I truly seek their help wisdom and guidance in my life Atleast to reconnect with the person I cared about the most thanks for listening May God truly bless you

    • Dear Maryann,

      I can feel how much you have been connected to this place of work and the people you knew, loved, and worked with. St. Joseph often moved his workplace: from Nazareth to Egypt and back to Nazareth again. I’m sure he understands. Let us pray together to St. Joseph for the graces you so desire.
      Sr. Kathryn

    • Peace.

      Such sorrow. St. Joseph loved Mary so much, he must certainly understand the sorrow and the love in your heart. I will remember you tonight in my special novena to St. Joseph.

      Sr. Kathryn

  100. Hello

    I am looking for a full -time job and it is soooo hard!. I need a job as soon as possible as my family is falling apart. I need money to support myself and my family. Without money I will not live. I have applied to so many companies and went to so many interviews, still no luck. Ive been looking for a full -p time for a year now. I am getting so stressed that I feel like letting go. Can you please help me father. pray for me that I get a full time job soon! . I have prayed to God every night with tears. It is so frustrating for me.

    I live in Toronto, On, Canada.

    Please e-mail me at your earliest convieince. Thank you.

    • Rosy,

      My heart goes out to you in your need. Let us pray to St. Joseph together. There were times when he was desperate, like when he looked for a place for Mary in Bethlehem. Tell him that you need him to find you a home. You trust him as much as Mary depended on him. I will pray too.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Thank you vey much for your prayer!

        I still not yet found a full – time employment. Please continue to pray or me as I will do also.

        I was wondering if you have an employment prayer you could give me to pray.

  101. I ask for you prayers and intercession for Jessica, my Sweetheart. For the healing of the confusion and chaos in her life, her mind, heart & soul. For the graces she needs to seek forgiveness, and forgive herself, me and others who have hurt her. For the graces she needs for her soul searching, discernment and examination of conscience. For the healing of the anger, resentment and bitterness in her heart and the healing of any lack of self worth, self esteem and self respect. For us to pardon, reconcile and reopen our hearts to our love for each other and our God. For the courage and persistence she needs not to give up on us. Thank You

    • Peace.

      You love as St. Joseph loved, in a selfless desire for the good of the one you love. Ask St. Joseph to provide her with everything you cannot and to strengthen your love for God and for Jessica…to love with the heart of God. I shall pray with you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  102. Hi Sister,

    Thank you for your prayers. It’s been a dark few years and I’m down on myself alot for sins and for lost opportunities. I would love your prayers for St. Joseph’s help and protection on my journey.



    • Hi Tom,
      I hope you don’t mind, but as I was praying about your request today I was reminded of something I have learned and decided to share it with you.
      At 62 years of age it would be fair to say that I have had my share of experiences with both dark years, and regret. As someone whose life has been touched by depression, I am well aware that these experiences and our guilt over them can become magnified right out of proportion. What I have learned is this: It is not God who repeatedly sends us feelings of guilt or regret…it is the devil who does this so that he can maintain a sense of control over us. Once we initially express the regret and true sorrow to God for not having made better choices or for the lost opportunities of life and ask forgiveness we have an obligation to trust that we are forgiven, so that we can move forward. Yes Tom, we have an obligation to “let it go” so that we do not waste another precious moment on the sinful side of life. God our loving father, wants us to have a healthy sense of freedom in all future choices that could not be possible if we cling to the past due to regret or guilt.
      I continue to pray for you to receive the graces that will keep you moving ever closer to our wonderful and loving father.
      In his love…
      Dani MarieBernadette

    • Dear Tom,

      You are in my prayers. I hear you sadness and anxiety connected with your need for a meaningful and fruitful life. Your life may be more meaningful and fruitful than you know, in ways you don’t expect. Would you be able to ask St. Joseph to show you ways in which your life is profoundly gifted in these unexpected ways. He also had his life laid out, Mary’s pregnancy seemed to interrupt those dreams. He understands where you are. But he also knows that God’s plans for you can be truly gifted if we hand ourselves over to God’s protection and goodness.

      Sr. Kathryn

  103. Dear Sister: Thank you for your ongoing prayers for my mother, my familly and myself. My mother has returned home and is doing well. May I please ask for prayers that she thrives at home, that she will enjoy being back home, for good/ caregivers and for sibling to create no difficulties with same, for mother’s blood work to improve; for property-financial-vehicular-family struggles to resolve peacefully; for a good confession for self. Thank you.

  104. I need over a million dollars to help my brother-in-law with his medical dept. My sister has insurance on him, but not enough to cover his medical debt with the chemo and radiation therepy he takes for his glioblastoma metaforte. He is sleeping a lot these days and they both know he is going to die. He told my husband that he cannot go to the basement in the hospital where he receives treatment because he sees dead people. OK there is a morgue there. I am so sad for them and really want to help their financial problem. They are letting their house gointo forecloseure because they cannot afford it on her income alone. Her daughter and granddaughter live there too. It hurts so much to see them this way. She is having him experience every thing he can while he still can. Please pray for this. I have gotten powerballs just in case I can strike it rich and help them with all the bills. They are such wonderful people. Please pray for us all.
    Thank you! Bryce Mann

    • I will pray to St Joseph tonight for your intentions. I keep a prayer to St.Joseph at my bedside table.May St. Joseph obtain all the help you need to trust in Divine Providence in your painful situation. He can obtain miracles for you and he has never failed anyone. God bless!

  105. I am on the lookout for a suitable job for me as my current job is in danger, I am looking for some opportunities within and outside, please pray for me to get a suitable job as soon as possible and also pray for me to get mental peace

    • St. Joseph lost his job in Nazareth and worried about providing for the material needs of his family. He, too, suffered with the unknown and began all over again in Bethlehem, and Egypt and when they returned from there. He loved and trusted and did his best and God guided him, as he trusted in Divine Providence. I will pray for you and with you to Joseph over the weekend. May you experience his powerful intercession and find peace of mind.God bless!

  106. Pls. pray for me Sr. Kathryn that we can sell our land in the province as the only
    solution to pay our debts. My indebtedness starts when her operation 3x in thigh
    which nees immediate surgery . Cost of operation is so expnsive that I and my 3
    siblings shared the expenses for my mother(for her to walk in again). We are so
    down during those times.
    I am hard up in sending my two children to school
    because my husband is not responsible enough to pay attention to that matter.
    I’m not losing hope for I know sometime my prayer request be granted by St.
    Joseph. I encountered many miracles in my life because of my strong faith.
    At this moment I need a partner in prayer that’s why I wrote to you. Pls. help me pray to St. Joseph

    • Dear Vaness,

      The desperation you was also shared by St. Joseph. The leap of faith, the trust in God’s mighty power and gentle plan that brings good even out of the most sad of situations….he learned all this through scary and difficult situations himself. Yes, I will pray with you for all your needs at this time. St. Joseph, pray for us.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Tnx. Sr. Kathyrn, I appreciate your help praying for me and caring for the needs of
        others. I will always be forever grateful that I met you thru mail.

        You will always be an inspiration to me. I want you to know that you made me happy
        with you reply…It means a lot to me. I pray that God will bless you more so that
        you can continue your mission.

    • Keep up your evident spirit of trust and gratitude. St. Joseph’s love and care for you will continue. I will pray to St.Joseph today in my prayers during my visit to the Blessed Sacrament.
      Sr. Kathryn

      • I was so touch about the answered prayer – I received to be able to send my two children to
        school. I claimed that St. Joseph answered my petition. I want to share with many
        readers that St. Joseph really help us during our moments of sadness and when
        things go wrong. Thank you sister for bringing out the best in me and also for
        your continued prayers about my problem in finances.

  107. I ask for prayers for Jessica, my sweetheart. For the gifts of the Holy Spirit. For the fortitude, wisdom she needs. For guidance, healing, conversion and reversion to our God and Church. For us to strengthen our love for each other and God. As Blessed Pope John Paul II said….”our Risen Lord offers his Love that pardons, reconciles and reopens hearts to love.” I ask for prayers that Jessica and I pardon each other and seek forgiveness, reconcile and reopen our hearts to each other and to God; if this be Gods will.

  108. requesting prayers for my sister in-law, Annette, and my brother, John. For strength, peace and health during her labor. She is in labor now with their first child……they’ve been married for 21 years and tried to conceive without success….going to fertility specialist many times. Last year they convalidated their marriage in the Church and our God gave them the blessings of conceiving their first child. A TRUE miracle and blessing from God.

  109. Dear Sister:
    Today I am feeling very low and desperate. Everything seems to be going wrong and I am struggling in many ways. News of financial concerns last evening have me very worried and fearful – all seems lost. I am so in need of prayer. God bless.

    • Dear Jim, St. Joseph is especially powerful in helping us in desperate moments. These are moments when we pray as we can, even if only “St Joseph, pray for me, increase my faith and hope. Joseph had many “desperate” moments in his life when everything seemed to be falling apart. He prayed and struggled and relied on Divine Providence with trust and God provided for him and his family. Many times, what seems lost turns out to be a blessing. I have just now prayed for you and will continue in my Holy Hour of Adoration. Courage, God is with you!
      Sr Kathryn

  110. requesting prayers for a new job, new place to live…special miracles as i re-organize my life according to God’s Will.

    • May St. Joseph’s prayers to God for you help in every way to bless you as you seek to do God’s will. He is the great doer of God’s will after Our Lady, and his intercession is so powerful. I will pray for you. St. Joseph, pray for us.
      Sr. Kathryn

  111. please pray that I will be hired at prudential aviation or Flight works as a corporate flight attendant soon and have favor with Gordon Gerstein there. Aslo pray that I will be able to sell my condo as well . And lastly pray that Yolanda and andrew at my present place will leave me alone .

  112. beste zuster Katryn,7jaar geleden ben ik in een zware depressie geraakt ik heb tot de heilige jozef en moeder maria geben heb genade gekregen was er helemaal uit maar door op negatieve gevoelens in te gaan zit ik nu terug heel diep er in ik heb een hele lieve man en 2 lieve kinderen en ik wil hun moeder blijven hoe kan ik tot de Heilige Jozef nu bidden help mij en mijn relatie met mijn man

  113. Hi Sr. Kathryn,
    Well, the homeless shelter where I work closed down yesterday and we have been laid off until October, if then. We were able to place all of our guests but it is going to be very hard on women and children who may find themselves in dire straights in the near future so please keep them in your prayers. Also writing to ask for your prayers for this new term in school. I have just completed my first week in this term and already it is so much tougher than all my schooling thus far.
    Going to bed.. thank you for always being there and for all the prayers.
    with love, Dani

    • Dear Dani,

      You have my prayers for your situation, both employment and school. Your concern for the women is touching, and I am sure moves the heart of God that you reach out to others, even as you need help yourself. St. Joseph would understand you profoundly.

      Sr. Kathryn

  114. Sr. Kathryn,
    Thank you for your note and prayers. The hardest class that I am taking is something I think you would find very interesting…The Catholic Tradition, 🙂 Reason,Faith, and Tradition: Explorations in Catholic Theology by Martin Albl. Please ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me so that I will gain new understanding and come to know this in my mind, heart and soul.

  115. Lord Jesus please let Justin get the job he has had 2 interviews with at E.E.Let me make every bonus my company offers for sales and let me get and easily pay for my weight loss surgery and be thin and healthy In Jesus’s Name,The Father and the Holy Spirit.Amen.

    • God bless you, Sherri. I place your intentions in the hands of dear St. Joseph.May St. Joseph’s intercession obtain all the blessings God wants to give you in his loving providence.

  116. Please pray for my brother Dragan P., he is 31 year old, for him healing, he need better life, he need Kingdom of God in him life, he need good future, he would like to live in Ottawa in Canada and he would like to have honesty and good job, he need good work friends, he would like to be only happy and have only very happy and blessing life, he need good girl, good future women, good future wife, good future children, good future marriage, good future life, if God wont, please pray for him life, thanks, God bless you!

    • Dear Katarina, I will remember you and all your intentions in my novena to St. Joseph. May he bless you, your brother Dragon and Mario.
      St. Joseph, foster father of our Lord Jesus Christ and spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for Katarina and all her loved ones. Amen.

  117. Please pray for a man named Joseph who is going through depression because of some inner wounds from childhood, especially never knowing his father. He is desperate to know the love of God the Father, and to be free from emotional bondage that has grown into a self-hatred that has included suicidal thoughts. Bless you for your prayers!

    • I will remember Joseph in my prayers and entrust him to the intercession of the Blessed Mother and good St. Joseph.
      Sr. Kathryn

      • Thank you, Sr. Kathryn. If anyone can help, I know St. Joseph can. You are in our prayers, too.

  118. May I please ask for prayers for my mother to be blessed with improved health, for her to successfully remain in her own home, for good/dedicated caregivers to assist me; for property-financial-vehicular concerns to resolve so that I may experience some peace of mind. I feel overwhelmed and sad much of the time as I want to insure my mother’s care and resolve the other issues which seem insurmountable. Thank you.

  119. Sr. Kathryn,
    Hello my precious friend, I hope life is being good to you. Tonight I am asking for prayer for several people. I will start with my sister Dona, who needs healing and more jobs coming in. She is 61 years old and earns her living cleaning houses. The downturn of the economy has made it rough for her and tonight she told me she absolutely has to have more jobs coming in because she can’t pay her bills as it is now. Her husband cannot find a job and her cupboard is nearly bare. She also has an infection on her eyelid and can’t afford the medication.even if she could get into the Dr. before September.
    Next, my son in law Adam is a roofer and there is not enough business for him to be able to support his young family either. He is planning on going back to school for a Business degree while things are slow, please pray it will be a success.
    Yesterday I ran into Dee (one of the guests from the shelter I worked for before it closed down) and she is having a very difficult time. She does have a job at WalMart but not enough money to get an apartment yet (she is staying with a friend through August) and she battles low self esteem and serious depression. Having been diagnosed with clinical depression myself years ago I can certainly empathize with her. I promised to pray for her and to ask all of you to join me in praying for her and her demeanor brightened right up. .
    Things were financially rough for me but not unmanageable this past month and they are looking up again. My brake pads on the front wore down to the metal and the grinding has been making me a wreck but next week I will be able to take care of them. My mechanic said that because my rear brakes were good, it would be okay to drive as long as I am careful. I used my head and only drove when absolutely necessary. I am so grateful to Saint Joseph because he always looks out for me and I feel he protects me, and those around me, until I can afford to get them fixed.
    Thank you for the heartfelt caring and prayer that you provide for all of us.
    God Bless you Sr. Kathryn, with a heart full of love, Dani

    • Dear Dani, I have entrusted all your intentions to the great heart of St Joseph and his most holy spouse, Mary. Continue to pray with confidence and trust. Thank you for your prayers for me. God bless you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  120. We have some positives on our dear brother-in-law! His last MRI showed that the cancer has not spread in his brain. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Praises to St. Joseph and all the saints and to our Lord and Sweet Jesus. He has a new MRI this week so keep the prayers coming! Love to you all!

  121. Thank you all for your positive prayers. I just met a man named Dean and he is doing dialysis for kidney problems. He is on a transplant list. Please pray for him also.
    In sweet Jesus name we pray to you St. Joseph

    • Bryce, I will remember Dean in my prayers to dear St. Joseph in a special way in my ongoing novena.God bless you and Dean. May his turn for a transplant be soon.
      Sr. Kathryn

  122. “My God, my God why have you abandoned me.” Every shred of hope
    seems to be gone. I am hoping, it seems against hope. My mother has
    suffered a serious problem requiring extensive surgery, from which she
    is very slow to respond. Doctors are wanting me to make heart wrenching decisions. I pray day and nite and do not feel God’s presence. In addition I am struggling with my sibling and his family who are questioning me and causing me challenges by their actions and words. I feel I am at the very bottom. Please…please…I beg for prayers that this situation will work out with my mother recovering and all controversy resolving.

    • Jim, your prayer of lament goes straight to the heart of Jesus. I feel he is with you, embracing you close to his heart as you struggle to hope against hope. Your pain is mysteriously in solidarity with his on the cross. Your very desire to want to hope is already an act of hope trusting God will answer you. He will not abandon you. Place your suffering in the hands of St. Joseph and I will pray tonight in union with all who are praying for you. May St. Joseph obtain peace and comfort as God’s plans for you and your family unfolds in his Providence. God bless you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  123. Jim, I am praying for peace and strength for you in this situation. I am also praying for your mom and for God to make His Will known to you. I am asking St. Joseph to go to Jesus on your behalf. I will write more tomorrow. Please do not lose hope…
    God Bless you

  124. Hi Jim,
    The pain you are experiencing, especially the part of feeling abandoned, touched my very soul. I have been there.
    The reason I wanted to wait until today to get back to you is that in the midst of praying for you…I felt called to send you a note. The problem with that is no matter what I wrote; it did not feel right, so I decided I needed more prayer before beginning. Let me begin now by saying that while you seem to be going through a very dark period in your life, God has not abandoned you. He is right there with you through everything. Just because we do not always feel His presence, does not mean that we are alone, He has promised never to leave us, and He is Truth. The best way out of your confusion regarding the decisions you must make concerning your mom, is to set aside some private time to have a deep conversation with God, pour your heart out to Him, relax in His embrace, and then allow enough time to be still and listen for Him to answer you. You may not think you are hearing anything, but trust that He will fill you with His peace and wisdom. Also, ask Saint Joseph to work with your family filling them with compassion, understanding, and love. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Please do not lose hope.

  125. Thank you. I am truly afraid I am losing hope rapidly. What I had hoped would resolve seems to be leaving me. I am concerned about my family and what decisions they wish to be made – at this moment I feel apart from them. May God please help us.

    May you be blessed for your kindness.

  126. Hi Jim,
    There is a big difference between being overwhelmed by something and losing hope. The very fact that you have asked for prayer tells me that you are not losing hope in God but in the overwhelming situation. This is natural and nothing to worry about. You are covered in prayer and if the only prayer you can offer right now is to say the Name of Jesus over and is more than sufficient, it is perfect. Try and remember that it is in “letting go” and allowing God to take the reigns that you will find peace.He will see to it that everything works according to His plan and one day when you look back you will see that it has been for the good of all.
    My prayers are with you and your family.
    Dani MarieBernadette

  127. Sr. Kathryn,
    What a wonderful day this is, I have been witness to another miracle that would not have been possible had it not been for Saint Joseph!!! In the beginning of April my friend Gloria wrote asking for prayer. For a year, life had been filled with financial uncertainty and they came to the conclusion that they had no recourse but to downsize and sell their beloved home. I reminded her to trust in Saint Joseph and I came here and requested prayer for them. They put the house on the market and while many people have gone through it (disrupting their lives even more each week) there were no buyers and they could not find the right house to move into. At one point they felt they had one, but just when it came down to the wire everything fell through. She and her husband Linus were devastated and worried sick. I told her not to worry, to bury a statue of Saint Joseph in their yard and trust in Saint Joseph’s prayers for them. She used the statue they had in their Christmas manger 🙂
    Today, I got an email from her saying that now that rates are low they were able to refinance their home at a much lower rate and for ten years so they have taken their house off the market. They are so thrilled and finally at peace. She wrote “I got St. Joseph out of the ground now and cleaned him up so he is all ready for the Nativity set this Christmas. He did his job in the best way.”
    Thank you Sr. Kathryn, for your prayers, your devotion to Saint Joseph and for sharing it with all of us.
    Thank you Saint Joseph for your prayers for my friends and for this awesome miracle.
    I love you both and am so excited and beyond grateful with each new miracle.

  128. Saint Joseph, please pray for us to sell our house quickly and for the amount we need to start our new life in our new home. Amen

  129. Saint Joseph, please help us to sell our house quickly and please help us to get the amount we need to start our new life in our new home in the country. Amen. Thank you for your intercession.

  130. Sr. Kathryn,

    Please pray for my Mom. She has always been a well person but recently complains of not being such. We came back from her side of the family reunion and it has been a tough six weeks. All medical tests so far have been normal. We are waiting on another. It is being discussed that it might be depression/anxiety. She is almost 87 yrs old and the change in her in four days was dramatic. Please St. Joseph heal her and help me in this anxiety situation to remain calm and helpful to her. Thanks,

    • Paul, may good St. Joseph obtain serenity and calm trust in this painful situation. God does all good things in his Providence for each of us.I will remember you in my novena to St/ Joseph.
      Sr. Kathryn

  131. I am so despairing. There have been brief moments of hope and some positive changes, however, things seem tenouous. I feel my family wants to take over in making decisions – I have lived with my mother for over twenty five years and am her POA. I believe I know her the best. Their assertive personalities are taking over and on many occasions bypassing me. My mother continues to be critical. I don’t know what to do – I feel afraid and alone. Please pray that my mother may be healed – we have reached this point for a reason, that she may return to own home and that other extraneous situations resolve. I am thanking God for mercies thus far, but pleading Him to help me and grant me hope.

    • I have you in my heart and prayers these days begging St. Joseph to obtain all the graces God wants to give you. I remembered you in a special way at Mass. I know God is with you because he said to all of us, “Do not be afraid! I Am with you. I am also praying a novena to Sr. Joseph.
      Sr. Kathryn

    • I have you in my heart and prayers these days begging St. Joseph to obtain all the graces God wants to give you. I remembered you in a special way at Mass. I know God is with you because he said to all of us, “Do not be afraid! I Am with you. I am also praying a novena to Sr. Joseph.
      Sr. Kathryn Here is a prayer to St. Joseph:
      Remember of most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, that never has it been known that anyone who asked for your help or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I commend myself to you and beg your protection. Despise not my petition, dear foster father of our Redeemer, but hear and answer my prayer. Amen ( from common sources). St Joseph surrendered his own anguish into the heart of the Heavenly Father. Gently, Jesus draws you to himself.
      Sr. Kathryn

  132. My brother in law Tim so appreciates your prayers and his new MRI shows that the cancer has not grown. Now I have another request. My brother Bruce Buss has cancer and they think it may be pancreatic. We were hoping it was in the duadeum, but we will have to wait until he has his new CT scans to make sure. Please pray for my brother Bruce and Tim. Love to all of you!

  133. My mother continues to struggle. It seems we conquer one hurdle and another presents itself. I am pleading for the intercession of St. Joseph to aid my mother in regaining alertness and that the feeding plan in place will work to promote nutrition and healing. I also implore St. Joseph to be with me as I struggle with family issues and that he will be with me during a scheduled family meeting at 3p on Wednesday as we sort out the next steps. I feel so alone and overwhelmed by the situation, by the assertiveness of family members and by my desire to believe but fearing the present and future.

    • Jim, I am continuing to pray for you, your mother and your family. We are praying, trusting and believing in God’s mercy and goodness for you. Jesus reassures you “Do not be afraid, for I am with you always! In the Bible God says that his plan for us is for the good and he will give us a future with him. Some prayer that may help you when your anxiety seems to overcome you, is to repeat slowly “Jesus, I trust in you.” “Jesus, I do believe, help my unbelief”.We are united in the Body of Christ. You are loved!
      Sr Kathryn


    • It can be very upsetting to face a job location change
      or job loss. St. Joseph had to leave Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Egypt and then back to Nazareth and understands your worry and anxieties and will intercede to God for you in his loving plans for your life. I include you with many others in prayer to St. Joseph. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

    • It can be very upsetting to face a job location change
      or job loss. St. Joseph had to leave Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Egypt and then back to Nazareth and understands your worry and anxieties and will intercede to God for you in his loving plans for your life. I include you with many others in prayer to St. Joseph. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

  135. I know that St. Joseph is looking out for my family. Please continue to pray for my brother-in-law Tim and my brother Bruce that all will go well with them and the cancer they face.
    Love to all of you and special love and thanks to Sr, Kathryn
    Bryce Mann

    • Bryce, I will remember your loved ones in my novena prayer to St. Joseph which I keep on my bedstand and recite every evening. May good St. Joseph obtain multiple blessings for you, Tim, and Bruce.

  136. Bryce,
    Prayers still going up for You, Tim and Bruce and all those you love. I have had cancer twice and I am still kicking. 🙂 so that should uplift you a bit. Also pray to Saint Peregrine the cancer saint.
    Best of everything…
    Dani MarieBernadette

  137. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I am so glad you are still kicking it!! Gives one hope. I will say a prayer to Saint Peregrine thank you for telling me!

  138. My mot5er has been placed in palliative care and we are now keeping vigil. What a sad experience. To compound the situation my brother and his family seem to be taking control. They individually talk to me about how I should handle the situation, their plans for funeral arrangements, what they believe is best to do with my mother’s finances, that there are items they wish from her home. I don’t believe I am exaggerating. Since I have no wife and family I am completely alone making this even more difficult. I am not sure I can go on.

  139. Hi Jim,
    My heart and prayers are with you as you struggle with so much right now. One thing I wanted to mention to you is that you are not the only one going through this grief process. I know it might not seem like it at times, but your brother and sister-in-law are grieving too. Perhaps, what you are seeing as cold and controlling might just be the only way they know how to “be there”. I have an older (thirteen year age difference) brother, Bob, that is very much the way you have described your family. When our mother was dying he came into town and just took over. He spoke to the doctors and tried making all the decisions, he too took over moms finances, his wife started cleaning out moms apartment and getting rid of things, as well as deciding what they wanted to keep for themselves. He was making me feel like a blithering idiot. It sure seemed like he was pushing me into a corner at every turn.One night I had enough and I said some things in a heated manner when abruptly he turned and said “Well Dani MarieBernadette, I was only trying to help! I just don’t know what else to do.” he went on to say that he is not like me and he does not deal well with his emotions, he just works through them in a furious sort of manner. Jim, I felt awful. We talked and made up that same night but nothing changed except for me. I learned to accept him just the way he is. I learned that we all grieve differently and that each persons grief is sincere and valid. As time went on I also came to realize that he is a controlling sort of person and has always been that way.Why would I ever have thought he might react any differently in this situation? Not only that but our siblings will always see us the way they did when we were children no matter how much we have grown.
    Yes Jim, there are some cold, calculating and greedy people in the world but I bet if you stop and take a second look you will see that your family members are just hurting too.
    Prayers continuing…
    Dani MarieBernadette

  140. Dear St. Joseph

    Please heal my relationships and find me a good job – I have lost everything I had this year when I had so much at the beginning of the year. I know I was not going on the right path but now I have returned to God. Please intercede for me!


  141. My mother passed away last Tuesday. I am feeling guilty and feeling very much alone. I am now struggling with feelings about my family who have taken an assertive approach since my mother’s passing. Since I have no immediate family it feels very much like me and them. Please pray that I can overcome this…I truly don’t know what to do…

    • Jim, may dear St. Joseph and our Mother Mary pray for you in your sorrow and obtain for you much comfort and peace. I am remembering you and your family in our novena to St. Joseph. God bless you!
      Sr. Kathryn

  142. Jim,
    My heart and prayers are with you.

    O Loving Father and Savior, send your angels to carry the soul of your servant, Jim’s Mother, from this earth to the heavenly place of eternal and everlasting life. Let her family and friends who have passed before in faith be reunited in joy with the her. Forgive any wrongs that have been committed and welcome this beloved spirit into the warm embrace of your unending peace. Father, you know the pain that Jim is experiencing right now, please fill him with your love, peace, and wisdom. Remove this heavy burden of darkness from him and show him the joy that comes from living his life to the fullest. Bless his entire family so that they come to an understanding of what loving each other, and being there for each other is really all about.
    Eternal rest grant unto Jim’s mom O Lord,
    And let perpetual Light shine upon her.
    May her soul
    And the souls of all the faithful departed
    Through the mercy of God
    Rest in peace.

  143. Dear St Joseph come here tonight to please intercede in behalf durring this difficultimes that I’am having finacially. I ask to please intercede in my behalf ask my loving God to please help me with this pain.

    Please St Joseph put this prayer in your hand tonight! Please my hart is so sad, cry everyday and night. I need God in my life! i want to follow him. Please need you God


  144. Dear St. Joseph: I am so filled with worry and fear. Please help me during a family gathering on Sunday, that there will be no conflicts or controversy; that there will be peace with my sibling and his family and me; that the resolution of my mother’s estate will be peaceful with no conflicts now or in the future. I am consumed with desperation over this situation in addition to the loss of my mother. I beg you with my heart and soul to help me and us in this process.

    • Jim, I join prayer with yours to St. Joseph: Oh, St. Joseph, St Teresa of Avila said you granted everything she asked for in faith.
      With your great power of intercession things that seem impossible are made possible. Come to Jim’s aid in his present trouble and distress. Take under your protection the difficult affairs that Jim has entrusted to you. Obtain from Jesus and Mary what Jim asks. Reveal to him your great goodness and power. We thank you for this grace. Amen
      Sr. Kathryn

    • Jim, I join prayer with yours to St. Joseph: Oh, St. Joseph, St Teresa of Avila said you granted everything she asked for in faith.
      With your great power of intercession things that seem impossible are made possible. Come to Jim’s aid in his present trouble and distress. Take under your protection the difficult affairs that Jim has entrusted to you. Obtain from Jesus and Mary what Jim asks. Reveal to him your great goodness and power. We thank you for this grace. Amen
      Sr. Kathryn

  145. Nervous to buy my first home. Looking for comfort in my decision to do so and for the comfort of all others in this same situation.

    • Krista Marie, When I read your note, I turned to St. Joseph to inspire me with some comforting words. St. Joseph, I think, experienced uncertainty at least 3 times when he had to find a dwelling and shelter for Mary and Jesus. And God gently led him to safe places. After this thought I found a beautiful prayer to St. Joseph:
      Dear Saint Joseph, intercede for me with the Heavenly Father, that I might find a new home for my family. I need a place that is sufficient for our needs in an area that is safe for my family. I know you understand the urgency of my request and the anxieties that accompany my search. Please intercede for me to our Heavenly Father who knows all our needs. Provider of the Holy Family, pray for us. Help me to wait patiently if need be. Give me wisdom as I entrust my cause to your powerful intercession. Amen.

  146. Lord Jesus please let my boyfriend Justin be hired at I (Company).Please let him ace the phone interview at 11 am EST today.If it is your will please make a way for this job to come through by Friday as he really needs the money.In Jesus’s Name,The Father and The Holy Spirit.Amen.

    • I am sitting at the computer and (11:10 am) and read your prayer and immediately turned to St. Joseph that Justin would win this job he is looking for. May St. Joseph obtain from his Foster Son, Jesus, this job if it is in God’s providence for Justin to have. God bless you!
      Sr. Kathryn

  147. Please St. Joseph aid me in my pressing necessities – that there will be no arguements, conflicts, confrontations with sibling/sister in law/nieces over my mother’s estate, Will, division of property and finances. Please pray that I will make good decisions regarding same and will not create problems. I am struggling with my grief which is making this process difficult for me – I guestion everything and am fearful of moving forward. Please St. Joseph come to my immediate aid.

    • I am continuing to lift you up in prayer, Jim. Persevere in prayer of trust. God is with you and wants to bless you and loves you for your present trust in him. Our tender, compassionate God will certainly bless you with his Provident care in his all loving heart.
      Sr. Kathryn

  148. I thank Saint Joseph for all he have gone for me. I thank him for all those he has interceded for in this prayer blog.

    I know he is guiding me through each day of my recovery. He knows what job, career/business I will be involved in and who my wife and children are. I simply need to trust more.

    Joseph Gerard Christopher.

    • Dear Joseph, God is filled with joy with your acts of gratitude and in your desire to trust. St Joseph will continue to assist you and will obtain from God the grace to trust more and more. Your desire to trust is in itself an act of trust. Be encouraged. God has made the Blessed Mother and her spouse St. Joseph powerful intercessors praying for us to our Provident Father in heaven who “has blessed us with every blessing in the heavens.” (Ephesians) He just pours out his gifts to us. We are a cause of joy to HIm when we receive his gifts with gratitude and trust. I will continue to pray to St. Joseph for you.

  149. Asking for prayers for my son. He has an addiction problem to marijuana and possibly other drugs. Alcohol is also a problem. He left college and is working but only general labor and not enough to support himself.

    • Dear Friend, from Jesus and Mary, Good St. Joseph can obtain every good for body and soul. He understands that your beloved son is deep down seeking happiness like all of us. Your prayers for him to St. Joseph as you reach out to your son will be answered. I will pray for you to St. Joseph in my novena to St. Joseph. Love overcomes every difficulty. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

  150. Asking prayers for my job stability, help me to continue in my present job. Help me to get the driving license in next test (31 Oct) Help for my family, wife and children. Make us love and understand each other to live as thy HOLY FAMILY.

    • Dear George, you have done what God loves. Your are knocking, seeking, asking. God loves to be asked! You have our prayers for your intentions as we ask St. Joseph to bless you and your family in every way. By his great power with his Foster Son Jesus, he will reveal the Heavenly Father’s infinite goodness to you because he loves to give.
      Sr. Kathryn

  151. Sister Kathryn
    I have been praying to Blessed Mary for help and sometimes I say, please may I borrow Joseph to lean on – I am out of work and the mortgage and bills are piling up – I keep looking for work and praying through the doubt – perhaps I am not good for enough for God to help – I used my savings to help my family members who were in need and care for my mom these last two years before she passed in January. I didn’t think of myself and now, I find I am in need. Would you mind praying to Joseph for me? Thank you so much

    • Dear Julie D.
      St. Joseph will certainly help you. Tell him in simple words, “Dear St. Joseph, take care of my cause quickly. He is especially powerful to be invoked in life’s emergencies. He has never been invoked in vain. I join with you in my novena to St. Joseph to help you in your distress especially since you have helped others before your own needs. “God hears the cry of the poor.”
      Sr. Kathryn

      • Sr Kathryn
        Thank you from my heart. I so needed to hear that. So, I will go to him and ask for myself and my family – and when I feel discouraged I shall wait on God and Joseph will help me….what you do is such a blessing in today’s world – such a relief – perhaps it was he who sent me to you – I was just searching on the web for prayers and asking Mother Mary for her husband’s help. Thank you for praying–I am not alone then, someone dear and good prays with me…

      • Sister
        I know I just started praying with you to St Joseph but I wanted to tell you that I believe he is going to help me. I did not have any money this morning to get some groceries and gas for the car. But I was led to some silver necklaces that I had from a long time ago and I thought since I do not wear them much any more, I can try and sell them. Well, I was able to get $70! Far more than I ever thought and I am going to put some money in my sister’s acct in GA as she has little resources as well. I am so humbled that he is going to help me – yes, I have the mortgage and taxes but somehow I feel I have someone who can lead me and help me in ways I know not of. I thank you so much for your prayers and your kindness. Please keep praying for me and my family and I will also for all those who write to you and for you as well. I know now I was meant to find your website.

      • Dear Julie,
        We are one body in Christ and each member is joined to one another in faith to encourage one another and build up the Body of Christ. Union is strength in the Holy Spirit. I’m so glad St. Joseph has begun to show you his goodness; we rejoice with you and will continue to pray for you. God bless!

  152. Sister Katherine
    Please pray for Bernie Juno and the Hebron House of Hospitality organization of Waukesha WI. Bernie started this organization in 1986 to provide shelter for the homeless. Hebron House now has three shelters that are all overflowing and with the economy being in such a slump we have extensive waiting lists of people waiting to get in. The organization has been hard hit with drastic financial cuts in loan and grant money and these financial difficulties have taken a toll on Bernie’s health. She is in the hospital and needs prayer because her prognosis is not good.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Dear Friend Dani,
      You are always so thoughtful and caring for so many people. Tell Bernie, we all are praying for her through the intercession of St. Joseph, “helper in lives emergencies”, for restored health and to provide generously for Hebron House of Hospitality, a work for and with the poor. God’s generosity will not be outdone and he will honor “his man” Joseph in providing whatever is in everyone’s interests in this difficult time. God bless, Dani, and Bernie Juno and “hear the cry of the poor” through Good St. Joseph.
      Sr. Kathryn

  153. Dear Sister: I know that I have written frequently – I apologize for my frequent contacts. May I again please ask for prayers for my dear Mother who passed one month ago; for me that I may overcome my grief and feelings of failure; for my sibling and family for their grief; for the peaceful resolution of my mother’s affairs, including property and finances. I am most grateful for your prayers.

    • Dear Jim,
      It was so good to hear from you again! I sense your new hope even in your pain. We will continue to pray for you, your dear mother, and your whole family. Prayer and love help to solve difficulties and trials and the strength to carry our crosses with hope and trust. May St. Joseph continue to help you in your sufferings. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

  154. Sister Katherine, Please help us in our prayers to ST. Joseph. in helping our daughter believe in and love the Lord God again restoring her faith. We would like to have her come back home and also our two grandchildren. We have not seen or heard from them since April 2011 and we miss them all so much. The bad company she was keeping did his best to ensure her that God does not exist and turned her away from her family. He would laugh at our grandson for loving the lord. He is 6 yrs old. Please pray for us..

    • Dear Diana,
      I have prayed to St. Joseph in union with you. He will not delay in answering your heartfelt faith and trust. His power, it has been said, equals his great goodness. Ask him for whatever is you and your family need. He intercessory power with the merciful Heart of his foster son Jesus. Today is Wednesday, the day of the week we honor St. Joseph is a special way. May God bless you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  155. Sister Katherine, I have a now 12 year old son and I have been out of permanent work since 2005. I was able to obtain temporary work for a few months at a time until this year. I can no longer receive unemployment and desperately need assistance in a prayer to obtain employment so that I can care for my son and myself. Please intercede for us. May God Bless you and I thank you.

    • Dear Brenda,
      I will pray to St. Joseph today and in my on-going Wednesday novena to him. May you experience the comfort in receiving the grace you need. St. Joseph has never been known to fail. He knew and felt what it means to be without work and the heavy responsibility of needing to provide for himself and his family. Even if things seem impossible, he will, in some way, help you in your trouble and distress. Our continued prayers are with you.
      Sr. Kathryn

  156. Thank you for your prayers, Sister Kathryn….they mean the world to me – it has called me to also pray for all those who are in financial difficulties that are pressing – that even if we feel we have no money in the bank, or job, we still have wealth – we have God and all is not lost. Thank you again for your continued prayers for me and my family.

  157. Sister,
    May I please ask for special prayers for my sisters, Mary, Marlene and Bobbi – Mary has lost work and hope since my mom passed away in January and Marlene’s house is in foreclosure. I am continuing my prayers to St Joseph and bring my family to him as well. You are more saintly than I, therefore, on this his special day, please say an extra prayer for my sisters. I know he will answer, for he had to care for those he loved. And I love them, so. All I can offer them is prayer and yours will certainly make it to Joseph’s heart. Julie

    • Dear Julie,
      I prayed the special prayer to St. Joseph for your three sisters. He is a wonderful father to all who call on him. He distributes the treasures of the Heart of Jesus to his devotees or to anyone who invokes his intercession. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

      • Thank you Sister. Your website is so comforting. I am trusting more and more. Bless you always. Will keep you posted.

  158. Sorry Sister
    Not having a good day – please pray for me and my family. i do not know how to make ends meet – the mortgage looms, the bills, electricity- I hope God can understand how overwhelmed I get and I keep asking on behalf of my sisters – oh St Joseph please help my family and all those who are hurting and scared.

    God give me more faith and strength and courage….sorry to be like this. Julie

    • Courage, Julie. Your needs touch the heart of St. Joseph. In his home, he and Jesus and Mary, lived in an atmosphere consisting of humble labor, poverty, silence and trust in Divine Providence. Cast your overwhelming worries into the hands of Jesus’ father on earth. He will provide even if it takes a miracle. May St. Joseph console and sooth your weary soul with his strong intercession. God Bless!

      • Thank you Sister….I have a little statue of St Joseph right by me when I try and look for work or daily tasks – just to look in his direction helps.
        Your prayers come through the distance and I will continue to pray and seek his guidance – I have no one else to turn to but God and his beloved Joseph. Surely they will help.

        May you always be blessed for reaching out to everyone and praying for us all.

      • Sister
        Last night around 2 am I had a strange yet peaceful feeling that someone was near me, that someone cared and would help me and for some reason, i began to speak of all my worries – about myself, each of my sisters and those in need – and then I fell asleep. I also thought today, that perhaps all the doors have closed, no job, no money in the bank, bills and mortgage payments and no one to borrow from, no one to turn to but God and perhaps that’s what He wanted me to know – that I need to look to Him – it is quite humbling but I wonder if that is what He is trying to tell me.

        I had a dream many years ago, I was struggling up a mountain – a very steep one. I would reach higher and would lose my footing and slip down a bit but grab onto another ridge and go up a little and slip down until I finally made it to the top. I looked behind me as if to see if anyone was following me. I saw a beautiful landscape and trees and flowers around this tree and I went up to it and cupped my hands as if to pour water on the flowers and then I sensed someone was there. I look to my left and there He was sitting on a rock. And I remember He said, I’ve been waiting for you. I thought at the time, I was going to die but here I am–I’ve tried to understand what He meant all this time – the words still clear in my head and heart. Perhaps He meant He was waiting for me to come to Him.

        You have brought me closer to Him by your prayers and website. For that alone, I am forever grateful. And no matter what may happen in the natural, and banks and collectors may think me foolish but He will show me what to do.


      • Julie,

        I am deeply moved by your post. Certainly you have found the peace that hope gives even when everything on earth seems to be going wrong. I know what he cares for you, and that in the end, even if everything isn’t okay, it will still be all right. Let us pray for each other to dear St. Joseph.


  159. Dear Sister
    Though our father has inhered property but we are still homeless. we are taking a home loan from bank, eventually for a holy shelter. But, things are taking pretty long time with them. I humbly request for a small favor from St.Joseph to bless us with the HOME. oh St Joseph please help my family and all those who are hurting and scared. – Jordan

    • Dear Jordan,
      May St. Joseph come to your aid swiftly. Pray the novena to St. Joseph with full confidence. Your trust in St.Joseph moves his heart, a heart which reveals the great goodness of our Heavenly Father. All of our prayers are united with yours. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

  160. Sr. Kathryn,
    Please join me in asking Saint Joseph for his powerful intercession. A dear friend of over 35 years (Like family) walked out of her house in the middle of the night and disappeared…or so it seems. She did not take her cell phone, her car, purse or her wedding ring. Please pray for protection for her, as well as a safe homecoming very soon. This is not at all like her and I cannot imagine her experiencing a break with reality at her age (early fifties) either.
    Thank you so much. I hope all is going well for you. You are such a joy and comfort to all. of us who come here. With a heart full of love and appreciation.
    Dani MarieBernadette

  161. I am in need of St. Joseph’s intervention. I am attempting to work to divide property with a sibling as my parents wished. It is a very difficult process due to a number of circumstances and will be very costly process. I thought it was outlined how it should be divided, but now learned that my sibling and I will need to negotiate that process. I am concerned the situation will not go as planned. There are already indications to that effect. Please St. Joseph come to my immediate aid and guide all those involved in this process so that the division will be equitable. I am very worried. Thank you for your intervention in the past.

    • Jim, Your trust in turning to St. Joseph and entrusting your concerns to the powerful intervention of St. Joseph, the Just Man, will draw blessings upon you and your sibling. We offer all our prayers to St. Joseph, to continue to enlighten you. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

  162. Dear Sr Kathryn, please would you pray for us. We had to relocate to Belgium after my husband got work there. We do not have our own home and I am pregnant with our 7th child. My husband cannot really appreciate my need to be settled and hopefully near a church where i can feel spiritually at home and attend devotions when I can. (He is not very keen on the faith at present).It is hard to find a suitable home for our large family within our budget. I have managed to find one which we shall visit on 23/10/11. Would you pray that my husband wont get cross and will like the house and make an offer for it.I am also prayingnovenas to st martha, st joseph and st rita.I thank you most sincerely for your kind help.

    • Dear Nina,

      I cannot imagine what strain you must be under at this point, carrying a child and worrying about where you shall stay. It reminds me of Mary and St. Joseph who had the same problem both before Jesus was born going to Bethlehem, then taking off to Egypt, then coming back to Nazareth seven years later. I will pray with you to St. Joseph. Tell him that he knows what it is like and to do for you what he would have done for Mary. Keep me informed if you would like. I will start a novena tonight.

      Sr. Kathryn

  163. Sr. Kathryn.. My daughter Jackie’s husband is fast becoming a violent alcoholic. He used to be the nicest guy in the world but has been drinking non stop for a few months now. They have two children and my daughter is only 24 years old. They are still moving into their new apartment and he tore the place up tonight, got violent with her and then emptied their refrigerator with food flying all over the kitchen. The kids were even covered in ketchup. She grabbed the kids and put them in the car and drove off and came here. Please call on St. Joseph to intercede for this young family.
    Thank you… Dani MarieBernadette

    • Dear Dani MarieBernadette,

      I am so sorry for your daughter. My dear, it must be so frightening for her and for you! To be so young and have to deal with this. I will ask St. Joseph to take Jackie into his care and to protect her as he would protect Mary if anything were to happen to her. He would have given his life for her. I will begin praying tonight. May she be comforted by Mary’s presence in her life.

  164. Sister
    I promise you that I shall pray for you all my life long until we meet at the top of the mountain so to speak. You are a gift come from God You are His hands His words reaching and touching all who visit. I will wait and see what happens for my family and pray for all on your site

  165. He took my St. Joseph prayers. You always answer my prayers. Please Protect the children and myself. Help us financially, with the house, vehicles, my job, visitation, divorce and my broken heart. I ask for you to come into my heart and fix it. I want my motivation and love back. I ask for ‘him’ to come into my life soon and to guide us to peace, love and happiness.

    • Peace.

      I will be praying with you that St. Joseph will support you in this very painful time in your life and provide for all your needs. Turn also to Mary who will understand the anxiety when relationships are strained. Blessings, Sr. Kathryn

  166. Sr, Kathryn,

    Please continue to pray for me and my mother. She has been battling a stomach illness. I am really struggling with my anxiety disorder. The care of her plus all the added responsibliities are wearing me down. I have also struggled to find my calling in life and my faith is waning. At 52 I feel like I have failed myself and others who gave me lots of opportunities. Prayer seems to bring no answers or relief. I continue to pray to God and St Dymphna fordirection and healing. Please add your voice to mine and also to St. Joseph. Thanks for listening and your support.


  167. Sr Kathyrn
    It is my pleasure to pray. I should tell you a story of good St Joseph. When my sister Bobbi was quite young they found a cyst on her kidney and she was scheduled to go into hospital to remove it. The Saturday before she woke up and asked my father to find a church of St Joseph as she a dream to go and see him. We all piled into the car and drove and drove. Then she saw the doors of this particular church and said that’s the one. She remembered the doors. We got closer and it was St Joseph’s church in Bristol ct. She marched up to the front and lit a candle and talked to St Joseph. She told me to light candles in front of the other saints in case they got jealous (she was little). So I did. When we left the church she said she was going to be ok. Well Monday at the hospital they took X-rays or a scan and the cyst was gone. When her doctor told her she told him her doctor cured her, St Joseph. So now we go to him again dear sweet St Joseph who loved my sister so.

  168. I humbly ask for prayers once again. I am struggling. Please pray that I will make a good decision on 10-21-11 to divide a portion of my mother’s estate with sibling and that there will be no conflict or confrontation with my sibling and that it will be as my mother wished. Please pray that all family contacts from this point forward will be successful and peaceful. Thank you dear St. Joseph for your guidance with this and all estate concerns.

  169. Sister Kathryn
    I have an interview on Tuesday at 2:15 for a job – will you remember me in your prayers as I you? I asked St Joseph to lead me to the right job and even if it is not this one, I have to believe he will find one better. Thanks to you, I changed my “petition list” so to speak. Now I pray, God, do what you believe is best for me and my family”. It’s a big step for me. He sees things I don’t see and anyway, His plan has to be way better than mine, right? Thank you and good night. Julie

  170. Sister
    I just received a certified letter from bank as I am two months behind on mortgage – so I am a bit paniced. I do have a job interview on Tuesday but I do your prayers once again to trust God in this situation all the more. My leap of faith being that He will do the best for the situation at hand. Just a little shaky so am reaching out. Thank you.

  171. Please help us pray for James to be freed from his “bondage”. May he see God does have a way out for him. And may he be given the grace to see it for what it is and courage to walk away from it completely.

    • Dear AR, I will pray to St. Joseph strengthened by the faith and confidence of Teresa of Avila who said that those who pray to St. Joseph with trust and confidence have always received his powerful intercession. She experienced this herself as have so many countless people. We entrust James in a special way to the fatherly love and care of Joseph guardian and protector of God’s afflicted people. God bless you and James.
      Sr Kathryn
      Find hope at

  172. I am afraid! Never been very good at dealing with life’s anxieties. My mom is sick and I am trying to deal with the illness , care for her, and the fear of being by myself. I have family but they are scattered and I feel so lonely in this battle. Please, Sr. Kathryn, lift up my needs to St. Joseph.! I have prayed for answers my whole life and never seemed to be able to HEAR what God is telling me. My faith is dwindling… Thanks,

    • Dear Paul, we feel your pain and have prayed to St. Joseph to come swiftly to help you in your necessities spiritual and materially. He will strengthen
      you. St Joseph has never failed in answering those who invoke his powerful intercession. He helps us to increase our dwindling faith and comforts us in our sorrows. He reminds us of the words of Jesus, “Do not be afraid; I am with you always” (MT 28:20) You have Jesus right at your side, dwelling also in your heart, just a breath away. Ask St. Joseph to ask Jesus to give you an experience of his presence. Wherever there is suffering, Jesus is there supporting you. I will pray for you this evening and in my on-going novena to St. Joseph. Courage! We also are with you in spirit and prayer.

      Sr. Kathryn

      Find hope at

  173. Dear St.Joseph,

    Thanks for everything u given to me, my husband and our 2 kids.I came for urgent request. I send my resume to one senior care home, which is close to my house. There is one big statue of urs is standing. I humbly pray to u that i should get any job there by ur blessings without any problem. Please help me. I trust in u.

    Take care of my family.

    Thanks, ur lovable child

  174. Dear Saint Joseph:

    it has been 8 months looking for a job and still nothing. Have mercy on me as I wish to regain/restart my life. I am thankful for one year sober, but it is difficult for me to live in prolonged proverty

      • Dear Joseph Gerard,
        You have a great patron saint who inspired your cry for help. St. Joseph helps in our efforts to find our way. St.Joseph always leads us to Mary and Jesus. Confide, trust in his intercession. Perhaps this little prayer I found addressed to St. Joseph will open the door to hope for you. I prayed it to St. Joseph for you today: Here is the prayer: “Man of God, St. Joseph, you are a faithful son of the Heavenly Father; you are the wise guardian of the Word made flesh; obedient servant of the Holy Spirit. Be to me a father and friend; teach me to honor and reverence Jesus the Bread of Life,” and the Blessed Virgin Mary. May I give this honor to them with my thoughts, will, love of my heart and chastity of body. Gentle father of the Holy Family, be mindful of my needs and those of my family. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
        Sr. Sharon Anne (for Sr Kathryn)

        Find hope at

    • Dear Anonymous, Greetings in the love of Jesus! You are beloved of God and he wants to bless you through St.Joseph’s intercession. May good St. Joseph be a father and friend to you and hear your plea for help. God is so pleased with your effort to be sober and to struggle to trust in him.St. Joseph has never failed anyone especially the poor and the afflicted who have no other means of help. He always answers the prayers of his devotees and obtains for them from God whatever is in our best interests spiritually and materially. St. Joseph and Jesus and Mary know what living in great poverty means. Be comforted in knowing and believing St Joseph helps in life’s emergencies. I have just prayed to St. Joseph for you and will remember you in my on-going novena on Wednesdays. And all of us on this blog will be praying for you also. You are not alone! God is with you. God is so pleased with your prayer of trust.

      Sr. Kathryn

      Find hope at

  175. Kindly include me in your prayers Sr. Kathryn, I am in deep financial turmoil that I barely make ends meet. I am months delayed in my room rent, I am far away from home, I have tons of bills to pay without the means to pay them. I have been in this situation as early as March, company is in transition that all our benefits were either postponed or were not given to us. Its again the end of the month and I don’t know from where I will get the means to pay my bills. I am a single parent with two kids back home who rely on me for support. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve already lost a considerable amount of weight, its like every single minute of the day I think about my problems, I’ll go to sleep with the same problem, and when I wake up, it will start all over again. I have been praying to God to just give me another chance to start all over again but until now, I haven’t got any clue where to start. I want to hang on and cling to a sliver of hope that God will hear my pleas. I am not actually afraid for myself but for my kids, I am the only one they’ve got and if I will not be strong, to whom they will go. May St Joseph have mercy on me and bring my pleas to the Lord our God.

    • Riezl
      As I pray for myself and my family who are also experiencing financial hardships, I will pray for you and others are on this site now and i know that Sr Kathryn will also.

  176. Dear St Joseph
    Bless this site and the Sisters who so kindly give us hope and strengthen our trust in you. May I humbly please bring myself, my family and all those who right now are in much turmoil to your heart – I know you are a loving and compassionate father and will help us because of your great love for Jesus and Mary. Sometimes we get frightened but you will lead us through the night and ask God to provide safe haven for us and open doors that seem closed. I ask in Jesus’ name. I do love you much. Amen.

  177. Dearest St Joseph,
    Thank you very much for everything you obtain for me (appartment, fiance, job….). Please help me as eventhough it seems I have everything I could wish, I am still very sad and not very interested in living (I often wish I would die). Please help me being happy, help me to love my fiance and trust in life once again.
    I am desperate and i do not know what to do.
    I beg you please help me now as I have enough of being sad all the time.

    Thank you in advance,

    I love you and I trust in you

    • Dear Celine,
      May St. Joseph make his presence felt in your heart. He wants to draw you closer and closer to Jesus who is the Good Shepherd who has come to you in his compassion and tenderness. He comes bringing his saving grace, his presence. God alone can fill the void in our hearts. I will pray to St. Joseph and ask him to remind you during the day that Jesus is with you, right in your heart and by your side loving you mightily and and totally. Maybe you can take a few moments each day to pause and pray to Jesus to make you happy; perhaps you might approach him through this little prayer, “Jesus is with me and I am with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I’m not alone for you are with me, my God.” St. Joseph always answers our prayers. Courage, dear Celine. “St. Joseph helps us in life’s emergencies.” Oh Lord, through St. Joseph’s powerful prayers, come with haste to help Celine.” Amen. Find hope in this link. Just click on it and be uplifted.

      Sr. Kathryn
      Find hope at

  178. My Dear St Joseph,
    I have another request very important and very urgent.
    Please, help my brother Christophe get out of this situation. Help him find a good job with nice people and a decent salary. Help him find a nice catholic wife.
    Please St Joseph, my brother will turn 33 and still had’nt started to build his life.

    Thank you St Joseph,
    I love U and I trust in U

  179. Sister Kathryn
    Thanks for praying for me and my family during this time. I came upon a verse last night that read, “Be anxious for nothing, but my prayer and supplication make you needs known to God…” Perhaps He is trying to tell me something – although it is awfully hard not to be anxious looking at things in the natural – against all odds I must continue to pray….you must be praying for me because I am not as afraid as I was…

    • Julie, I thought of you at prayer time before I went to bed and I entrusted you to St. Joseph’s fatherly care. Breathe in Jesus and exhale fear. Breathe in hope and exhale anxiety. These little words, repeated slowly has a very calming effect and dispose us to prayer and reflection and peace.
      May God bless you with an abundance of grace.

      Sr. Kathryn

  180. Hi Julie,
    You are very correct, its so hard not to become anxious especially when you have obligations to pay and no means of paying them. But thank you for including me too in your prayers, I am also praying for all of us this is the only thing that keeps me going and still hoping that tomorrow is still another day.
    God Bless you and your family.

    • Riezl
      Thank you – I don’t feel now I am making this journey alone. The only thing I have left to give is prayer – and no one to turn to but God but perhaps it is meant to be that way – I pray for my bills, I pray for the house, I pray for a job, a way – I pray for those who are also going this – so I wait and yes, get afraid but have to keep at it….Sister’s website helps an enormous amount – what did Jesus say? Where two or more are gathered? Well then, we are gathered in His name. I have to believe He loves us more than I can even conceive so have to get my eyes off the problem and on Him….not so easy in this world when the bills are piling up but we are gathered in His name. And we have Joseph and Sister. Be well.

  181. Sister you are too kind to me. What can I do for St Joseph what can I do to thank him for taking me and my family under his care. Should I have a mass said? What would please him do you think. I prayed for you as promised. Julie

    • Julie, I think having a Mass said would please St. Joseph very much because it is the celebration of God’s love for us all; it is the most powerful prayer we can offer in thanksgiving and praise. Eucharist means thanksgiving. Thank you so much for your promised prayers. They mean so much for me! Have a blessed feast of All Saints tomorrow. It’s the feast day of everyone! Oh how beautiful is the doctrine of the Communion of saints.
      God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

  182. Sister
    I will have a mass said for St Joseph – I want to thank him for taking us on….I have another job interview tomorrow at 11am at the children’s hospital – I am a bit nervous as they also do a credit check but I am going to give it my best and if I get the job then it is what St Joseph has prepared for me. If not, then he must have another plan for me to save my home and provide for my family. Thanks a million times for your kindness and all the prayers you make. I hope one day I can donate something to your favorite charity. Bless you. Julie

    • Hi Julie!

      I am so excited for you! Goodluck on your job interview and I will pray for you, again you are right, if its God’s will then St. Joseph will surely help you land the job.

      My prayers for you and your family, as I am going through a rough road too, aside from God and all the saints and all true friends and people like you whom I barely know makes it a lot more easier for me to hang on.

      I am delayed in my house rent for months, I barely make ends meet and I am not sure if I can go home to my kids for Christmas but I am hoping, still hoping some more that everything will be settled in His time.

      Goodluck and a blessed All Saints Day to all of us, as I am writing this, I am also saying a little prayer to my dad who passed away six years ago. I miss him so much but I know that like St. Joseph, he doesn’t stop caring for us.


      • When my say my rosary tonight I will pray for you I promise. I have gained so much from Sister’s words and this website. I will ask God to provide a way for you to go home at Christmas – I am behind too on house payments but have to trust that God sees things we don’t see and He knows – like Sister says, we have to trust and believe.
        So tonight be assured that somewhere in this world, someone is praying for you. Many are.

      • Sister
        It went well so your prayers helped me. I will wait to hear from them.
        It would be working in a children’s hospital which I did years and years ago. So I will leave in St Joseph’s hands and continue to believe that God will provide. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

  183. Sister
    They notified me by email that they are looking for someone with more experience but I think perhaps St Joseph has something else planned for me. So I won’t be discouraged but keep hoping and praying.

    • Dear Julie, keep up your courage and trust; it will be rewarded as God’s plan unfolds according to his loving providence. Today, the first Wednesday of the month which we dedicate to St. Joseph, I prayed the novena prayer and our chaplet to St. Joseph for you and all prayer requests. Yesterday, we posted a new reflection on St. Joseph’s patience….God bless!

      Sr. Kathryn

  184. Sister
    Sorry I just needed your prayers today – they disconnected my phone and my car payment is late and I so need the phone for looking for a job. The bills are making me anxious and I have so little right now in the bank. Please will you pray for me and perhaps God will listen to you and send assistance soon. I just get discouraged – the human part of me. Sorry to trouble you.

    • Dear Julie,
      As I read your urgent request for prayers i ask dear St. Joseph to hasten to your side. Your faith is being strengthened as the reading of yesterday (or today) I can not remember right now what day, but the Book of Wisdom encourages the faithful to persevere in their trials for having been tried a little, they will receive great good. The faithful who trust in God will understand truth and abide with God in love. It also says that this is so because grace and mercy are upon his holy ones as he watches over us, cares for us his children. The thought occurred to me just now that perhaps God is asking you to reach out to a neighbor or friend or someone in great need also and serve that person in whatever way you can, doing this in honor of St. Joseph. Turn to St. Joseph, cry out to God! God is faithful to us and loves our confidence, “hoping against hope”. Your prayer will be answered in God’s time. Courage!

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Your words, Sister, mean the world to me. As if God is speaking through your written word. I know somehow He is with me and Joseph is also. I just get a little lost at times or overwhelmed but I talk to Him all the day long in my heart – He is my constant – Actually I did what you had suggested and brought some food for someone. I am going to continue step by step and wait for His guidance and provision. If I can go and get bird food as it is cold and I want them to eat, I know He will take care of me and all those in the world. Thank you and Good Night, dear friend.

      • God bless you, dear Julie! He is blessing you with love, patience, and childlike confidence in him. He is definitely with you and giving you the grace to carry your cross with courage and peace. May you continue to find your peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. St. Joseph is obtaining all this grace with his powerful intercession. I continue to pray for you. Thank you for your witness to Christ Crucified and Risen!. St. Paul urges us to rejoice always, in thanksgiving for everything in each moment. Heavenly joy awaits us and begins here on earth. God Bless!

        Sr. Kathryn

      • Sister
        I must tell you that indeed St Joseph is helping me – we had a very bad snow storm with high winds end of October. I had placed St Joseph in the bay window and asked that he protect this house. That night the limbs of trees,heavy with snow, began to crack and fall. All night long, this happened. In the morning, there were five trees that had fallen in the backyard missing the house by a few feet. Thousands and thousands lost power but this house did not. I remember asking St Joseph how would I clear all this and worried but left it in his hands. I was told it would cost $1200-$2000 and money as you know was an issue for me. My mom knew a young man who would come and clear the snow for her and his name was Joseph. Well, he came and cleared the trees and then said he would only charge $100. So how could I not believe that he took care of me?
        How good it feels to know he is watching over me and I can give all my problems so he can give me wisdom. Bless you Sister for fostering this belief in me all the more. Julie

      • Julie, I rejoice with you for the blessings St. Joseph is obtaining for you and how Our Heavenly Father is comforting you in and through the every day events of your life. One day at a time, one small step in the present moment in God’s presence. God bless you!

        Sr Kathryn

  185. Thank you, Sister Kathryn.for your prayers. Trying hard to be at peace. Having tough times spiirtually and emotionally, Just hate that I can’t seem to find answers to my situation. I pray to St Joseph, St. Dymphna, St Jude, St. Timothy, and to Mary for intercession constantly. It is a lonely battle and it is discouraging. I get mad at God that I can’t hear an answer to my anxieties and fears. Please continue to pray for me. Thanks for all you do.

    • Dear Paul,
      May St. Joseph lead you to a moment of pause in your day, (perhaps in the morning before the day begins, of before you fall asleep) and
      just take three deep breaths and repeat slowly three or four times the words “Jesus is with me, and I am with Jesus. Jesus, your are my peace.”
      Jesus is in you and when you rejoice he rejoices with you. When you cry in your suffering, Jesus himself suffers with you “Do not be afraid,” Jesus said, “I am with you. Come to me weary one and heavily burdened, and I will refresh you.”
      I will continue to pray for you in my novena to St. Joseph.

      Sr. Kathryn
      Find hope at

  186. Please pray that I find work soon,so I can.keep food on my table for my daughter a.i have a cna licene, just acquired, and no one is wiling to give me a chance.please pray for me. Thank you.

    • Dear Friend,
      I and we here on this blog will pray for you to good St. Joseph for your special intention. He is powerful in his connection to Jesus whom he loved as a son. And Jesus still honors him as his father who is the dispenser of the treasures of grace poured out from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus blesses those who honor St. Joseph with their faith-filled prayers. Have confidence and even “thank God ahead of time”. God want to give us what is best for us, what is to our best interests here and in heaven. God bless you!

      Sr. Kathryn

      Find hope at

    • Praying for you to find a job. Check the Nursing Homes and also the private homeless shelters that house the mentally ill or physically handicapped. Very often they are in need of good CNA’s.
      Sometimes families advertise to find a CNA who can stay the nights with their elderly family member, rather than have them in a nursing home, and they pay pretty good. God Bless You

  187. Sister
    I have another interview for a temporary job on Friday at Noon and its across the street from St Joseph’s church. I think I will stop by there and ask for his intercession if I am meant to have this job and if not, then I will take a deep breath and go on. I did as you suggested and am having a mass said in his honor. Sister, when we surrender our problems to God does that mean we should not pray about them every day? Thanks for your insight. Be well. Julie

    • Julie, I will be praying for you that St. Joseph will guide your interview on Friday. You are open to whatever God will do for you and you are praying with perseverance and hope. These are beautiful attitudes of a disciple of Jesus. In answer to your question it seems to me it is good to pray about your problems every day with confidence God will help us. What struck me right now is how Jesus taught us in the “Our Father”… give us

        this day, our daily bread.

      St. Paul also encourages us to present our petitions to God with confidence and trust, with thanksgiving. Elsewhere St. Paul says to pray without ceasing.Prayer is pouring our hearts out to our Father who loves us unconditionally and is compassionate and merciful. In the liturgy of the Eucharist after the Our Father we pray to be free from all anxiety. God has and will provide for his children.And God gives us the strength to carry on; He gives perseverance and comfort through his Word and sacraments.You are in good hands. God bless you as you hold on to hope.

      Sr Sharon for Sr. Kathryn

  188. Saint Joseph….Thank you for your protection!!!!! and Intercession now and in the future..No matter what happens!! Ite ad Jospeh

  189. I apologize for my frequent requests. I seem to be struggling, weighed down by fears-worries-anxieties over the loss of my mother; a desire to have a better relationship with sibling/family with conflict; a resolution to estate matters peacefully and successfully; for resolution of grief and feelings of having failed my mother as her caregiver. My days are distracted by all these thoughts and my sleep is restless with worries and thoughts.

    • Dear Jim, There is hope! Turn to Jesus and “cast your cares upon him because he has care for you!” St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother will lead you to Jesus. Jesus works through other people as well. Ask St. Joseph to increase your gift of prayer which you do have already; Prayer will bring you comfort; Jesus is our hope. Perhaps you might want to turn to a priest in your parish to guide you in seeking counsel in your pain. Jesus knows your pain and suffering and clasps you to his heart which is so full of mercy. He also gave you the protection and comfort of a mother in the Blessed Mother who also holds you in her embrace. Beg the Blessed Mother and dear St.Joseph to be a mother and father to you. I will continue to pray for you. God bless you! Here is a little prayer you can use each day: “Gentle Father of the Holy Family, be mindful of my needs and those of my family. Gather us in loving each other with Jesus and Mary. This I ask in Jesus’ name.

      Sr.Sharon for Sr. Kathryn
      Find hope at

  190. Hi Sr. Kathryn! I happened to open your site this morning. It’s wonderful! I forwarded it to my grand daughter who was on fb with me last PM. Her friend, Lori, just called crying and needing her friend to listen to her troubles of which she has several. Please pray for powerful St. Joseph to intercede for Lori in her time of need. Of course, my husband and I who are members of the Holy Family Institute are praying for Lori, also.
    Pray for my cousin Lois who had a special kind of heart pacemaker installed yesterday that her recovery will be fast and that Lois will have good health. Lois was my maid of honor at my wedding 47 years ago.
    Asking blessings on you and all of the FSP at this Thanksgiving time of year. Love, In Jesus, Our Divine Master,

  191. Sister,
    Can you pray to St. Joseph for all of my intentions. Mary and Joseph already know what is going on and the urgency of it. i thank you for praying for me…gr

    • Dear Friend, I am on my way to our chapel to make a holy hour of adoration. I will remember you and all your intentions to dear St. Joseph in a novena prayer. God bless you!

      Sr. Kathryn

  192. Good morning Sister,
    I ask your prayers for my sisters as they are becoming so negative – everything out of their mouths is so toxic in a way, Sister. When I put down the phone, I just begin to pray for them. They ridicule that I continue to pray saying what has God done for my life and say look no job, no money….I pray because God said to pray for those that hurt you. I realize they may be in pain after losing our mom but I chose to rely on God and trust Him even if I do not know my next step. And I thank God that you and your prayers have helped me to achieve this. I am going to wait on Him no matter what. Julie

    • Dear Julie! You certainly are a prayer warrior! May God continue to build you up in faith and trust and in the strength of his love. You are a beloved daughter of God in whom he delights; he is faithful to you and will not fail to bless you for your trust in his providence. Make your petitions known to Our Father in all things, with thanksgiving. Through St. Joseph’s intercession, God is showering you with spiritual gifts which last forever. He will also provide what you need for body and soul. St. Paul says that our present sufferings cannot be compared to the reward–eternal joy–where there will be no more tears or suffering. Believe God will not permit your sufferings to be beyond your strength.Turn often to the Scriptures–the Gospel, the Letters of St. Paul for nourishment and sustenance in your trials. Scripture is the source of all perseverance and comfort. And most of all go to go to Jesus to through yourself into his embrace in the Eucharist. God bless, Julie, and know we are praying for you and all who are in need.

      With Love,
      Sr. Sharon (assistant to Sr. Kathryn)

  193. Thank you Sister Sharon
    I am going to say a rosary for my sister Mary now who is in a desparate state and I can see through her anger and know she is in pain. I have given my family to Joseph and our situation and I know He will intercede for us and all those who call on him. I can’t turn back from praying – sometimes I think why am I at this place – that all I have left is Prayer but perhaps that is the greatest treasure – maybe I am supposed to realize that more and more – that that is not just all we have left – that is the best we have. If God wants me to take another step toward Him not sure of what comes next, then I must. I think He loves me a bit. My best to Sister Kathryn and this ministry that you have. It reaches many in untold ways – may your Thanksgiving be blessed. Always, Julie

    • God bless you, Julie! Your words of faith and witness to God’s love have touched me as well. We help to build up one another in the Church through the prayers and intercession of St. Joseph who has helped us all. I prayed for all in a particular way yesterday with the chaplet to St. Joseph. You are correct in saying the gift of prayer is a means to receive the treasure of treasures–Jesus! And this gifts of prayer and faith come from God our Father who cares for all his children and of all creation. May your Thanksgiving be a moment of serene hope and rest in your trials and a wonderful occasion to praise God for all gifts given to you. God loves you and yours and is with you and all your loved ones. God bless! Happy Thanksgiving!

      Sr. Sharon

  194. Sister
    My faith has become child-like for some reason. There are some big dilemmas that I’m facing, the house payments and possible acceleration to foreclosure, taxes, bills, sisters acting hopeless but the thought keeps coming to my mind, and when I dont get a bad call or mail I say, thank you God, another day to pray and if this was my last day on earth, I would pray for my family. I think of Lazarus and how everything in the natural was “dead” “no hope”….and then I think of that verse, “be anxious for nothing, but with supplication and thanksgiving…” Am I being too unrealistic, Sister? Thanks Julie

    • Julie,
      Faith and trust are gifts from God, and from you note, it seems to me that St. Joseph is obtaining for you a deeper trust in God. Faith’s fruits are good works and we are asked to do our best as God inspires us to do. When we have done our best for the love of God, he will do the rest. It seems to me that St. Joseph is fortifying your spirit with your child-like trust and hope. Keep praying as you are. Your love for your family touches the Heart of the Jesus and St. Joseph. God is faithful to his promises. He is watching over you with his loving Providence. A great consolation when things appear hopeless, is to read and pray with the Psalms.The Psalms are God’s Word and they speak to our hearts in every situation.These were Jesus’ prayers. May you find inspiration, comfort, and peace in them. Our Faith tells us that God is always with us and no matter what happens, the Lord does work all things out for our greater good and happiness for those who love Him. Our community is in the midst of a Novena to St. Joseph to ask his help for our community’s needs. I put your intentions in our prayers. Let us pray for one another. God bless you, Julie!

      Sr. Sharon Anne
      Find hope at

      • Sister
        Thank you for your words – can you send me a novena prayer to St Joseph that I may say. I took Sister Kathryn’s suggestion and have scheduled a mass to be said in thanksgiving to him – I got one for Dec 3rd. Can I say a rosary each day in his honor?

      • Dear Julie,
        You will find A Novena prayer to St. Joseph on this website by clicking on the word

          A Prayer

        on the home page side bar. I think is a beautiful prayer to have a Mass said in his honor in thanksgiving to St. Joseph. And your desire to pray a rosary each day in Joseph’s honor will be very pleasing to Our Blessed Mother and her husband.I join my prayers to yours in a special way December 3rd. And I will continue to pray for you in our weekly novena to Sr. Joseph. May God bless you!

        Sr. Sharon Anne

  195. Thank you Sister Sharon (and Sister Kathryn)
    I will start the Novena – I have to say that I like the way St Joseph works – I got a call this afternoon from the IRS as I was behind on taxes asking for a lower payment as my resources are low and this representative was very kind and said that a lower payment would be fine. I never expected that. Not that smoothly. So, it makes me want to continue to give St Joseph all my big dilemmas – especially the mortgage and my sisters. But this call today encouraged me to call out to him all the more. I may not know how it will happen but he will not let us be put to shame – I hope Our Blessed Mother doesn’t mind me leaning on her husband. I will definitely pray during my novena for your community’s needs. He’s amazing.

    • Julie,
      I think St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother are both pleased with your leaning on St.Joseph in trusting he will help provide for your family’s needs. He provided for his wife and Jesus and is the Guardian and protector of the Church and all her children.
      Thank you, Julie for your prayers for us.May you have a grace-filled Advent as the Church gives us this time to wait and watch in hope for the Coming of the Lord. You have this time to wait with Mary and Joseph and travel with them is spirit to greet the Lord in hope and joy. St. Paul encourages us to present our petitions to God with confidence and thanksgiving. God bless!

      Sr. Sharon Anne

  196. Sister,

    It is hard for me to not be scrupulous in the midst of my anxieties of life at present. I continue to struggle , even though praying for guidance. It is hard not to feel as if I am being “punished”.
    I have been a more regular receipient of the Sacrament of Reconciliation but seem to still feel like I am an God’s “bad” graces. I will confess/discuss this with the priest the next time but would like your help.



    • Dear Paul,
      It is so good to hear from you. And to see your great good will to turn to God in prayer and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Confession and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist are infinitely powerful in keeping close to God. I encourage you to continue going to Jesus in these gifts he has given us. God’s greatest joy is to pour out His mercy upon all of us. When you confess your sins in confession and receive the absolution, you have God’s Word that your sins are forgiven. Jesus came not to condemn us but to SAVE us. And he is Love and Mercy. He runs to meet you AND EMBRACE YOU AS A BELOVED son with his healing grace. Also, God has given you a compassionate, consoling Mother–the Blessed Mother–who comforts us in our trials. When troubled, pray to Mary to bring you to Jesus. If it is not a burden for you say the rosary with love and trust and ask her to heal your scrupuls and to obtain for you the great gift of confidence in God. When afflicted with anxiety, Paul, just say a Hail Mary. She is Jesus is faithful to you. He has given us a great intercessor with Jesus. You are one of her beloved sons. She is the Mother of Mercy! Again, I will pray for you by name, to Jesus and Mary,and good St. Joseph in our Novena to St. Joseph which our community is praying this week.God’s tender love and abundant blessings be upon you.

      Sr. Sharon
      Find hope at

  197. Sister Kathryn and Sister Sharon

    Just wanted to say that I will remember you when I pray and all those who call out to St Joseph. Tomorrow is my mass in thanksgiving to him for taking me and my family under his protection. Although there are still dilemmas and situations, I will keep praying and asking for guidance and hope. I think of how deeply he must have loved Mary that when he found her with child, not yet knowing Who it was, he didn’t want her to stoned to death, he thought to help her somehow and take her as his wife and quietly divorce her – I am a pale comparison to Mary but I cherish his protection all the more.
    Have a good weekend and thanks for all you do.


    • Sister
      Tough weekend but I said my rosary to St Joseph this morning and asked for help and strength for what the day brings. My family tells me of facing reality and that we are going to lose the house, we have no money. I listened to angry conversations full of hopelessness but kept praying in my heart and I was for a while beginning to doubt and feel afraid. I prayed for them last night asking God to help them. May I speak the word of Mary, most holy, when she said Yes to God not knowing what would happen. So will you whisper a pray for me and my family. Thank you so much. Julie

      • Julie,

        You are living with so much faith. St. Joseph will protect you wherever you go always, just as he took care of Mary. Angry and hopeless conversations drain us of faith and courage. But I also think we need to be honest that faith is hard, this faith that trusts implicitly when everything is going wrong. I have noticed that in these days this is the faith that is being called for. It is the faith at which St. Joseph excelled. We can have courage even as we are afraid and worried. Trust can live together with doubt. The doubt makes the faith grow stronger, because it needs to try harder, to call out louder to God for assistance.

        Let us pray for each other and do keep in touch,
        Sr. Kathryn

  198. Dear sister. I live in Portugal, near Lisbon. I lost my job 5 years ago. I used to work in a bookstore. My biggest dream is to work in a Pauline bookstore. I pray to St Joseph to help me get a job in the Pauline bookstore in Lisbon. I love books and i love working in a bookstore. Please, can you pray for me? I want to work there so much… Thank you for your prayers.

  199. Dear Sister

    I am in urgent need for St Joseph to assist me. My health is not good.
    I do pray to him everyday. I am a sinner, but to live by the commandments. Thankyou for responding to my call.


    • Damien,

      St. Joseph is not afraid of urgent matters, because he had to deal with them often in his life. The first was urgently to get up and leave Bethlehem over night before Herod’s soldiers arrived. St. Joseph doesn’t look on you as a sinner, as you called yourself. He sees you as his own dear child, as Jesus himself. Joseph will impart to you courage and strength in your journey, just as he did to Jesus. He couldn’t take away the pain of Jesus’s life, but he taught him how to trust God’s love for him. This is the treasure he also wishes to give you. God is trustworthy!

      I will pray for you and with you,
      Sr. Kathryn

      • Dear Sister K,

        I have faith in St Joseph and ST Andre Bessette. I require their intercession. I know you are over-burnded with prayer requests, but please ask St Andre Bessette-whom never fails through the intercession of St Joseph to heal me of a neurologicial disorder, and to regain my employment. Ite Ad Joseph,
        Thankyou Sister. St Joseph never known to fail (St Tereas of Avlia)

      • Damian,

        I will pray for you. I have suffered from a neurological illness myself. Healing is a gradual trial and error movement toward the wholeness that is possible for us. For me, St. Joseph and Sr. Therese helped me with people, books, alternative modalities, doctors over many years. I know they will do the same for you.

        Sr. Kathryn

  200. Dear Sister,

    Please pray for us that we find a new home. I have MS and two small children (who are a blessing) and need a home that is more conducive to my condition. We want to move to a particular town because it is more of a community.
    We buried St. Joseph in a ceremony in our yard and our house sold in a week’s time. When everyone told us we could not because of the time of year and we still made a profit.

    Thank you,

    Please also pray for those who have my condition. I am grateful to God that I was diagnosed in a time where there is medicine and hope.

  201. I ask St. Joseph for the return of my husband to come back home and restore our marriage real soon. Please intercede to Jesus and Let God bestow this favor to me. Thank you

  202. My husband and I are separated from January 2011. He has filed a divorce case also. He was abusing to me and taken all my gold and money. But now I am trying for a reunion. But he is not interested. Please help me to save my marriage and lead a peaceful life.

    Please pray for me to get back my husband. Please change his mentality and make him to come back to me. I have lost my dad also after our marriage. Now my mom is also not feeling well. Please pray for me to get a peaceful life.

    • Christmas Blessings,

      There is much sadness for you this Christmas. We can turn to St. Joseph who amidst the joy of Jesus’ birth also had to deal with no room in the inn for his wife, rush off to Egypt to save Jesus’ life, etc. St. Joseph will understand the way you feel. Tell him the way you feel and your desire to open your life as he did to be a perfect instrument in God’s hands. He will always obtain this for you.

      A Christmas thought:

      Sr. Kathryn

  203. Sister
    Merry Christmas and God bless you. I
    Went to mass today and asked St Joseph
    To heal my sisters toward one another. I
    Was so hoping for that today but God has
    His own timing. My unemployment has
    Expired. But I keep this in my heart and
    Share with you (sorry) and God believing with
    All that is within me to trust Him still. I
    Tell God I love Him everynight when I say
    Goodnight. But hope was born today and
    I am so happy you are back. Julie

    • Julie,

      I am so sorry to hear about your unemployment running out, but deeply edified by your faith. Faith is a hard thing, for it to be real it must be a risk…. Like Jesus dying on the cross, like God sending us his son as a baby…. God risked everything and so do we when we have faith. We have faith in each other, God and us. God will not, cannot, leave you alone. Let us pray together to St. Joseph.

      Sr. Kathryn

  204. Sister
    It is now 9 pm and my sisters all spoke and laughed and I believe in my heart it was a gift from St Joseph – perhaps God Himself….I will continue to believe that He will help me and my family through our financial struggles and keep our homes and lead us in the right way. If He entrusted Jesus and Mary to Joseph, I should take strength from that. Bless you and take good care. Julie

  205. Sister
    You must have been praying for me, I called Unemployment to verify the expiration and after a while, they told me I had several weeks left! Thank you and St. Joseph. Hopefully in this time, I can find work or do what He wants me to do, and follow where He leads me. Sometimes I wonder how God could love me with all my flaws and I get embarrassed that by my humanness – it’s powerful to have Him love you seeing you in all you do – I guess it’s practicing the presence of God? I am continuing to learn….I must confess that several years ago when I was in New York City, there was a church that I used to frequent. It had a huge crucifix and a kneeler underneath it. One day, I put my hand on His feet and felt the nails but oddly one was loose. I took it out, Sister, I couldn’t bear to have it in His foot and couldn’t bear to put it back in….how He’s not mad at that….anyway…I will continue my prayers and remember you and the community and all those who ask for Joseph’s help. Good night.

    • Julie,

      So good to hear this news. I will pray that you find a way to move forward in peace and dignity. I am sure Jesus sees only the love in your heart. Have courage.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Sister Kathryn
        Thanks to your prayers, I must tell you that St Joseph did quite a miraculous thing for me and my family – being four months behind on mortgage payments and in fear of foreclosure- at the eleventh and a half hour – my sister came from California and was able to make the payments for us. The escrow she had (she is a real estate agent) finally went through a few days ago – I wanted to reach out and tell you and now that St Joseph has my deep devotion, I will continue to pray for my family and those who are in need – thank you thank you and may God keep you safe in His heart. Miracles do happen and St Joseph is so kind. These months I have learned to wait patiently dor what God unfolds and you helped me with that, Julie

      • Julie!

        I can hear your relief and gratitude right through my computer. I will join you in gratitude, as we stay before God as children, simple, trusting, believing.

        Sr. Kathryn

  206. My apologies for yet another contact. I am feeling very despairing – feelings of grief, failure are becoming more intense; worry about the future and of potential situations with sibling/family seem insurmountable; now work situations have taken a turn downward. I am filled with anxiety and don’t know what to do. I beg St. Joseph to intercede for me…I feel so alone. Thank you.

    • Hi, Jim,

      I will pray for you. Sometimes, however, God works miracles through the help of others. I am wondering if reaching out to someone near you to talk about what you are experiencing would help you gain strength and courage. I will pray that you find someone to help you.

      Sr. Kathryn

    • Hi Jim,
      I have a suggestion to help you recover from your anxieties, depression, despair and fear of failure. Check with your local men’s shelter, hospital, nursing home, your food pantry or your church and see if there is anything you can volunteer to do to help others who are also having problems. I have found that to be a huge help in my own life. When we are busy helping others somehow we stop looking at our own circumstances and we begin to heal and become whole.
      I am praying for you Jim

  207. Please pray for me, I was laid off recently and sincerely desire an interview next month with a company overseas. I would like the opportunity to share my gifts of skill and knowledge, by the Grace of God, to bring greater glory to God. Please St. Joseph, Patron of All Workers, intercede for me and others who have recourse to you for good, honest work that brings glory to your dear infant son, Our Lord Jesus, and your Blessed Spouse, Mary whom all Christians love.

    thank you for your time and the requests of others here will be in my intentions when I pray as well

  208. Sister Kathryn,
    Thanks to your prayers, I must tell you that St Joseph did quite a miraculous thing for me and my family – just around Christmas. I did novena prayer to St.Joseph as you said. And just like St.Joseph was looking out for shelter around this time with Mary and baby Jesus at Christmas time, same thing He has blessed us with a appropriate house. We are all very happy and excited to shift. We are going to install His statue in our alter. We will continue to pray for our family and those who are in need – thank you so much and may God keep you safe in His heart.
    Miracles do happen and St Joseph is so kind.I have patiently waited at His door what God unfolds and you helped me with that. Thank you so much.
    – Jordan Dias

  209. Please I ask for help. Please Pray for my unborn baby I fear the medication that I took before finding out I was pregnant may have harmed my baby. I love and want his child and I don’t ever want this child to suffer. Please pray that he or she will be born healthy please I am beginning you. Please St. Joseph hear my cries. With love.

    • Maria,

      Mary and Joseph understand deeply your anguish as a parent. I will join you in prayer that your child will be all that God’s dream for him or her is.

      Sr. Kathryn

    • Maria,
      My daughter was on high dosages of anti depressant medication for Bipolar disorder when she found out she was pregnant and was terrified it would affect the baby. The doctor said to take a walk along a busy street and notice all the women and children walking by…he said you will notice that almost all of them are normal so do not waste a moment worrying about this unborn baby. My parents always said “If you are going to pray do not worry because to worry speaks to a lack of faith.” Spend the rest of your pregnancy doing everything possible to be healthy and happy because a positive attitude does have an effect on babies in the womb. God Bless you and your child Maria, my prayers are with you. .

  210. I Thank you Sister for that you do in the name of Our Lord through the intercession of Saint Joseph. My life isn’t where I want it right now, but I am grateful for what I have. IT AD JOSEPH.

      • Sr Kathryn
        I am so glad you are back. Missed you – humbly trusting in God and the direction of St Joseph for all our needs and those who have no one to pray for them. I wish I could do something for you to thank you for your continued encouragement but all I have are prayers and that I will joyfully do for you! I know that God is using you to reach out to all His people.


    • Sharon,

      Purchasing a home is a great step into the unknown, but it can be a blessed step if you are accompanied by the tender and protecting love of St. Joseph. I will pray for you to this great Saint.

      Sr. Kathryn

  211. Dear Sisters, I am asking you to pray for me. I lost my job 5 years ago and i would love to work at the Pauline Bookstore here in Lisbon. I already sent my curriculum vitae to them, but it is being difficult… PLEASE, can you help me? Thank you so much. May God bless you all.

  212. Please all angels and Saints Saint Joseph pray Before Jesus We are in urgent needs of prayers Jesus hear our desperate needs of prayer& my husband’s business to be successful, and we can get out from the financial hardship we are having. So we don’t lose our home, and can pay our bills, and get out of debt. Hi needs urgrnt a JOB
    for my ongoing conversion i AM DESPEREATE DESVASTATE I SUFFER DEPRESSION SUICIDAL TH0UGHTS my husband and I argue many times during the day Please Please jesus, mary I don’t know what to do !!!!We are in urgent needs of prayers Jesus hear our desperate needs of prayer& . I feel Please all angels and Saints pray Before Jesus We are in urgent needs of prayers Jesus hear our desperate needs of prayer& my husband’s business to be successful, and we can get out from the financial hardship we are having. for my ongoing conversion i AM DESPEREATE DESVASTATE I SUFFER DEPRESSION SUICIDAL TH0UGHTS my husband and I argue many times during the day Please Please jesus, mary I don’t know what to do !!!!We are in urgent needs of prayers Jesus hear our desperate needs of prayer& . I feel like the demon attack my marriage and take out and remove PEACE IN MY HEART AND ALL MY FAMILY.I argue with my husband about program in T V THEY ARE SO SAD AND FROM DEVIL. I ask for conversion of: &Jorge ,Santiago ,mariana Many thanks and God Bless you
    Love and peace
    Maria Ines

    • Hi maria, when my husband and i have argue. what i find helps our situation is praying to mary to myself over and over ‘ sorrowful and immaculate heart of mary, pray for us ‘ ‘ sorrowful and immaculate heart of mary, pray for us. And always mary has been there for me. Mary was always and is always there. usually things are better no more than a day later. Like a ointment on our marriage.
      ‘ sorrowful and immaculate heart of mary, pray for maria ines and her family ‘
      This pray lead me to a love for mary, our mother.

    • Maria,

      I too know what it was like to have desperate and depressed thoughts, to be in a situation that seemed hopeless. You sound scared also, perhaps, because there are great problems, and so much that could be lost. I will pray to St. Joseph for you that somehow in his powerful and protecting presence he can bring you peace of heart. Keep me posted.

      Sr. Kathryn

  213. Please help my Parents with the flat issue.Please guide them through the right path.It’s their sweat and blood they have invested.Please hear our pleas

  214. sonya, wrote on January 19, 2012 at 1:41 pm:

    hello sr kathryn,
    i hope im not annoying you, by writting in all the time. if iam. please let me know. i had a lump in my breast last september which went away. however just before christmas last year it came back. im going for a mammogram and maybe a biopsy. and im really scared. will you pray for me.
    thankyou and God bless

    Sonya, It is good that you are having the mammogram now and taking care of this right away. As a two time breast cancer survivor please know that I am also praying for you. Hugs going out to you.
    Dani MarieBernadette

    • Thankyou dani marie, my entire breast is swell up and lumpy and tender. it hasnt gone away. Ive been praying ‘ Eternal Father, in jesus name, heal my breast.. Ask and you will recieved ‘
      I know nothing is impossible to God, however, God is God. I really dont know if i got the strenght to go wherever this will take me.
      I havent talk to anyone about this, but coming here is helping to keep my fears away. could you tell me how you and what you did?
      Thankyou and God Bless you Dani

      • Sonya, Believe me girlfriend when I say you definitely have the strength to go through wherever this will take you. When it seems like there just isn’t enough of your own strength then just ask Jesus to share some of His with you and believe that He will. I promise it will be there. My doctor explained to me that the number one cause of cancer was stress so I made up my mind to stay as stress free as possible. I took some time off of cleaning the house and worrying about trying to have the perfect life and realized I had the perfect life for me. I did everything I could to remove the things or people who create stress in my life. I went to God the Father and sincerely apologized for any and every sin I have ever committed and I believed He was forgiving me. I forgave every person in my life who had hurt me in any way. Then I forgave myself for everything I had done in my life that was not good or worthy of God’s love. Finally I made up my mind to have a grateful heart from that day forward.
        From morning to night I would thank Him for everything in my life including the cancer. I came to realize that we cannot go through life expecting only the good to touch our life when the bad also has a purpose in our salvation plan.
        I watched movies that made me laugh or cry and the same with the books I read. We need to do both in times of crisis. They are both natures way of releasing stress. I prayed for the Doctors, Nurses, technicians, office personnel, and the other people that I didn’t know who needed strength or were going through their own tragedy.
        I bought myself a gift. I went out and bought a beautiful picture for my home. It was one I had long wanted and never thought I could afford it. I realized I deserved something nice. Sonya, I am praying for you please let me know how you are doing and if you need to vent or someone to talk to just email me @
        God Bless you

  215. St. Joseph thank you so much for interceding on my behalf that i will be interviewed in February by Saudi Aramco. Please continue to intercede on my behalf that I do well in the interview and receive the job offer. I thank you, our Blessed Mother and Jesus for all of your help. Please see this through to the end for me.

  216. Pray that Bob and I finally become committed as a family continuing on our spritual journey together and that all negative influences are removed from his life and that God gives him the courage to look deep within himself. I thank you God, Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother for hearing this pray, too through St. Joseph.

    • Agnes,

      May Joseph bring you both courage and wisdom as you contemplate this commitment. He worried too at the beginning of his marriage, and worked with Mary to create a beautiful environment for the formation of the child who was the Son of God. Life for all of us is work, if we wish to live it well. Joseph teaches us this. May he help you always.

      Sr. Kathryn

  217. My room mates are leaving in March without giving a care about what is going to happen to me, I don’t have money saved up to move out on my own yet so now I have no home as of the end of next month, I have struggled for so long to get to where I am in life, I got clean and sober 1/1/12 and remained that way, I don’t want to use or drink or do any of the negative things that come along with that, but now I find myself ending up homeless at the end of February, please ask St. Joseph to please remove all obstacles from my way so I can find a home by March 1st, I am really scared I will end up on the streets, Please help me

    • Efrain,

      Have courage. Joseph too probably was afraid at times in front of the things that happened in life. You can’t change them. But you can change yourself and the way you approach them. I will ask him to help you be strong.

      Sr. Kathryn

  218. Sr. Kathryn: May I once again ask for prayers, for my mother who passed five months ago today and for my ability to cope with her loss; for the successful and peaceful resolution of her financial and property concerns – in particular for the division of adjoining properties and the necessary easements, that it will go well with no conflict from brother/spouse. I beg St. Joseph to aid me. Thank you.

  219. Sister, I am a 52 year old male who struggles with prostate issues. Less and less time between when ok and then when it really is painful Regular use of an act that is considered a sin by the Church is the only way to really resolve this issue. I confess but get no real guidance. Not sure I understand why such restriction if it is a choice between no pain and physical pain. I just don’t think the GOd I believe in wants anyone to be in pain if they can do something to relieve it. Prayed to St Joseph as instructed by my confessor but no real answer. I am stuck. I have struggled for years with my faith and this may be the reason I find another religion. I can’t believe there aren’t other Catholic men who don’t struggle with this as we. Similar to women and birth control. Please advise. Thanks

  220. Dear Sister: Please continue praying for me that I find employment,as well as a new place to live. I pray that I will earn to live each one day at a time like Saint Joseph.

    God bless all of you!!! IT AD JOSEPH

    • Blessings,

      St. Joseph will stand by you to be strong during these months of waiting and trying to find employment. Do not be afraid to tell him exactly what you need.

      In Christ,
      Sr. Kathryn

  221. hello sr kathryn,
    News about my mammogram wasnt good. Iam going to mass. I hope the cancer hasnt spread and that i wont need to have my breast cut out and it will go away with living water and jesus precious blood. Please help me, pray with me, to the heavenly father and st joseph and mary, our mother. I will see a specialist in five days.

  222. Sister can you please pray for our elderly parents, who are also caregivers. pray for my husband at a young age he has very bad aches/joint pains/hep c…….he will be going through treatment for the next year, pray for him that this treatement works and he may live a long and health life. if i may also ask to pray for us as we have been trying to have children for the last 4-5years…..we would love to be parents and given the chance to give birth to healthy/beautiful children.
    thank you

  223. Please pray that my brothers will talk to each other, they have always stopped talking due to money and trust issues. Please pray that we can buy my brothers house that he is losing and that God give us favor and we will qualify to get the house without a co-signer. That one day I can go to The Holy Land and to The Vatican. I need help with being motivated everyday to not waste my days and start cleaning up my clutter. I sometimes suffer from depression and I feel my life is boring and a routine…I am a stay at home mother with two boys. I need a good renter for a vacant apartment and that all our apartments always stay rented so we don’t worry about all the bills we owe or of loosing them. For peace of mind. For Concepcion Palacios (my aunt) who has bone cancer and has problems walking and has problems in her marriage. For my cousin Marcos Flores who committed suicide.
    Thank you.

  224. Please pray for my family- we are grandparents raising 3 small grandchildren that we have had for 4 years now. We are finally at a point in our life that we have relocated, found jobs and now have decided to buy a home so that we might have a stable place to call home. We are just waiting for the loan approval which should be any day now and I pray that it is Gods will that it is accepted and we are able to move into it soon. It is not an elaborate home, just a modest, simple place that the children can grow in and my husband and I can grow old in.
    Thank you

  225. Sr Kathryn
    May I please ask your continued prayers for me and my family. My youngest sister and her husband are in the midst of foreclosure on their home. Her husband lost his job and they had to relocate to Georgia but were trying to save their home here and come back. I keep saying that God has a plan and that good St Joseph will protect us all as he did for beloved Mary and Jesus. As God sees things we don’t see, I must trust that His great love will show them the way.
    Thank you for being my inspiration and feeding my faith. Julie

    • Julie,

      I have discovered at the ripe old age of 47 that indeed God has plans for our lives and that he is reliable. At the same time there are the plans of others on this planet which are not always for our good. But as we see from the cross and resurrection, it is always the love of God that holds us even in the midst of devastation and pain. I will join you in prayer for your sister and her husband that they will see the Lord walking with them as they go.

      Sr. Kathryn

  226. Please pray for my husband and I to find a house we love and can afford. We are in a bidding war for a house we like. We hope they accept an offer we can afford.

    Thank you!

  227. St Joseph,please inteceed on my behalf so that my wedding will be a sucess.That the Lord will provide us with the means inoder for the day to be a sucess.St Joseph i count onYou.Your prayers are powerful Before the Lord.Amen

    • Peace.

      St. Joseph must have prepared alot for his own wedding day to Mary who was the Mother of God. He certainly understands your desires for this day to be very special. I will join you in prayer.

      Sr. Kathryn

  228. Please pray for my brother, Nathan who is having extremely serious complications with his transplant recovery. He is currently on a ventilator and is battling a serious infection along with Graft Vs Host. Please pray for strength, courage, healing, recovery, and his wife along with all the doctors and nurses.

    • Charis,

      You must be so worried about your brother and his family. I will join you in prayer to St. Joseph. There is a sister personally dedicated to praying for intentions on this blog, Sr. Sharon. Know she is praying for you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  229. Sister Kathryn
    I hope you are well. Would you kindly remember my sister, Mary, who has to go to the IRS offices tomorrow and she is so afraid – she doesn’t want them to seize her bank accounts as she has been a little late in paying some of her taxes. She has a good heart and always I ask St Joseph to watch over all my sisters but especially Mary as she sometimes doesn’t know the love and mercy of God – I am 3000 miles away from her and all I can do this evening is send a pray to beloved Joseph. Also, I will ask my guardian angel to accompany her. Is that ok to do? I wish you well and always remember you in my prayers.

    • Dear Julie,

      I just noticed your post. How is your sister? I am praying that things go miraculously well for both of you.

      I have asked Sr. Sharon to pray especially for this. She hasn’t been feeling well lately so can’t answer the prayer requests. But she is now our official prayer partner for ALL the requests!

      I will join you in prayer.
      Sr. Kathryn

  230. Sister Kathryn

    My thanks to you in advance for your commitment to this prayer ministry and especially for your prayers. Your kindness and compassion are reflections of Jesus Divine Love. Thank You!

    Oh St. Joseph Patron of Workers please intercede on my behalf that I will do well in my interview coming up in Houston on February 15th. I have prepared well and have sought an interview with this company for almost two years now and i truly appreciate your intercession that i was chosen to be interviewed. If it be God’s Will please continue to work on my behalf that I receive this job offer. I promise, I will work my hardest to bring glory to God through my skills and knowledge.

    Please St. Joseph continue to intercede on behalf of all workers who are seeking good, honest employment. Please allow us workers to bring greater glory to your Son Jesus’ Name through our skill and craftsmanship and our love and devotion to our families and our vocations.

    I love you, St Joseph; your Son Jesus and our Blessed Mother Mary and trust in God’s Divine Will


    • Chris,

      I have been praying for your special intention. I am inspired by your love for St. Joseph and your trust in him. He will always lead you closer to Jesus whom he loves so much.

      Sr. Kathryn

  231. My husband and I are in the midst of negotiating a contract for our first home. We are looking to St. Joseph for guidance, grace, and peace in this stressful process. We are praying two novenas, and focusing our efforts on accepting God’s Will.

  232. Dear Saint Joseph:

    Help me prepare for a Holy Lent. Teach me to trust everyday in the Lord to grow in Holiness. I give all my problems concerns and cares to you.

  233. Please saint joseph ask God and Jesus to help Bahaa return to me with an apology to be such a abusive and unloving husband . He shows me that he does not love me anymore please help him to love me and respect me.Please help Bank Of america to forgive my Loan. Please help Bahaa Ethan and I and Jasmine and Blenda and Riad and Claribelle to be healthy and happy. In Jesusu name AMEN

  234. Hello All: Please participate in a 30-day Novena from February 19th to March 19th. Due to the Leap Year, it is exactly 30 days from these dates. Simply search for the 30-day novena on the internet. We should all include ours and other intentions during this time.

  235. Dear St. Joseph. I humbly ask you to guide me in all financial and property concerns, that there may be a peaceful and successful conclusion to my mother’s final affairs-as she would have wanted; that I will have a new, peaceful relationship with my brother-that he will have a softening of heart towards me, my niece/husband; that I will find a means to cope with grief and feelings that I may failed my mother as her primary caregiver; that I will experience a miracle of peace of mind. Thank you.

    • Dear Jim,

      When St. Joseph died, Mary was his primary caregiver. He would never wanted Mary to worry after his death that she hadn’t been good enough. We all do as best we can with what we have. Your mother wants you to be at peace. Ask your mother to intercede for the family now. I will pray to you to St. Joseph. I will also ask Sr. Sharon to pray. She hasn’t been feeling well, but is committed to everyone who sends their intentions to St. Joseph through this blog. I know she’ll pray and that she remembers you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  236. Hi Jim,
    I am still praying for you. May you be filled with deep peace and a renewed sense of joy. Please do not beat yourself up with worries about the quality of care that you provided for your mom. You were there for her when no one else was able to. Of course there must have been many days of frustration and irritation, days where you may not have had a lot of love to respond to her needs with. That is understandable because you were drained emotionally. God certainly understands that. He is not a petty God…He is a compassionate father and he is focused on the fact that you were there for her. Jim, not everyone is gifted with the qualities of being able to deal with or handle the sick and dying. As you well know now, it is definitely not easy. The time has come Jim, to let go of the pain, the frustration, the exhaustion, the profound and relentless grief that accompanies second guessing yourself and realize that you did the very best you could for her. If you truly believe that you failed her in any way then talk with God and ask forgiveness, forgive yourself and know that God has already forgiven you.
    There is absolutely nothing we can do to change anything that we did or did not do yesterday. Yesterday is completely gone and we are meant to see it that way. There is absolutely nothing we can do about tomorrow because it has not yet arrived and we do not know what awaits us. The only thing we have is today, In fact, it is this very moment that is a gift from God and we need to choose how we are going to live it. Are we grateful He has gifted us with this moment? Then we must joyfully give it back to Him with a heart full of love. This moment Jim …is all you need to worry about.
    God Bless You….and may He fill you up from head to toe, inside and out,with an abundance of joy.
    Dani MarieBernadette

    • Dani,

      Thanks so much for being active on St. Joseph’s blog. I have been a bit under the weather and wanted also to let you know that Sr. Sharon hasn’t been feeling well. She is now the official prayer partner for this blog and will keep all St. Joseph’s People in her prayers daily. Sr. Elizabeth has now been conscripted to assist in walking with people in their needs so you’ll see her name popping up here and there.

      I hope all is well,
      Sr. Kathryn

  237. Dani: Thank you. I hope I can find the strength to move forward and to realize that God and my mother forgive me for anything I may or may not have done. What I wouldnt give to have just one more conversation with her-she was a great Mother, friend, mentor.

  238. Jim,
    I know the feeling. There are so many people I loved who have gone before me and I cannot wait to see them again in Heaven. 🙂
    If you send me her name I will add it to the Purgatory Project where she will benefit from perpetual Masses and also all the graces from all Adorations done by all the many volunteers.
    In His love…Dani

  239. Sr Kathryn
    It is so good to hear from you – I missed you! I was concerned not reading your posts. I hope you will feel better – when I pray I always mention you to St Joseph and I will continue to and also for Sr Sharon.

    My sister is trying to work things out and I am still looking for work but have learned to be patient and keep asking St Joseph to do what is best – if he wants me to work, I will and if there’s another way to keep the house and keep going, God will show me I will wait for Him.

    I learned a lot from you. God embrace you.

    • Julie! How are you! I’ so happy to be well enough to greet you once in a while as I daily progress in getting well. Thank you so, so much for your prayers for me I never forget you in my thoughts and prayers. I have been invited to be the official “prayer” for you good people so devoted to St. Joseph and have such faith and trust in him. I will remember you in my daily rosary and novena prayer in honor of St. Joseph. I can’t promise to write very often but you are in my heart. I send my prayers every day. Please continue to pray for me as things continue to improve each day. Thank you so much. Love, Sr.Sharo

  240. My wife says she no longer loves me and is divorcing me. She says we have nothing in common. She refuses any intervention. She does not agree with how we raise the boys. I love her.

    • Thomas,

      I have a sibling who has gone through the same situation as you. It was–and still is–extremely painful for him. We have talked alot and I have been privileged to see the way he has grown in holiness, the example he has set for his children, the way he has matured in grown in his love for his wife…. I will pray to St. Joseph with you for guidance and strength and comfort. No matter what happens, since we cannot control another, God walks with you and it is an opportunity to discover something beautiful about yourself and about life and about God’s utter reliability. Let us join in prayer and I will ask Sr. Sharon to pray also.

      Sr. Kathryn

    • Dear Thomas, Sr. Kathryn recommended your needs and pain to me for prayers. I place you in my heart and in the daily rosary and novena I direct to good St. Joseph for those who with confidence and trust invoke God’ loving blessing through the powerful intercession of his Son’s Foster Father. I join my prayers and those of all the sisters to yours.Jesus , Mary and Joseph are with you and will help you.God bless!
      Sr. Sharon Anne

  241. Dear Saint Joseph!

    Give your son Jesus a big hug and kiss for me… I started worrying again last night about today but immediately I said my night prayer to you and today I had a few nerves but they went a away…

    Saint Joseph it was like you were carrying me as a Father would…

    I wanted to thank you for many graces received and blessings received… I wanted to thank you for today and Peter and Lorraine’s warm welcome and help!!! God Bless them in their work… I wanted to thank you for taking my worries away Saint Joseph…. Bless Brian at work today for letting me use the new 2012 volvo to drive while my new car is getting a dent taken out… Bless him… Wow really got taken care of like a Father would, thought I would be receiving a regular car and I received the Princess edition… wow amazing!!! Thank you!!!

    Bless my work Saint Joseph.. Help me to find the right real estate renewal class to transition my license into to Broker… Bless my company and the people in it… Help me to realize my blessings Saint Joseph and to be remember to thank Jesus your son for everything good and bad…

    Bless Oscar D… with work… Help his wife with her surgery…She really wants it on your feast day Dear Saint Joseph… 🙂

    Please pray for and help my dear Susie Rose… She is feeling sad about her loss of her twin boys… Hold her dear and rush to her side like a Dear Father would… Thank you!!!!

    Bless and pray for my new found friendship with my Anthony… Help him to seek a deeper relationship with your son!!!

    Pray for my healing mind heart body and soul for my broken relationship with my sisters Melanie and Jennifer…. I pray for a deeper relationship with Jesus and the whole family to come back to God’s will…. I pray for all the violence and anger to end in the homes… I pray for my nieces and nephews who I so deeply miss…. I pray that they
    find your son’s grace and love amonst the anger and all generational sin passed down to be broken… Bless their hearts… Please pray for my nephew Jack and Devon for good friendships and for them to stay on the path with Jesus… I pray especially that you take away any suicidal thoughts that Jack may have or has had… Please cut the bonds and demonic influence that Satan has over my whole family….
    Bless them and bless them… Please heal them … Please heal me from the thoughts about the broken relationship…Heal the guilt and pain

    Please heal me from all the pain of my Father and all my Father wounds so I will be ready to embrace and love the husband you have waiting for me…
    Please help me to trust and recognize who he is… Wherever he is I pray for his healing and wholeness….

    Please pray for my cousin Nicholas… Please pray for my Aunt Kathy that she stop going to the taroh card readers, psychics and dabbling in black magic… Please stop the war and the influence Satan has on her… I am sorry I can’t be around her the war and the effects are too great… please love her and pray for her and her family and all her children especially her deceased husband my Uncle Joesph… Her living son Joseph…

    I love you Saint Joseph… I can’t wait to meet you in heaven someday… I imagine you to be a strong humble man filled with beauty and God’s grace… I love you and thanks for being the best Foster Father to me ever… Please kiss my earthly Father Roger and tell him he is the first person I can’t wait to meet when I get to heaven…

    Tell him I forgive him for all the abuse … Tell I love him and happy he is home… Tell my Mom Sandra thank you for all the graces and blessings received and give her my love…

    Please say hi to Mark Allen for me… Give him a big hug and kiss…

    He is so dearly missed but I know he is celebrating eternal life with you….

    Father Edmound too and my friend Nicoli…

    Please help

  242. Dear Saint Joseph!

    Give your son Jesus a big hug and kiss for me… I started worrying again last night about today but immediately I said my night prayer to you and today I had a few nerves but they went a away…

    Saint Joseph it was like you were carrying me as a Father would…

    I wanted to thank you for many graces received and blessings received… I wanted to thank you for today and Peter and Lorraine’s warm welcome and help!!! God Bless them in their work… I wanted to thank you for taking my worries away Saint Joseph…. Bless Brian at work today for letting me use the new 2012 volvo to drive while my new car is getting a dent taken out… Bless him… Wow really got taken care of like a Father would, thought I would be receiving a regular car and I received the Princess edition… wow amazing!!! Thank you!!!

    Bless my work Saint Joseph.. Help me to find the right real estate renewal class to transition my license into to Broker… Bless my company and the people in it… Help me to realize my blessings Saint Joseph and to be remember to thank Jesus your son for everything good and bad…

    Bless Oscar D… with work… Help his wife with her surgery…She really wants it on your feast day Dear Saint Joseph… 🙂

    Please pray for and help my dear Susie Rose… She is feeling sad about her loss of her twin boys… Hold her dear and rush to her side like a Dear Father would… Thank you!!!!

    Bless and pray for my new found friendship with my Anthony… Help him to seek a deeper relationship with your son!!!

    Pray for my healing mind heart body and soul for my broken relationship with my sisters Melanie and Jennifer…. I pray for a deeper relationship with Jesus and the whole family to come back to God’s will…. I pray for all the violence and anger to end in the homes… I pray for my nieces and nephews who I so deeply miss…. I pray that they
    find your son’s grace and love amonst the anger and all generational sin passed down to be broken… Bless their hearts… Please pray for my nephew Jack and Devon for good friendships and for them to stay on the path with Jesus… I pray especially that you take away any suicidal thoughts that Jack may have or has had… Please cut the bonds and demonic influence that Satan has over my whole family….
    Bless them and bless them… Please heal them … Please heal me from the thoughts about the broken relationship…Heal the guilt and pain

    Please heal me from all the pain of my Father and all my Father wounds so I will be ready to embrace and love the husband you have waiting for me…
    Please help me to trust and recognize who he is… Wherever he is I pray for his healing and wholeness….

    Please pray for my cousin Nicholas… Please pray for my Aunt Kathy that she stop going to the taroh card readers, psychics and dabbling in black magic… Please stop the war and the influence Satan has on her… I am sorry I can’t be around her the war and the effects are too great… please love her and pray for her and her family and all her children especially her deceased husband my Uncle Joesph… Her living son Joseph…

    I love you Saint Joseph… I can’t wait to meet you in heaven someday… I imagine you to be a strong humble man filled with beauty and God’s grace… I love you and thanks for being the best Foster Father to me ever… Please kiss my earthly Father Roger and tell him he is the first person I can’t wait to meet when I get to heaven…

    Tell him I forgive him for all the abuse … Tell I love him and happy he is home… Tell my Mom Sandra thank you for all the graces and blessings received and give her my love…

    Please say hi to Mark Allen for me… Give him a big hug and kiss…

    He is so dearly missed but I know he is celebrating eternal life with you….

    Father Edmound too and my friend Nicoli…

  243. sr kathryn, its sonya. things are not going good with the breast cancer. i read my doctors report , they give me no more thanone year. i 33 and i have two children, please please pray for us. we are in pain, iam extremely scared, i want to live, i want to be with my boys and i want Jesus to please heal me. i dont know where God is taking me or our family.
    with tears and pain, please dont forget us.

    • Dear Sonya,

      Thank you for writing. I regret I haven’t been able to get back on the blog till now.

      I think I hear a lot of anxiety and sorrow and desperation in the face of the doctor’s report. As a mother who wants to care for her children and see them through all their growing up years, there must be a tremendous sorrow and fear for them. How much love a mother has for her children! I believe God is also full of sorrow at the news. We want to live. You want to live. We were made to live! Illness wasn’t part of the original plan of creation…. It is a result of our fallen situation. He care for you so much and for your boys. Cry out to him through the intercession of St. Joseph. The prayers in the bible, the Psalms, are full of prayers of people who are afraid or angry or alone. They encourage us to tell God exactly how it is for us. Jesus also did the same before he was arrested. He was not afraid to show his Father his fear. His resurrection also assures us that no matter how dark the Calvary through which we walk, we will always find at the end of a beautiful rainbow and resurrection, for ourselves and for others. I know you are afraid, but as you process this sad news, you will be able to be with your sons with all your heart during this time, to give them everything you can of your love. Know that I am praying for you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  244. Please pray for my health beautiful Saint Joseph… I just went to the doctor… They found lump in my breast… I have an ultrasound Monday… Please pray for me and take my worry away… I am very blessed the doctor was able to see me this morning as quickly as this came… Thank you for today

    I love you and trust in you!!!

    • Dear Brooke, Have courage and trust, as you already do. St. Joseph is pleased with your prayer. God, Jesus, Mary, and st. Joseph are with you are very close to you. I will remember you tonight in my prayers to St. Joseph and in the rosary I say every morning in honor of St. Joseph. You are in his great heart which God has given him. He knows pain and uncertainty and is most ready to comfort you and help you with your healing. You are in my heart and prayers as I pray to the Foster Father of Jesus Christ and ask him anything that is for your best interests here on earth and in heaven.
      Dear St.Joseph please help Brooke in her trial and give her great faith and peace. Amen.
      Sr. Sharon Anne

      • Sr. Sharon Anne,

        God Bless You and I am so filled with gratitude for your prayers! Thank you for taking the time to pray for me. I really love your site and I love reading the prayers… They give me a sense of hope and a deeper love for Saint Joseph…

        Thank you so much! My heart and prayers go out to you! I will keep you in my prayers and your mission! Thank you for your prayers and hope!

        God Bless You! Many blessings to you and prayers!


    • sonya, I tried to answer you yesterday, but since I am still not up to pare health wise I haven’t done too well on the computer. I’m sorrh. I am praying fro you and hope sr kathyrn or sr elizabeth will help you. I think I did not do something right with the computer yesterday. forgive me. sr sharon

      • Sr Sharon, dont worry about the computer cliches/problems. its ok.
        i didnt know that Sr Kathryn has been unwell. Its just meant a lot knowing that the sisters were praying for our family. Im so sorry, please forgive me. I will remember sr kathryn, sr sharon and all the sisters in mass, prayers and in my day..

        With Love and God Bless,

      • Sonya, I recited the rosary in honor of St. Joseph for you this morning asking St. Joseph to comfort you, to strengthen you in your sorrow and pain. Continue your faith and trust in Good St. Joseph who himself suffered many disappointments, plans gone awry, and serious illness. He invites you to pray with ever more faith, confidence and bold confidence to the Heavenly Father to grant you peace, courage and even a cure if that is in his loving plans for you for your best interests here and in heaven. I have embraced your pain and suffering fear in my heart which I then place in Joseph and Jesus and Mary’s heart. St. Joseph would want you to love life to the full and love to the full as best you can and know God’s tenderness and infinitely loving care. As one holy person once said “grab the present moment” for that is all you have;Jesus himself is present to you in every moment. May St. Joseph pour out material and spiritual blessings upon you and your family. With great love and prayers for you, Sr. Sharon

  245. Sr Sharon and Sr Kathryn
    I will always, always remember you to St Joseph as you have led me to his protection. I continue to look for work to take care of the mortgage and taxes and bills and sometimes I do get defeated but I have taken to calling out to St Joseph – if God entrusted his beloved son and his wonderful Mary to Joseph’s safekeeping, that says a lot – oh I by no means come close to their holiness but I figure he will take me and my family under his protection. Yes, there are time issues but God is never late and He has a plan I know of. How honored I am to have you two holy sisters pray for me – I’ve come to think of prayer as a loving gesture – I especially like praying for those I do not know or for those who have no one to pray for them – and all those who call out to Joseph. I hope that God likes that. I do so love Him. Thank you and goodnight. Julie

  246. There are lots of people praying for you Sonya, you are not alone!

    May the Lord Bless you and Keep you
    The Lord make His Face to shine upon you and be gracious to you
    May the Lord lift up His Countenance upon you and bring you peace!

  247. Sonya
    Please know that people in this blog pray for one another and we have the good sisters pray for us, too. I know it seems hard and scary at times but God will not forsake us – it’s not easy taking one step at a time but we have to believe that He sees things we don’t see and that NOTHING and NO ONE can keep His love from us. I will remember you tonight when I pray.

  248. Respected Sister,

    My name is Abraham and I am writing from Calicut, INDIA. My business is going through a very difficult time. I need God’s Grace to come out of the difficult situation. I have taken some important steps to bring it out of debts and to give away money to people I owe. I need God’s helping hand to stay bold and exit from this difficult situation. Please pray for me and my business. Pray for my wife who too share my burden.

    • I pray a rosary in honor of St. Joseph every morning and a novena prayer every even. I will remember your special intention for you and your wife. St. Joseph is a very powerful intercessor with God. As you are doing your best, pray with trust and deep faith. God will do the rest. God bless you and your wife.
      Sr,.Sharon Anne official prayer partner for Sr Kathyrn.

    • I pray a rosary in honor of St. Joseph every morning and a novena prayer every even. I will remember your special intention for you and your wife. St. Joseph is a very powerful intercessor with God. As you are doing your best, pray with trust and deep faith. God will do the rest. God bless you and your wife.
      Sr,.Sharon Anne official prayer partner for Sr Kathyrn.

  249. I am starting a novena to Saint Joseph for the entire month of March. I will remember all the intentions all members in my prayers in my prayers

  250. Thankyou Sr Kathryn, Sr Sharon , Dani, chris, julie. The lord jesus has filled me up spiritually. I feel that i can face chemotherapy tommorrow because of all the genorosity and prayers and the love of jesus that you have show me. I have never really experience this before.
    I just want to hold it forever and never let go.
    As i told Danimarie bernadette, i just want do good. Like the song, living waters flow on. We pass it on. We let it flow. Dont let it stay stagnent like a lake.
    Many lenten blessings and prayers to everyone


  251. Dear Sister Kathryn. My name is Paula and i am from Lisbon, Portugal. I ask you for your prayers… I lost my job now 6 years ago and my biggest drea was to get a job at the Pauline Bookstore here in Lisbon. I already sent them my curriculum vitae and i have praying so Saint Joseph can help me get a job at the bookstore. I love books, my previous job was in another bookstore and being around books and especially religious books would make me so happy. I also ask you to pray for my family to have peace and joy, also for protection for my 6 year old niece, that i kove so much, and also to my sister to get back with her ex-husband, my niece’s father. Thank you Sister for your prayers.

    • Sr Kathyrn has asked me to assure you of our prayers in the morning rosary in honor of St. Joseph and our novena prayer we say every day. We join our prayers to yours. Ask good st. Joseph for great faith and trust and love for Jesus and Mary open to whatever God’s plans are for you and your family always believing that our Good and gracious God always answers our prayers for our best interest here on earth and in heaven. May God bless you. you may want to do something small and special to honor St. Joseph. His feast day in March 19th. With every promise of prayer for you, Sr Sharon Anne

  252. May God bless you that you find good and fulfilling work so that you may bring glory to God through your efforts and skills. St Joseph, please pray for our sister in Christ and interced of her behalf that she bring glory to God’s Name through her work , skills and efforts

  253. please help me o st joseph and jquickly obtain for me a good job with good pay and help me to stick to the job.thank you.

    • May St. Joseph answer your prayer through his powerful intercession. I am praying for you too, in my daily rosary and novena prayer.Ask St. Joseph to obtain great faith and trust and pray to him every day and honor him as Jesus Foster Father. I unite my prayers to yours. God bless you!
      Sr/ Sharon Anne

  254. pastor please pray for me,i have been living with my partner for 3yrs now we have a daughter witch is 1yrs old.the problem is my partner is planing with his sister behind my back that he is leaving the country.leaving me the our daughter with out anything.i hard from his sister that he is planing to stored all his furnisher at a friends house.what should i do where do i being.pray for me pastor

    • Denden,

      I am very worried about you. This is a difficult situation to be in. I can offer you only my prayers to St. Joseph for you and your partner. Ask St. Joseph to help him understand his responsibilities as a father. Trust in St. Joseph to be the man you need and give you counsel, support, and assistance.

      In prayer,
      Sr. Kathryn

  255. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    Please pray for my marriage to be restored very soon. My beloved husband of over 15 years wants a divorce and has moved out for over a month. We have 3 children. I am devastated and confused. However, he has agreed to attend Retrouvaille with me this month – it is a Catholic marriage lifeline program, which St Joseph is patron saint of. Please pray that this program will somehow miraculously revive our marriage, as it has done for many other struggling couples. Thank you & May God Bless You.

    • MK

      I am so sorry for the news regarding your marriage. That must be painful. My brother has lived through the same thing. I know alot about Retrouvaille and that is a good move to go through this experience together. From my own experience, we often just lack basic communication skills, and the deeper support we need to honor our own needs, have compassion for others, and create solutions which respect everyone’s needs. To move toward each other and not away from them. How is it that we learn to live with others in love and not from a place of pain. I pray that you will learn some of these skills as they are taught at Retrouvaille.

      I will remember you in prayer and also recommend you to Sr. Sharon.

      Sr. Kathryn

  256. I read above ”I pray a rosary in honor of St. Joseph every morning and a novena prayer every even”
    How do i pray the rosary in honour of st Joseph. I pray the normal rosary and each decade i dedicate prayer for the sick, souls in purgatory, world peace, parents, holy father.

    Thank you.

  257. I am praying for all of you this month…I am still without a job..sometimes I feel forsaken..but know Saint Joseph will intercede for me

  258. Firstly, I thank “GLORIOUS ST.JOSEPH” for favoring me with whatever I am today.
    Secondly, I request “GLORIOUS ST.JOSEPH” to have mercy on me, and forgive my sins.
    Thirdly, as I am still jobless since July 2011, and I am herewith seeking intercession of “GLORIOUS ST.JOSEPH” for a suitable employment at the earliest !!!

    • Anthony,

      You seem to have a strong devotion to St. Joseph. I will join you in prayer to him for suitable employment. These days are so difficult for so many, my heart is moved by the pain people are experiencing. Keep courage and have hope in St. Joseph and the merciful love of God.

      Sr. Kathryn

  259. Dear Lord I am praying through the intercesstion of St.Joseph to provide employment since I will be laid off work soon. I need a job to support my wife and children as they depend on me being the only wage earner in the family. Please pray that the Heavenly Father will grant me a job as soon as possible.

    • Ralston,

      I will be praying for you. It must be frightening or disheartening facing a layoff. Pray daily to St. Joseph and remind him of his love for wife and child and his sense of responsibility. I will also.

      Sr. Kathryn

  260. St. Joseph, you are so kind and loving and you took such good care of our Blessed Mother and our Savior Jesus. Please then intercede on behalf of all of us seeking good honest employment, especially those who have been directed to the prayer ministry on this website. Lend us your grace and intercession to guide us that we may use our talents, skills, and knowledge to the greater glory of your Son Jesus Christ.

    Sisters, thank you so much for your prayers; your care and attention reflects the divine love of Jesus and I believe we all truly appreciate your love and devotion.


    • Chris
      That is a beautiful prayer and one that I needed to see this am.
      I have been praying for a job to take care of myself and my family and continue to pray for those also in need through this website. The good sisters are remembering us in their prayers to St Joseph – I cannot believe that his heart is not moved with compassion for all those who call to him – somehow he will show us what to do and bless the sisters for all they do.

    • Chris,

      You are so kind. The presence of each person on this website is a grace to me. I feel that you are part of my and our family. Our eternal destinies are tied together as we offer each other support and compassion on the way.

      May you be blessed.
      Sr. Kathryn

  261. Sisters, I humbly ask for your prayers and St Joseph’s intercession in my life. I continue to struggle with anxiety and depression and major changes that are coming in my life. I am sinner. My faith is weak. I am seriously doubting God right now. I kn