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Joseph and the Child Jesus

Joseph and the Child Jesus

Where do we learn about St. Joseph’s Power?

We learn about St. Joseph’s power to provide and protect from the experience of others. Stories of St. Joseph’s intercession are told by saints, religious communities, and by people who could be your neighbors. The stories below range from stories of the devotion that saints have had to this great intercessor to more “homespun” stories of people who have prayed for his intercession and attributed to him special favors. These stories certainly don’t carry the weight of stories from Scripture, but there is a place for such “family memories” in the large gathering of God’s family.

I’ll add stories of Joseph here, but I invite you to add your own stories of Joseph’s intervention in your own life.


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  1. My dad had his eye on a house for probably fifteen years. In his heart he knew he would buy that house. It never came on the market. My mom told him to get a medal of St. Joseph on the property. So he got a medal and put it on the property in a hidden place. One day he got the courage to knock at the door and an elderly lady answered the door. He asked if there would ever be a time when the house would go on the market. She said, “Funny. I’ve been thinking about selling this house for years. It’s too big. Too much trouble. And I just want to go someplace small. I never got a realtor.”

    Dad said to her, “I’d love to buy this house.”

    “Okay. What price?”

    He didn’t know numbers so he threw one out and she said, “That’s fine. It’s yours.”

    Then he went and got the paperwork done and that’s the house they’ve been living in for the past 40 years or so. And it’s still his pride and joy.

    Thank you, St. Joseph

      • Yes, St. Joseph would want us to thank God, and any gratitude he receives he immediately deflects to the heavenly Father himself. All of us can life in this attitude of Mary: “My soul magnifies the Lord!”

      • V
        My husband T.R. Is a diabetic patient. One of his toes in his left leg was a=
        mputated and the doctor said that it would not heal due to the poor circulat=
        ion of blood. My husband’s faith proved them wrong as his amputated toe heal=
        ed. After few months, the 3rd was again badly infected and here again this t=
        ime your toe is worse than the first time and the doctor suggested that the a=
        mputation would be knee-up. My husband prayed fervently to Saint Joseph and h=
        is strong faith In God the 3rd toe was healed and no doctors. So,you see peo=
        ple out there, what faith can do. My prayers to St joseph for God’s interven=
        tion has done a good job.

        This time due to financial constraints, we are asking Saint Joseph’s help fo=
        r another miracle so that our financial situation will change. We have faith=
        in him and our Lord Jesus.

      • In everything we should give thanks to God because saint joseph is a tool of God, Foster Father of our savior, loving spouse of Mary and also our papa.

    • My father died, he was a member of the St Joseph’s association and missionary in a sense. His death affected my mother for they were so very close. My mother was living alone then, so one stormy after noon lightning struck our family home and the asbestos roof in the living room shattered in front of her on the table where she was reading her bible. What surprised every one is that we had a sacred heart of Christ ‘s picture hanging on the whole. When the bolt struck it went on to strike on the sacred heart of Christ and made a small hole through the picture. For me it was a miracle, I take it the picture conducted the lightning and saved my mother. I thank God for St Joseph, Mary and the Sacred Heart of Christ.

    • I have been Looking for a hair apprenticeship for weeks, and I was turned down at so many places and I was giving up. The town I live in makes it very hard to fined openings. Anyway I prayed a pray to St. Joseph because my Mum told me he would help so I thought well ive tried everything else why not, so I did. The very next day I got an email from a friend saying that the best Hairdressing salon in town was looking for someone, so I got dressed and went with my CV and I got an interview right there and a trial the day after, now I am working in the best salon around my area Irvin day its a very popular well known business. I have St. Joseph to thank for it. Now when I go to work I always wear a St. Joseph medal around my neck.

    • Tom, I just love your story!!! And I believe it! My sister who is a nun in Lourdes France, shared the story of how their Mother General acquired the property where their convent is built. She threw some medals on the property! And that was it!
      St.Joseph amazed me too, last April 9, 2015 with a 4-bedroom house, in a gated community, walking distance from the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and granted it before I turn 56. Those were my conditions and I specified all of those! He is a powerful intercessor!
      Thank you Heavenly Father for granting my dream house through the intercession of my beloved saint, St. Joseph.

  2. After Hurricane Ivan destroyed my parents home on Santa Rosa Island (aka Pensacola Beach) Florida they tried to sell the property. A statue of St Joseph was placed in the palm tree on the property

    And a novena to St Joseph was begun. At first just a few of us prayed the novena. Mom and dad looked into other options: building again, renting a house on the site, etc. At this point the insurance that would have helped cover damages was not coming through. Eventually the For Sale sign went up in earnest. After dad became sick prayers for the property were on hold. Prayers were directed to other matters. After my father died and we entered our time of grieving we once again turned to St Joseph for sale of the property. This was even more important now for my mom’s welfare. On April 30th mom received a call from the realtor letting her know that she would have to lower her asking price in order to sell. She had already lowered it below actual value and didn’t want to lower it any more than that. Her family agreed. So when the realtor called back on May 1st mom assumed he was asking for her decision about lowering the asking price. Instead he announced “we have a buyer!” Later on in the day she realized it was the feast of St Joseph the worker. We placed the new contract under St Joseph’s statue. As the deal concluded the new buyers paid the amount in cash and closed the contract. Amen.

  3. My twin sister had bought a piece of land up in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. It’s in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is a great getaway place for a vacation anytime of the year. She was going to build on the property and had owned it about 4 or 5 years. She decided to sell the property because she no longer wanted to build on it in the future.

    So, she put it in the hands of a reputable real estate firm in New Hampshire. She thought it would be sold soon because of the prime location. And the real estate did too.

    So my sister waited. And waited. It turned into months. My sister couldn’t believe it was taking so long. It had turned into almost a year. My sister now wanted to sell it even more, because she had plans for the money she was going to recieve.

    So, one Saturday morning I had gone to Brockton, MA, where I believe there is the Prospect Hill Co. I was going there to bury something, I really can’t remember what I went in for, but I thought to myself, “I’ll get her a St. Joseph statue and maybe I could get her to pray to St. Joseph to help her sell her property (St. Joseph had seen her through a hard time at an earlier time in her life when she had been hospitalized for bipolar disorder).

    I came home late morning and told her, “I have something for you that might help you. I bought you a St. Joseph statue. You put it in the ground and pray to St. Joseph that you’ll sell the property. But,” I said, “the most important thing is that you have to pray to him.”

    She looked at me and said, “I have never heard about that.” So, she said to me, “Let’s take a ride up to New Hampshire and put the statue on the property right now.”

    The ride was a solid 2 hours or more. So, we left right away and went to New Hampshire. When we got there, she took the statue and placed him in the dirt standing up under the For Sale sign.

    That was Saturday afternoon. I told her again that she had to pray to St. Joseph. It’s not magic or superstition. She said she would. Sunday passed and Monday morning came. We were both at work and my sister called me on my cell. She said,”You’re not going to believe what happened. The real estate agent just called and said there was a bidding war on the property. Two people were interested in buying it and one outbid the other. We just sold your property for $34,500. ” The exact amount my sister wanted for the property. She had thought she would have to lower the price because of the length of the time on the market. Even the real estate agent couldn’t believe that the property had sold for that amount of money.

    The next Saturday, she wanted to go back up to New Hampshire to retrieve the statue because on the back of the paper that had come with the statue it had said to take the statue after and honor St. Joseph. So, now my sister has always felt that St. Joseph really came through for her.

    M. R., Massachusetts

  4. Well, St. Joseph came through in a big way recently. Last week, my dad called in the morning or midday, to say my sister had her purse stolen, with credit card, check book, glasses and so on and especially her address/phone book with the her clients’ phone numbers. That was irreplaceable. So I prayed to St. Joseph that afternoon, asking St. Joseph to please intercede to have the purse found, especially because of the address/phone book. I really prayed fervently and said “St. Joseph, please come through. My sister really needs that address book…. Someone could really find it…..” The next day my dad called to say that a homeless man who stays near a gas station had found her address book in the garbage behind the station. He took the book to a station attendant, who called a person listed in Louise’s address/phone book and traced the book to my sister. She is so, very grateful it was found ! And when she went to pick up the address/phone book, she asked if the homeless man was around. She had the opportunity to meet him, though it might have been the next day, and gave him $40.00 in gratitude.
    So, St. Joseph, THANK YOU so much for this big grace !!!!!

    • Amen.i also thank St.Joseph for praying to His Son Jesus and the Holy Father to assist me.My story is very sad at the beginning but it ends with Glory .I was looking for a job .I was broke , full of debts and completely depressed.I started a novena to St Joseph and 4 days later i received a job offer and start working.I was more than happy and was praising God and jumping left right and center .But yet my job lasted only 4 days and i was retrenched on very unfair and unjustified grounds .It was a disaster for me.i scream ; i shouted, i cried, i got upset with God and St Joseph , i refuse to pray for days though people were trying to encourage me to carry was a disaster for two weeks .Until i was taken for a trip at a guest house named St Joseph.There slowly i start praying again, ask for forgiveness for my rebellion reactions and i realise a lot of things .about two weeks after i got another job which have open doors to start paying my debts in way which it would have not been possible if i had stay in that 4 days job.And that drauma i went thr made me exposed to my new employment.So it took a drama to get to Glory .isnt it that the exact message of God love.I love you my dear God .i praise your name and I thank St Joseph for your and continous prayers.i love you and shall carry on praying you so my work will be sanctify.Praise the Lord

  5. Yesterday I experienced the power of St. Joseph’s intercession again. I had lost a lead for an iPhone app developer. I was walking downstairs and said to Joseph, “You had to provide for your family. You know what it’s like. I have to provide for my family now. I need to find an iPhone app developer somewhere. Please help me!” I went onto the internet, filled out different “Contact Us” pages on different sites, and within the hour had a response that looks extremely promising. I pray often the prayer on this site for St. Joseph’s intercession. Sometime I’ll have to give the history of that prayer and the miraculous stories associated with its beginning. But for today I’ll just spend time thanking St. Joseph and God, asking that he help me give my whole life over to God’s plan like he did.
    K. J. Massachusettes

  6. During the first few days of school, i had made some pretty great friends. Everyone i met warmed up eventually except for a girl who seemed to act rather distant to me. However, i seeked St Joseph’s aid to intercede to Jesus to help me and her to become friends. As soon as we met after i said the novena, there was an improvement in our relationship. She began to warm up to me slowly. Now, i can safely say we’re friends. Although only casual friends, its definitely a huge improvement! Also, i want to thank St Joseph for interceding to Jesus in helping me improve my individual relationship between two friends and i. Due to me having self esteem issues, sometimes i come across as being cold, though i do not mean it. As a result, my two other friends thought i disliked them and such and we ended up on not so godd terms. I turned to St Joseph for help again, to intercede to Jesus to improve and give me the opportunity to improve my relationship with them, to let them know that i’m not the sort of cold person who they think i am. Again, prayers answered! My relationship i share with each of them improved, and now we’re closer too I also want to thank St Joseph for interceding to Jesus for the safe, quick and smooth delivery and arrival of my payment and package, respectively, for giving me the self confidence i need of myself and also for the good grades in tests and examinations. Thank You Jesus for answering all of St Josephs intercession for me, for without You, i would not have my prayers answered too.

  7. Dearest Saint Joseph, thank you for interceding to Jesus and God for him to stop talking negatively about me, if he was, to let him forgive me if i had done anything to hurt him in the past and to let us become friends again. Just after i had asked Saint Joseph’s intercession, he kind of joked with me during class, which i think is the beginning of a new start. Saint Joseph, please see through the positive development of our relationship as friends, thank you! Thank you also for letting C stop saying negative things about me as well if she was, and for her to want to be friends with me. We interacted more than usual today, in mostly a positive way too. Thank You God and Jesus for hearing and answering Saint Joseph’s intercession for me as well.

  8. Dear St Joseph, thank you for interceding to God and Jesus to let M and her friends drop any hard feelings they had against me if they had and for them to want to be friends with me again. Also, thank you for interceding to God to give opportunities which help heal our relationships. Dear God, Jesus, thank You so much for hearing my petitions through St Joseph and answering them all. Thank You for forgiving me of my sins.

  9. Dear St Joseph, thank you for your intercession to God and Jesus to let the relationship between my friend and i improve further and for the opportunities to strengthen our bonds. Thank You Lord God and Jesus for hearing and answering my petitions through the intercession of St Joseph for me.

  10. Hello again, i would like to post my thanksgiving to God, Jesus and also to St Joseph, for his intercession! Thank you St Joseph for your intercession to God and to Jesus for letting my friend and i have a good day today, as well as for letting S reply me last night. Thank You God, thank You Jesus for hearing and answering my petitions through the intercessions of St Joseph!

  11. Thank you once again, St Joseph for interceding to God and to Jesus to let the situation between me and him be saved and also for letting my friend know that our friendship is still good and for the additional opportunities to improve it. Thank You Lord, thank You Jesus!

  12. Once again, i want to thank St Joseph for his intercession to God and to Jesus to forgive me of my wrongdoings, and to let the friendship i share with my friend improve as well as for the opportunities to do so. Also, i want to thank St Joseph for his intercession to God and to Jesus always. Thank You also Lord God, and Lord Jesus Christ for forgiving me of my sins and for hearing and answering St Joseph’s intercessions for me! 🙂

  13. St. Joseph is amazing!!! Four years ago I began praying for his intercession because I felt like it was time to buy a house. One of the first houses I looked at I put a low offer in on, but I loved it. It was a small townhouse and what I could afford at the time. My offer wasn’t accepted and I was heartbroken, but continued to pray.

    Then, my Mom was helping my Dad in his business after he had just broken his shoulder. One of my Dad’s customer’s came in and said that they had land that they needed to sell. Again, I thought this was where the Lord wanted me to be. So, I started looking for a modular home since it seemed the property would be mine. I was still praying about it and then found out the property fell through too. My Dad overheard a conversation with my Mom and wanted to come with us to look at houses.

    So, I thought maybe the original townhouse was where I was supposed to be after all. I went to the townhome and put a St. Joseph medal in the bushes.

    Then a few days later my Mom and I took my Dad to see the townhouse along with another single family home I saw in a real estate book. We went to the townhouse first and told me in no uncertain terms that I was not buying that house.

    So, on we went to the next house. It was huge, over 2300 square feet and over 2.7 acres of land. It was beautiful on the outside. And within five minutes of being in the house my Dad announced he was buying me the house. I do not have a mortgage and continue to pray to him for my future husband. He gave me an amazing house and now I can’t wait to meet my future spouse. Thank you Lord and St. Joseph!

  14. Rushing home with my two boys (6yrs and3yrs) , I parked the car and step out to see if my appointment had arrived. As i turned my car went down our street, which is very steep, with my boys both in the car. I tried to stop my car but couldnt.

    At peak time, when everyone was coming home from school and work, my boys were in the car with no driver heading down the street in reverse.

    I ran and ran. So shocked, scared and unsure what was going to happen. I screamed to myself HELP ST JOESPH , ST JOESPH . keep my boys and everyone safe.

    The car went down off a ladys retaining wall, hit some trees, electricity boxes and stop at the hedge. Avoiding the house, only cms away. The homeowner arrive, she said she was delayed in traffic, otherwise she would have been in the accident.

    My two boys were untouched, not a scratch. I believe without a doubt that St Joesph came to our assistance and save my two boys and everyone that may have been involved. You see as the car went down the hill with my two boys and no driver in the reverse mode, it went on the oncoming traffic side.


      • Dear Sister Kathryn,
        I’ve been doing the St. Joseph Novena for these intentions. Would you also pray a novena for these intentions.
        That Fifner Attorneys drop probate court case and any case against me. That they soon send me letter telling me that probate court hearing is cancelled.
        That nursing home resubmit bills to Medical Mutual and Medicare and that this debt be paid off in full soon by these insurances.
        I will be eternally grateful and will keep you and loved ones in my daily prayers.
        Thank you.
        Lydia My e-mail –

      • Lydia,

        Like St. Joseph, this Christmas you are carrying many burdens in your heart, even as you rejoice at God-with-us in the Child of Mary. Let us pray together for your miracle! Never lose hope.

        Sr. Kathryn

    • I thnak the Lord and St.Joseph for protecting your sons from this great danger and saving you too from greater problems. I too say thank you St.Joseph. Please pray for me.

    • Sonya, I was so nervous reading your story! Praise God!! Your boys were safe and no property damage and no other people got hurt either! Wow!!Thank you St. Joseph!!!!

  15. I have a question. In November on Thanksgiving Day I put a St. Joseph statue in my garden in front of the Bleeding Heart plant to help sell our home. I have prayed everyday since. I know it sounds really weird, but I always felt guilt that St. Joesph statue was outside in such cold bad weather. Finally when the weather warmed up just a bit I went outside to dig up the statue. It was not there. I dug up much of the flower bed thinking that it shifted somehow, but still no statue. Can anyone tell me what this means?

    • Susan,

      Praying to St. Joseph for assistance in selling a house can be done for two reasons. One is more superstitious: if I bury this statue I will get what I want or need (my house will sell). The other is more religious: I pray to St. Joseph with trust that he will help me discover what God has planned for me and how I can most completely respond to God’s call. I believe that St. Joseph will protect me just as completely as he cared for Jesus and Mary.

      So the fact that the St. Joseph statue “disappeared” doesn’t really “mean” anything. It led you to post this question, and St. Joseph perhaps is calling you to have great trust in him. You don’t really need to plant statues of St. Joseph. It probably would be better to put him in a place of honor in your house. But in any case, let us pray together that St. Joseph will care for your needs and that yours and my love and trust in St. Joseph will grow stronger.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I realize you are correct, but did not want to leave the statue in the garden.

        Best regards,

      • Hi,

        I often think that St. Joseph ended up in unexpected and crazy circumstances because he was the foster-father of Jesus. He probably won’t mind being buried somewhere in God’s good earth knowing that your heart is full of faith.

        Blessed Easter,
        Sr. Kathryn

      • I am always thinking of burying St. Joseph so that our house will be sold soon but ifeel pity on him.I just pray for him to enlightenment now after reading your post i feel my prayer was answered that prayer is more powerful than burying him…now i will ask you to help me pray that we can sell our property soon for my kids yo have their own place to enjoy and grow.thank you.

        Best regards

      • St Joseph is a powerful intercessor and I thank him for selling my house and my father’s. I wish to encourage all who are in the process of selling their homes not to bury a statue of him but pray to him with confidence and he will hear you. No need to threaten him with burial!!! He helped sell 2 house for us through simple prayer and trust. Thank you, St. Joseph, for your consistent help in everything I have asked of you and please help all those who are desperately trying to sell their homes.

      • Dear Sr Kathryn,

        I just bought a statue of Saint Joseph and put it in my house. I have prayed several novenas to him and so many since I was a teenager to find the right man to marry. I am almost 46 now. I had a declaration of nullity by the Church for my mariage and it is been for years that I am still trying…to find the right one. A lot of suffering. The problem is often than “I am too religious” for them and they do not want lo live the chastity. Two months ago, I met Carlos, who is a believer but had got married to an atheist and not by the Church, so I could get married with him. The woman had abandoned him for another man for a year and a half. When things seemed to by finally going well and he was so decided to meet me (it was through Internet) and he accepted to abstain from sex and was even eager to go to Medjugorje because I like going there, his ex took him back from me…(they have a child, and I think she used that excuse, now that she was alone)….

        I am devastated. We had been talking for so many hours and we liked each other so much. I go to daily mass, I pray the rosary, but this seems an endless cross…I offer it to God. But please, could you pray that Carlos comes back to me since he said he liked that I was faithful and seemed to like my values and that I am a believer? God knows more, but so many deceptions are making me depressed….Specially this time. He had everything I have been asking in my prayers…and even more, but that woman tooks him away, she who does not deserve him…I thank you for your prayers. I am doing another novena to St Joseph. In april I go back to Medjugorje…

  16. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    Have a blessed Easter. I will continue to pray to St. Joseph. I have found passages in the Bible that makes me think that perhaps I am asking too much and should be content with what I have.

    All my best,

    • Susan,

      God leads us into perfect happiness through his Word. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you rightly on the path to God.

      Sr. Kathryn

  17. Dear St Joseph, I am thankful for the many times you have rendered your help to me in helping me pray to the Lord. I had my prayers answered.. Thank you especially for your intercessions to God for me to receive the answers that i waited for and also, for the successful attempts.

    Dear Lord God, thanks so much for having mercy on me even when I know well that I do not deserve it. Thank You for Your forgiveness and answering my prayers as well as petitions through the intercessions of St Joseph

  18. Dearest St Joseph, thank you so much for being there for me through interceding for me since november/december 2008 when i started novena devotion to you. Thank you for the countless help you have given me and most of all, thank You Lord God and Lord Jesus for hearing my prayers through the intercessions of St Joseph and answering them. Thank You all so much!..

    Novena to St Joseph:

    O St. Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong,
    so prompt before the Throne of God,
    I place in you all my interests and desires.
    O St. Joseph do assist me by your powerful intercession
    and obtain for me from your Divine Son
    all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord;
    so that having engaged here below your Heavenly power
    I may offer my Thanksgiving and Homage
    to the most Loving of Fathers.
    O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you
    and Jesus asleep in your arms.
    I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart.
    Press him in my name and kiss His fine Head for me,
    and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath.
    St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls,
    pray for us.

    To be said for 9 days

    • Thank for sharing the Novena I really need one for my sister, who is very sick and I hope I can used for any needs.God bless you always, Nazareth

  19. Hi again, this is an update – thank you once more Saint Joseph for your further intercession. My toe’s condition is improving alot and the skin is healthy again. Also, the blackness is going away. Thank you!!
    Thank You God for hearing my prayers through the intercessions of Saint Joseph.

  20. please dear St Joseph.. intercede so that my husband may find a great new job quickly. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen

  21. I feel that St Joseph has heard my prayers.. my husband has an interview tomorow. I ask in St Joseph’s name and through Jesus that my husband do well and that he get a great new job quickly. Amen

  22. Its me once again – I would like to share a miraculous upate on my toe’s condition. Today i checked and saw that the blackness in the skin of my toe is totally gone and the skin is totally healthy, like it used to be! Thank you so much Saint Joseph for your intercessions! Thank You Lord God and Lord Jesus for the answered prayers through Saint Joseph’s intercessions for me!! 😀

    O St. Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong,
    so prompt before the Throne of God,
    I place in you all my interests and desires.
    O St. Joseph do assist me by your powerful intercession
    and obtain for me from your Divine Son
    all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord;
    so that having engaged here below your Heavenly power
    I may offer my Thanksgiving and Homage
    to the most Loving of Fathers.
    O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you
    and Jesus asleep in your arms.
    I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart.
    Press him in my name and kiss His fine Head for me,
    and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath.
    St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls,
    pray for us.

  23. Dearest St Joseph, you are a blessed intercessor for many intentions, from health, family, saftey, homelife, to workers, and much more. I have not thanked you nearly enough for helping me to keep my business going through this long long recession. Thank you for helping me to pay bills for my daughter and me to keep our home and put food on the table.

    • Edie, I will add my prayers to your prayers of thanksgiving to St. Joseph. Yes, he is a powerful intercessor in our spiritual and material needs.
      Sr. Joseph, accept all our gratitude for your unfailing help in our journey of faith. Amen.
      Sr Kathryn

  24. Please dear St Joseph.. hear my prayers for my husband. He is trying so hard to get a new job.. please help him and take the burden of his unemployment from our family. I will be forever grateful.. Amen

    • Peace.

      I will remember in my novena to St. Joseph your special intentions for your husband. That is quite a burden to carry for him and also for you. Share with Joseph your anxiety and worry. Ask him to help you be wise and open to all the inspirations he sends your way in looking for employment.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Dear Sr.Kathryn,please pray for my husband and my health too if you can.We both need better or good paying job so we can provide and move on! Please help me how to pray the 9 day’s Novena 4 times a day?I really want to start but I don’t have one.Any help is very thankfull for me.God blesse always, Nazareth…Amen.

      • Hi

        There is a tab on this blog for a simple prayer to St. Joseph that is very powerful. Otherwise you can find novenas on the internet if you search. But mostly I would encourage you to let St. Joseph teach you about trust and the willingness to go along with God’s plan which was the hallmark of his sanctity.

        I shall pray to St. Joseph for you.

        Sr. Kathryn

  25. This has been a week full of answered prayer for Saint Joseph.
    Last week I mentioned that the Homeless Shelter where I worked closed down. I have complete trust in Saint Joseph to know what is needed and to pray for me accordingly, so I did not feel the specific need to ask his help in finding employment. Today I got a call from another of our Shelters asking me to come back, and work for them on the weekends. The other lady, Judy,that I worked with is even older than I am, and she really needs the income to make her mortgage, lo and behold she was also called back. I am so grateful.
    Not only that, but even more important to me, my son got a text message from my daughter Jackie today. She has not been to church in years and she has two little boys who have not been Baptized. Today Bobby told me that she is joining Saint Mary’s church and will be having her boys Baptized in the near future.She and her husband Adam were married at the courthouse a few months ago, so perhaps next they will feel the call to also have their marriage blest. 🙂
    My son, Bobby, is still on his search and not going to any church but do I worry? Not really, because I know Saint Joseph has him covered in prayer, and it is only a matter of time before he will find his way.
    Saint Joseph makes a wonderful father figure for our family, and I love him to bits. 🙂

  26. Thank you for your kind reply. Please add to your prayers the school nurse at our sons’ school. She is starting her second round of chemptherapy today for pancreatic cancer. I am adding her to my prayer list, her name is Judi.

    • I will remember Judi in my continual novena to St. Joseph and in my rosary this afternoon. May God’s gentle, healing hands strengthen and comfort Judi during her treatments. God bless!
      Sr Kathryn

      • Thank you Sr Kathryn.. it gives me hope and comfort that someone I don’t even know is praying for my intentions. Please continue to keep my husband’s job search in your prayers and I will pray for your intentions as well. Thank you so much, Erin

      • I heard from Judi today that her tumor is shrinking… she is very optimistic.. please continue to pray for her!

      • Dear Sr kathryn.
        Please help me also pray for my brother who are very sick now as he had heart problem. He’s so desperate to live and worried who look after his kids when he die.Im hoping through St.joseph intercession he will be healed.through our God Jesus Christ.Amen

        Best regards

  27. I would like to ask everyone who reads this site to please pray for my husband on Friday, his name is Pat. He has a very promising job interview. He was laid off from his job in May after 22 years of excellent work because of downsizing. He is a very proud and hardworking man and I can’t say enough good about him. He is the last one to ask for help so I am asking for him. I will add all of your intentions to my prayers as well. I have seen the power of prayer work miracles in my own life many times over. Thank you and God’s blessings to you and yours, Erin

    • I will pray to St. Joseph for your husband Pat that St. Joseph be present to him in the interview supporting him. God bless you and your family.
      Sr. Kathryn

  28. Please pray for our family.. my husband is still looking for a
    job and I ma feeling very discouraged. Please keep us in your prayers , thank you

    • St Joseph knows the feeling of discouragement in losing and trying to find a job to support his little family. The holy family suffered extreme poverty. Your pain and suffering is known to St. Joseph and Mary. But they see your distress and are there for you through their prayers. I will pray for you to this saintly couple who knew first hand, situations similar to yours.
      Sr. Kathryn

  29. Thank you.. I want to reassure you we are not in extreme poverty by any means.. just getting a little impatient for my husband. Sometimes your loved one’s anxieties are harder to bear than your own. I will continue my prayers to St Joseph… I know he will come through for us. I am most thankful for your prayers.

  30. Please dear St Joseph.. bless my husband today (his birthday) and always. Please help him in keeping safe.healthy happy and finding a new job, Amen

    • Dear Anonymous, may St. Joseph grant your loving prayers for blessings for your beloved husband’s welfare. I will add my own.
      Sr. Kathryn

  31. still waiting for our prayers to be answered for my husband to get a new job but at Mass tonight I did say a special prayer that St Joseph will come the aid of everyone I feel I’ve met on this sight…

    • Dear Friend, your patience in waiting for a response from God will be rewarded in the providence of God who always leads us to what is in our best interests. Your generous and selfless prayers for everyone of us you’ve met on the website unites us in our faith and trust of the goodness of God. May St. Joseph reveal the Father’s goodness to you by his powerful intercession.
      Sr. Kathryn

      • Please pray for the reconcili]lition of my boyfriend and I. He has moved on to another woman, and I feel so bad about it becuase i know I contributed to it. Please pray that he comes back so that the 1.5 years we spent together were not a waste of time. I truly love him form the bottom of my heart and my head . Please pray for the reconcilliation of this relationship and for it to end up in marriage

  32. My husband has another job interview on Tuesday 11/1.. All Saints Day. Please pray for him. It has been 5 months since he lost his job and we can’t pray any harder. I am trying to have faith that our prayers will be heard and that he will soon be working again. Please also pray for my sister Kate.. she is 5 days past her due date to bring her first child into the world.. I thank you all for your prayers and I will keep you in mine, Erin

    • Dear Erin, May St. Joseph manifest to you by his intercession the love and care God gives you. He loves your beautiful faith and perseverance and he will work miracles for you because of your confidence in him. God rejoices in your trust. Keep on trusting. As I prayed for you today in my on-going novena to St. Joseph, he inspired me to suggest to you to obtain a small statue or picture of St. Joseph and put it in a place of honor in your home, and light a candle which represents your prayers to him. He will answer your prayers by blessing you with what you ask if it is in the God’s plan for you. If it isn’t exactly what you want, he will give you something better in your best interests here and in heaven.

      I am praying also for your sister Kate and her child. St. Joseph will take care of them. Thank you so much for your prayers for me; I so need and appreciate them very much. God bless!
      Sr. Kathryn

      Find hope at

  33. Dear Sr Kathryn.. I tok your advice and bought a nice picture of St Joseph. It has the Novena on it and I lit a candle by it while my husband was at a job interview yesterday, Hoping that works.. thanks for your continued prayers, Erin Taddei

    • Erin,

      I will pray tonight to St. Joseph that all will be well with your family and that your husband will find work that will be blessing and fulfilling for you all.

      In Christ,
      Sr. Kathryn

  34. Thank you Sr Kathryn… I too pray that my husband find work soon. It has been 6 long months. We are a very blessed family in so many ways but he is really getting sad and frustrated, but I do have faith that God willing all good things will come to us. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

  35. Dear St Joseph, thank you for your intercessions to God for the answered petitions. Thank You Lord for answering my prayers through St Joseph’s intercessions.

  36. MAny thanks to St Joseph for answering my prayers,, my husband got a new job. I will forever be grateful
    to St Joseph and everyone for their prayers.. Merry Christmas!!!

  37. I thank you and God for all the help received, I received word today that i am on the shortlist of interview candidates for the position i really would like thank you so much !

  38. JUst checking in with everyone.. hoping all are off to a great start in the New Year.. I am continuing to pray to St Joseph.. may God bless you all.. Erin

  39. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Thank you for all the signal graces I have been receiving of your
    intercession. I feel when I pray to you that your intercession is so strong. Praying to you is teaching me to relax and have peace and sit back and rejoice in God’s plan. I am also learning to trust Jesus more.

    I have struggled in my faith with trusting God due to the type of Father I had growing up. I ask you to come in and be like my Father. I ask for guidance and protection Joseph. I really want to know God and bask in his love more for me. It seems for years I have been treating God like a slot machine for getting what I want and getting angry when I do not get what I want. In spiritual maturity I am believing to accept God’s will and know in his time he will answer me. 🙂 I believe the prayers already have been answered. I am just waiting like a child for the right timing and it’s teaching me patience Saint Joseph…

    I ask you to pray for my healing and my relationship and faith in Jesus.
    I ask you to pray for the my future spouse. I know he is out there. I pray he is like you Saint Joseph a man of character and goodwill and great virtues. I know he is out there. I patiently wait for the day to meet him but right now I pray to focus on being prepared to meet him and become a Mother.

    Being the best self I can be working on healing and being better. Loving Jesus more and accepting God’s beautiful divine plan.

    I love you Saint Joseph. Thanks for being a great Father to me:)

    Saint Joseph Say Hi to my Father. Give him a hug for me in heaven and my Mother & Grandmother… All my friends:)

    Saint Joseph. Im looking for work. Guide me to work. You know the gifts I have… I like some medical field stuff. I like sales. I need a good salary… Please help me… Everyone tells me I would be a great nurse. I really need to know … I need you to direct me. Is school the place for me? This program I am looking at. I have not heard from them. I feel like I am always contacting these schools and knocking. Do they want me there? Rachel said she would call me Monday its now Thursday…

    I like nutrition stuff, writing, and I didn’t mind nursing just need possibly the right program and field in nursing. Please help like the good Father you are…

    Help me to finish my book.

    Goodnight Saint Joseph.. I love you.!!


    • Peace, Brooke,

      I will join you in prayer to good St. Joseph. St. Theresa of Avila trusted in him for everything and knew that even when things didn’t work out the way she wanted them, that somehow St. Joseph was always looking out for her.

      There is a special sister entirely dedicated to praying for the intentions of people on this blog. Her name is Sr. Sharon. Know she is praying for you.

      Sr. Kathryn

  40. I stumbled across this site today while searching for a novena to St. Joseph. We are a busy family with 5 young chilren. Five years ago I looked at a large, old farmhouse with a huge barn on the property (property is large too) with someone else, not looking for myself or my family; I was just accompanying. The property of course was VERY VERY expensive. As I was standing in its kitchen I swear I heard a voice in my heart say, “this is where your family is supposed to be”. I actually looked UP, heavenward, laughed and thought, “yeah, right… we just moved into a new home, and we don’t have $700+ thousand dollars!!!!” I brushed the ‘voice’ off since of course, for many reasons, this was a ridiculous notion. Months went by and I noticed myself continuously checking online to see if the property had sold. It sat and sat on the market, never sold, and was then taken off the market. The owners decided to keep it. I figured since they were keeping it, I could breathe a sigh of relief and forget about it…. but occasionally I’d drive by it, since it was still tugging at me. In nov. 2010 I was driving BY the street (the house is not visible from where I was) and literally felt my car being pulled up that street. I chastised myself thinking “you are ridiculous”… “the house isn’t even for sale”. Sure enough, I got to the house, and there was NO ‘for sale’ sign. This confirmed that I was nuts. “You HAVE to forget this house”, I told myself, and drove away. The very next day, the house was relisted for sale online, and I came across the listing. It was in pre foreclosure with a price almost HALF of the previous price years before. Of course I went a couple times, with a friend, my husband, parents… to see the house. Everyone I know (including my husband ) thinks I’m crazy for even wanting this huge old house with large grounds and a large barn to take care of. I don’t know why but I feel I am being told to watch and wait and for some reason we are supposed to be there… as unlikely as it is that we could even afford its taxes, homeowners, etc. I don’t know HOW we could swing it, but whenever I pray about just letting it go, my answer is always the same: “just keep waiting”. My husband agreed in june to put our house on the market and see if we get any bites; so far, just 1 showing… not promising. I did bury St. Joseph right away and have been praying to him, but not as often as I should!! St. Joseph, I totally trust that you hear me and intercede for us when we ask… please, I have been trying for 15 mos. now to be patient while this house sits and the price drops… please lead us to the RIGHT answer. If this house is not meant for my family, can you ask Jesus to give us a clear sign so I can let it go and put my energies and prayers to other uses… and if it IS in fact meant for us for some unknown reason, my husband and I would literally need the “red carpet” rolled out for us to lead us there and show us how to make it work. Thanks to anyone who reads this novel and I will add your intentions into my prayers as well!! ~Rebecca

    • Rebecca,

      I am inspired by your faith and your tenacity. If you feel inspired to watch and wait, then watch and wait. It seems to me that your prayers to St. Joseph are right on spot. When St. Joseph was coming back from Egypt to Nazareth he no doubt was looking for a place for his own family. I’m sure he understands your parental love and care for your own family.

      There is a special sister personally dedicated to praying for people who leave their intentions on this blog. Her name is Sr. Sharon. Know she is praying for you!

      Sr. Elizabeth

  41. St. Joseph, I ask you to please pray for me and my family. My husband and I lost our identical twin boys (miscarried) last year and since the loss, I have been experiencing this incredible heartache and intense anxiety for the past 6 months. We are pregnant again, about five months along and expecting to have the baby in July. St. Joseph, I ask you to please heal my broken heart and bring the peace and love of your son Jesus Christ. Help me to be at peace and to accept God’s will and you so lovingly did, and to protect and shield this baby. Please also help me to continually surrender, and to draw my strength upon you and your son. Thank you for answering my prayers. – Susie

    • Susie, I will include you in my daily rosary in honor of St. Joseph and the daily novena prayer I recite just before retiring. May St. Joseph intercede powerfully for you for all your needs spiritual and material according to the loving plans of God for your life as it unfolds. I keep you and all the children of God who place their intentions to good St. Joseph. God bless you!
      Sr. Sharon Anne

  42. Susie, I will put your family and your baby in my prayers too. We have 5 children & being pregnant is never easy until you can hold that precious baby in your arms and know everything is alright. I always ask St. Gerard to watch over our babies as well, as you probably know he is the patron saint of expectant mothers and their babies. St. Joseph and St. Gerard, shield & protect this baby and Mom, and ask the Lord to surround them both with His light, and to give her heart more peace after the loss of her twins. Much love! Rebecca

    • Thank you so much, Rebecca. That is so very kind of you! I love St. Joseph, and I feel like it the last few days my nervousness/anxiety has totally subsided. I will also pray for your family. May God Bless you!! Thank you so much 🙂 Susie

  43. Thank you, Sr Elizabeth! I had done a novena to st. Joseph, having felt called to do so… and the last day was friday. I made a mental note that it was the last day, and finished it up. The next morning, got the mail out of the mailbox and what did I open up? A pamphlet reading “Seven days of prayer to St. Joseph”……!! “I guess I’m not done”… I said to myself!! ???? So, I will keep it up…. it has now been what feels like ages since we last looked at the house in question… trying not to get impatient for a answer, especially since there are so many folks out there with much greater issues than this. ~rebecca

  44. Prayers to Saint Joseph for protection and peace are slowly but surely bring answered. I am filled with gratitude! I have been praying for my noisy neighbors to keep it down, and it is much improved. Saint Joseph has also given me great patience with these neighbors! Thank you!! 🙂

  45. Dearest St. Joseph, please let us win the lawsuit over the plot of land our mother left us in her will and the neighbor came and “squatted on” and claimed as his own knowing good and well who it really belonged to. Please make him realize the wrong he is doing and walk away from it so we can sell it and put this behind us. And please restore peace in our family as is it surely needed.
    Thank you St. Joseph, you know how much I love you!!

    • Karina,

      This must be so hard on you. I will pray that St. Joseph visit you with his prudent and wise counsel in this situation and in all your life.

      Sr. Kathryn

  46. Please help me find good worthy clients. Please help me to learn the system. Please I really like this guy AL. Please help him to open up to me.

    I know he likes me but I would like to know his intentions. Please let it be good. I like him a lot.

    Please I wish to meet my spouse. I really want a man to love me. I also pray to help me to become more easy going. Some times I over analyze.please help me to live in the moment. I thank Jesus and you for all my blessings. Love you.

    • Ann,

      I will pray for you that you will find peace and spread peace around you. St. Joseph teaches us this when he realized Mary was with child. He had to face what the law at that time required and his love for Mary and decided that the best thing for her was to divorce her quietly. She came first for him. Ask St. Joseph to nourish and support you in the love you so desire, that in this ever more perfect love you will find the love of your life.

      Sr. Kathryn

  47. Wishing everyone a hapy and blessed Feast of St. Joseph’s day today. I pray that all of your prayers are answered.. peace, Erin

  48. Thank you St Joseph for your prayers for us. My friend had been suffering from having to cough phlegm up daily which was also tinged with blood. Going to several doctors including specialists and having been prescribed really strong antibiotics did not work. After asking you to pray for her, she is now recovered. Thank you also for praying for my healing from a very bad nosebleed. Thank you so much..

  49. I found tthis site today and love it I am praying for fatherly council from St. Joseph and to protect my family and for him to help by brother who is divorced…he didnt want to be ..and his ex wife is always giving him trouble..he cannot do enough in her eyes..I pray she finds peace and can be amlicable..for the childs sake. She always telling the child that my brother is no good, the child loves my brother and is starting to hate his mother..she has no clue on what she is doing to the child. I pray for peace in this ongoing torment for my brother and his child.

    • Peace.

      I understand what you are going through as the same thing happened to my brother. I walked with him through the fire of this sorrow. He reached out to trust that God was wish him as he tried to understand what was happening with his wife. He began to see the truth about her, yet he made all his decisions for the benefit of his children. He became, in a way, another St. Joseph who loved at his own expense. This is the way God loves. It is a hard road to walk, but it can be filled with grace if we can see the mercy all around…. I will join you in prayer for your brother and so will the sisters,

      Sr. Kathryn

  50. Please pray for me and my family as we prepare to buy and sell our family home. Costs, finance, negotiations, stress and timing all need God and St. joseph’s assistance… And your prayers.

  51. Dear St.joseph I ask you please to pray for my husband to get a better job very soon and quickly, so we can leave and let the kids finish school in one place.we been moving bc of the job situition every two years.Please let some one offer him, us one job place for good.Also please help me with my back, legs pain I been dealn with since 6 years now.Pray for me and my job, my kids and family daily.Love and very thankfull , Nazaret.

  52. Hi,

    I am in the middle of trying to buy a home and have had some setbacks, i have been praying to St Joseph and St Jude for help and guidance. Next few days a decision will be made by the bank that will mean i can or cant buy this home. I do not have a staue or Medal to place on the property, do you think a picture would be ok ? If i could ask you to include me in your prayers i would be ever gratefull

  53. Hi Damien,

    I will pray for you…I am a licensed realtor/broker… Keep praying to Saint Joseph he will help you… God is good so is Saint Joesph, you will see. 🙂

  54. Dear Damien,
    you also have my prayer and just remember God is Love , so St.Joseph just give it to him and he will help you very soon.God bless you , Nazareth.

    • we rejoice with you and give great glory to God through St. Joseph. Tomorrow is St. Joseph the Worker’s feast. God bless you. We carry you in our hearts. Love and prayers, Sr. Sharon Anne Legere and Sr.Kathyrn

  55. Very good, I know that your prayer will answere…god is love, so St.Joseph.congrataliton and be blessed always, Nazareth

  56. Thank you for praying with us , for us and I will do just like you told me and God bless you too!! Nazareth

  57. Recently I prayed to St. Joseph and St. Joseph of Cupertino to help me get a good grade in my exams. Without fail my prayers were heard and I was overjoyed when I got my amazing results! I am currently praying to St. Joseph for a different reason, and deep down know he won’t fail me. Even though you don’t know me, I ask that you pray for me and that my prayers will be heard. Thanks St. Joseph!

  58. Dear St.Joseph,please help me with my sister she is very sick and don’t understand what she doing now.Please healh her quick you can, see my and my family’s tears, we don’t know anymore what to do.Please, Please, Please help my sister Nasaneth, you know what she is going true now.Amen and God bless!

  59. Sr. Katherine, please pray with me for my husband C. tomorrow is his MRI…I am sick please ask St. Joseph to present this to Jesus that it will be nothing that cant be fixed …please please help me pray..
    Thank You Love M

  60. Sr. Katherine, I just came across this website as I was looking for St. Joseph’s prayers. I have already posted somewhere in this website but just came across this page now. My life is in a terrible mess right now. I have just had back surgery from which I am having a very difficult recovery. I believe my prayers were answered once before about my back but I seemed to have messed up in every possible way. I pray to Mother Mary very often but just came across St. Joseph as a very powerfull saint recently. So I decided to pray to Him. Somehow in the middle of all this I feel just like a very ungrateful child. Could you please pray for me and also my family which is going through a terrible time. May God bless you all!

    • Maria, do not worry about gratitude right now. Pay attention only to trust. Know that every cry of pain is a prayer, prayers Jesus answered in the Gospels. No one came up to him and said, “I am grateful for this illness, please let me keep it.” They came with trust, with faith that in some way he would care for them. They were usually surprised if they were cured. Many people remained ill in the world during Jesus’ life and after. The key is to know that God is with you. This is St. Joseph’s secret.
      Sr. Kathryn

      • I would like to share a great grace through the interception of St. Joseph. Since my scholarship got cut because I am having a spinal problem, my landlord said it was ok not to pay the rent. Although I am still going through a lot of problems and do not no how the future will work out for me this was a truly big grace at this moment. Thank you for your reply Sr. Kathryn.

  61. Please pray for me. I am at the end of my PhD, and I am so worried about getting a job that I suffer from clinical depression and cannot sleep or eat properly because of the anxiety. If I cannot find a job then I have to go back to my home country and lose everything that I worked for the last ten years.. Please pray that I find a job and that St. Joseph show me a sign that my future is secure and give me the peace and quiet to write my thesis.

  62. Dear SF, please never give up just believe on St.Joseph pray and cray to him and hi will opend all the door for!! Believe me it will be alright, I know that.You got my prayer,Nazareth

  63. Hi Sr. Kathryn,

    My family and I, who are probably no different from many other families out there in these difficult and complex times in which we live, have been going through a couple of extremely tumultuous years. Our financial situation, which was once quite substantial, has diminished and we are now having difficulty paying our bills. We have a child with a chronic health condition, who requires extra attention, expense and care. My in-laws are mentally ill and the law has had to become involved to sort out their estate as well as their on-going care. Their daughter continues to plague my husband and our family with her greed and emotional abuse. My husband is working three jobs to keep our large family afloat, while I am home alone trying to raise four kids and keep everyone emotionally in tact. There are days when we are too worn out to talk and weeks where we hardly see each other at all. I wonder how long we can keep all of these balls in the air.

    I often feel like I am losing my oldest daughter, who is now ten. The swirling stress of our family life has made her bitter and angry. I am worried that she has grown up too fast. She has seen things at ten that I encountered when I was in my 30’s & 40’s. It is difficult to help her navigate her way through this, and I am praying constantly for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph to help guide me as her mother.

    Throughout all of this, we have decided that it would be best to try to move to a different area of the country where we would have a lower cost of living and would be closer to extended family members. My husband and I are hoping to refocus our lives and simplify before things get any further out of control. We spend over 1,200.00 a month on gas commuting to everything from our very rural location.

    I buried a statue of St. Joseph in our front yard and am praying for a buyer to be able to afford our home and offer us a good price so that we can also afford to move on. What a nerve wracking time. I’m trying to be as patient as possible, but would truly appreciate any comments and prayers to help see us through. I have been praying constantly about this for months and am surprised about how this is taking me on an unexpected spiritual journey, for which I am most grateful. God is the only way.

    Thank you!!

    • Ah, so St. Joseph has shown up. He learned that each sorrow and perplexing mystery of his life took him on a spiritual journey. He learned if he opened himself to God’s ways, his own would be more enlightened. And now he is teaching you. Take each moment, one at a time, and tell St. Joseph that you trust in divine providence as he did. Don’t try to make things go your own way, but ask yourself gently why you are thinking this or that or wanting something a certain way. When you let go you will discover there is a deeper fountain within you that can guide your steps. This will lead you to become like God who loves you.

      Sr. Kathryn

      • Dear Sr. Kathryn,

        Thank you for your comforting words responding to my earlier email. You have helped my husband and I gain strength and peace during this challenging but hopeful time in our lives. I will take your words with me as I attend the funeral of my husband’s father this coming week. Hopefully we’ll be able to take a step back and allow God to help us through this without forcing things.


  64. I am asking St Joseph to watch over my family in a special way today. My husband is taking our kids to Diney and I am staying home beacuse I can’t get past my severe fear of flying. I ask that St Joseph protecet them on their journey Amen

  65. Sr. Kathryn, I was reading your entry from june 8…your words are very beautiful. I had a very long entry here on 2/6/12 about a house I believe the Lord has been leading me to for a very long time. Although all the pieces didn’t make sense, I truly felt and still feel God was calling our family of 7 to live in this house. It’s a very long story so I won’t rehash it all right now. The signs leading to this house and property were CONSTANT and they still continue, EVEN THOUGH THE HOUSE IS NOW OFF THE MARKET…. IT OFFICIALLY SOLD 1 WEEK AGO. Needless to say I’m heartbroken but more importantly my faith is badly shaken. I cannot talk to my husband about it because he is conservative and never felt we could handle the house anyway….he was very cautiously supportive and I know his relief at the house being “gone” will just be salt in my wound. I feel bad saying this but it’s what’s in my heart: I feel that the Lord has led me on a wild goose chase, or in circles, ALL FOR NOTHING. I repeatedly asked him, and St. Joseph, to lead me away from the property if it is not the right one for our family, and to allow the signs to stop, so that I will not be confused. As I said, the signs are STILL CONTINUING!! They are too many and too direct for me to be ‘making up’ on my own. And yet… the house is gone. Someone else has purchased it. I can deal with the loss of the house, what I cannot come to terms with is, why did God lead me there, keep me there, and let me watch it go?? It just feels like a cruel joke. I know we are taught God is faithful so He would not play jokes on us. I am just trying to be honest about how this feels to me right now. Even in mass yesterday I received another sign. One of the most profound signs was concerning St. Joseph and Our Lady of Czestochowa (sp?)…I became interested in her story this past winter and while praying, I felt she told me that if we ever moved into that house, I was to put her picture on a certain mantel in the house. It was very specific: she specified ONE MANTEL in a front room. It was one of those messages you hear and sort of shake your head and say… “ummmm….Okay…..this feels random, but I will listen!!” About 2 mos later my friend, who knew absolutely nothing of my ‘conversation’ with Our Lady, was in a Catholic store buying a religious gift for someone else. She passed a St. Joseph the Worker statue and felt she was supposed to give it to me with the following written words: “PUT THIS IN THE NEW HOUSE…YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PLACE IT ON THE MANTEL….YOU’LL KNOW WHICH ONE”. ????????? I am SO tired of being confused …. between our 5 young children and my part time directorship I have PLENTY to occupy myself with, and I would really just feel better if this confusion would stop so I don’t have to concentrate any of my thoughts or prayers on this house anymore. What do you think this all means?

    • Peace.

      Well this all sounds very mysterious. Sometimes we need to wait things out. You might be surprised how it works out in the end. Sometimes I just pray quietly: Okay, Lord. I don’t get it. My hands are open. Just put in them what you want to give me. Amen.”
      Sr. Kathryn

    • Hi,
      I read your story. Don’t lose faith. There is a reason for it all, even if you don’t see it. We can’t begin to understand how God works all these things out. You need to think beyond what you see directly before you. Boy, have I learned that. It is not easy though. So many things lead to an answer, one that you may not even be aware of yet.

      Something above is a contradiction. You said you were given a message to put a picture of Mary on the mantle, but then your friend gave you a picture of St. Joseph the worker instead. Interesting.

      God keeps leading me to people named Rebecca! I haven’t figured that out either. It is a name that keeps getting into my path, like Carroll, the name I think is my angel’s. Maybe I have an angel named Rebecca too! Regardless, when I saw your name was Rebecca I was sucked into your story. I even read the entry you posted in february. So I am going to start to write a response, I don’t know what I am going to say, we will see where the Holy Spirit leads the response. Here goes:

      Did you ever make an offer on the house? Without an offer you can’t buy it. St. Joseph the worker would tell you that. You need to do your part, he will help but YOU have to do the work! Boy did I learn that! I thought I would not make it through the intense school schedule I just had to endure. But I did. Almost no sleep for two months…but amazingly I never got sick nor did I miss even a single day of classes. That was a miracle in itself. That was St. Joseph’s part perhaps. I did the work and he helped me get through it. Anyway, St. Joseph the worker has reached out to you. Do you have a mantle in your current house? Maybe you should put that gift from your friend on your current mantle for now, then later you can move it to the new house. Also, I would dig up the statue of St. Joseph and place it right next to that picture. Set it on top of a picture of the house you want to buy. Then pray your novenas and do your part to make the sale happen when the opportunity arises. Also put a picture of Our Lady of Czestochowa there as well. Sales fall through every day. Until the new people close, the house is still not unreachable. OR they may not stay long. One of the most frustrating things about God is that he often doesn’t work on our timelines, he has his own, and he never seems to be in a hurry. Also I think that he waits for us to do our part first. Prayer is essential, but work is just as essential. I received a message a long time ago…Pray and Work. But that is another long story that i won’t go into here. I still forget the lesson sometimes. It is so easy to ask for things but we need to show God that we are indeed ready by taking action. Oh, and fast. Prayer and Fasting can change natural laws and move mountains. Fast. Bread and water. Simple, easy. Physical prayer. It’s a start anyway.
      May God bless you.

  66. Novena to St. Joseph the Worker

    Joseph, by the work of your hands and the sweat of your brow, you supported Jesus and Mary, and had the Son of God as your fellow worker. Teach me to work as you did, with patience and perseverance, for God and for those whom God has given me to support. Teach me to see in my fellow workers the Christ who desires to be in them, that I may always be charitable and forbearing towards all. Grant me to look upon work with the eyes of faith, so that I shall recognize in it my share in God’s own creative activity and in Christ’s work of our redemption, and so take pride in it. When it is pleasant and productive, remind me to give thanks to God for it. And when it is burdensome, teach me to offer it to God, in reparation for my sins and the sins of the world.

    O good father Joseph! I beg you, by all your sufferings, sorrows and joys, to obtain for me what I ask.

    (Here name your petition.)

    Obtain for all those who have asked my prayers, everything that is useful to them in the plan of God. Be near to me in my last moments, that I may eternally sing the praises of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Amen.

    (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

    …I started this novena for my brother to find a job. On the 9th day he got a call about a wonderful job he is VERY excited for! Thank you St. Joseph!

  67. Dear ma’am, yes he is amazing all the time and answere the prayer who is go to him!!! I’m so happy for your brother and please let him to prayer aswell for other.In the name of jesus, Amen

  68. I am asking evevryone that reads this site to pray for my cousin Jimmy. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undefgoing intensive chemotherapy. He is a police officer with a lovely wife and 3 boys,I know St Joeseph has answered many prayers/he answered mine last year that my husband find a new job. Please pray for my cousin.. he really needs it. Thanks so much, Erin

  69. Dear Erin, your cousin is in my prayer..please let us know how everything go!!! Keep the Faith and never give up…St.Joseph always answere the praer,Nazareth

  70. Very good, Congra for your brother…I need to start for my Husband soon, he really need a better job!!! Thanks for sharing & God bless you always…

  71. Thank You dearest St. Joseph for hearing me and answering my prayer. You have given me the opportunity of a lifetime and you will always have my devotion and love. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Forever Yours , Danielle

  72. I’m reasant.widow with three small.children I prayed to st joesph to find us a place and to help me provide for my kids he has done both thank you st joesph thank you god ,

  73. Dear St. Joseph,
    I do not have a Home to sell – I desperateley need a 3 bedroomed Home for my 2 children and I,
    Please suggest a Prayer,

    Thank You, Dee, (a new recruit!)

    • Dee.

      Just speak to St. Joseph and tell him what you need. You can also think about what it was like for St. Joseph to be the foster-father of Jesus, providing for him, protecting him, teaching him how to work and to pray and to give and to love. Learn from him. That is prayer enough….

      I will pray with you,
      Sr. Kathryn

  74. My New Career Thanks to St. Joseph
    Where do I begin? I have been struggling with finding a suitable job for several years, jumping into sales jobs and such trying to find my “place”, and some steady income. My former background was in Electronics Marketing and Engineering, but economic hardships and layoffs had wreaked havoc on that career path for me. I was substitute teaching as a means to get by and was beginning to think that maybe I would like to teach, but to completely change career paths at 50 years old was a crazy and scary concept. Also, getting a teaching degree would take a couple years and I couldn’t afford to do that. Then a very wise and holy man on a Catholic forum suggested that I pray to St. Joseph. Well, I go to St. Joseph’s church and he has been all around me for years in one way or another, but I never really prayed to him or asked for his assistance before. I thought about it and started learning more about his intercession . About a year and a half ago we visited Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin and there I found a little coin with St. Joseph on one side and a prayer for gainful employment on the other. I had it blessed (a priest just “happened” to walk into the gift shop as I was leaving). Then I stuck it in my pocket. It is still in my pocket. Anyway, that began a prayer journey with St. Joseph that I have been on ever since. So, what happened? Well, since that time, I enrolled into a special teacher certification program for former businesspersons at EIU and by a thread was able get in. By a miracle, my old Catholic high school offered to let me teach a computer class with only a phone call !!! so that I could stay in the summer program. A different school who had promised me a position at first had backed out and without a secured position I could not be in the program. Anyway, I finished the program and now, the other school has also come back on board, and the Catholic school added a RELIGION class for me to teach! How cool is that? I wasn’t going to teach at the other school but they literally “begged” me to work for them! How about that? After all those years of begging for jobs, now jobs are begging for me!
    So as of today, less than 2 years after I put that coin in my pocket, I am a High School teacher at a Catholic High School and at a small rural school nearby also. I am teaching Religion which was always a secret wish of mine that nobody knew about, and all my other classes are related to my previous career so I am not wasting all those years and all that experience! I am teaching 5 classes in all. In the mornings I teach a CAD class and two Industrial Technology classes, then in the afternoon at the Catholic school I teach Religion and then Computer Applications. Next semester the small rural school is adding an electricity class for me to teach also.
    Sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure this has actually happened. Then I look at all the textbooks stacked in my living room (along with a Catechism book and a Bible! LOL), and the pile of papers to grade next to them, and I know it is definitely real! St. Joseph came through and led me into a new career and probably my vocation that I avoided all these years. See, in the late 80’s I actually started down the right path; I taught high school vocational education for a short time, but I left as the industrial world with its bigger paychecks and travel lured me in. However, without all that experience I would not have been able to teach these classes I have today. Kind-of a paradox, really. Only God knows what He is up to. St. Joseph led me to my next right path though, and he wasted no time in doing it. Without him, I may have flailed along aimlessly for another untold number of years. Thank you, St. Joseph!

  75. St. Joseph the provider and protector, please interceed for the intention of my husband and father of our children that he will let go of his selfishness, gain financial wisdom, gain wisdom in knowing how best to raise children and provide for our children the example of St. Joseph in the way he provides for and protects his children and wife. Also please pray for wisdom and understanding for him to know and carry out God’s will. In Christ’s blessed name I pray.

  76. In response to Connie Talbert:
    THANKS so much for taking the time to read my ‘saga’ (lol) and for your awesome response! I agree with you that our effort must be put into the situation, God doesn’t necessarily just “make it happen”. For us, a family of 7, the largest effort we could make was to put our house on the market, which we officially did June 14, 2011. (Incidentally, and numbers, including 14, are always significant for me, the sale of the house we wanted did close, ON JUNE 14, 2012!!)… the closing was exactly a year to the day. We could not make an offer unless it had a “hubbard” clause attached to it (are you familiar with that? it states you are only going to buy IF your house sells first)…since we aren’t in any position to be paying two mortgages. Unfortunately, since the house we wanted was a preforeclosure sale, they were not entertaining offers with hubbards which knocked us out of the running. We kept our house on market praying it would sell IF we were supposed to move… but it did not, and in meantime the other one did. They seem to be a nice family, and one of their children will, I believe, be in one of my daughters’ classes this fall at school…sigh… Re: the St Joseph, it was actually a statue my friend gave me. I DO have a mantel here, and what a great idea to put him there! I didn’t even think of that. It doesn’t look like the family who bought the home has any interest in going anywhere. They are renovating and STICKING AROUND!! I just have to accept it. I almost fell over when I noticed your name because…. get this…. what do you think the woman’s name is, who bought the house?? CONNIE, of course!! This is all so weird and there are so many connections and outbranchings from this story…. like you said…. we have no idea sometimes when or how God will reveal His plans. This has become such a “web”, it’s kind of funny! I want desperately to let that house go, and not concentrate anymore thought on it (as a busy mom of 5, I have plenty to keep me busy, right??), but it is so close to my heart, I just can’t seem to do it. Thanks again for your prayer and support, it was a huge sign to me today… and I appreciate it! 🙂 ~Rebecca

  77. I want St Joseph to intercede for me to sell my house. I have the statue but I really feel bad about burying it. I would rather have the statue in my house. I read about the tradition of burying the statue but if I believe St joseph will intercede for me and I say a novena and a prayer to God, why do I have to bury him.

  78. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    I am so happy to have found this blog dedicated to St. Joseph and I really enjoyed reading all the testimonies given here – it has boosted my faith and given me courage that I am not alone in suffering.

    At this juncture in my life (47!) there are so many things I desperately need:

    1. A suitable Job
    2. A suitable Spouse
    3. My apartment-building is so dilapidated and badly needs repairs I feel so insecure living there, in fear that the ceiling might cave in on me. I do not know whether to sell-out or wait until the building management decides to demolish and rebuild or repair. It is very scary and to add to my troubles – I live alone there!
    4. Because of all this stress, my health has also got affected:(

    I am going to surrender all my problems to St. Joseph who helps all in need of work, shelter, a spouse or any other problem! He is a very reliable “Protector & Provider” having protected & provided for Mary and Jesus during their most difficult times.

    Sr. Kathryn – please pray for me!
    Thank you & God bless your ministry:)

  79. I periodically check this site and I will add all of your intentions to my nightly prayers. It brought me such coomfortlast year when our family was facing a long and drawn out unemployment for my husband.. I pray to St Joseph every day and I feel he hears all of us and it brings us closer to his son Jesus so whatever is troubling your heart remember you are never alone… Be well and many blessings, Erin

  80. Thank you so much Erin. I felt very sad when I noticed that Sr. Kathryn has not responded to my post – guess, she is on leave(?) Anyway, thank you so much for your prayerful support! God bless you+

  81. Hey this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know
    if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code
    with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  82. I strongly believe that through the intercession of my Dear Saint Joseph, I will come back to this site to post my testmony very soon in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

  83. Thank you God, thank you St. Joseph so,so very much for allways answere my prayer and coming to our add…I pray and said the 9 day’s Novena for work St. Joseph to help my husband to finde a better pay job?Yes, Yes and he did it in about 25 day’s !!Very cool, amazing and powerfull provider.We r very happy and can’t thank you enought.Love ya’ll and please never be sad or giving up, cuz St.Joseph is allways answere all our prayer.God is love, so all of you…

  84. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    I am receiving new comments/posts in this site because I find it comforting to read different stories, problems being solved and to say a little prayer to these people through the intercession of St. Joseph. Lately however, I have received several posts talking about Spell casting or a person advertising that he can process loans and the like. I was waiting for you to comment on this but I haven’t seen any posts yet from you. This is not nice considering that these people is using a holy site for something like that. I know its hard to maintain a blog but maybe, it would be nice if there will be an audit before a comment can be posted, at least in this process, you can eliminate posts about advertisement especially spell castings, otherwise, we are encouraging these people to post more stuffs like that until we lose the true essence of this blog, which is to honor St. Joseph.

    Thank you!

  85. Dear Sr. Kathryn
    Pray for a good weather here in Lecena city, this coming weekend (Oct. 27 7 28) so that young ladies who would like to come for our search in will be able to attend, help me to ask st. Joseph for this special prayer intentions and for the good numbers and quality of participants….
    w/ Jesus Mary & Joseph,

    sr. Claire, cmt

  86. I have been praying daily to St. Joseph for my son to find a good house to buy. He found the perfect one in June,after looking at 40+ others. Also we buried St. Joseph in front of our house to sell and after a couple of months and some really difficult times, it sold a few days ago. Thank you so much for listening St. Joseph. I was afraid you were getting tired of me. N. Miller

  87. wishing everyone who reads this site a happy and Blessed Thanskgiivng. Isnt it wonderful to kow our prayers are heard? Blessings to everyone, Erin

  88. Please. I have used a money which does not belongs to me and now they are taking it what do I do to solve this problem thank you

  89. I’m praying to St. Joseph in helping finding employment. I have went on many interviews and have applied for many different positions. I’m asking St. Joseph to intercede and bring me to the right opportunity. I’m asking him to keep my faith alive in all the negative responses.

  90. Yes he will help you to finde right job, just trust him from your heart and never give up.I did the same prayer for my husband, I even want always to the church where I was light the candle on and cry to St.Joseph.He is very awsome and power full.My husband got phone call in about 60 days and got the job who we was waiting for.Good area, good school, friends who we knew, just amazing and also good pay.So please don’t get upset if is take some time ,but other that you will see for you self.We are military and ben moving anround the country 5 times in 3 years.Marry Christmas and blessing is to you, Nazareth!!!

  91. Hi, lately i have been praying to St. Joseph & reading different testimonies and stories, very inspiring and there is a joy and hope in my heart. I am a single-parent with 2 adult children. Please pray for me, that next year 2013, God will bless me with a new job, this time, a better pay, good & compassionate boss, a good working environment so that i can already support my family. I also would like to ask to pray for me that, my daughter and sister can have a 1 month vacation in the Philippines, financially we are OK, and lastly that through the loving intercession of St. Joseph, i pray to God that He will help us find another house, and help us sell our starter home. This i ask in the loving intercession of St. Joseph and in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you.

  92. Can you please pray for me also. Iam in a urgent need. I want a place to stay and I love somenone so badly that I can’t pull him out of my mind. I need a soulamte now. Please do pray for me. Iam started a 9 day novena and I have faith that st Jozef will hear and answer my prayers. Thank you all.

  93. My husband was impacted by a reduction in force in early November. He has an interview Thursday with one company and another wants to bring him out to CA to interview him next month. We don’t want to move! Please pray that he can find a good position that allows us to stay here.

  94. I hope that evveryone knows that our paryers are heard by St Joseph and of course Jesus. I pray to St Joseph all the time as he came through for our family just a few days before Christmas and let my husband receive a long awaited Job offer. I know it was no conincidence. In these trying times it is good to know there are good people out there who pray for good things for others. Please pray for a peaceful passing for my Aunt Pat.. she is suffering from cancer and Alzheimers and is bed ridden and in pain. I know we pray to St Joseph for departing souls. Please keep her family in your prayers for a peaceful passing. God bless you and your families in the New Year, Erin

  95. Please pray and ask for miracle do happen soon for me in a very special way as I facing a very bad broken relationship with my very best friend by the name of SETH TAN CHEE KANG. Please pray that God will grant the grace of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray that we will become a good friend again. May God make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. God, please touch the heart of my friend Seth so that he will forgive and come back to me again. AMEN.
    Saint Joseph, please pray for me…..

  96. Please join me praying for my cousin Jim.. he is suffering from leukemia. He was lucky enough to recive a bone marrow transplant but is now having life threatening complications. You pray to St Joseph in an emergency.. pls pray for his recovery.. Thank you, Erin

  97. Saint Joseph REALY is a Miricle worker. I said the 9 day Novena to him for my urgent need and I asked specificially for what I required. I just found out today that my Novena has been GRANTED to every last detail. This is my experience in the greatness of God and Saint Joseph.
    Thankyou Saint Joseph. Pray to him for whatever you NEED. He will answer. Unbelieveable I am amazed.

  98. I’m happy for, with you for the answere of your urgent prayer.Congrats…I know that with St.Joseph interced to God all our prayer will answered.I’m in urgen need to finde me a Job and pray the 9 day Novena since 12 days ago and keep on going.Please keep me in your prayer all.Thank you and God bless all of us,Nazareth…

  99. Sr Kathryn,
    Please remember me and my babies in your prayers. I am starting a novena today to St. Joseph to intercede for me for 2 very specific and urgent needs: 1. That The Lord touches James (a client) so that he sees the values my work and offers me a full time position with his company, and 2. That I am able to move my family to the house we found on lake ave.

    Thank you so much.


  100. Sr Kathryn, thank you for this website, pls pray for my husband to have a permanent job (his unemployment benefits expired already);
    desperately need of a permanent job. St Joseph, pls help him and put miracles on his job search, be his reference eventhough he is 58years old; he is a hardworking person, pls make it happen.
    My son, Alvin –pls light his goals and help him to have a retentive memory so he can remember all he is studying for this MCAT exams and all his sciences subjects. My job too, pls remove the evilness and some age harashment that are being done to me at work.
    Please have mercy on all of us, St Joseph towards all my problems;
    St Kathryn, pls pray for us, and I thank you for all! God Bless You
    and this website and all the people praying for all in this site.

    Beth M C- San Diego CA 92126

  101. Dear Beth,you and the family are in my prayer.Please just give it to St.Joseph and he will take care of everything!!

  102. Thank you for this website; very helpful and inspirational. I started my St Joseph novena yesterday & have been talking to him anytime of the day especially when i’m really depressed. I know no matter what he is listening to our prayers… Dear St Joseph, pls give us more courage, faith and trust to face all the problems we have. Please intervene for us… thank you, thank you…amen..

  103. Please we need everybody prayer for my little sister( NASANET),who is very ill and deep in drugs or alcohol addiction.I and my whole family trying to help her with all our love to go to the therapy!! Please, please,pleas she need prayer very much.Thank you all of you & God bless the world,Nazareth

  104. On this feast of St Joseoh I unite my prayers with yours that they be answered for all of you. Have a happy and blessed St Joseph’s day. Erin

  105. Dear St. Joseph, please pray for my family and all my intentions right now. Our financial burden is causing stress and health problems. Please pray for love and peace in our home and our financial worries are solved. I will pray every day and night for a miracle.

    Thank You, Amen

  106. St Joseph, you have never let this military family down. You have found houses for us to buy when we needed to and have helped us to sell them when we needed to. Now that we are retiring and moving back home, you have found a home for us to live in, but the seller is so greedy and wants to break contract since it did not appraise for what he wanted it to. Please pray he will overcome his greediness and behave like a decent person. Please pray that if legal recourse is necessary, we are able to either win with a military attorney or find a good lawyer who will win and only charge us a reasonable amount.

    ultimately the most important thing is salvation and we prefer that the seller comes to his senses, rather than have to start a lawsuit!!! Thank you St Joseph! I am glad that you are my name sake 🙂

    Kelly Jo

  107. I desperately prayed for the intercession of St Joseph last year. with the help of his intercession a situation that I was told to be impossible was made possible. Thank You St Joseph the Defender of the defendless for making my prayers your own.

  108. Thank you St Joseph for answering my prayers with regard to the spiritual growth and employment of my son Jonathan. I now ask that you please intercede for my daughter Kristina both for her health issues and the selling of her flat. Please pray also for the spiritual growth of all of my family. Thank you do much

  109. open your mouth jesus did…allleluya…….. st peter say jesus save me…..jesus save us…………..jesus is the boat do not give up……my brethem,,,,,,,,no way…… remember jesus love ya he pay in the cross.. for us…remeber st peter was in jail but the church ray for him..and the lrod send a aangel to free him…and remeber is true what Sr Kathryn say the lrod will send aa angel to help you alllellua he did it with elisha…tobias…sara…abraham..ect.e.ct..alllelluya…..
    god bless father mike…father jaime..father david…. andrs….bless r..daniel…bles …..them ….the lord heal adn make j whole and sound happy free indeeed….rest in apece dear r……thank you give strengh and help them to study….graduate to all of them..collge..and all…….

  110. let our brothers and sisters,,,,alllellluya be free indeed…allelluya..thank you lord for my people…for my sposue and child and mine alllellua glory to me help us to love and wosrship you alone allleuya let us never serve another…… you .. be perseverance…… keep payer heart d not let doubhts….depresion in your heart is no good for your soul….. faith yes fear not….faith,,,,,,,,faith…..without that you will not pleae the lord……. keep waiting patiente…keep asking..knocking….asking…do not give up………..


  111. FAITH FATIH..FAITH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    YES …SO BE IT………..

  112. We prepared our house for sale in January of this year which included following the steps of burying a St. Jospeh statue and praying for his intercession. The house went on the market the end of February and sold by the middle of March. We closed on the house yesterday. Thank you St. Joseph for all of your help in interceding on our behalf. We are so grateful! Love, Cathy

  113. Dear St.Joseph,please help me to finde a better paying job,good people working with.I know with all my trust to god,to you that you will answere my urgen prayer.I need to provide for my kids ,my family and really urgend need to be home on the weekend and take care my children.I love you and always be thankfull for all the blessing.Amen

    • We asking urgen prayer for my mother’s in law,who is very sick and alon please.Her name is Ella Marvin and only 68 years of old.Thanks everyone, Thank you to our Lord and St.Joseph.

  114. Please pray that we find the perfect home soon in the gated community we long for. That it all goes through and no problems.
    Thank you!

  115. Prayer that I receive the right agent and right editor very soon. May my health stays strong. No more shortness of breath.

  116. Please pray that Jr comes back into my life soon. That he will be given the strength and courage to overcome the difficulties in his life so he can come back to me stronger and we can finally be a family. I pray that he comes to realize that I will always be there to love and support him through his life. I pray that he will be guided back to the church and deepen his relationship with God. Amen

  117. Every problem that I had or have the nine day novena of St.Joseph fixes it! Not just finance and roof as ppl think but also severe emotional , martial and when I feel insecure in life! I can bet u my life on it this Glorious Saint helps! God bless us all and pray for us! Hugs

  118. Thank you God,Mary and St.Joseph to help me and answered my prayer.My mom got her mail and my baby sister is doing much better,please keep her in you prayer…Amen!!

  119. Please St.Joseph,pray for my sister Sally to get her daughter back home.Please I beg you to pray for my sister, she missed her baby so much and went her back.Thans and Amen…

  120. I know St Joseph hears and intercedes to answer to our prayers, I have seen his intercession in selling a home, finding work and healing a very ill child. After a couple years of persevering in prayer, I ask others to join me in asking St Joseph to intercede to help my adult son discern his vocation and to find appropriate work for him very soon and to also help us find a new home for the next stage of our lives. I place my trust in St Joseph and his powerful intercession with Jesus.

    Thank you for your prayers I will keep you all in mine

  121. As a father who raised only one child, a child from my wifes first marriage I have always looked at St Joseph for his wisdom and help! I often think how he felt with all of his initial anxieties and stress especially when he found out Mary was with child. St. Joseph I love and admire you, continue to Pray for me and watch over me but also I ask you to be with fatherless children and orphaned fathers. Pray for us all St Joseph, we need you, and we trust in you. Pray St Joseph that fathers will step up and take care of their children and all children.

  122. Dear Sister,

    Please help me pray to Saint Joseph that he would intercede to our Lord Jesus that my relationship with my boyfriend would be restored again.. please let not Rodel be tempted by Michelle ( the other woman) .. help me pray that we would be reunited again… In Jesus name Amen… Thank You Sister

  123. Many thanks to St. Jospeh in interceding for my son who had to have a lump removed from his hip. The lump is benign and my son is recovering very well. We are so grateful for St. Joseph listening to our prayers and for interceding on our behalf for my son’s healing. God’s grace is great. Thank you, St. Joseph! Cathy

  124. I thank the Lord for our Sons passing his exam successful true the intersession of our Lady,St.Joseph,St,Jude,St.Joseph Cuprtino and all our friend in Heaven.

  125. Please St. Joseph pray for my sister Elsa and brother Tareke, who are very sick for quik recovery.Please pray for our family to the Lord and Mary.Amen

  126. Well my name is edward fennell i,m disably my fianacee is in new jersey and i,m trying to get gas money to go get her home so we can get married this will be my first wedding never been married so please st joseph if you can help me i beg you in the name of my lord i have no one else to turn to

  127. Hello,

    I would like to add my own personal testimonial about the intercession of Saint Joseph.

    Recently, I was unemployed and had only a small income to live on. In the hope that I would receive the help of heaven, I prayed to Saint Joseph for his intercession. I asked him for new opportunities to earn money and to make my existing opportunities profitable. I thought he was the ideal saint for this task because that was precisely what he did in life – work and earn for his family.

    I am very pleased to say that I was offered a job after not much more than a week of prayers to him. Also, I didn’t even have to apply for the job – they called me to see if I wanted the position!

    I would like to thank God for this great favour and thank Saint Joseph for his intercession. I would definitely recommend devotion to Saint Joseph – his intercession in heaven with God is clearly very powerful and quick.

  128. St. Joseph, I’m praying and asking for your intercession to our Lord and Savior on my behalf. I have a house for sale and it’s been on the market a while and it’s causing great financial difficulty for me. Thank you in advance.

  129. St. Joseph thank you for being in my life watching over my sons and myself . There are so many signs of your presence and interventions throughout my life. I see that now. Please be there for my boys as they return from the service. Help them to make good life choices and to follow good paths. Please let this family find peace and joy.
    Please let them see through others who could lead them astray. Please lead them back home to me and allow us to have a good healthy relationship. One of respect love and honor.Thank you.

  130. Thank you St Joseph for your intercession – I prayed to find somewhere to live and on the 8th day I found a house I could afford and on the 9th day I was offered a new job – I am so grateful.

  131. I’m sharing this testimony because someone out there might have same problem,Am very happy today because i was having a sleepless night since the only man i have ever love in my life left me for another girl,trying to get him back i met this testimony of a Woman called Sandra and she said somebody called Dr abacha helped her to bring back her lover. i took a leaps of faith and contacted Dr abacha and he also brought back the only man i have ever love to me.I’m so happy sharing this testimony,contact Dr abacha in his email: and believe me his going to make you happy once again okay

  132. 2 years ago today St Joseph answered my prayers for my husband to get a new job after a very long and drawn out period of unemployment. St Joseph has remained a powerful force in my life. During this Holy season I pray that he answers your prayers as he answered mine. God bless and Merry Christmas… Erin

  133. Hi, I liked your post..
    I have met a guy but he is married – thing is I really like him and I think he likes me too! Is it selfish of me to want him if he no longer loves his wife?
    I pray to St. Joseph that he will choose me and stay in my life if he no longer loves his wife and God wills it.

    Thank you,


  134. I would like to thank St Joseph for granting us our home , we have been praying for a home and fear that we will be out of the streets this Christmas, So we prayed , asking St. Joseph to help us as he helped Virgin Mary looking for a place so she can give birth, to have a roof over their head. On my mom’s birthday the owner agreed to our bid for the unit even it is infested with mice and bugs but it was better than being out of the streets. It was what we can afford. Amen we feel secure and we are happy to have a roof over our head.

  135. My husband has been praying the Saint Joseph prayer for 30 days to fin a job and when the 30 days were up almost the next day he was offered three jobs and had to pick one! Now we pray that his job will become permanent. Thank Saint Joseph and God for always giving your children more than they ask for. Trust in this novena and Gods intervention and it will be if it be for the greater glory of God. To God be the glory!

  136. Thank you St.Joseph for intercession to our Lord Jesus Christ.I’m so happy with my new job and I love it.Also so so happy for answere my prayer about my cousin …Sje is out of the Jail and we are all very happy and thankfull.Please keep pray with me for my children, my husband, my mother and sister’s for a better life and strong health and Peace of heart.Amen, Nazareth

  137. Dearest Saint Joseph, You have helped me many times before and once in such a big generous way that I cannot deny that help is not there for any of us who ask… I am now unemployed for almost three months and the money is running low. I have placed some applications and am waiting. Please intercede for me that I am discerning and that the right job for me is offered to me. You know that the last two and a half years with my last position I gave it my all and became very stressed out and burned out. I would like for that not to happen again. Although I know that I was meant to be in that position, I felt that when I had finally had enough, I had to leave. Remember that I got down on my knees in the early morning hours to pray to God that I knew it was time to quit that job, and that I would rely on Him, and OBV Mary and you, St. Joseph. So again I am asking and I know that my prayers will be answered. I love you, St. Joseph, and OBV Mary and all the Saints and Good Angels! Love, Lisa

  138. Dear. St. Joseph,please help my little sister who is sich and lonely and won’t let us helped her.Please St.Joseph, help my husband to et a better good night sleep.Help my mother with her heal and all the rest my family.I pray in the name of Jesus and mary.Amen

  139. HAPPY FEAST DAY ST.JOSEPH!!!!! Today was my last day to pray the novena. Anyone who reads this, please pray that my husband’s offshore partner/spouse visa to Australia will be approved by April. We got married April 6,2013 and this April will be our 1st year wedding anniversary. We have always been apart since my husband lives in America and I live in Australia and we try to see eachother every 6 months, but since the application for the visa is quite expensive, we haven’t seen eachother since November and it’s really hard especially being married and having to be apart again. We get discouraged when we haven’t heard anything from the embassy in America as it is being processed there, and when we call and email, they tell us between 5-12months. It has been 2 months since the process started and haven’t heard if there has been a case officer yet. Please pray for my husband and I. St.Joseph, Pray for us, Amen!

  140. I would like thank Saint Joseph for his intercession before God recently on my behalf. I asked Saint Joseph to bring to me profitable clients at work so that I could earn money and very quickly he produced results – I am now dealing with several new clients. I would encourage readers to pray to St Joseph when in need and I would like to praise his very strong powers of intercession. Thank you again, Saint Joseph, and I am sorry for the delay in offering you my thanks.

  141. I came to know St. Joseph’s prayer only a few months ago and prayed several times. Recently, on my way to work at the unprotected railway crossing I was saved miraculously from being knocked down and dragged along by a train. I know St. Joseph only saved me and now I have great faith and trust in my Lord God and my intercessor St. Joseph. Thank you St. Joseph.

  142. Thank you St Joseph! After YEARS of looking for just the right house in our budget, and failing, our prayer to you on your feast day worked. We found THE house that SAME day. The sellers just accepted our offer. Thanks be to God! Thank you, St Joseph! We love you!!!

  143. thanks and thanks St Joseph! I heard that my God always listen to St Joseph when he make an intercession in favor of us! and now I know that it is really true.
    once again…THANK YOU ST JOSEPH!

  144. I am writing to provide a testimonial for Saint Joseph. Recently, I prayed a petition to St Joseph asking for his assistance to find me work. Specifically I prayed to him that he would provide me with new ideas and opportunities for self-employed work. Soon after my prayer, I was quickly provided with new opportunities and ideas for work that enabled me to pay my rent. I would like to thank St Joseph for all his assistance. Glory to you, St Joseph!

    I would encourage any readers to petition St Joseph for help, particularly when your concerns related to business and employment. A regular devotion to St Joseph would also surely assist you in work and business. Thank you for reading!

  145. St. Joseph interceded for me when I was unemployed. I lost my job in 2008 during the midst of the recession. I was only able to find shot term temp jobs and contract jobs which were more than a 1 hour commute each way. Also, after I lost my job (and in no particular order of importance), my relationship with my boyfriend ended, my grandfather died, both of my cats died, and I was in 2 car accidents. It was a pretty low point for me and I wondered if things would ever turn around for me. I prayed to St. Joseph daily that I would someday be able to support myself again and find a job.
    It was like one day a door just unlocked and a new world of opportunities opened to me. I got a full time job which allowed me to move to a new city. I began dating again. While at my new job, my hard work was noticed and a new position was created just for me. This position was my dream job that I had hoped for while still in school. Exactly the position and employer I had said would be my dream job 5 years earlier. They weren’t even hiring for it but I got the job anyway! Then my boyfriend proposed. I truly do feel this was all due to St. Joseph. He watched after me created many new opportunities for me which absolutely changed my life in every way. It is so much it is hard to even put into words. Thank you St. Joseph!

  146. This request is different from the others. We have been trying to sell our home for the past 10 months. Two days ago we decided to purchase a St. Joseph’s statue. My husband dug a fairly deep hole and placed St. Joseph in the ground. We have both prayed to him for help in the sale of our home. This morning, while walking around the house, we noticed that not only had the statue been dug up, but the whole was filled back in and St. Jospeh was laying face up on the ground. There are no animal prints around and why would an animal be digging it up anyway?? There’s no food smell, etc. We are wondering if this is a sign that we shouldn’t sell our home after all. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them. Thank you!

  147. Exodus 20
    You shall have no other gods before or besides Me.
    You shall not make yourself any graven image [to worship it] or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;

    For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus,1 timothy 2:5

  148. For the past 26 years my husband and I have lived in our family home that belonged to a relative. We have been blessed beyond measure to have never had to pay one single dime for rent in all that time. We have raised our family there, eight beautiful children, even though it’s small and we don’t have enough space. Over the years we have endured the trials and tribulations of marriage and raising a family in the city. As our needs have truly outgrown our space and time has taken a toll on our old home I decided to pray a novena to St. Joseph after stumbling upon a beautiful home perfect for our family. Needless to say we have no money to purchase a home and poor credit. After praying the novena I realized that St. Joseph has already interceded in giving me direction on God’s plan for my life’s work and that my prayer actually turns out to be for my husband. In any hope, I would still love that house, if it is God’s will, but, I still thank God and St. Joseph for hearing my prayer.

  149. Thank you St.Joseph for your prayers and intercessions. Thank you for a healthy check up and for the many blessings of God through your intercession

  150. Than you St. Joseph. Thank you God. Our appartment had been on the market for six months. Many people came and saw but no offers. In the meantime we had already bought a house in the suburbs. After 5 months of going through this, we were nervous and scared at the prospect of holding two properties at the same time. It would have been impossible for us, we had hoped for the apartment to see quickly. One day we saw a clip on tv on tips for selling home. Oddly enough at the end of the segment, came the story that St. Joseph is the patron saint of houses, place a statue in the front yard etc. my husband wrote on a piece of paper ‘St. Joseph, Help!’

    That did it, the apppartment sold and we are now in our home. Thank you God! Thank you St. Joseph!

    Truly grateful,

  151. Saint Joseph,
    Please pray for me to gain strength in you & jesus, let me obtain better grade 12 results, heal my soul & body, deliver me from darkness, let me have a mind of wisdom forgive me my sins.Amen Thank you ST.JOSEPH

  152. I was struggling to find a job after taking 6 months break to take care of my son. I was so disappointed and was about to give up when i remembered the novena to St. Joseph. I started praying the novena to St.Joseph and on the last day of the novena, i got a call for a job interview that i had applied a few months back. After 3 rounds of interview i got the job. Its 2.5 months now and the work is going on smoothly. All praise and glory to our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you St.Joseph.

  153. Dear Sr. Kathryn, Please help me pray to St. Joseph help my family with these intentions, job for daughter Karen, for us to be able to keep our house, for daughter and son-in-law to get the property they want for reasonable price, for health of family with their diseases and medical problems and for their safety. Thank you St. Joseph, Jesus, Mary and dearest God and Holy Spirit. Guide us in your love.

  154. +JMJ+
    I finished a Novena to St. Joseph today. I prayed for his intercession as we awaited confirmation of acceptance for a condo my husband and I plan on rentimg and today we received a call asking us about when we would like to sign our lease! I also asked for his assistance in obtaining a job interview for a teaching position my husband applied to at the high school he attended. On Tuesday they called to arrange an interview which he went on today. We are prayerfully awaiting a job offer from the school (I will provide a prompt update just as soon as he hears back from them…they promised to give notification by tomorrow!) In as much as I completed the Novena, I thought it best to provide our testimony off all the good work provided on our behalf thus far. Thanks be to God for the many blessings we experience daily and continue receive unworthily. We are so grateful and so we continually offer him praise in thanksgiving and humbly ask that he continue to pray for us. We also ask that any gathered here pray for our petitions as well.
    St. Joseph, pray for us

    God bless

  155. +JMJ+
    To follow up on my previous post found just above, we have very good news to share as proof of the powerful intercession of St. Joseph and the goodness of our Lord. I can happily report that my husband received the job offer from the high school. We are so pleased and continue to pray that he will perform his job well and for his students to gain knowledge in his classroom and respect him. We continue to pray that we sign our lease soon so that we may move into our new home soon, please God. St. Joseph pray for us

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  157. i lost my dad last year and it affected me a lot, during my exams i was having problems but God was with me and he helped me but my grade were unusually low in the exams i have begin writing and i was not sure if i will gain admission into the university but on the day for my last exam i prayed to Joseph to help me in my exam with faith i went into the exam hall without cheating or any negative means, i was given admission into medicine. Thank you Jesus.
    Thank you st. Joseph

  158. Thank you so much, Saint Joseph, for sending me the money I need just in the nick of time!! Thank you also for sending our parish church the money it needed as well back then, and also for helping us with our business ~ I know that every time we had a projects or opportunities that they must have come from you. I’m sorry I haven’t been as devout to you as I should be; I know I keep asking you for help and I know that you always come through. Please help me to be more devout to you going forward.

    Even as I thank you from my heart for all the graces I’ve received from Dear Jesus through your intercession, especially for the money I just received, it’s super embarrassing but I need to keep asking you to help me. Please help us to shut down our business as legally and as hitch-free as possible according to Dear Jesus’ will, please help me to resolve my tax issues, and please, please keep a special eye on my brother and his family, the way that you watched over Dear Mama Mary and Dear Jesus, and to take special care of our family and my dad as well. Super thank you for everything, Dear Saint Joseph!! Please continue to pray for us!

  159. Thank you St Joseph for helping me sale my old residence. It took 7 years since I left my home to sell it after failed attempts and one major mistake of renting it to a friend and her husband. Thank you for helping relief this burden in my life!
    Please continue to intercede with prayer for the right job or business that will allow me to move home and live with my family full time. I am frustrated with my health and how it affects my outlook on jobs please help the physicians who are treating me to provide a diagnosis to make me healthy. Help me to be a better provider for my family than I have ever been before.
    I graciously thank you again for everything that you have done for me in my life!


  160. I am a new teacher and have been teaching at a school for two years. I truly love teaching and feel called to be a teacher.

    About two months ago (February), I was notified that my employment contract would not be renewed for next year. I was just devastated. I remember going to my local church and I just cried and cried. Not only will I miss my coworkers and students, but my family depends on my income.

    I made two novenas to St. Joseph. I made the first novena starting the week I received the news and I made the second novena leading up to St. Joseph’s feast on March 19th. On March 19th, there was a local teacher recruitment fair which I attended. One lady at the fair told me that a particular district had a position open for my subject. I went to that district’s table and they interviewed me. Within a few days that district contacted me for a second interview and I was offered a teaching position with that district this past Friday. 🙂 The amazing thing is that it all happened so fast and this school is even better than my current school. 🙂

    Thank you St. Joseph for your help!

  161. My daughter who is a single mother was having difficulty finding a decent apartment that was near to where my wife and I live. She applied to a couple of places but was either rejected or did not hear back. The process was frustrating and agonizing and was further complicated by the fact that her son starts kindergarten in the Fall. I decided to say a pray to St. Joseph for 9 days straight and on the 9th day my daughter heard that she was accepted in an apartment complex that is right around the corner from us and is in the school system that we wanted for our grandson. The power of prayer is awesome! I am convinced that it works and I pray for my family each and every day. St. Joseph, patron saint of the family, thank you for prayers answered! I believe in your powerful intercession and am devoted to your and your wife, Mary the Mother of God. Amen.

  162. I am praying that St Joseph will direct my husband to get the help that he needs. He used to be a nice person but when he started his own company he became aggressive, abusive and controlling. I was putting up with a lot in silence, for the sake of our children, but was planning to leave him when our children were grown ups, if he continued to be like this.
    During the last 12 months he has suffered a number of close personal tragedies. I feel he is depressed and needs psychological help as he is clearly not coping. His anger, aggression, erraticness, paranoia and behaviour in general is having a devestating effect on our family. I try to shelter our children as much as I can. Until recently he was away from home a lot so that helped the situation greatly. Now he has decided that he will commute to his long distance job instead of staying over. This means that he is at home everyday now.
    If I suggested that he should go and get help he would interpret this as an attack on him. I am a strong person and I am not worried about myself, though after the first tragedy he physically attacked me. I left the house with our children and he did seek help after that and he did improve. I gave him a second chance. Unfortunately, one of his siblings died tragically a few months ago and I feel he is worse or equally as bad as he was before. I try to keep my distance to avoid an inevitable argument but he keeps seeking me out. I am very worried about our children as he uses them as pawns. I usually pray to St Anthony and he has never left me down but our situation is so grave that I need to enlist the help of as many powerful saints as I can. I’m praying that my husband will seek help for his illness and be the father and husband that St Joseph was.

    • I’m joining you in prayer. Ask St. Joseph for the wisdom to know what to do to protect yourself and your children. He may send you someone to help you figure what to do and how best to help your husband. I know he will help you. Sr. Elizabeth

  163. I actually came to St. Joseph after petitioning St. Expedite and having those petitions fail. I don’t know what it was but St. Expedite came through for a lot of people but there’s sometimes just a different energy match I suppose. I found this beautiful illustration of St. Joseph and something really called out to me, so I sketched it out. I took the time to draw out a St. Joseph photo holding child Jesus and there’s warmth and kindness in that sketch. Then I used the sketch as a representation to pray to him to intervene and support my boyfriend in his employment seeking journey. I believe he made the process really a lot smoother and he is still enjoying employment with the same company right now.

    For me, I’ve petitioned St. Joseph a few times on my own journey in seeking gainful employment – and a few times I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunities but he still came through. Now most recently St. Joseph continued to provide the support in my journey so overall, I just want to share my own story – hoping it will inspire another in their case.

    I have read quite a few cases where people were able to have St. Joseph intercede on lost objects that are valuable to work…this is a great way to see where the divine can come through for us. I shall be employing this for a friend who had everything stolen from her on a business trip. Thanks everyone! And thank you St. Joseph for all your help and blessings.

  164. Thank you St. Joseph and Brother Andre for helping my daughter get a summer job after many trials and tribulations! With many novenas and prayers to St joseph she was able to get the job she had originally applied
    for. I put my trust in them. MES

  165. st joseph pray for me,i need a job,i am 9mths jobless,i was dismissed unceremoniously,i have applied for many jobs i got only 2interviews but no results till now,may i get to know the results,st joseph you supplied for the holy family and it was sustained,help me have my application being considered and offered jobs,hear my supplication ,am a poor soul and poor sinner let God have mercy on me please,i know before the end of this month God the provider of well paid and permanent jobs will send me a letter of appointment for wel paid job through your intercession,i embark special prayer for favor to you st joseph today 14/11/2016,let me receive favors to clear all debts please!i thank you st joseph because you are now providing a new good job for me as you did with the holy family am happy jesus i trust in you

  166. Dear Sr. Kathryn,

    I have been doing the St. Joseph Novena everyday for the month of October and onwards. This has been a huge deal especially since I have not been getting anywhere in my life. Although at some point, I tried to press the “reset” button, it just doesn’t work. I pray that I will be blessed with the right and successful job/career/business that I can feel happy, passionate, fulfilled, positive, empowering, etc. Also, where I will gain wisdom, learnings, growth and progress. This will also enable me to provide for my family and get us out of our current difficult situation. I would like to be in a environment with people I get along (and vice versa), feel at ease and won’t have difficulties in relationships. May I experience numerous fortunate events in this lifetime rather than having such a bad stroke of luck for most part of my life. Would you also pray a novena for these intentions?

    St. Joseph, help me and my family…May my prayers be answered soon…

  167. Many Blessings to All

    I want to share my story of how St Joseph helped me in my time of need to sell two large mobile homes in California. We had just unjustly lost a major source of income and had to complete a move out of state. There were two mobile homes in the same park, each of which was paid off, but each of which had a monthly space rent, utilities, taxes, insurance, and gardening fees each month.

    These fees were potentially devastating in our financial bind, so we needed to sell the homes quickly. Making matters worse, it is so difficult to qualify for mobile home mortgages in that area due to the fact these were both in a park. As a result, we had to come by cash buyers. This can and has taken years in the park sometimes.

    I lowered the prices on both and I placed a statue of St Joseph near on the fireplace mantle and prayed to him daily. Within three and a half months both homes had buyers and it was just in the nick of time.

    We are now out of state and are free of these homes.

    They sold last March and April 2016 so this is long overdue but I want to make sure to give my testimonial and thank you to St Joseph. I was out of state and was not able to recover my statue of St Joseph so I want to honor him here!.


  168. Dear St. Joseph: Thanks to you and Brother Andre for interceding on my behalf as I continue with life with cancer. I recently had a visit with my oncologist to review my most recent scans. And, for the past 6 months I have been cancer free. I attribute my current state of health, first and foremost, to the will of God. But I also believe that the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and Saint Brother Andre (as well as a number of other Saints and my Guardian Angel) has been instrumental. And, for that I remain extremely grateful. .I have been using Brother Andre’s oil daily and saying novena prayers daily and my health has been good ever since. I firmly believe that “nothing is impossible for God”. I owe my continued life on earth to our Holy Family!
    R. Low

  169. Please St Joseph pray for my son in law.He has already been offered a good job but his permanent residence permit is still being processed. The deadline for the job offer is end of March 2017.

  170. Last year I got a job that I thought was an answer to my prayers but got fired from just before christmas. I’m asking St Joseph to intercede for me to find a new job and for that firing to have been a blessing in disguise. I have always had difficulty finding and keeping jobs and it get harder every time to keep calm and trust in God. Please St Joseph, hear my prayer so that I may give you my thanks here!

  171. After 11 months of unemployment my uncle will start working tomorrow, I thank St Joseph for this answered prayer and beg him to help me find a job too

    • Today on the feast of St Joseph the worker I received the notification that I won´t be getting the job I did a whole selection process for. I don´t know what else to do, I put my trust on St Joesph and I get this news after 4+ months of unemployment, regarding the first real hope I’ve had, on his very feast day, just the absolute opposite of what I’ve been begging for…

      • Keep praying. St Joseph and Christ have something better in mind for you. God Bless and Good Luck.

  172. Hello Sr. Kathryn,
    While in church just before Christmas 2016, the following prayer came to me in an inspiration: “Lord, heal my mind and my body and fill my soul with Your loving kindness. Let Jesus work.”

    I have prayed that prayer many times in the past several months. I was recently inspired to pray novenas to both Our Lady and St. Joseph, who I believe Our Lord wants to intercede on my behalf to fulfill the petitions I have been making to Him. As I pray these novens, I would ask that you pray for me and my family for the cure of a chronic condition which has affected every aspect of our lives including the ability to work on a steady basis, that we will not lose our house, that I find suitable employment pleasing to God, that I sell something at a fair price to help support my life, and for reconciliation and blessings upon our entire family. We are in serious financial strain due to the chronic health problem and blessings obtained by Our Lady and St. Joseph are needed in a timely way.
    Thank you for providing this wonderful website.

  173. I’m Mitha D. I wish to thank St.Joseph in helping us buy a house. My family has been searching for a house for almost four years and every time we put an offer it would not go through. This happened several times. Last summer, I went to St.Joseph’s oratory and bought a small statue of St.Joseph. Everyday I would pray to him and six months ago I started praying intensely to St.Joseph to help us buy a house. Somehow I felt that I was being asked to be patient and would be successful by the Feast of St.Joseph. It was not March 19th though as I had to travel at that point. However I kept praying and was confident that we would find something by May 1st- the Feast of St.Joseph the Worker. Meanwhile my devotion to Mother Mary continued in fervour as always. Then a house came up on the 30th April and my family liked it instantly when we saw it. Added to this, a picture of Mother Mary there was almost like a divine sign. We went back on May 1st to see the house again and decided that we would like to put in an offer. I also prayed to St.Joseph that night to guide us in our decision. On May 3rd we were successful in getting the house despite many offers. I know that it is St.Joseph’s hand in procuring the house for us. I also thank St.Joseph for all the times he has helped my family especially in healing us. I thank you, sweet Father of Our Lord, , Brother Andre and my sweetest Mother Mary and most of all to the Holy Trinity. I pray to St.Joseph to help us sell our house without any hurdles.

  174. Please can I post a prayer request here?
    I have been told and I have seen all through the miraculous intersection of St Joseph.

    I am not really that prayerful cos my sins are always in my head when I pray and at this point I need this request in the worst kind of ways.
    Please revert to know if it’s appropriate to place my prayer request here or direct me to the appropriate link.

    I need St Joseph intersection.


  175. Eternal Glory to our Holy Patriarch St. Joseph, my great protector on Earth and the defender of the holy souls in purgatory.

  176. A little more than a month ago, my wife and I made a pilgrimage to the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal. We have done this over the past two years in thanksgiving for the intercession of St. Joseph and St. Brother Andre in resolving my health issues.
    Prior to leaving for our visit I asked a friend of mine (who has a wife who struggling with cancer) to complete a Novena to St. Joseph.. They were in great despair and felt somewhat hopeless and clearly needed spiritual assistance..
    I asked them to start their Novena on the day we left and on the 9th day we would be at the Oratory and would offer prayers, a Mass and light a candle on their behalf. They complied with my request and made sure that they offered the Novena prayers faithfully.
    Well, today I had a opportunity to visit with them and was informed that the status of her health has significantly improved. Although she has not been designated as “cured” she is clearly improving and has seen her pain diminished. They are more hopeful.

    Thank you St Joseph and Brother Andre for interceding on her behalf. For nothing is impossible or too marvelous for God.

  177. Dear St. Joseph, thank you and St. Brother Andre for your continued intercession on my behalf. It has been six months since my last Doctor’s visit and I am pleased to say that my improving health has been maintained. Our God is most merciful and it is through His will that I continue to prosper. But, I have no doubt that the intercession of St. Joseph ,St. Brother Andre, Our Blessed Mother (and others) has been instrumental to my well being. Thank you God and thank you all who intercede on my prayer requests. Our God is truly amazing and wonderful.


  178. I had written a testimony of St.Joseph’s intercession in buying a home after many years of searching. Now I want to thank St.Joseph for selling our home which took us nearly two months. We prayed to St.Joseph everyday during this period and buried his statue in our front yard. Finally in August, we found a devout family who bought our house without any demands or hassles. May they be happy in that house. The selling of our house also coincided with a trip to St.Joseph’s Oratory to give thanks to St.Joseph. Thank you, St.Joseph for the home we bought and our home that you helped us sell. Please lead our family the way you led the Holy Family and make my family holy like yours. And please keep us close to Lord Jesus and Our Mother and make us always obedient to God’s will like you . And thank you for all the healing that you have brought to us. We love you, St. Joseph.

  179. I have just received a report on my most recent CT scan and the news was very good. I attribute my good health report to the grace o God and to the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, St Joseph, St. Brother Andre, St. Francis, St Catherine, St Theresa and Father Gallitizin. They have been a regular part of my daily prayer routine for the past 2.5 years and have provided me with great comfort. I truly am a very grateful and humbled child of God. Nothing is impossible or too marvelous for God. . Praise be to God for He is good and merciful.

    • Dear Anonymous,

      We rejoice and thank God with you for your good health report. May God be praised and glorified.

      God bless you and may the peace and joy of this holy season of Christmas be with you. Prayerfully yours, Sister Barbara Gerace,fsp

  180. Two and one half years ago (almost to the day) I had my bladder removed as the result of stage 3 cancer. At the time my doctor informed me that I had a five year survival rate of 15%. That is disheartening news to hear to say the least.
    So, I began a very aggressive chemotherapy program. As I began my chemotherapy I also had lingering side effects from the surgery.. After a month or so, I remembered that my wife and I had visited the St Joseph Oratory in Montreal some years earlier and had purchased a bottle of St. (Brother) Andre’s oil that is burned in the presence of a statue of St. Joseph—it is referred to as St. Joseph’s oil.
    I began the practice of anointing myself with the oil daily—and still do so to this day. In addition I pray every day to God, our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, Bother Andre and a few other saints. And I have continued that practice ever since. In my prayers, I begged for the side effects that I was experiencing to stop. I continued to pray daily and then finally one night I went to bed and prior to falling asleep I begged Brother Andre to ask St. Joseph to intercede for me with our Lord.
    To my amazement, the next morning when I awoke all of the side effects had stopped. They didn’t just lessen—they stopped. On that day I promised God, Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Brother Andre and all the Saints (and my Guardian Angel) that I would make a pilgrimage annually to Montreal to offer proper homage for my improved health.
    So far I have done that twice.
    Today I had a visit with my oncologist to review my most recent scans. The scans show no evidence of any cancer. My doctor said “You are one lucky dog”. He continued “You are not out of the woods yet, but you can see the edge of the woods getting closer”.
    I told him it had nothing to do with luck—that it was God’s will. Clearly my continued good fortune is due to the Holy Family and the army of Saints I have enlisted daily to make my case. That along with the help of a very good doctor has helped to achieve my current status. I am not “cured”—but I am getting there thanks to God (et al). Truly our God is a good, generous and merciful God.
    So at the beginning of March—off we go to Montreal to offer a proper THANK YOU!

  181. I am deeply grateful to Lord our God, for the intercession of St. Joseph, I just recently closed a deal regarding real estate , St. Joseph , thank you so much, you are really powerful. Thank you for everything…

  182. I urgently needed to sell my late mother’s house, however there was the paper work to be complete which seemed like a nightmare. I started praying the novena to St Joseph, also burying the statue in my garden. I said the prayer daily and with sincerity. He interceded for me and I got a buyer who also took care of the paper work, a good price and and sold my mum’s flat. Thank you St Joseph for hearing my prayer. I will spread your devotion to all.

    • Congratulations that your prayers was answered.Please tell me where I can get the status,we are renting and the owner want to sale the house but not working with us.We love the house we rent right now would love so much also to pay,thank in advance!!

  183. St Joseph made a woman unable to say nasty things to me after my husband left me. I swear she was struck dumb when she was being nasty to me. I had st Josephs card in my pocket and I held it and silently asked him to stop her please. He did she could not bring one more word out from her mouth at that time.

  184. I am praying to St Joseph that the man I am in love with, C, comes back to me and that we can get married. I met him several weeks after my trip to Medjugorje. He had everything I asked for in my prayers…but a woman is manipulating him now…A woman who had had a relationship with him, had been with another man at the same time as him…She has no morals…She is not a believer. C had accepted my Catholic values and even wanted to visit Medjugorje with me with a group of people. Please, dear Sister and anyone who wants to do it, pray a little bit for me, since I am almost 46 and have never met the right person….That makes me suffer a lot. Some of the men I met did not accept to live the chastity, here C had accepted…I am praying 4 short novenas to St Joseph everyday…mass, rosary…

  185. This note is to offer a very sincere and a very heartfelt “THANK YOU” to St. Joseph and St. Brother Andre for their continued intercession to our Lord on my behalf. I have just received the results of my most recent CT scan and find that I remain cancer free. This marks nearly three years since being diagnosed. I have prayed daily to Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, Brother Andre, and a number of other “patron” Saints for their intercession with God on my behalf. And, I continued to be “blessed” as a result. Our God is wonderful, generous, all-loving and all forgiving. And it is His will that I enjoy this good news. Thank St. Joseph and St. Andre for storming heaven on my behalf. My prayers continued to be answered because of your (and others) intercessions and I am truly grateful. God is good!


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