St Joseph Helps Us


Joseph 20

“I would like to tell you something very personal. I like St Joseph very much. He is a strong man of silence. On my desk I have a statue of St Joseph sleeping. While sleeping he looks after the Church. Yes, he can do it! We know that. When I have a problem or a difficulty, I write it on a piece of paper and I put it under his statue so he can dream about it. This means please pray to St Joseph for this problem.” Pope Francis

St. Joseph, Quiet Saint



At first sight there seems to be no material for a meditation on Joseph, for what do we know of him, apart from his name and a few events that occurred in Our Lord’s childhood? The Gospel does not record a single word from him; his language is silence. It was his attention to the angelic voices which spoke in his sleep; it was that prompt and generous obedience which was demanded from him; it was manual labor, in the most modest and fatiguing of forms, which earned Jesus the reputation of being “the son of the carpenter” (Mt. 13:55). There is nothing else known of him, and it might well be said that he lived an unknown life, the life of a simple artisan, with no sign of personal greatness.        Pope Paul VI Homily on St. Joseph March 27, 1969

“Behold the faithful and prudent servant which the Lord has set over his household.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph

We are about to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany the day on which the three kings came to worship Our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. They came bearing three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. These three gifts signify the virtues of faith, prayer and sacrifice.  

Let us reflect that  Joseph and Mary lived these three virtues in their lives. That of faith, believing the angel who told them to “have no fear”.  That of prayer, for it is believed that Mary was at prayer when the angel appeared to her and Joseph was visited by an angel in his dream. That of sacrifice when they were asked to trust that the will of God for the coming of the Savior would be fulfilled through their obedience to all of God’s plans.

O Lord, as you worked in the lives of Mary and Joseph, let me be drawn to your love that you may work in me for the fulfillment of your plans.

May all peoples find in you through your Son, Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life, salvation and peace for their lives. Amen

Joseph and Mary

Joseph 27


St. Joseph, pure spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we humbly ask you to obtain for us a true devotion to our tender Mother, Teacher and Queen. By divine will, your mission was associated to Mary’s. With Mary you shared sufferings and joys; with her there was a holy rivalry in virtue, work and merits; union of mind and of heart. St. Joseph, pray for fathers and mothers. Obtain for us the grace to be devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to imitate her, to love her, to pray to her always. Draw many souls to her motherly heart. Amen

“Dear families, always live in faith and simplicity, like the Holy Family of Nazareth!  The joy and peace of the Lord be always with you!”  Pope Francis


St Joseph Guardian


Joseph 7

St Joseph guardian Jesus and of the Blessed Virgin Mary, you “watched over Jesus as he grew in wisdom, age and grace” (Pope Francis).  We ask you to obtain blessings for our family that we may imitate the virtues that were practiced in the holy house of Nazareth.  Loving spouse of Mary, foster father and work-teacher to the Son of God, obtain for us the grace to imitate, love and pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to follow in the footsteps of the Child Jesus as we strive to grow in virtue.  We pray for the grace to be constant and generous in our correspondence to the precious gift of God’s call. Saint most docile to the will of God, pray for us and intercede for us before the throne of God.  Amen


St Joseph at Bethlehem and Nazareth

st joseph 2


St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, we bless the Lord for your intimate communication with him during his infancy and youth at Bethlehem, in Egypt and at Nazareth. You loved him with a father’s love and he loved you with the love of a son. Your faith made you adore in him the Incarnate Son of God, while he obeyed you, served you, listened to you. You held pleasant conversations with him, shared work, great sufferings and most tender consolations. Obtain for us the grace never to offend Jesus. Pray for us that we may always receive the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation fittingly, attain to to a great intimacy with and a tender and strong love for Jesus while on earth, and possess him forever in heaven. Amen.

St Joseph’s Faith


Joseph 19

In the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 1:18 we read:

…That the Blessed Virgin Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph. Before they came to live together Mary was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit. St. Joseph being faithful to the law, had in mind to divorce her quietly because he did not want to expose her to the law. However, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and told him, “Joseph, Son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for she has conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. The one to be born of her is to be given the name of Jesus, for he shall free his people from their sins.”  This took place so that the prophecy of the Lord would be fulfilled; “The virgin will conceive and bear a Son and they will call him Emmanuel.” When Joseph woke up he obeyed the angel and did what was commanded of him taking Mary into his home as his wife.

St Joseph, faithful cooperator in our redemption, you were an obedient soul in the hands of the heavenly Father, in arranging everything for the birth and childhood of Jesus, the Divine Master of the world. Saint most docile to the voice of God obtain for us the same living faith that you had when you were presented with God’s holy will. Amen