St. Joseph’s Faith

Let St. Joseph Help You (1)

At times when you feel that you lack a certain faith remember this. Faith is the greatest good. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Ones faith can be strengthened through prayer and the reading the word of God.  “…whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him” (Hebrews 11:6).

St. Joseph, I believe you had great faith. This was the foundation of your holiness. You served God faithfully. You meditated on sacred things, considering them as most necessary, useful, perfect and refreshing to the spirit. I believe that ones soul does not live on bread alone, but on the truth which comes from the mouth of God.

St. Joseph pray for me that I may hunger and thirst for divine wisdom, the true food for my soul. Amen

St. Joseph and the Unknown


After Joseph had, on the angel’s word, taken Mary to be his wife, he too had to lean continuously into the unknown. Guardian of the Son of God and Mary, he stood a sentinel at the stable’s door, in wonderment at a Babe that looked like every other newborn, yet was heralded by angels, or so the visiting shepherds said. Exiled to Egypt, he left without word and without a trace in order to protect the Child at the command given in a dream. Years later he returned to Nazareth and settled into quiet years of mentoring the Savior of the world. The anxiety that may have accompanied the “not knowing,” and the initial attempts to put together bits of information in order to make sense of the mysterious unfolding of events, were reconciled at last only when Saint Joseph tasted the powerful love of his God who was walking with him even through situations that seemed so senseless.   

Sr. Kathryn James, Daughters of St. Paul

Noble St. Joseph

[There] “are the reasons why men of every rank and country should hasten to the trust and guard of the blessed Joseph. Fathers of families find in Joseph the best personification of paternal solicitude and vigilance; spouses a perfect example of love, of peace, and of conjugal fidelity; virgins at the same time find in him the model and protector of virginal integrity. The noble of birth will earn of Joseph how to guard their dignity even in misfortune; the rich will understand, by his lessons, what are the goods most to be desired and won at the price of their labour. As to workmen, artisans, and persons of lesser degree, their recourse to Joseph is a special right, and his example is for their particular imitation. For Joseph, of royal blood, united by marriage to the greatest and holiest of women, reputed the father of the Son of God, passed his life in labour, and won by the toil of the artisan the needful support of his family. It is, then, true that the condition of the lowly has nothing shameful in it, and the work of the labourer is not only not dishonouring, but can, if virtue be joined to it, be singularly ennobled.

From the Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII Quamquam Pluribies  on Devotion to St. Joseph

Joseph the Fearless


St. Joseph is an integral part of the story of Advent, but let’s not be too facile about his calling to be the foster-father of Jesus Christ. Joseph’s obedience to the Angel’s message, his embrace of the truth of it, and his prompt action were extremely courageous elements of his role in the events that changed the course of history. Joseph the Fearless I call him, a well-deserved title in the face of the obstacles that he had to overcome in order to be the Messiah’s Guardian. All men have to ask themselves if they would have been up to the job, as Joseph was.

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St Joseph Helps Us


Joseph 20

“I would like to tell you something very personal. I like St Joseph very much. He is a strong man of silence. On my desk I have a statue of St Joseph sleeping. While sleeping he looks after the Church. Yes, he can do it! We know that. When I have a problem or a difficulty, I write it on a piece of paper and I put it under his statue so he can dream about it. This means please pray to St Joseph for this problem.” Pope Francis

St. Joseph, Quiet Saint



At first sight there seems to be no material for a meditation on Joseph, for what do we know of him, apart from his name and a few events that occurred in Our Lord’s childhood? The Gospel does not record a single word from him; his language is silence. It was his attention to the angelic voices which spoke in his sleep; it was that prompt and generous obedience which was demanded from him; it was manual labor, in the most modest and fatiguing of forms, which earned Jesus the reputation of being “the son of the carpenter” (Mt. 13:55). There is nothing else known of him, and it might well be said that he lived an unknown life, the life of a simple artisan, with no sign of personal greatness.        Pope Paul VI Homily on St. Joseph March 27, 1969

“Behold the faithful and prudent servant which the Lord has set over his household.