Go to Joseph!


Thousands of years before Saint Joseph was born, the Book of Genesis recounts the story of the youngest son of Jacob  – also named Joseph – who was sold into slavery to Egypt by his jealous brothers. After he interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh, he was released from slavery and prison and put in charge of preparations for the seven-year famine the dreams had predicted. When hunger did indeed fill the world, Egypt alone had food because of Joseph’s hard work and preparation. People who came to Egypt for supplies were told by Pharaoh, “Go to Joseph!” Genesis 41:55.

The Old Testament Joseph prefigures the earthly foster father of Jesus. For every need of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph was provider and protector.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, we venerate you as the model of laborers, the friend of the poor, the consoler of the afflicted and those forced to leave their own land, the saint that seeks to the provide for the needs and necessities of families. On earth you represented the universal goodness of the heavenly Father. Help us in our needs and beseech Jesus and Mary for the health, well being and growth in faith needed to be united to Jesus, Our Lord.

Assist us in all our labors; in our intellectual, moral and material work. For all nations obtain legislation inspired by the Gospel, the spirit of Christian charity, a way of governing in accord with justice and peace. Amen.


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