St Joseph’s Intercession


St. Joseph had true love for Jesus and for Mary. Whatever virtues we practice in imitation of him unites us to the holy family in a special way. Living a life of virtue in imitation of this great saint ties us in a special way to the mystical body of Christ and to the communion of saints in heaven.

“The intercession of the saints – and of St. Joseph – is no by-passing of prayer to God the Father, nor a lack of attention and respect for Jesus Christ, our one Mediator. It means an acceptance of our relationship to God, and a deeper incorporation into it. For the moment we remind ourselves that the saints do intercede for us with God, and that it is greater humility on our part to accept the fact that God could appoint for us holier mediators to go with us as helpers to the one unique Mediator, than if we ourselves decided on our own how we should approach God. In other words, this is an acceptance of God’s will, as a tribute to the goodness of God in his saints. In this particular instance it is a tribute to St. Joseph, with the goodness of God which lived in him.”

Reverend Francis L. Filas, S.J.

St Joseph, I entrust my supplication for the virtues I need most, __________. St. Joseph intercede for me. Amen.


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