St Joseph’s Virtues


Let us reflect: St. Joseph had virtues that we all can imitate. Love for God and for Mary, prudence, silence, obedience, humility, fortitude, faith, a spirit of poverty that was not driven towards possessions, detachment from his own plans; these are some of the outstanding virtues of this hidden saint. He was a man of good faith and God’s grace was present in him. He corresponded to his call.

And we, too, are called to a life of virtue and to correspond to the graces that God gives to us.

St. Joseph, obtain for us an increase of faith, hope and charity, an ample infusion of the cardinal virtues, an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Amen


One thought on “St Joseph’s Virtues

  1. The power of our God is awesome! Nothing is impossible for God if we trust in Him. And, likewise the power of prayer to St. Joseph is amazing. I firmly believe that I am alive today and able to write this email due to the intercession of our beloved St. Joseph and his advocate on earth Saint Brother Andre. God is good–praise God!

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