Joseph 22


Hail Joseph, the image of God the Father. Hail Joseph, foster-father of God the Son. Hail Joseph, resting place of the Holy Spirit. Hail Joseph, most faithful assistant of the Great Council. Hail Joseph, most worthy spouse of the Virgin Mother. Hail Joseph, guardian of virgins. Hail Joseph, most faithful father of all. Hail Joseph, great lover of poverty. Hail Joseph, mirror of humility and obedience. Hail Joseph, protector of the universal Church. Hail Joseph, faithful and prudent servant, whom the Lord has placed over His Family.

Blessed are you among all men. Blessed are your ears which have heard what you have heard. Blessed are your eyes that have seen what you have seen. Blessed are your hands that have held the Word made Flesh. Blessed are your arms that have carried Him Who bears all things. Blessed is your bosom on which the Son of God most sweetly reposed. Blessed is your heart inflamed with the most burning love. And Blessed be the Eternal Father, Who chose you. Blessed be the Son of God, Who loved you. Blessed be the Holy Spirit, Who sanctified you. Blessed be Mary, your Spouse, who loved you as a spouse and brother. Blessed be the Angel who guarded you. And blessed forever all who bless you and love you.

By Monsignor Olier, Founder of St. Sulpice


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