st joseph 2

Dear St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus and true Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we come to you with our petition. Please grant us the grace to find a home for our family where we may live in unity and peace and praise  Jesus for this grace. We promise to trust in your guidance as we choose the house and follow God’s inspiration in the decisions that we  make. Intercede for us to Jesus and assist us with your prayers.  We believe that He will not refuse this request. Amen


3 thoughts on “TO FIND A HOUSE

  1. Dear St.Joseph, please grant that I will move from where we are living because you know that me and my son are not happy here. We have been victimised by anti-social behaviour and now we are being ostracised! Please grant that I will find a nice home for me and Kieron to live in. Please also pray for my partner John that he will come back to me. Please intercede for me to Jesus. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. Please pray for my brother & his wife that married last month they are homeless at the moment they just want to settle down & start a family but are having no luck whatsoever in getting a home please please pray strongly with us that God will send them a home so they can finally be happy amen

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