St. Joseph and Suffering

Dear St. Joseph, you were blessed to have Jesus and Mary at your side. Help me also to keep company with them in my daily affairs and preoccupations. You were the carpenter of Nazareth and work-teacher to the Son of God, who became a humble laborer for us. Assist with your prayers all who labor in intellectual, moral and material work. May we obtain the piety, industriousness and holy intention as that of the members of the Holy Family. Amen


One thought on “St. Joseph and Suffering

  1. I have been praying for some time to St Joseph to find me a good husband, but had almost given up hope. On a retreat in Knock,CoMayo, a Marian pilgrimage site in Ireland, I met a wonderful man. The apparition in Knock included the appearance of St Joseph, Our Lady and the Lamb of God,and I believe it is through the intercession of St Joseph of Knock that I met the man I hope to marry.

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