Burying A Statue? St. Joseph

Let St. Joseph Help You (1)

It is said, people who need to sell their house quickly hasten to buy a statue of St. Joseph, bury it on the property and he answers their prayer. Is that superstition? Probably. And maybe it would be if one did only that. But it is a matter of personal faith.

Our faith is obvious through: the way we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Easter; Mass on a daily or weekly basis; our prayer corner; the family bible displayed and read daily; the crucifix; photos of Holy Communion; gathering in prayer as family; ritualizing with lit candle; reading St. Matthew’s Gospel recalling the Holy Family’s plight; for this certain reverence helps one to remember the gifts that God has given.

In the case of selling a home, let us remember St. Joseph’s dilemma in seeking shelter for Mary and for the Christ Child who was about to be born. St. Joseph comprehending our earthly worries, surely can do nothing else than call down upon us God’s grace. So the position of the statue along with a prayer is a sacred action of intention.
Your heart’s intention is that of imploring the Lord.
Saint Joseph, powerful intercessor on our behalf, hear our prayer.
And the Lord tells us, “Let it be done to you according to your faith.”

(Please see the prayer for “Selling a House” at the top of this page)


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