A Pope’s Praise of St. Joseph

Joseph 4

A Pope’s Praise of St. Joseph

The first modern pronouncement concerning St. Joseph was made by Pope Pius IX, on December 8, 1870, when he placed the entire Catholic Church under the patronage of St. Joseph with the title of Patron of the Universal Church. The following is taken from the Decree for the City and the World.

(In the Old Testament) “As Almighty God appointed Joseph, the son of the Patriarch Jacob, over all the land of Egypt to save grain for the people, so when the fullness of time was come and he was about to send on the earth his only-begotten Son, the Savior of the world, he chose another Joseph of whom the first Joseph had been the type, and whom He made the lord and chief of his household and possessions, the guardian of his choicest treasures. So also (St Joseph) espoused to himself the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and of her was born, by the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ our Lord, Who in the sight of men deigned to be reputed the son of Joseph, and was subject to him. And so it was that him, whom countless Kings and Prophets had of old desired to see, Joseph not only saw but conversed with, and embraced in paternal affection, and kissed and nourished -even him whom the faithful were to receive as the Bread that came down from Heaven whereby they might obtain eternal life.”¬†


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