Love for St. Joseph

Joseph 27

Of all the saints in heaven, why should we love St. Joseph? We may have varied reasons to do so. St. Joseph reflects the very goodness of God, as St. Joseph showed his goodness in his love for the Mother of Jesus and toward Jesus himself.  He was called to be the spouse of the blessed virgin Mary and the foster father of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was generous in his love and answered his call without question. St. Joseph was willing to do God’s will and whatever was asked of him in the plan of salvation. Whatever he did he did for the love of God, of Mary and of Jesus, the Son of God. It is in this that we love St. Joseph for all that he did for the love of Jesus and Mary whose first and final thoughts were for them.

This is why we admire and love you, O St. Joseph.  St. Joseph, pray for us that we too may have such devotion to Jesus and Mary. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Love for St. Joseph

  1. Prayer request

    I am a native of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and I live legally here in the USA since 2012. Unfortunately, things are not working as they should and I am facing a hell of problems. I just really need some direction in my life. I’ve just sort of drifted through it never having accomplished anything noteworthy. Presently, I’m living alone here and I need a wife. Therefore, I am forwarding this prayer request through St. Joseph, my Patron Saint, for his intercession and invoke the Almighty Lord to assist me in all my undertakings in order to see my present situation changed for the better, especially my marriage with a woman who will take time to know me better and love me as I am. Presently, I’m working as an assembler in a manufacturing company but considering my age this job seems too hard for me because I work 7 days every week. In this case I have no day off to attend even the Sunday Mass. I am good in customs clearance activities for all incoming and outgoing shipments (air and surface) to include Inventory taking, packing, order pulling and assembly jobs. I pray that your prayers and mine would be accepted so that I get a job in my field as soon as possible or get assisted by a Good Samaritan to find one which I will be off on Sunday.

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