Honoring St. Joseph


Joseph 3

Honoring St. Joseph

When we express our love for St. Joseph and honor him as the spouse of Mary and father of Jesus, our deepest devotion to him will consist in a special love. The precise form our love will take must be left to our own state in life, and the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and in a way that our individual devotion to St. Joseph will be expressed by us. One of the first ways that our devotion will be actual will be in our imitation of his virtues.

“St Joseph has been described as the Patron of the Universal Church and by example for everyone, everywhere. His life gives us motivation on many scores. He begins as an obscure Palestinian youth, when through the providence of God he meets Mary and realizes that he and she are to be husband and wife. He knows nothing of his future vocation. He is simply a good man, unaware of his own holiness, and unaware that from all eternity God had chosen him to  be the husband of Mary, the woman among women, who was to lead all human creation to its kin, the divine Lord, her Son.”  Father Francis L. Filas  S.J.



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