St Joseph Devotion

IMG_2882Praying with True Devotion to the Saints

“The authentic cult of the saints consists not so much in the multiplying of external acts but rather in the greater intensity of our love, whereby for our own greater good and that of the whole church, we seek from the saints “example of their way of life, fellowship in their communion, and aid by their intercession.”  Constitution of the Church

To think about the devotion to the saints in this way:

It is important to note that it is not just in recited prayer that devotion consists.

When our love for the saints, and in this case, our devotion to St. Joseph increases  that it is for our own good and that of the Church.

That we would strive to imitate the virtues of the saints and seek the strength to follow their life of virtue.

To ask the saint, and in this case, St. Joseph, to intercede for us to God.

Here is the case of a true “devotee” of the saints, showing our love in action of true faith and trust in God that he will give us whatever is according to his will.




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