St Joseph in Heavenly Glory


StJoseph 100

“St Joseph is in heavenly glory, and we on earth pursue the light of faith, still on our way to a heavenly goal, looking to Joseph in heaven and reminding ourselves that we have a vital fellowship with the one name in the human race chosen by God to be the husband of Mary and to have fatherly authority over Jesus.  Our devotion is with a person who worked in closeness with the Redeemer of mankind for the greater part of his life, cooperating with the Redeemer in the beginning stages of the Church as it existed at Bethlehem and at Nazareth.”            Father Francis L. Filas S. J.

O St Joseph, foster father of Jesus, I bless the Lord for your intimate communication with him during his infancy and youth at Bethlehem, in Egypt and at Nazareth. You loved him with a father’s love and he loved you with the love of a son. Your faith made you adore in him the Incarnate Son of God, while he obeyed you, served you and listened to you. You held pleasant conversations with him, shared work, great sufferings and most tender consolations. Obtain for us the grace never to offend Jesus by sin. Pray for us that we may always be united to Jesus at Holy Mass and when possible to pray to him in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, to confess our sins well and attain to an intimacy with and a tender and strong love for Jesus while on earth, and possess him forever in heaven. Amen.


One thought on “St Joseph in Heavenly Glory

  1. Thank you so very much for these healing meditations ! I was always fascinated & drawn to St. Joseph as a child, because he didn’t SAY anything…..very much like my mysteriously strong silent and supportive Daddy …& my Husband !! To this very day, I do not appreciate Christmas scenes that leave St. Joseph out – (” in the cold”)! When our second baby daughter Rose Marie was born , here in Central Texas, on March 19, 1979, I was stunned and overjoyed !! St. Joseph has helped her SO much (the naughtiest, most strong-willed child of our children)!! Here’s the best example of his help: On Rosie’s 18th birthday, I did NOT know WHAT she might be up to-away at college, but it was a Friday & a Wild Weekend might be coming…. So I went to Adoration & prayed to St. Joseph to PROTECT her from foolishness, wildness & danger on her first completely free, out on her own, Birthday. While I was at Adoration, Rosie & a girl friend were going shopping on a congested major freeway , heading for a place to buy Birthday Party dresses –their little car was almost hit by a huge commercial truck. The driver swerved to miss them. They pulled over. The driver stopped&ran over to check on them: his head was all bloody from hitting his windshield but he was immensely concerned for to our Rosie and her friend!! PTL !!! When I got back home from Adoration, my husband was white-faced & shaking as he was talking on the phone with our Rosie. She was telling her Daddy: ” It’s alright, we’re OK, but this is what happened to us. ” Rosie became a dynamic elementary school teacher & married a good Catholic college guy, Tony who is now a very dynamic & devoted husband, father & manager of computer systems at a Catholic college . Now Rosie is a LaLecheLeague leader & the full time Mommy of 2 adorable little boys: amazingTomas, age 5 yrs. & Baby Brother Rafael will be 2 On This Coming EASTER!! Rosie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 8 years ago, when she continued working full time as an elementary teacher. She suddenly became completely Numb on the entire left side of her body (even her chattery tongue!!) I am certain that the Most Holy Trinity & the Holy Family have this under their Merciful management & timing — because her passionate strong will is helping her to keep going, as God allows her to face this m.s. challenge. I fully trust that He knows what He is doing & He is HELPING her EVERY MINUTE of the DAY & NIGHT : Absolutely EVERY STEP of the way. Because she really does need God’s help with her physical balance & co-ordination- while she chases & lifts and carries her 2 boys & cooks & cleans & drives around central Texas for LaLecheLeague– since her left side is still numb. She is continuing to give herself 3X per week, high doses of the m.s. drug Copaxone to minimize the progression of m.s. . PTL, so far it seems to be working. Every day I put our whole family (& especially Rosie) into the Infinitely Merciful Care & management of the Most Holy Trinity & Loving Hearts of the Holy Family. Grandma K. Bamberger from St. Thomas More Parish, Austin, Texas

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