Celebrating St Joseph


Picture of St. Joseph

Celebrating the Eucharistic sacrifice, therefore, we are most closely united to the Church in heaven, in communion with and venerating the memory first of all, of the glorious ever Virgin Mary, of blessed Joseph, and the blessed apostles and martyrs and all the saints. (from the Constitution of the Church)

In this shortened excerpt …is laid down a tribute to the holiest of all human beings-the woman blessed among all women.  Side by side with her is her husband, St. Joseph. The tribute to St. Joseph occurs almost unexpectedly, granted the explicitly pastoral and practical aims of the Council. St. Joseph is second only to Mary in dignity and in holiness; that he Joseph is more and more to be looked on as apart from the other saints, because of his singular intimate relationship to Mary and to Jesus.

(In paragraph 51 of the Constitution we read) Let them therefore teach the faithful the authentic cult of the saints consists not so much in the multiplying of external acts but rather in the greater intensity of our active love, whereby for our own greater good and that of the whole Church we seek from the saints “example in their way of life, fellowship in their communion, and aid by their intercession.”



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