A Short Prayer to St. Joseph

Joseph 21

O St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and true spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and for the dying of this day.


8 thoughts on “A Short Prayer to St. Joseph

  1. We will certainly remember your special intentions in our prayers to St. Joseph. May God be pleased for your trust in him and in the intercession of St. Joseph. Please see the “Powerful Prayer to St. Joseph” at the top of this page.
    May God bless you. Sister Barbara

  2. Pray for me and my children Sheerah Nambuya and Patricia Naluende. Pray for me to consolidate my family in terms of happiness, income, spiritual life and love .

  3. Please pray for my aunt Rosaleen who has terminal cancer. Please pray for my niece Lisa who is pregnant and is worried about the birth of her baby due to medication she was taking before she knew she was pregnant Please pray for Garry who has been falsely accused of wrongdoing and it’s. affecting his mental health.Pray for all my family keep them safe.

  4. Pray for me, my children: Sheerah Nambuya, Patricia Naluende and the newly born Bernadette Kakayi. Pray for my neighbours and political leaders. Pray for me for a financial break through. Pray for me for peace and love in my home in Jesus’ Mighty name I Pray. Amen

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