st joseph


The Church also calls upon St Joseph as her Protector because of a profound and most present desire to reinvigorate her ancient life with true evangelical virtues, such as shine forth in St. Joseph. Finally, the Church invokes him as her Patron and Protector through her unshakable trust that he to whom Christ willed to confide the care and protection of his own frail human childhood, will continue from heaven to perform his protective task in order to guide and defend the Mystical Body of Christ Himself, which is always weak, always under attack, always in a state of peril. Finally, we call upon St. Joseph for the world, trusting that the heart of the humble working man of Nazareth, now overflowing with immeasurable wisdom and power, still harbors and will always harbor a singular and precious fellow-feeling for the whole of mankind. So may it be. Amen

Excerpted from the Homily of Pope Paul VI March 27, 1969



  1. God, i love St.Joseph. He is the protector of my family and mine.
    May we all run to him for guidance and protection. St. Joseph pray for us!

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