Joseph 13

The Divine Child came into the world beautiful and resplendent, without detriment to the holy virginity of Mary. The Blessed Mother adored her Son and her God. St Joseph was recalled from his ecstasy to behold and adore the Savior, Whom he had known only by revelation. He beheld the Divine Child in the arms of His Mother, and falling upon his knees adored Him with profound humility, kissing the Infant’s feet with respectful tenderness. Both kneeling down adored the King of the world made Man. They worshipped Him Whom they could call their Son, the King of Heaven and of earth.



  1. Hi Folks,
    Can anybody give me an answer to this problem, ? I have been praying to St Joseph for the past 5years, I have said umpteen prayers and Thirty days Novenas, + the Novena for one day , I am just about to tilt Him of my prayer list for 2016 . My question is where have I been going wrong. ? I have made rosary novenas and prayed to other saints as well Am I blaming the wrong man, as St Joseph is supposed to be powerful . My confirmation name is Joseph.

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