Joseph, husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus

St. Joseph, when I hear the readings of the scriptures for this season I am filled with awe at the miracles that were happening in preparation for the coming of Jesus.  The Archangel Gabriel announced to your most pure spouse that she would be with child by the Holy Spirit. At the same time Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, was told that she would bear a son in her old age and it was announced that the child would be called John.  How you must have marveled at God’s work in all of this in preparation for the coming of Jesus.

In reading God’s sacred word, (which you were so familiar with), I believe that God still does work in our day and age through Jesus, his Son, bearing salvation to each person’s heart. In seeing your strength of belief I am strengthened in my own belief that God can do all things and work miracles in our lives today. Teach me how to cherish the few moments that I have, to reflect on these things as you did, so that God may work in me and through me in my daily life. I know that the Lord will be at my side as he guided you, St. Joseph through the times of joy, of expectation and even those moments that were trying. “May my mouth will be filled with your praise, O Lord, and sing of your glory.” Amen


One thought on “ST JOSEPH PONDERED

  1. Hi

    Please help me in prayer to recover all that I have lost, my job and everything that comes with it. I lost so much.

    Thanks >

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