Joseph 23

“To other saints the Most High seems to have given grace to help souls in some necessity, but this glorious saint, I know by experience, has power to help us in all.  Our Lord wishes us to understand by this that as He Himself was subject to St. Joseph while on earth, recognizing in him the authority of foster father and guardian, so now in Heaven, He is pleased to grant all his requests.

Knowing by experience St. Joseph’s astonishing influence with God, I would wish to persuade everyone to honor him with particular devotion. I have always seen those who honored him in a special manner make progress in virtue, for this heavenly protector favors in a striking manner the spiritual advancement of souls who commend themselves to him.  For several years I have been accustomed to ask some favor on his feast, and I have always received it.  If the petition be in any way amiss, he directs it aright for my greater welfare. If anyone does not believe it, I beg of you, for the love of God, to seek his intercession. You will see by experience how advantageous it is to commend yourselfs to this glorious saint and to honor him with particular devotion.”

St. Teresa of Avila



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