Joseph 6

Novena to St. Joseph

Blessed St. Joseph, you had the happiness of living with Jesus and Mary, and of dying in their arms; chaste spouse of the mother of God; model and patron of pure souls; humble, patient and reserved; be moved with the confidence we place in your intercession; accept with kindness this testimony of our devotion, and procure for us from Almighty God the particular favors which we humbly solicit through your intercession.

(Ask the favors you wish to obtain).

We give thanks to God for the signal favors He has been pleased to confer on  you, and we beseech Him, by your intercession, to help us imitate your virtues.

With humility of heart, we ask that you be present at the hour of our death, when our last grateful words to our Creator shall be “Jesus, Mary, Joseph”.

Pray for us, O great St. Joseph, and by the love which you had for Jesus and Mary, and they had for you, obtain for us the incomparable happiness of living and dying in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father


3 thoughts on “NOVENA TO ST JOSEPH

  1. please pray for me to on to list of those who will be studing engineering science in university of oxford, pray for financial breakthrough.Thank you

  2. Pray for my cousin liveness banda she lost job in 2014. She was working at Zambia reveanual althority pray that they should call her back. Thank You

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