Joseph 6


Saint Joseph,  I come to you imploring your help.  Guardian of Jesus and of Mary, I confidently ask you to protect me from all danger and obtain for me the grace to accept whatever God permits through His will  during my earthly  sojourn.

Faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I ask you for this favor______. Obtain for me through your powerful intercession, the grace never to offend Jesus by sin but to live in God’s presence and have the grace to grow in love for God and the souls redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Faithful Guardian of the Holy Family, keep all members of my family safe and united to Jesus. Regard my petitions and intercede for us before the throne of God.

Faithful Laborer help me to carry out my work with honesty and with my eyes fixed on the Jesus.

Faithful Friend of the poor, assist me in my financial needs and grant me to always trust in the providence of God in my life and to always show gratitude for that which is provided for me by God’s heavenly assistance.

Friend of the Laborer, of the Poor, of Families, of those who seek to follow Jesus faithfully, please present my petitions to Almighty God. Amen


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