Blessed be Emmanuel whom you carried in your arms, O Joseph.

Blessed be Mary ever Virgin your beloved spouse.

Blessed be you, O Joseph,  accompanied at the last moment of your life by  Jesus and Mary to that Eternal Kingdom prepared for us from all eternity.

St. Joseph, protector of the dying, we supplicate you for all the dying, and beg your assistance in the hour of our own death. You merited a happy passing by a holy life, and in your last hour you had the ineffable consolation of being assisted by Jesus and Mary. Deliver us from sudden death; obtain for us the grace to imitate you in life, to detach our heart from everything worldly and daily to gather treasures of virtue for the moment of our own death.




  1. Prayer Request for Bonded Friends

    Please help us pray for a group of friends (most of them young adults) who have bonded like family. May God continue to strengthen these bonds so they can persevere together in not falling into the ways of the world. And for those who are generously helping them with prayer. May these generous souls not run of out patience knowing that their prayers are bearing much fruit for these souls who are so easily lead away from the fold. These souls who are helping are struggling with their own darkness. So may God keep their lights lit.

    Thank you so very much for your prayer help.

    PS Also, there are a few wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing trying to infiltrate the pack. May God keep these new threats away as well because they are causing much disorder lately.

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