Joseph 14



4 thoughts on “TO YOU JOSEPH

  1. Dear Sr. Kathyrn Thank you for the novena to St. Joseph,( Fr Lallemant) , I have just finished it . Is this a one day novena or a nine day novena,? Thank you and would you say a prayer to St Joseph for me please. Kindest regards David

    • Hi, David,
      It is a nine day novena. I have just started it myself. There is such a thing as a Rush Novena… Nine times in one day. It isn’t magical. Just pray and turn to him to learn from this great man how close God is to us in our needs.
      Sr. Kathryn

  2. Dear Sr Kathryn, My dad’s name is Joseph also I have a statue of St Joseph in the garden at the back of our home My dad is having problems with ulcers on his feet and they get very painful I bathed them for him in the evening and put the cream and bandage today I took dad to the doctor hoping that we could get some proper ointment for him and also that we can get a Aged care nurse to visit at home for dad I ask that St Joseph would grant my request for dad so his feet would be healed and he can walk properly again . Dad has been with this medical since the end of March this year Mum had passed away on the 24th of March we miss her very much it would have been her 88th birthday on the 6th of October.

    God bless. Anthony Sciberras

    • Anthony,
      St. Joseph may intercede for your dad’s healing, but, speaking for myself, another’s need actually heals me. Be open and listen to what St. Joseph is actually doing for you and your dad. It is painful to watch another suffer, but even suffering is beautiful in God’s plan. Beautiful and powerful in bringing salvation.
      Sr. Kathryn

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