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“The virgin knew that he, St. Joseph, was given her by the Holy Spirit to be her husband and the faithful protector of her virginity; she knew that he was given, moreover, to share in devoted love and tender care for God’s divine Son. Therefore do I believe that she loved St. Joseph fondly and with heartfelt affection…”

St Bernardine of Siena


One thought on “DEVOTION TO MARY

  1. How beautful the kind gerntle nature of St. Joseph sent by the Holy Spirit to be the chaste spouse of our Blessed Virgin and the foster father of baby Jesus. He is the role model for all Fathers. He is also the Sacred Image for all spouses to truly hold esteem and virute for his Spiritual Wife, Mary. We must encourage stronger devotion to St Joseph as a role model and guide for families. I love St. Joseph and all that he was and is. Thank you Sr. Kathryn for your diligent and strong statements in elevating the presence of St Joseph and encouraging all to call upon him.
    We need others like you for speaking out and looking to the Holy Family for guidance. Thank you so much for your posts. Hildy Lieberth Oakmont, PA

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