Joseph 27 O glorious St. Joseph, who are that good and faithful servant to whom God committed the care of His Family, and who appointed you as guardian and protector of the life of Jesus Christ, the comfort and support of His holy Mother, and instrument in His great design of the Redemption of mankind; thou who had the happiness of living with Jesus and Mary, and of dying in their arms; pure spouse of the Mother of God; model and patron of pure souls; humble, patient and reserved; be moved with the confidence we place in your intercession; accept with kindness this testimony of our devotion, and procure for us from Almighty God the particular favors which we humbly ask through your intercession. We give thanks to you that you will hear our humble petition and that Jesus will be pleased with our prayer which we offer through you.  We ask this through Jesus, Our Lord.  Amen.










One thought on “ST JOSEPH FOR A FAVOR

  1. Bless me Joseph.I have often been arrogant indirectly. For that I apologize. I need your intercession. I don’t have a job. My dream job would be in a small town 3 hours from my family.Please guide me to this job. Because I haven’t had a job I am 6 weeks away from losing my home. I pray for your intercession to either keep it or bring a buyer in quickly to leave it. I pray for whatever you feel is best for me. We have run out of money for food and utilities. I pray I find an answer quickly. I Jesus name, Amen.

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