novena st joseph


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  1. My dear Saint Joseph my father is 89 and suffers daily from pain and other ailments. His wish is to pass over and be with Our Lord and his beloved wife , Elizabeth , in heaven. I pray to you, Saint Joseph, that his wish may be granted and he is freed from all pain and lives an everlasting life beyond the gates of heaven thank you

  2. Oh, St. Joseph I lost my job right before Christmas. I’m a single, woman, only child, orphan. A woman of a ‘certain age.’ I have no health insurance and I have health issues. I have no transportation…can’t afford it. My family that I do have doesn’t understand. I’m so alone, afraid, depressed.
    Please, I need a job. I would give anything to have my job back. I miss the people already. I need proper transportation…But, mostly health insurance

  3. Dearest St. Joseph, I know we had a talk when I wrapped your statue up and buried you in our flower garden but, just a reminder here. Please help us get our house sold and one found back where our kids and grandkids are. We need each other. Please tell Daddy we miss and love him. Thank you!!

  4. Dearest St Joseph I place in your tender loving hands my visit to the dentist today please save my tooth. Thank you dearest St Joseph I love you. Annette

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